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Access web-query problem

George Tekos
47 New Member
I wish someone could help me on the following.
My target is to choose a value from a combobox (ok with that) and pass that chosen value as a criteria to a web-query.
When I type to the criteria box>>
=[Forms]![formThatContain sTheCombobox]![NameOfComboBox]<<
and save and close, the thing works ok. The query runs and the report is accurate.
If I published the db on my sharepoint site and try to access it, its is not working. It says somehting about invalid reference to expression. Ofcourse if i removed this expression, the database is displayed properly on the web but of course the query returned all the records (and not filtered by my choise in the combobox).
I swear i been infront of my computer more than three days because of that, so you can tell how useful an information would be.
Dec 3 '11
40 7762
Narender Sagar
189 New Member
Okay, Since you are creating WebDb, and web query, So in that case WebDb does now allow to give ref. to a form for passing the criteria to a query.
So here my suggestion is, if you just want to filter the record for a particular date (I believe), then you create a query and under Criteria , right click , then click build, then under Expression Categories, choose desired field. Then click Parameters, write the field name in brackets [your date field name] and choose desired Data type. Click Ok. And Run the query. It will ask user to enter date, and show the desired results.
Dec 14 '11 #21
George Tekos
47 New Member
1) what type of query you mean?? Web one? i created WEB.
2)I assume you suggest me to involve all the fields in that query.
3)there is nothing under DESIRED FIELD, and i what do you mean by "choose desired field".??? i know it breaks your nerves but lpz be 100% specific
Dec 14 '11 #22
Narender Sagar
189 New Member
1. Yes, I mean Web query only
2. Choose desired field means, you have to Criteria for record filter under the field you want. (For your case it will be a date field for which you wanted to create combo box in a form)
Hope I am clear now. and don't worry I'll answer your queries until you get results.
Dec 14 '11 #23
George Tekos
47 New Member
ok . if i choose to create a web query, based on a LINKED TABLE, the query opens there are NO AVAILABLE fields to add, at all....you know, the small window withe the three tabs,that pops up ,after you press the QUERY button..there is nothing inside...so i cannot add fields in the query...at least automatically.
Dec 14 '11 #24
Narender Sagar
189 New Member
I would like to see your database, Can you attach it in zip format.
Dec 15 '11 #25
George Tekos
47 New Member
i am sending you the database (just before being published) on my sharepoint site
Attached Files
File Type: zip WORKING_SO_FAR.zip (58.0 KB, 144 views)
Dec 15 '11 #26
George Tekos
47 New Member
hi!! did you get my database???
Dec 18 '11 #27
Narender Sagar
189 New Member
yes, I'll get back tomorrow
Dec 18 '11 #28
Narender Sagar
189 New Member
Okay, Geroge,
I am attaching pictures for your understanding..
1. Go to design view of 'Query1' (A1)
2. Enter [Date] in criteria (A1)
3. Click 'Parameters' (A2)
4. Give parameter setting (as per picture) (A3)
5. Run your quuery. (A4 & A5)

Hope this will serve purpose.
Attached Images
File Type: png A1.png (9.7 KB, 498 views)
File Type: png A2.png (3.1 KB, 340 views)
File Type: jpg A3.jpg (18.3 KB, 431 views)
File Type: png A5.png (11.9 KB, 427 views)
File Type: png A6.png (4.7 KB, 335 views)
Dec 19 '11 #29
George Tekos
47 New Member
well, it actually works, (havent tried it after publishing though) but in the "enter parameter value" pop-up window you have to type the date yourself ..right? i mean the user has to type down, 12/12/2012 for example. can this change to a date picker box or something?? no way i think.
Dec 19 '11 #30

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