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SELECT Record From Group With Max Value

72 New Member
Hi guys

I am trying to write a particular query for a database that records different issues that affect a company but its not working quite right.

The main fields include approx 10 different config items of issues, the issue description itself and a score depending on the impact/severity.

What I want is to show the highest score per config item, which will return 10 rows, one for each config. I need the issue description to correspond with the high score.

I tried using 'group by' on the config, 'max' on the score and 'first' with the issue description which returns 10 rows however the issue does not correspond with the score. I have tried making it 'last' and also others however its not working right.

Any ideas if there is a way to do this?

Aug 13 '11
18 7886
Gareth Jones
72 New Member
Right. I have primary key called [ID] and its an autonumber.

How can I link this to the [issue description]? I have tried a number of ways but cant seem to get this one.
Aug 15 '11 #11
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
This is more complicated than the very basic as is handles duplicates (Assuming that any of the possible records qualify as well as any other - If that's not a reliable assumption that should have been made clear in the question.) :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT   qryF2.[Config ID]
  2.        , subQ.[CS Impact Score])
  3.        , subQ.[Issue Description]
  4. FROM     [form2query] AS qryF2
  5.          INNER JOIN
  6.          (SELECT [Config ID]
  7.                , [CS Impact Score]
  8.                , [Issue Description]
  9.          ) AS subQ
  10.   ON     qryF2.[Config ID] = subQ.[Config ID]
  11. HAVING   (Max(qryF2.[CS Impact Score]) = subQ.[CS Impact Score])
  12. GROUP BY [Config ID]
You may notice that I didn't use the [ID] field after all. There is a way to do it that way, but I discovered a way that allows (more easily) the showing of more fields related to the record where the maximum score is found. I rarely need to use this approach myself so i'm somewhat rusty in the finer details, but I think what I've suggested should work nicely for you.
Aug 15 '11 #12
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I just reread what I posted and noticed this method doesn't handle duplicates well. It will give multiple output records if multiple records are found with the same maximum score. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only approach I can find for now that handles Memo fields. Memo fields are severely restrictive when it comes to queries. Essentially they are unable to be manipulated in any way. Treated as vanilla data they can work, but they cannot be used with any functions as the functions all seem to expect standard string data. The [ID] approach I considered originally would have needed to compare the [ID] fields and use only the [Issue Description] value from the matching record. This involves function calls and none can handle the Memo field.
Aug 15 '11 #13
Gareth Jones
72 New Member
OK. I am getting an error 'Syntax error in HAVING clause' now

I have jigged around with the code and get a number of dfferent errors, however I cannot seem to get this one working :(

Really appreciate your help this far...
Aug 16 '11 #14
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Exactly which SQL were you using when you got the reported error? IE. Was this error received before making any changes to the SQL? If not then I need to see exactly what you were using.

PS. I have found the same problem and I'm working on a viable solution for you. I haven't done it this way for so long I'm struggling to remember/work out how it should work, but I'll post back when I've got my brain working properly and found a solution.
Aug 16 '11 #15
Gareth Jones
72 New Member
Yes the error above was using the code you gave me.
Aug 16 '11 #16
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I was working for ages on the assumption I needed a three level sub-query, when I stumbled over the solution after two levels. It's not as complex as I'd been expecting, but it seems to work ok. Try it out and see how you get on :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT qF2.*
  2. FROM   [Form2Query] AS qF2
  3.        INNER JOIN
  4.        (SELECT   [Config ID]
  5.                , Max([CS Impact Score]) AS [MaxCSImpactScore]
  6.         FROM     [Form2Query]
  7.         GROUP BY [Config ID]
  8.        ) AS sQ
  9.   ON   (qF2.[Config ID] = sQ.[Config ID])
  10.  AND   (qF2.[CS Impact Score] = sQ.[MaxCSImpactScore])
Aug 16 '11 #17
Gareth Jones
72 New Member
Thats it! Works perfectly. Thanks for all your help.
Aug 16 '11 #18
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
No worries Gareth. Pleased to hear that worked for you.

BTW, I noticed a small overcomplicatio n I'd left in before and removed it from the earlier post. It's effect should be the same but the code's tidier is all.
Aug 16 '11 #19

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