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Last 3 records by group

46 New Member
How can I retrieve the last 3 records from the following table. The table has the following fields and sample data:

ClientID TransactionID TransactionDate

1 6511216 01/02/2012
1 5332573 18/05/2011
1 9849528 11/02/2012
1 5374530 24/08/2010
1 5711675 26/04/2009
1 4001184 01/09/2011
2 9087526 15/07/2011
2 6524824 06/08/2009
2 5376892 26/07/2011
2 5327891 28/10/2008
2 6423568 11/11/2011
2 5379827 16/06/2012

the results should be (order by TransactionDate ):

ClientID TransactionID TransactionDate

1 4001184 01/09/2011
1 6511216 01/02/2012
1 9849528 11/02/2012
2 5376892 26/07/2011
2 6423568 11/11/2011
2 5379827 16/06/2012

Note: I can't use 'Select Top 3' a. because of the month format b. this must work for a table where TransactionDate is a different field with text data.
Feb 11 '12
69 8570
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Then the syntax error you're getting shouldn't be the same. What's the new syntax error?
Feb 13 '12 #31
46 New Member
The syntax error is on Count(qTT1.*) < 4
Feb 13 '12 #32
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
but I still get the syntax error on Count(qTT1.*) < 4 even after changing it to Count(*) < 4
Just the Count() problem now Rabbit. I'm just rushing out now, so if you can find my error before I get back you'll save me a task ;-)
Feb 13 '12 #33
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Actually, why don't you post all of your SQL, exactly as you have it now using Copy and Paste, and give us the names of all relevant objects if different from what I used in my suggestion. That way we can see if anything's amiss.
Feb 13 '12 #34
46 New Member
Copy and paste (plus removing the formatting) is exactly what I did to your sql and table in post #23 (after the correction), so that post will show exactly what I have. Names of relevant objects are as you suggested (I don't ask not to listen!)
Feb 13 '12 #35
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
I actually have a Hybrid (Query/VBA) Solution that you may/may not wish to utilize. I'll Post all of the relevant Details later on should you be interested. If you are not interested in this approach, and wish to go strictly SQL, simply let me know before then.
Feb 13 '12 #36
46 New Member

I'm always open to all options, there's more than one way to skin a cat;-)

I actually would like to see it, I believe in broadening my horizons.
Feb 13 '12 #37
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
Using NeoPa's Post# 23 as a foundation, I created a simple Query that will accomplish the Task, and produce the desired results. The Query consists of only 2 Fields: (UNIQUE [ClientID]s) ASC and a Calculated Field (TOP_3_Per_Clie nt:) fCalcTOP3([ClientID]) that passes the [ClientID] to a Public Function. This Function (fCalcTOP3) contains all the Logic, and returns a Delimited String consisting of the Transaction Numbers and Hebrew Months for the TOP 3 Months sorted ASC by Month. I'll Post the SQL, Function Definition, and the Results based on my Sample Data. To further simplify matters, I've attached the Demo Database that I used for this Thread.

The obvious Disadvantages are:
  1. Because of the JOIN involved, the actual Hebrew Month Names must match exactly with those in tblHebrewMonthO rder, or they will not be included in the Analysis. A couple of simple, Update Queries, can easily fix this problem so that all Months conform.
  2. Processing Time may be significant for a large Data set, which you have indicated is the case.
  1. OUTPUT can easily be converted to a number of Formats, namely: a Results Table, Delimited String in a Query, Debug Window, Text File, etc.
  1. SQL:
    Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. SELECT DISTINCT tblTransaction.ClientID, fCalcTOP3([ClientID]) AS TOP_3_Per_Client
    2. FROM tblTransaction
    3. GROUP BY tblTransaction.ClientID
    4. ORDER BY tblTransaction.ClientID;
  2. Function Definition:
    Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. Public Function fCalcTOP3(bytClientID As Byte)
    2. Dim MyDB As DAO.Database
    3. Dim rst As DAO.Recordset
    4. Dim strSQL As String
    5. Dim strBuild As String
    7. strBuild = ""       'INITIALIZE
    9. 'Are there at least 3 Records for the Passed ClientID
    10. If DCount("*", "tblTransaction", "[ClientID] = " & bytClientID) < 3 Then
    11.   fCalcTOP3 = "N/A"
    12.     Exit Function
    13. End If
    15. strSQL = "SELECT tblTransaction.ClientID, tblTransaction.TransactionID, tblHebrewMonthOrder.MonthName, " & _
    16.          "tblHebrewMonthOrder.Priority FROM tblHebrewMonthOrder INNER JOIN tblTransaction ON " & _
    17.          "tblHebrewMonthOrder.MonthName = tblTransaction.TransactionMonth WHERE tblTransaction.ClientID = " & _
    18.           bytClientID & " ORDER BY tblTransaction.ClientID,tblHebrewMonthOrder.Priority;"
    20. Set MyDB = CurrentDb
    21. Set rst = MyDB.OpenRecordset(strSQL, dbOpenSnapshot)
    23. rst.MoveLast: rst.MoveFirst
    25. 'The TOP 3 for this ClientID will actually be the Last 3 Records, Move to 3rd from Bottom
    26. rst.Move rst.RecordCount - 3        'TOP of the TOP 3
    28. Do While Not rst.EOF
    29.   strBuild = strBuild & rst!TransactionID & "," & rst!MonthName & " | "
    30.     rst.MoveNext
    31. Loop
    33. fCalcTOP3 = Left$(strBuild, Len(strBuild) - 3)
    35. rst.Close
    36. Set rst = Nothing
    37. End Function
  3. Query OUTPUT:
    Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. ClientID    TOP_3_Per_Client
    2. 1           9870561,Adar I | 5374530,Nissan | 2323456,Tammuz
    3. 2           5376892,Nissan | 5327891,Sivan | 6423568,Tammuz
    4. 3           N/A
    5. 4           N/A
    6. 5           991254,Cheshvan | 345678,Sivan | 987654,Av
OOPs!: Code Line# 23 can be removed from the Attachment, since it was there for testing purposes only.
Attached Files
File Type: zip Hebrew Months.zip (24.8 KB, 118 views)
Feb 13 '12 #38
46 New Member

I greatly appreciate your help. There seems to be one problem, if a client has less than 3 records it won't show up (N/A), is it possible if there are more than 0 records and less than 3 records, to show the records and nothing where empty?
Feb 13 '12 #39
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
is it possible if there are more than 0 records and less than 3 records, to show the records and nothing where empty?
I can build that into the Logic and get to you with the Revisions. Special conditions such as these should have been stated earlier, especially since it effects the gentlemen working on the SQL approach. The changes to the Code are relatively easy, not so for the SQL involved.
Feb 13 '12 #40

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