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passing input parameter to the subform from a form

99 New Member
I need to select count of a column and display it on a subform.To count the column, I need to pass a parameter from a form. How can I capture the parameter form and display it on the subform?All this is in MS ACCESS 2007.

the query is:
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  1. select count(tblequipmentbase.id) from 
  2. (tblequipmentbase inner join tblequipmentparts on 
  3. tblequipmentbase.id=tblequipmentparts.idconnect) inner join 
  4. tblparts on tblequipmentparts.idpart=tblparts.id
  5.  where tblparts.id=Forms!frmparts!ID
"frmparts" is the form
the query is written for a textbox in the subform "frmsparepartsl ist"
The parameter comes from a label.

Is the above query incorrect?Pleas e suggest some idea anyone..
This query runs fine in the sql editor when i give direct value of the parameter.
Feb 15 '12
35 5022
99 New Member
Not working this way too.
Feb 20 '12 #21
759 Contributor
It seems that the function is not in the form module. It is in a separate (general) module.
If so, modify, again:
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  1. strQueryID=YourFormName.ID.Caption
See what is your form name in VBA because if the real name of your form is YourFormName, in VBA become something like Form_YourFormNa me.

If steel not work, post the entire code for your function here.
Feb 20 '12 #22
99 New Member
There is one more question.If I have 3 records, the count is displayed in the row of each record on the UI.As in if the count is 'n' it is displayed 'n' times because there are 'n' records displayed and count is in the same row as the reocrd.How can I rectify this?I want only one textbox to display the count of all.
Feb 20 '12 #23
99 New Member
hey! I just tried the code you gave..i.e.
strQueryID=frmP arts.ID.Caption

the name of my form is frmParts..
but there was an error: object not found
Feb 20 '12 #24
99 New Member
tried Form_frmParts.I D.Caption also..
didn't work
Feb 20 '12 #25
99 New Member
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  1. Private Sub Form_Current()
  2.     ' Display the picture for the current employee record if the image
  3.     ' exists.  If the file name no longer exists or the file name was blank
  4.     ' for the current employee, set the errormsg label caption to the
  5.     ' appropriate message.
  6.     Dim res As Boolean
  7.     Dim fName As String
  8.     strQueryID = Form_frmPARTS.ID.Caption
  9.     path = CurrentProject.path
  10.     On Error Resume Next
  11.         errormsg.Visible = False
  12.         If Not IsNull(Me!Picture) Then
  13.             res = IsRelative(Me!Picture)
  14.             fName = Me![ImagePath]
  15.             If (res = True) Then
  16.                 fName = path & "\" & fName
  17.             End If
  19.             Me![ImageFrame].Picture = fName
  20.             showImageFrame
  21.             Me.PaintPalette = Me![ImageFrame].ObjectPalette
  22.             If (Me![ImageFrame].Picture <> fName) Then
  23.                 hideImageFrame
  24.                 errormsg.Caption = "Picture not found"
  25.                 errormsg.Visible = True
  26.             End If
  27.         Else
  28.             hideImageFrame
  29.             errormsg.Caption = "Click Add/Change to add picture"
  30.             errormsg.Visible = True
  31.         End If
Feb 20 '12 #26
759 Contributor
My skill in SQL is almost null. But I think your SQL must be something like this:
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  1. SELECT Count(TableName.FieldName) AS CountRecords FROM TableName;
Better is that the FieldName to be the primary key. That ensure that there are not null values in this field.

Hope you understand that, in order to count all records, I use a single field in the query.
But why you not use DCount() function to perform this calculation? In Access help files this function is very well explained.
Feb 20 '12 #27
99 New Member
Yes the column of which rows are to be counted is a primary key.If I use DCount(), won't it be repeated with the other rows?I will check DCount() soon.I checked with the function we were discussing in the previous posts.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Function ValueSpareQuery() As String 
  2. ValueSpareQuery=strQueryID 
  3. End Function 
In the above function, I applied a breakpoint to debug and found that strQueryID is able to take the value from the main form but ValueSpareQuery =""
Feb 20 '12 #28
99 New Member
Hey Mihail..I used a query instead as the count is to be selected from inner join of three tables.
Feb 20 '12 #29
759 Contributor
ZIP your database and attache it to your next post.
Feb 20 '12 #30

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