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remove duplicate text within a string

4 New Member
How do I remove text that was duplicated within a field. For example:
AC Delco AC Delco Taper Spoiler
Bendix Bendix High Performance Altinators
B&I B&I Headlamps
Bridgestone Firestone Birdgestone Firestone AllWeather Tires
Dec 2 '11 #1
21 13235
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
You could split the string by the space character and then loop through the array looking for distinct words.
Dec 2 '11 #2
Bobbie Macy
4 New Member
How do I go about doing that in sql. I have a process in java script but I can't get it to work in Access.

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  1. Function removeDuplicates (field) {
  2.     var temp = field.value;
  3.     var array = temp.split(" ");
  4.     array.sort();
  5.     temp = array.join(" ");
  7.     do {
  8.         var newTemp = temp;
  9.         var temp = newTemp.replace(/\s(\w+\s)\1/, " $1");
  10.     } while (temp.length != newTemp.length);
  12.     temp = temp.replace(/^(\w+\s)\1/, "$1");
  13.     temp = temp.replace(/(\s\w+)\1$/, "$1");
  15. var orig = field.value.split(" ");
  16.     var finalStr = "";
  17.     for (var i=0; i<orig.length; i++) {
  18.         if (temp.indexOf(" " + orig[i] + " ") != -1) {
  19.             finalStr += orig[i] + " ";
  20.             temp = temp.split(" " + orig[i] + " ").join(" ");
  21.         } else if ((temp.indexOf(orig[i]) != -1) && (temp.indexOf(" "
  22. + orig[i]) == (temp.length-orig[i].length-1))) {
  23.             finalStr += orig[i] + " ";
  24.             temp = temp.substring(0, (temp.length-orig[i].length-1));
  25.         } else if (temp.indexOf(orig[i] + " ") == 0) {
  26.             finalStr += orig[i] + " ";
  27.             temp = temp.substring(orig[i].length+1, temp.length);
  28.         } else if (temp == orig[i]) {
  29.             finalStr += orig[i];
  30.             temp = "";
  31.         }
  32.     }
  34.     if (finalStr.substring(finalStr.length-1, finalStr.length) == " ") {
  35.         finalStr = finalStr.substring(0, finalStr.length-1);
  36.     }
  37.     field.value = finalStr;
  38. }
Dec 2 '11 #3
332 Contributor
This would be a starter. i.e. remove successive words from string:
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  1. Function removeSuccessingWordInString(val As String) As String
  2. Dim sVal, s As Variant
  3. Dim p As Integer
  4. Static cleanString As String
  5. sVal = Split(val, " ")
  6. For p = 0 To UBound(sVal) - 1
  7.     If sVal(p) = sVal(p + 1) Then
  8.         cleanString = Trim(Replace(val, sVal(p), "", 1, 1))
  9.         removeSuccessingWordInString cleanString
  10.     End If
  11. Next p
  12. removeSuccessingWordInString = cleanString
  13. End Function
Dec 2 '11 #4
393 Contributor
Just as a comment:
This appears to be the concatenation of 3 seperate fields from 3 separate tables. If you have control over the concatentation, then it would be easier to rewrite that then try an remove duplication.

If you're getting this from an external source, you might try asking them to modify the concatenation.
Dec 2 '11 #5
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Bobbie, why not explain in words (preferably as part of the original question, but failing that now) what it is you want, rather than dumping some code (in a language other than VBA) for us to try to determine what you should have asked.
Dec 3 '11 #6
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
I see no easy Method to accomplish this. The best results that I can come up with is the following, using a very unorthodox approach. Notice the last 2 Records:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Series                                                              No_Dups
  2. AC Delco AC Delco Taper Spoiler                                     AC Delco Taper Spoiler
  3. Bendix Bendix High Performance Altinators                           Bendix High Performance tinators
  4. B&I B&I Headlamps                                                    B&I Headlamps
  5. Bridgestone Firestone Bridgestone Firestone                          Bridgestone Firestone
  6. AllWeather Tires                                                     AllWeather Tires
  7. BIG KMART BIG KMART BIG KMART BIG KMART                              BIG KMART
  8. TJ Max TJ Thompsom                                                   TJ Max Thompsom
  9. Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton George Bush Bill Clinton George Bush    Bill Clinton Hillary George Bush
Dec 3 '11 #7
Bobbie Macy
4 New Member
I have an Acces table of fields and one of the fields is concatenated and unfortunately one of the fields was concatenated twice. I don't have the data in from the separate fields otherwise I will simply fix the concatenated field. So I'm stuck with this field to fix. I can't use spaces or drop the first or second word because this problem of duplicate words isn't in all the fields.

So I was looking for a way using an access query to remove the duplicae words. The code I attached earlier I found on the internet and looks like it would work but it's in Java.
Dec 3 '11 #8
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I recognise that at least as an attempt to specify the problem Bobbie (which is a good step forward :-)). Specifications are often a problem to get right, so all we expect is an honest attempt.

Now let's see if we can tidy it up a little. Correct me if I go astray.
  1. You have a table within which is a single field which was previously put together by concatenating various separate data strings.
  2. Unfortunately, the first of these values was included twice in the resultant string.
  3. The string values were originally joined together using spaces to separate them.
  4. Any or all of the values may, but don't necessarily have to, contain embedded spaces within themselves.
  5. So, we have a string field in a table which has a duplication at the start which may consist of one or more words separated in all cases by spaces.
  6. The only indication we have that an original value may have ended and a new one begun (within the resultant data we're working with) is the occurrence of a space character.
  7. You need to determine some logic first, and later some code that implements that logic, to handle de-duplication of the first value added to the string.
Dec 3 '11 #9
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
Thanks to NeoPa's clarification, the following Function, when used in a Query (Calculated Field), will handle 'Start of Field Duplication' for a Maximum of 6 Words. It can easily be expanded if so desired. I ran it against Test Data, some of it yours, and I'll post the Code and results below:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Function fCheckForDupes(strSeries As String)
  2. Dim varDups As Variant
  3. Dim intNumOfWords As Integer
  4. Dim strRetVal As String
  6. varDups = Split(strSeries, " ")
  8. intNumOfWords = UBound(varDups) + 1
  10. Select Case intNumOfWords
  11.   Case 1    '1 Word, return Word
  12.     strRetVal = varDups(0)
  13.   Case 2    '2 Words, check for equality
  14.     If varDups(0) = varDups(1) Then     'Equal, drop the 2nd Word
  15.       strRetVal = varDups(0)
  16.     Else    '2 Words, not equal, return original String
  17.       strRetVal = varDups(0) + " " & varDups(1)
  18.     End If
  19.   Case 3    'Is the 1st equal to the 2nd Word?
  20.     If varDups(0) = varDups(1) Then     '1st & 2nd equal, Drop 2nd
  21.       strRetVal = varDups(0) & " " & varDups(2)
  22.     Else    'No equality, return entire String
  23.       strRetVal = varDups(0) + " " & varDups(1) & " " & varDups(2)
  24.     End If
  25.   Case 4   'Is the 1st = the 2nd OR are the 1st and 2nd = 3rd and 4th?
  26.     If varDups(0) = varDups(1) Then     'Drop the 2nd
  27.       strRetVal = varDups(0) & " " & varDups(2) & " " & varDups(3)
  28.     ElseIf (varDups(0) = varDups(2)) And (varDups(1) = varDups(3)) Then
  29.       strRetVal = varDups(0) & " " & varDups(1)     'Drop 3rd and 4th
  30.     Else
  31.       strRetVal = strSeries
  32.     End If
  33.   Case 5
  34.     If varDups(0) = varDups(1) Then     'Drop the 2nd
  35.       strRetVal = varDups(0) & " " & varDups(2) & " " & varDups(3) & _
  36.                   " " & varDups(4)
  37.     ElseIf (varDups(0) = varDups(2)) And (varDups(1) = varDups(3)) Then
  38.       strRetVal = varDups(0) & " " & varDups(1) & " " & varDups(4)    '
  39.     Else
  40.       strRetVal = strSeries
  41.     End If
  42.   Case 6
  43.     If varDups(0) = varDups(1) Then
  44.       strRetVal = varDups(0) & " " & varDups(2) & " " & varDups(3) & _
  45.                   " " & varDups(4) & " " & varDups(5)
  46.     ElseIf (varDups(0) = varDups(2)) And (varDups(1) = varDups(3)) Then
  47.       strRetVal = varDups(0) & " " & varDups(1) & " " & varDups(4) & _
  48.                   " " & varDups(5)
  49.     ElseIf (varDups(0) = varDups(3)) And (varDups(1) = varDups(4)) And _
  50.            (varDups(2) = varDups(5)) Then
  51.       strRetVal = varDups(0) & " " & varDups(1) & " " & varDups(2)
  52.     Else
  53.       strRetVal = strSeries
  54.     End If
  55.   Case Else
  56.     'If all else fails, return the Original String
  57.     strRetVal = strSeries
  58. End Select
  60. fCheckForDupes = strRetVal
  61. End Function
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Series                                             New_Series
  2. AC Delco AC Delco Taper Spoiler                    AC Delco Taper Spoiler
  3. Bendix Bendix High Performance Altinators          Bendix High Performance Altinators
  4. B&I B&I Headlamps                                  B&I Headlamps
  5. Bridgestone Firestone Bridgestone Firestone        Bridgestone Firestone
  6. AllWeather Tires                                   AllWeather Tires
  7. Encyclopedia                                       Encyclopedia
  8. One Two Three                                      One Two Three
  9. YaDa YaDa                                          YaDa
  10. One One Three Four                                 One Three Four
  11. One Two One Two Five                               One Two Five
  12. One Two Three Four Five                            One Two Three Four Five
  13. One Two Three Four                                 One Two Three Four
  14. One One Three Four Five Six                        One Three Four Five Six
  15. One Two Three One Two Three                        One Two Three
  16. 1 2 3 4 5 6                                        1 2 3 4 5 6
Dec 3 '11 #10

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