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Deleting selected records in subform (query)

21 New Member
Good day sir
Please I have a subform composed of 3 tables merged together to form a query to develop the subform.
Please how do I delete record from this subform?
As I delete, I want the remaining records updated immediately
Thanks sir
Mar 15 '12
22 12537
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Something is not right here Damola. I don't know what you're doing wrong, but certainly something.
  1. How many records show on the subform when it's full?
  2. How many copies of this button are shown?
  3. What has Cascade-Delete got to do with this question? You haven't said anything to lead me to believe it should be involved.

Perhaps it would be a good idea at this stage to indicate what data you're dealing with on the main form and the sub form and how they are related. It's hard to work with so little information, especially when some of it appears to be inaccurate.
Mar 16 '12 #11
21 New Member
Thanks sir for the reply
Actually it is an order details form that has a subform in it.
The order details form is composed of 3tables(custome rs,orders,order s status).
On the subform is composed of 3 tables(drugs,or der details,order details status).
On My main form I have
.The customer's name
.The address
.Employee's name

On the Subform I have
.Item ID which is a combo box
.The quantity the customer wants to buy
.The selling price
.Total price

Thank you sir for the help
Mar 16 '12 #12
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Actually it is an order details form that has a subform in it.
That doesn't seem right, and the rest of your post confirms it. You have an Orders main form with an Order Details subform right? Remember, I only have what you post to work with, so if you post things which are wrong then it will be very hard to help you.

Now, please do all of the following things before I can help you further :
  1. Go back to post #11 and answer both of the first two points which are simple questions.
  2. On the same post, respond to point #3 and explain why you included Cascade Delete as part of the discussion, or confirm that it is irrelevant and I can simply ignore all references to it.
  3. Confirm that my initial statement in this post is correct and we are actually dealing with something that makes sense.
Mar 16 '12 #13
21 New Member
Thank you sir for your reply
I just added the cascade on delete it is not relevant, I thought it will help.
I have one delete button on the mainform (order details)
I also have one delete button on the subform to delete record on the subform.
Yes what you posted is correct.
Thank you sir
Mar 16 '12 #14
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I just added the cascade on delete it is not relevant, I thought it will help.
That's fine, as long as you make that clear. It could have been useful, but in this case it wasn't.

1. How many records show on the subform when it's full?
This question has still not been answered.

I have one delete button on the mainform (order details)
I don't see any relevance to this info. It was not requested.

I also have one delete button on the subform to delete record on the subform.
Please explain which Section this control is found in?

Yes what you posted is correct.
Good. Please pay more attention in future. Posting incorrect information and failing to answer questions that have been asked wastes both your time and mine. It is very important that you ensure you don't continue in this manner if you hope to get answers to your questions. None of us is stupid and we recognise when a poster has wasted our time before, so are less likely to look at their threads in future. It's only common-sense really.
Mar 16 '12 #15
21 New Member
Thank you sir for the replies and your time.
The subform can take 30 records but what I need is just to be able to delete one or two records from the subform.
I placed the delete button in the detail part of the form. The subform is a continuos form and when I change it into a form view all the records have the delete button on each row.
Thank you sir
Mar 16 '12 #16
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
OK. So we have a button on the form which is in the subform, and you have the code I suggested in post #8 in the module of that same form (The form in the subform and not the main form itself.), I can only guess, if this is not working for you, that the OnClick property of the CommandButton called BtnDelete still needs to be set to the string "[Event Procedure]".

Please check that. If that's fixed then you need to explain what is happening. Are there errors reported? If so what?

NB. Ensure the project is compiled before responding next. Before Posting (VBA or SQL) Code might help with that.
Mar 17 '12 #17
21 New Member
Thank you sir for the reply
I placed the vba code in #8 in the click event on the form in the subform.
When I press on delete it tells me you are about to delete 1 record(s) I click on yes it removes it from the form.
When I checked the items remaining it didn't add the items deleted back into the inventory.
Let me give an eaxample sir
After ordering for some items and the customer says he doesn't need them anymore deleting didn't reflect addition of the items back into the inventory sir.
Thank you sir
Mar 19 '12 #18
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Please reread my last post. Your post doesn't seem to be a response. You cannot add VBA code to an OnClick event property (which is a string value that points to the name of a macro or the value "[Event Procedure]").

Please try to respond to posts in a way that makes it clear you have actually read them.
Mar 19 '12 #19
21 New Member
Am sorry for the wrong use of words what I meant is that I
created a Command Button control on that form and placed the code in #8 in the Click event procedure for the Command Button.
When I press delete it tells me that you are about to delete a record, I deleted the record but it doesn't update my records.
Thank you sir.
Mar 19 '12 #20

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