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Check if a file is open in VB Script

283 Contributor

I have been searching and searching to try and find a way to check and see if a file is open or not but I have had no luck so far.

The over all bigger picture is that I wrote a vb script to run as an update, but before running the update I want to check if the program is open or not and if it is to prompt the user that the program is open and that they need to close it before the update will run.

Any help would be much appreciated!



Here is what I have so far. Just trying to figure out how I can add to this to check if the file is open...

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  1. Dim x  
  2. x=MsgBox("Do you wish to install the Program?",1,"File Install")
  4. If x = vbOK then 
  6. Const FULL_PATH = "C:\DatabaseTestFolder"
  7. Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  9. BuildPath FULL_PATH
  10. CreateFile 
  12. End if
  14. Sub CreateFile()
  15. dim filesys
  16. dim strFile
  17. dim strDest
  19. strFile = "C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\Test.accde" 
  20. strDest = "C:\DatabaseTestFolder\Test.accde"
  23. set filesys=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  24. If filesys.FileExists(strFile) Then
  25.    filesys.CopyFile strFile, strDest
  26.    MsgBox("The file has been saved to your C:\Drive as " & strDest)
  28.    End If
  30. If err.Number <> 0 then
  31.     msgbox(err.Description &  " " & err.Number)
  32. Else
  33.     msgbox("Testing")
  35. End if
  37. End Sub
  39. Sub BuildPath(ByVal Path)
  40. If Not fso.FolderExists(Path) Then
  41. BuildPath fso.GetParentFolderName(Path)
  42. fso.CreateFolder Path
  43. End If
  44. End Sub
Feb 14 '12 #1
4 15811
283 Contributor
Well I guess I will answer this one myself since no one else replied and I figured it out.

If you should have the same problem as me and you are trying to check if a file is open this is what i did...

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  1. Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
  3. File1 = "C:File location\file name.Open file type"
  4. 'example since i was looking for a database that was open I did this
  5. 'File1 = "C:\TestFolder\Database1.laccdb" 
  7. If objFSO.FileExists (FILE1) then
  9. MsgBox "The Program is Currently Open." 0 "Warning Program Open"
  11. Else
  13. 'Some other Code
  15. End if
Hope this helps anyone else out that has the same problem.

Take care
Feb 17 '12 #2
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Just so you're aware, that doesn't do what you think it does. It only checks if a file exists, not if it's open. In this case, I think your true purpose is to check whether or not someone had a .mdb file open. So you're checking whether or not the lock file exists. However, you need to be aware that Access is bad at cleaning up the lock file so it may exist even if the file is not open.

I am also moving the thread to the Access forum where you may get more help.
Feb 17 '12 #3
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
The following In-Line Code will check and see if a File, (in this case an Access Database), is Open or not:
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  1. On Error Resume Next
  2. Dim strFileName As String
  4. 'Absolute PATH to File
  5. strFileName = "C:\Test\Test.mdb"
  7. If Dir$(strFileName) = "" Then
  8.   MsgBox strFileName & " is not in the specified PATH!"
  9.     Exit Sub
  10. End If
  12. Open strFileName For Binary Access Read Write Lock Read Write As #1
  13. Close #1
  15. 'If an error occurs, the File/Document is Open
  16. If Err.Number <> 0 Then
  17.   MsgBox "Error# " & CStr(Err.Number) & " - " & Err.Description
  18.     Err.Clear
  19. End If
Feb 17 '12 #4
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I've reset the Best Answer as we don't encourage members to set their own posts as Best Answer anyway, but particularly when it doesn't even answer the question adequately (or at all).
Feb 20 '12 #5

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