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How to populate foreign key field in MS Access 2007 after import of data?

91 New Member
I have a question on Access 2007,

I will give you an example..

Table A has the folowing fields:

ProcessID - PK
High level process names
Process owner name

Table B fields
DetProcessID - PK
ProcessID - FK
Detail process names-

I have uploaded the data from spreadsheet in both the Tables. The challenge is how do I populate the ProcessID column in the Table B?

I have linked ProcessID fields in both tables as 1 - to Many relationship. There are around 50 High level process names in Table A and almost 500 Detail process names in Table B.

Kindly advise.
Mar 8 '12
28 6260
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
You haven't described [tblDetail] very well as I hope you also have a field in there for the FK link to [tblHighLevel]. I'll assume you have a field called [HighID]. [tblImport] and [tblHighLevel] also need a field to reflect the name. I'll call both these fields [HLName] for simplicity.

Try something like :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. INSERT INTO [tblDetail]([HighID],[Detail Process])
  2. SELECT      tHL.ID
  3.           , tI.[Detail Process]
  4. FROM        [tblImport] AS [tI]
  5.             INNER JOIN
  6.             [tblHighLevel] AS [tHL]
  7.   ON        tI.HLName = tHL.HLName
Mar 10 '12 #21
91 New Member
Sorry, I do not have the knowledge of writing and understanding SQL. Easier for me if you can explain the solution without the SQL.

Also, please tell me the logic you are using to link the tables. I guess, it will be easier then to understand the technical explanation.

Many thanks,
Mar 10 '12 #22
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Have a look at Extracting/Updating SQL from a QueryDef for how to use SQL to create a saved Query in Access.

Explaining can get difficult when you don't know where to pitch the explanation. I have already explained at a level that I would consider basic. Without any idea of what you do understand it would be more complicated than you seem to realise. Anyway, review post #15 (Point #3) for an explanation.
Mar 10 '12 #23
91 New Member
Hi NeoPa,

Thanks for all your help. I just checked the details of the SQL you had suggested on


and I could easily understand what you were trying to suggest.

So, that solves my problem and thanks a ton for all your inputs.

You are a star.
Mar 11 '12 #24
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Thank you :-)

And that (w3schools) link shows you're looking in the right direction for going forward. Good call.
Mar 11 '12 #25
91 New Member
Hi NeoPa,

It seems that this is good for one time (I may be wrong) exercise but how do I solve the problem when there are new records which are to be added in future?
Could you please share your thoughts?
Many thanks,
Mar 13 '12 #26
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
As far as I understand what you've explained I see no problem for future runs. Clearly, I only know what I suggested, and your implementation may not be quite right, but I see no problem conceptually in the process as outlined.
Mar 13 '12 #27
91 New Member
Exmaple - Say a user wants to add a new Detail process name (say using a form) then the user is also reuired to populate (manually) the corresponding FK in the same table to keep it linked with the High Level process names table.
ie, the FK will not populate automatically and it has to be done manually by referring to the PK number in the Parent table.

Kindly let me know if my understanding is correct and if this is the normal way updating the FK?
Mar 13 '12 #28
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Your example seems to imply that you're talking about entering data using a completely different approach from the import that this thread is dealing with. That's a perfectly valid question (assuming I understand you correctly), but not pertinent to this thread. Heads-up - If asked separately you will need to make the question somewhat clearer too, otherwise it's likely to be deleted. A link into here is perfectly acceptable though, of course.

Obviously, if I'm on the wrong track then please just clarify and we can move on.
Mar 13 '12 #29

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