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Discussion: Fully customized export data from Access to Excel

759 Contributor
Hello !
I read a lot about transfer data from Access to Excel.
However I have not yet, in my brain, a clear stack. So, I ask you to help/assist me.
Thank you !

All work must be done in Access environment.

Step 1. Create an Excel workbook.
How to create an Excel workbook at a certain location (folder) and with a certain name: "ExcelWorkB ook" ?
Feb 20 '12 #1
15 6426
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
This could be handled one of two ways, but the issues surrounding it are various. This is really a multi-faceted question rather than a discussion Mihail, but let's give some basic pointers and you can take them further where required :
  1. DoCmd.TransferS preadsheet() is one approach.
  2. Application Automation is another.
#2 can be very helpful if you want more than a simple data dump. #1 can handle specification of the worksheet name, but only by naming the Access object that's transferred commensurately.

Determining exactly where a file should be stored can be done in so many ways, depending on your requirements, but Select a File or Folder using the FileDialog Object and Does a File Exist? may help there.
Feb 20 '12 #2
759 Contributor
Thank you for that, NeoPa.
After I am able to create an workbook from Access I'll return here for the next step.
If I can't do the task I'll return here anyway :).
Feb 20 '12 #3
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Sounds good to me Mihail. I'm sure you'll manage it. One way or another :-)
Feb 20 '12 #4
759 Contributor
Step 1: Accomplished

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Option Compare Database
  2. Option Explicit
  4. ' Requires a Reference to Microsoft Excel 8.0 Object Library or Higher
  5. ' In VBE, goto Tools->References... and select it from the list
  7. ' Variable Declarations
  8. Public objExcel As Excel.Application
  10. Public Sub Test()
  11.     Call CreateExcelObject
  12.     Call AddWorkbook(True)
  13.     Call SaveWorkbook("C:\CreateExcelWorkbook_Test.xlsx")
  14.     Call QuiteExcelObject
  15. End Sub
  17. Public Function CreateExcelObject() As Boolean
  18.     CreateExcelObject = False
  19. On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
  20.     ' If Excel is open, use GetObject, otherwise create a new Excel object
  21.     Set objExcel = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
  22.     CreateExcelObject = True
  24. Ex:
  26. Exit Function
  28. ErrorHandler:
  29.     Select Case Err.Number
  30.         Case 429 'Application not runing
  31.             Set objExcel = New Excel.Application
  32.             Resume Next
  33.         Case Else
  34.             MsgBox ("MyMesage   " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description)
  35.             CreateExcelObject = False
  36.             Resume Ex
  37.     End Select
  38. End Function
  40. Public Function QuiteExcelObject() As Boolean
  41. On Error Resume Next
  42.     objExcel.Quit
  43. End Function
  45. Public Function AddWorkbook(Optional MakeVisible As Boolean) As Boolean
  46.     AddWorkbook = False
  47. On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
  49.     With objExcel
  50.         ' Adds a new workbook to the Excel environment
  51.         .Workbooks.Add
  52.         ' Set the Excel window visibilitie
  53.         .Visible = MakeVisible
  54.     End With
  55.     AddWorkbook = True
  57. Ex:
  59. Exit Function
  61. ErrorHandler:
  62.     Select Case Err.Number
  63.         Case 429 'Application not runing
  64.             MsgBox ("First you must create ExcelObject")
  65.         Case Else
  66.             MsgBox ("MyMesage   " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description)
  67.     End Select
  69.     Resume Ex
  70. End Function
  72. Public Function SaveWorkbook(WkPath As String) As Boolean
  73.     SaveWorkbook = False
  74. On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
  75.     With objExcel
  76.         .ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs (WkPath)
  77.     End With
  78.     SaveWorkbook = True
  80. Ex:
  82. Exit Function
  84. ErrorHandler:
  85.     MsgBox ("MyMesage   " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description)
  86.     Resume Ex
  87. End Function
Feb 24 '12 #5
759 Contributor
Step 2. Working with Excel sheets.

2.1 How to count the sheets.
2.2 How to see the sheets names, how to change this name ? Here there are two points: The caption and the real name (the name used with in VBA editor).

I think I can do the job but, if someone point me in the right direction I do not waste time.
Thank you !
Feb 24 '12 #6
639 Recognized Expert Contributor

Just added some code to youe subroutine to illustrate what is possible etc.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Sub Test()
  2.     Call CreateExcelObject
  3.     Call AddWorkbook(True)
  5.     With objExcel
  6.         MsgBox .ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count
  7.         MsgBox .ActiveSheet.Name
  8.         .ActiveSheet.Name = "New Sheet Name"
  9.         MsgBox .ActiveSheet.Name
  11.         Dim sht As Worksheet
  12.         For Each sht In .ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
  13.             MsgBox sht.Name
  14.         Next sht
  15.     End With
  17.     Call SaveWorkbook("C:\CreateExcelWorkbook_Test.xlsx")
  18.     Call QuiteExcelObject
  19. End Sub
There is also a Workbooks collection that you can also loop through in a similar way.

This may raise more questions, but hopefully not!

Feb 24 '12 #7
759 Contributor
:) Thanks Mike.
From now is a little bit of work to design some specific routines.
After that I'll return for next steps.
Thank you again !
Feb 24 '12 #8
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
For step #1 I would suggest that lines #40 to #43 might be redone as :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Function QuitExcelObject() As Boolean
  2. On Error Resume Next
  3.     Call objExcel.Quit
  4.     Set objExcel = Nothing
  5. End Function
The name had a strange spelling and objExcel was left as a refernce to a no-longer-valid object.

For step #2.1 I would simply point out that all collections have a .Count property.

For step #2.2 I would link you to a new article I just created for this situation - Excel Module (Code) Names.

Have fun :-)
Feb 24 '12 #9
759 Contributor
Thank you for your advices. Very useful.
I update the code as you can see.

Now I have almost all tools to make export-import.
The last step is (I think) to format cells.
Not as Font or Pattern (it will be great but not very useful).
So, how to format cells as Text, Numbers(Integer , Single, Double) and as Date ?

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Option Compare Database
  2. Option Explicit
  4. Public Msg As VbMsgBoxResult
  6. ' Requires a Reference to Microsoft Excel 8.0 Object Library or Higher
  7. ' In VBE, goto Tools->References... and select it from the list
  9. ' Variable Declarations
  10. Public objExcel As Excel.Application
  12. Public Sub Test()
  13.     Call CreateExcelObject
  14.     Call AddWorkbook(True)
  16.     With objExcel
  17.         Msg = MsgBox("ActiveWorkbookName = " & .ActiveWorkbook.Name)
  19.         'Count the sheets
  20.         Msg = MsgBox("Sheets.Count = " & .ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count)
  22.         'Rename Active Sheet
  23.         .ActiveSheet.Name = "SheetNo1"
  24.         Msg = MsgBox("ActiveSheet.Name = " & .ActiveSheet.Name)
  26.         'Rename a sheet
  27.         .Sheets(2).Name = "SheetNo2"
  28.         Msg = MsgBox(".Sheets(2).Name = " & .Sheets(2).Name)
  30.         'Activate a random sheet
  31.         .Sheets("SheetNo2").Activate
  32.         Msg = MsgBox("NewActiveSheet.Name = " & .ActiveSheet.Name)
  34.         'Remove a sheet
  35.         .ActiveSheet.Delete
  36.         Msg = MsgBox("ActiveSheetAfterDeletion.Name = " & .ActiveSheet.Name)
  38.         'Write to Excel in Active Sheet
  39.         .ActiveSheet.Cells(2, 3) = "This will be write in Active Sheet"
  40.         'Read from Excel from Active Sheet
  41.         Msg = MsgBox("ReadFromExcel = " & .ActiveSheet.Cells(2, 3))
  43.         'Write to Excel in a random Sheet
  44.         .Sheets("SheetNo1").Cells(1, 1) = "This will be write in sheet named ""SheetNo1"""
  45.         'Read from Excel from a random Sheet
  46.         Msg = MsgBox("ReadFromExcel = " & .Sheets("SheetNo1").Cells(1, 1))
  48. '        Dim sht As Worksheet
  49. '        For Each sht In .ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
  50. '            Msg = MsgBox("Sheet(" & sht.Index & ").Name = " & sht.Name)
  51. '        Next sht
  52.     End With
  54. On Error Resume Next
  55.     Kill ("C:\CreateExcelWorkbook_Test.xlsx")
  56.         Call SaveWorkbook("C:\CreateExcelWorkbook_Test.xlsx")
  57.         Msg = MsgBox("NewWorkbookName = " & objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Name)
  58.         Call QuiteExcelObject
  59. End Sub
  61. Public Function CreateExcelObject() As Boolean
  62.     CreateExcelObject = False
  63. On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
  64.     ' If Excel is open, use GetObject, otherwise create a new Excel object
  65.     Set objExcel = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
  66.     CreateExcelObject = True
  68. Ex:
  70.     Exit Function
  72. ErrorHandler:
  73.     Select Case Err.Number
  74.     Case 429 'Application not runing
  75.         Set objExcel = New Excel.Application
  76.         Resume Next
  77.     Case Else
  78.         MsgBox ("MyMesage   " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description)
  79.         CreateExcelObject = False
  80.         Resume Ex
  81.     End Select
  82. End Function
  84. Public Function QuiteExcelObject() As Boolean
  85. On Error Resume Next
  86.     Call objExcel.Quit
  87.     Set objExcel = Nothing
  88. End Function
  90. Public Function AddWorkbook(Optional MakeVisible As Boolean) As Boolean
  91.     AddWorkbook = False
  92.     On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
  94.     With objExcel
  95.         ' Adds a new workbook to the Excel environment
  96.         .Workbooks.Add
  97.         ' Set the Excel window visibilitie
  98.         .Visible = MakeVisible
  99.     End With
  100.     AddWorkbook = True
  102. Ex:
  103. Exit Function
  105. ErrorHandler:
  106.     Select Case Err.Number
  107.         Case 429 'Application not runing
  108.             MsgBox ("First you must create ExcelObject")
  109.         Case Else
  110.             MsgBox ("MyMesage   " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description)
  111.     End Select
  113.     Resume Ex
  114. End Function
  116. Public Function SaveWorkbook(WkPath As String) As Boolean
  117.     SaveWorkbook = False
  118. On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
  119.     With objExcel
  120.         .ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs (WkPath)
  121.     End With
  122.     SaveWorkbook = True
  124. Ex:
  125. Exit Function
  127. ErrorHandler:
  128.     MsgBox ("MyMesage   " & Err.Number & " " & Err.Description)
  129.     Resume Ex
  130. End Function
Mar 16 '12 #10

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