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Cannot hide empty subreport

11 New Member
I've reviewed the posts on www.bytes.com.
My problem is the same as that reported by others:
a report with an empty subreport cannot suppress the display of the empty subreport. I've set the "can shrink" and "can grow" properties to "yes" on both the footer and the subreport's control object. I've also minimized the physical size of the subreport in the footer. These all seem to make no difference. So, I added code to the "format footer" event of the report, attempting to hide the subreport if the .HasData property is false. I've also tried to add code (suggested in other related threads on this web site), which seems to compile without problem, but is unable to make the subreport non-visible. Please see attached JPG for example of empty "Additions (Subtractions)" subreports. I'm desperate! If you help me I will be your friend for life. Seriously.

Feb 13 '12
33 9191
11 New Member
Sorry I have been out of town for 4 days, but have finally returned.

Well, you were correct. The reports WERE there, but I could not see them due to the view. And, the "Compact and Repair" was also where you indicated.

The attached database has been saved in 2003 format. I am attempting to run the report "Employee Totals By Day". Notice that employee "Guillory, Dexter" has no items in his subreport. Such subreports are the ones I want to hide.
Attached Files
File Type: zip weighin.zip (30.4 KB, 115 views)
Feb 22 '12 #21
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
The Subreport = "TotalEmpItemsDa ysubreport2"?

As I was unfamiliar with what to look for, I added a label into the "weighin_day Footer" section. I noticed that this section was only visible, at all, for records :
  1. Clinkscales, Jason.
  2. Griffin, Andy.
But not for :
  1. Guillory, Dexter J.
  2. Rudd, Reba H.

That all seems to be working exactly as expected, as far as I can see.
Feb 23 '12 #22
11 New Member
You are correct, there is no data for Guillory and Rudd, but the "Additions or (Subtractions)" still shows up for them and for every single day for every employee, regardless of whether or not there is any data below it. It's this "Additions or (Subtractions)" that I'm trying to hide when there is no data.
Feb 24 '12 #23
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I can't see what you're referring to. Perhaps you could identify it by section and object names.
Feb 24 '12 #24
11 New Member
The circled areas are the subreports. Guillory has no data, so I want his subreport to be hidden.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg empty footer.jpg (36.9 KB, 3462 views)
Feb 24 '12 #25
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I don't see what you see. Much of you blue stuff is unrecognised by my system and comes out black, but the main point is that the subreports don't show when they shouldn't. See the picture for an illustration of what I see :

Attached Images
File Type: jpg RicelandIT.jpg (30.9 KB, 2749 views)
Feb 24 '12 #26
11 New Member
In Access 2003, it DOES, indeed, appear to be working properly. However, as you can see from my earlier image, the empty footers show up for every employee in Access 2007. Could there be some kind of database setting or reports setting that is causing the difference? At this point, I just can't worry about it any more. I don't have any more time to spend on it, but I really appreciate all your replies. Many individuals were very helpful.
Feb 27 '12 #27
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
At this point, I just can't worry about it any more.
I hear you.

NB. For future reference (we can't worry about it this time) please note point #5 in the linked article (from post #13) where it says to make sure the problem is still evident if you've made any changes from points #1 to #4. It might have saved you some precious time, but hopefully will on other occasions.
Feb 27 '12 #28
759 Contributor
Good news for you Rice. And a big question for Mycrosoft: WHY ?!?!?

I find out that the On Format event not fire in Report View.
If you will try to run the report in Print Preview you will have a big surprise.

Can I have a little bit from your friendship ?
The rest is for NeoPa, of course.

Good luck !
Feb 27 '12 #29
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Is there another, more appropriate, event that could be used in A2007 then Mihail?
Feb 27 '12 #30

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