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2003 - 2010 MDE problems

365 Contributor
Hi Fellas, its been a while,

Got a little problem with a project written in 2003 (access obviously).... we recently upgraded to 2010 at work, and now the MDE appears to not work (in 2010) however the MDB works fine so it seems.

I dont have the time right now to do any heavy work on this so i was hoping it would "just work", if i converted it to the new file formats would i encounter any difficulties?

the message i get (when running the MDE in 2010) is this:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Err.number = 3075
  2. Err.desc = Function is not available in query expression '(((tblStaff.Deleted)=False) AND ((tblAppraisal.AppMan)=1 AND ((Max(tblAppraisal.Date))<DateAdd('yyyy',-1,Date()))'.
Any ideas??
Apr 27 '12 #1
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12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
That query shouldn't run in any version. I assume that SQL is from the WHERE clause of a query. You can not use aggregate functions in the WHERE clause, move it to a HAVING clause.
Apr 27 '12 #2
365 Contributor
Thats the specific error received during execution of the code, it works perfectly fine in 2003 so i dont expect there is anything wrong with the query itself and as i say, the full version works in 2010, just not the MDE file.
Apr 27 '12 #3
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
it works perfectly fine in 2003 so i dont expect there is anything wrong with the query itself
That is not reliable logic. It may point towards that, but it's perfectly possible for problems to be overlooked in one version but not another. Changes between versions are to be expected of course. I'm not saying that is the problem, just that you cannot rely on such logic to assume it cannot be.

Are you saying that the MDB file works fine in 2010 when doing exactly the same thing as you did when trying it with the MDE when you got the above problem?
Apr 27 '12 #4
365 Contributor
Yep NeoPa, works fine as MDB in 2010, VBA compiles fine, interestingly, if I create a new MDE within 2010, upon execution it just loads access (not the file) then from 2003 it says it's too new!
Apr 27 '12 #5
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I didn't know 2010 could create MDEs as well as ACCDEs. There may be a compatibility problem somewhere, and it sounds like it's a call to a function from within SQL (which would explain why compiling didn't catch anything). The function calls in the listed SQL excerpt are :

I guess you'll have to play around until you find the culprit. Share with us which clause this excerpt is found in too, as that would be interesting. It looks like a WHERE or HAVING clause, but which one of those it is could be illuminating.
Apr 27 '12 #6
2,322 Recognized Expert Moderator Top Contributor
Hi, this is something I got from Mark Burns, but as I see it, it only relates to opening .mde with a previous version of access (not 2010):
Access 2002-2003 database format
(Access Options->General->Default file format for Blank Database)
Encryption Method = Use Legacy Encryption
(Access Options->Client Settings->Encryption Method)

Picture Property Storagre Format = Convert all picture data to bitmaps
(Access Options->Current Database->Picture Property Storage Format)
I have also found that one of the functions I previously had used in a query Environ("UserNa me") was no longer available to be run inside a query when switching from AC2003 to AC2010, but I could still use it in VBA so I just made my code parse the string before sending it to the query engine. However, none of the functions you have listed should behave like the environ, so I might suspect that the problem is somewhere else and not directly related to the error message. Please post the full SQL of your query.
Apr 28 '12 #7
365 Contributor
I don't think there is anything wrong with the SQL, it's a pretty standard query, and has been working fine in 2003, I have just found a Microsoft site changes in access 2010 this mentions the removal of a reference to MSCAL.OCX, I had used this in 2003, and re-referenced it in 2010 (MDB) (because it said it was missing), I guess the reference must not be carried into the MDE file?

What do you guys think?

If so, the only way to solve is to remove the calendar controls I've been using, or change to 2010 format and use the new date switcher. Would I expect to find many differences between VBA 6.0 and 7.0 if I changed?
May 3 '12 #8
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Dan, you won't win many friends by deciding not to bother posting your SQL when you've been asked to. It might make sense if we were coming to you for help, but the other way around really doesn't ;-)
May 3 '12 #9
365 Contributor
Sorry NeoPa, it was late (LOL), here is the code:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Function AppCheck() As Boolean
  2. Dim rst As DAO.Recordset, msg As Boolean
  3.     Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT tblAppraisal.AppID, tblAppraisal.StaffID, [Forename] & ' ' & [Surname] AS Name, tblAppraisal.Date FROM tblAppraisal INNER JOIN tblStaff ON tblAppraisal.StaffID = tblStaff.StaffID GROUP BY tblAppraisal.AppID, tblAppraisal.StaffID, [Forename] & ' ' & [Surname], tblAppraisal.Date, tblStaff.Deleted, tblAppraisal.AppMan HAVING (((tblStaff.Deleted)=False) AND ((tblAppraisal.AppMan)=" & LogStaffID & ") AND ((Max(tblAppraisal.Date))<DateAdd('yyyy',-1,Date())));")
  4.     If rst.RecordCount > 0 Then
  5.         rst.MoveLast
  6.         msg = True
  7.     End If
  8.     If msg = True Then
  9.         If Application.CurrentProject.AllForms("frmStaffHols").IsLoaded Then
  10.             Forms.frmStaffhols.Visible = False
  11.         End If
  12.             If MsgBox("You have " & rst.RecordCount & " pending employee appraisals to perform, would you like to view/action the list?", vbInformation + vbYesNo, "Pending on your Appraisal List...") _
  13.                     = vbYes Then AppCheck = True
  14.         If Application.CurrentProject.AllForms("frmStaffHols").IsLoaded Then
  15.             Forms.frmStaffhols.Visible = True
  16.         End If
  17.     End If
  18. End Function
The SQL is obviously on line 3, "LogStaffID " is a Public variable (Long) set elsewhere based on (custom) login, this code runs after authentication, but before the user is presented with a (custom) main menu.

Any more let me know
May 3 '12 #10

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