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How do you use multiple checkboxes to filter a form?

43 New Member
Hey all,

Say I have a form with 10 different checkboxes (named Check1, Check2,...) that are based on the numbers 1-10. The user will select different checkboxes and then click a button (named Update) that will open a split form (named FormUpdate) based on a query. This form needs to be filtered to where the numbers that were checked equal the same numbers of the Control field named "Number".

For instance, the user checks numbers 2, 3, and 6. Is it possible to filter the form so only the records 2, 3, and 6 of the Column "Number" are showing?

Thanks, I've scrounged the internet and my VBA books and can't seem to find any information that is working for me.

Jan 25 '12
28 8089
43 New Member
I'm still getting the same run-time error 2464 with the following line highlighted:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. ThisChkbox = Ctrl.Value
I'm using Access 2007 (don't know if this makes a difference). Is there any other verbage I can use?

Also, Check is the name of the form as well. I'm not sure what the option group is for checkboxes, but I'm pretty sure I'm not using them.
Jan 26 '12 #11
144 New Member
We've got some other issue. Are you "saving" and then "compiling" the code? If not, make sure you code looks good and click on "Debug" on the menubar, the click "Compile...[your dbname]". If no error, then try the form again.

We may need to check the "References " from inside the Visual Basic window. On the same "Menubar" click on Tools>Reference s. You should at least have checked at the top:

1)"Visual Basic for Applications"

2)"Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library"

3)"OLE Automation"

4)"Microsoft Office 12.0 Access engine database Object Library"

Another question: I assume you have one form with the checkboxes all by itself, and you want to open a separate SplitForm. Correct?

Let me know. We'll get it fixed--but its not the code. We could rewrite it another way, but we're avoiding an issue that'll come back at you. I'm looking into any special circumstance relating to the "Value" property, as a property, and issues regarding access to that.

Again, It all works here (I'm in Access 2007). Let me know.
Jan 26 '12 #12
144 New Member
Not related to above error, but you are missing an "=" sign in the following line:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.     RecsChose = RecsChose & "Trailers_Unloading_LA.Door" & Narr(j) & ";" 
Put "Door="
Jan 26 '12 #13
43 New Member
Did the above suggestions and am still getting the same error on the same line. Is there a way to use something other than Thischkbox? And yes, you are right about the 2 different forms.
Jan 26 '12 #14
144 New Member
There's always a less than pretty method that'll work, but you'll lose flexibility for adding or taking away controls. I'll rethink it. I did some research and the use of the "control.va lue" for checking forms is constantly used for other applications, and it has issues that can usually be resolved. Do a couple of other things while I recompose. We've hacked away on this thing, so clear your mind and first read all of the following and then tediously proceed as follows:

1) Most importantly: Originally you got a [Run-time error 91: "Object variable or With block variable not set"] on the "Ctrl.Value " line. You made a change to [For Each Ctrl In Forms!Check.Con trols] and then you said the error changed to [run-time error 2424: "The expression you entered has a field, control, or property name that Microsoft Access can't find"]. Put the following line in instead of the others and retest:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.  For Each Ctrl In Me.Controls
Make sure the "Ctrl" variable is declared (i.e., Dim Ctrl as Control, NOT as Object). [Save, Compile & Test]. NOTE the error message if any for this exact condition.

2) Compact and Repair the Database: Go to the Office Button (top left), click "Manage" and "Compact and Repair." [test code]

3) If we're still broke, Change the name of the Main form (and reassure me that its not a subform of some other form); change it to "Check1" for example (and make sure that no table or query has the same name). The actual name of the form should NOT appear anywhere in the code. [save, compile and test]

4) The Checkbox controls should not be bound to an underlying table: In Form Design View click each check box (not the label), look at its properties sheet, look on the "Data" tab; make sure the "Control Source" line is Blank. [save and test].

5) Lastly, make sure that the "References " you looked up from the module design toolbar are checked, but do NOT say "MISSING."

I'll hack out a work-around for fun. At least that way you can proceed with other design issues. Whew!
Jan 26 '12 #15
43 New Member
Haha even after all those changes/ suggestions, I am still getting the same error on the same line. When I was first looking into doing this, I was experimenting with a code that is similar to this:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub Update_Click()
  2. Dim Narr() As Variant
  3. Dim i as Integer
  4. Dim ctrl as Control
  5. i = 1
  6. For Each ctrl In Me.Controls
  7.     If Me.("Check" & i) = True Then
  8.           ReDim Preserve Narr(i)
  9.           Narr(i) = ctrl.DefaultValue
  10.           i + 1 = i
  11.     End If
  12. Next
  14. If i > 0 Then
  15.     For j = 1 To UBound(Narr) - 1
  16.     RecsChose = RecsChose & "Trailers_Unloading_LA.Door=" & Narr(j) & " OR "
  17.     Next
  18.     RecsChose = RecsChose & "Trailers_Unloading_LA.Door=" & Narr(j) & ";"
  19.     sqlP1 = "SELECT Trailers_Unloading_All.Door, Trailers_Unloading_All.Trailer_Number FROM Trailers_Unloading_All WHERE "
  20.     sqlStr = sqlP1 & RecsChose
  21.     Else
  22.     ErrMess = MsgBox("Nothing Checked", vbOKOnly, "Status")
  23. End If
  25. DoCmd.OpenForm "UnloadNow", acNormal, sqlStr
This exact code isn't working for me right now, but I was wondering if something similar could be used to loop through the controls.
Jan 26 '12 #16
43 New Member
Oh boy C CSR, I was sitting here banging my head against the table when something hit me to try and redo everything on a new form. As I was doing this, I remember that my original form was for some reason opened as a modal dialog form. Now everything seems to be workimg alright until I get to the actual open form command. Now I am getting a Run-time erro 3464: Data type mismatch in criteria expression with final line highlighted:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. DoCmd.OpenForm "UnloadNow", acNormal, sqlStr, , acFormReadOnly, acWindowNormal
Jan 26 '12 #17
43 New Member
The form UnloadNow is a split form based on the query Trailers_Unload ing_LA. If the sql portion of the code, would I have to reference the original tables? Or is that not the issue?

Again forgive my ignorance and sorry for wasting all of your time earlier when you were right with the first code
Jan 26 '12 #18
144 New Member
Hey Lynch, I knew the code was good, but what's really fantastic is that you went one last extra step and found the missing configuration monster! Kudo's! You just inherited the Earth.

Now back to work. I was trying to avoid that string loop at all cost because it's just bad practice. Modifications can be a nightmare if you ever have to make them.

I'll look the openform issue and get back to you [tied up]. Again, Congratulations !
Jan 26 '12 #19
43 New Member
Well I got the form to open without an error message (finally) by messing around with the filter part of the open form command. While looking at different references, I didn't see any that included the SELECT portion of the sql statement. I removed some of the code so lines 18-27 of your first code now look like:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. If i > 0 Then
  2.     For j = 1 To UBound(Narr) - 1
  3.         RecsChose = RecsChose & "Door=" & Narr(j) & " OR "
  4.     Next
  5.     RecsChose = RecsChose & "Door=" & Narr(j) & ";"
  6.     sqlStr = RecsChose
  7.     Else
  8.     ErrMess = MsgBox("Nothing Checked", vbOKOnly, "Status")
  9. End If
The only issue is that it's not filtering haha. Soo, that's where I'm at now...
Jan 27 '12 #20

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