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How do you hide columns in form based on combo box selection?

43 New Member
Hey everyone,

I have a form called Overflow based on a query called Trailers_Unload ing_All. On my main menu form, there is a combo box called cboDest. It has two columns, DestNumber and DestName, based on a table called Unl_Seq_Dest where DestNumber is the bound column. The values in DestNumber are the column numbers in the Overflow form (as well as the Trailers_Unload ing_All query). After making the selection, the user clicks on the View_Trailers button, which will open the Overflow form.

Is there a way to filter the Overflow form based on the selection in the combo box so that it hides every column but the columns called Door, Trailer_Number, and the value selected in the combo box? I'm not sure if this is possible, as I do not have much experience with VBA.

Hopefully someone is able to help, thanks!

Jan 11 '12 #1
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446 Recognized Expert Contributor
Is there a way to filter the Overflow form based on the selection in the combo box so that it hides every column but the columns called Door, Trailer_Number, and the value selected in the combo box?
Normally, when you open a form after selecting a parameter from a combo-box, you filter the records to display only those that match the parameter. You would not normally Hide/Show different fields.

As you say you are not familiar with VB, then the simplest way to achieve what (I think) you are asking is to have two versions of the Overflow form; one with all the fields and one with just the three you mention. Just call Overflow or Overflow_Short as required.

Jan 12 '12 #2
43 New Member
Thanks S7,

I guess my main issue is that I want the combo box to filter the columns of the form and not the records (usually the rows). Is there a better way to do this than a combo box?
Jan 12 '12 #3
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
For a form in standard form view, this could be done by creating controls for each possible field from your ComboBox which are all set as hidden. When a field is selected from the ComboBox all are again hidden but then the selected control is made visible and active.

If the form is in datasheet view then this approach wouldn't work and a more complicated one of changing the form's RecordSource would be required.
Jan 12 '12 #4
446 Recognized Expert Contributor
The values in DestNumber are the column numbers in the Overflow form (as well as the Trailers_Unload ing_All query). After making the selection, the user clicks on the View_Trailers button, which will open the Overflow form.
I read this a number of times this morning but mis-understood what you were asking.
If your main menu form (say frmMain) stays open while form Overflow is opened, then you could put something like this in the On_Open event of Overeflow;-
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. If Forms!frmMain!cboDest = 1 Then
  2.    Me.txtCol1.Visible = False
  3. ElseIf Forms!frmMain!cboDest = 2 Then
  4.    Me.txtCol1.Visible = False
  5.    Me.txtCol2.Visible = False
  6. ElseIf Forms!frmMain!cboDest = 3 Then
  7.    Me.txtCol1.Visible = False
  8.    Me.txtCol2.Visible = False
  9.    Me.txtCol3.Visible = False
  10. ..
  11. ..
  12. End If
where txtCol1, txtCol2 & txtCol3 are the names of the controls(column s) to be hidden. You could write this as a Case statement if you prefer.

If your main menu closes when Overflow is opened then you would have to pass the value of cboDest as an OpenArgs parameter in the code under the View_Trailers button.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub View_Trailers_Click()
  2. On Error GoTo Err_View_Trailers_Click
  4.     Dim stDocName As String
  5.     Dim stOpen As String
  7.     stOpen = Me!cboDest
  9.     stDocName = "Overflow"
  10.     DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , , , , stOpen
  11. ...
Then the On_Open event of Overflow would be as follows (written as a Case statement this time, a bit tidier!)
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
  2. Select Case OpenArgs
  3.   Case 1   
  4.     Me.txtCol1.Visible = False
  5.   Case 2
  6.      Me.txtCol1.Visible = False
  7.      Me.txtCol2.Visible = False
  8.   Case 3 
  9.      Me.txtCol1.Visible = False
  10.      Me.txtCol2.Visible = False
  11.      Me.txtCol3.Visible = False
  12.   Case Else
  13.   'Nothing
  14. End Select
Jan 12 '12 #5
43 New Member
Thank you guys, I haven't been able to try this yet (work has been pretty busy), but I feel like this well point me in the right direction.
Jan 13 '12 #6
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
@S7 - I'm not sure I follow your code logic. There appears to be no lines where any control is set to .Visible = True. I'm also curious why the number of controls effected after different selections seems to change. Maybe I'm misunderstandin g something.

As an alternative to the OpenArgs scenario though, the calling code has access to the called form and its properties once control has returned from the DoCmd.OpenForm( ) call, so the code to make the changes could stay in the originating module and run before the form allows itself to close. Not that using OpenArgs wouldn't also work, but it just makes the coding a little more complex (Handling OpenArgs properly and splitting the code between two places).
Jan 13 '12 #7
446 Recognized Expert Contributor
Yep, I don't understand why Mr Lynch wants to hide different columns depending upon a selection in a combo either, but I'm sure he has good reason. I was uncertain first time round, which was why my first post talked about records and fields.

One possibility is that he is viewing in DataSheet mode and wants the visible columns to close-up. i.e if his query returned 12 colums but his form was only wide enough to display 4 he could then perm any 4 from 12. But if that was the case he would have to use the ColumnHidden property, not the Visible property, which seems to have no effect in Datasheet mode (setting the Width is also ignored)e.g.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer) 
  2. Select Case OpenArgs 
  3.   Case 1    
  4.     Me.txtCol1.ColumnHidden = True 
  5.   Case 2 
  6.      Me.txtCol1.ColumnHidden = True 
  7.      Me.txtCol2.ColumnHidden = True 
  8.   Case 3  
  9.      Me.txtCol1.ColumnHidden = True 
  10.      Me.txtCol2.ColumnHidden = True 
  11.      Me.txtCol3.ColumnHidden = True 
  12.   Case Else 
  13.   'Nothing 
  14. End Select 
He would not need to set Visible = True (or ColumnHidden = False) in the code, if the default state of the columns was Visible = True (not hidden). If the users wants to see other columns they would have to close and then re-open the form having made the appropriate selection in the combo-box.

Anyway, Mr Lynch seems happy he has a solution!
Jan 14 '12 #8
43 New Member
Yeah it seems as though the more you guys talk back and forth, the more it seems you are understanding what I am looking for. S7 you are on the right track with the number of controls. I have about 50 controls, and my form (as of now) is in Datasheet mode. I want to tidy it up a bit and keep my form to 4 columns- 3 that are always present and the 4th that is visible with the selection from the combo box.

And NeoPa, you are right in that the number of controls affected after each selection will not change. Maybe I'm a bit over my head in creating this database, but I can't thank you guys enough for your time in helping me out!
Jan 15 '12 #9
43 New Member
Maybe I'm trying to do too much and I should just open up the Trailers_Unload ing_All query when I click the View_Trailers button and filter the records based on the combo box that way...
Jan 15 '12 #10

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