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How do you map Access fields and Excel columns before importing

547 Contributor
I think it is called Import specification.
I usually import 3 Text fields ("IDNo" , "Name" and "Surname") from an Excel spreadsheet into an Access table called "Cyclist".
The fields may have different names in Excel ie

Excel ----------------- Access
IdentityNumber--------- IDNO
Firstname ------------ Name
Surname------------ Surname

The bottom line is that the fields in Excel may vary in name while in Access it stays the same.

When i press the Import button, i would like a "mapping" table or something similar to appear, and then i can manually link the correct Excel and Access fields.
Any ideas whether its possible and how it can be done?

I currently use this code to import from a specific directory. I still need to figure out the file open function for this (from Neopa), to avoid using a specific directory.
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  1. DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, 10, "Cyclist", "c:\RTBU\AthleteData.xls", True, ""
It must not import duplicate "IDNo" data
Sep 8 '11
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931 Recognized Expert Contributor
This is going to seem convoluted, but bear with me. The basic idea is based upon knowing ahead of time what the column headings will be. In my instance, the users are running reports in a mainframe system and dumping the results into Excel. They then import those spreadsheets into the Access database using the interface that I built for them.

There are three different spreadsheets that they could import, each with different columns. The user specifies by picking from a combo box what it is they are going to import: pay data, leave data, or time data. They then browse for the spreadsheet using a file picker dialog that I raise.

Now, the mainframe always names the columns for a particular report the same thing, so provided that the user doesn't edit the spreadsheet prior to the Access import, I can tell Access what column names to expect for a particular spreadsheet by defining them in a comma delimited string. For example, the spreadsheet with pay data has columns Employee Number, EARN_DATE, Event Type, Hours1 and Amount. So I define a string like this:

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  1. strReqFieldList = "Employee Number,EARN_DATE,Event Type,Hours1,Amount"

At this point we want to make sure that the temporary table actually contains these columns, because it's possible that the user browsed for and imported something other than a pay data spreadsheet, even though they indicated that they were trying to import a pay spreadsheet.

So I made a function that takes the temporary table name and the required columns string as arguments. Essentially, it loops through the required column list, making sure that each column is in fact in the imported data (error handling omitted for clarity):

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  1. Public Function MissingField(strTableName As String, Optional strReqFields As String) As String
  3.    'Connect to the table that we want to check for missing columns
  4.     Dim db As Database
  5.     Dim ltabdef As DAO.TableDef
  7.     Set db = CurrentDb()
  8.     Set ltabdef = db.TableDefs(strTableName)
  10.    'Variable to hold a column definition
  11.     Dim lflddef As Field
  13.    'Array to hold the required column names
  14.     Dim arrReqFields() As String
  15.     arrReqFields = Split(strReqFields, ",")
  17.    'Loop counter
  18.     Dim M As Byte
  20.     For M = 0 To UBound(arrReqFields)
  21.        'Start out assuming that the field name does not exist in the imported data
  22.         MissingField = arrReqFields(M)
  24.        'Enumerate through the columns in the table and check to see if the column name in question, arrReqFields(M), is in the collection
  25.         For Each lflddef In ltabdef.Fields
  26.             If lflddef.Name = arrReqFields(M) Then MissingField = "": Exit For
  27.         Next lflddef
  29.        'If we come out of the column name check with a non-empty string, we have a missing column...so exit the function.
  30.         If MissingField <> "" Then Exit For
  31.     Next M
  33. End Function

If the function returns a zero length string, there are no columns missing - and so we know that the imported data contains what we're looking for. I wrote this function a while ago. In hindsight there is probably a simpler way to do the check using some crafty SQL. I haven't gotten to that yet, but one of these days for sure.

What this whole process ensures is that, at minimum, the columns that you need for your business process are present.
Sep 9 '11 #11

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