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send email without using a macro

86 New Member
Hi. I was wondering if there was a way to send an email without using the Send Object method for a macro. if you use the macro, you will get this warning:

I know in VB .NET you have to import an outlook object or w/e it is and then there were methods that allowed you to edit the To, CC, BCC, subject, etc

I was wondering if there is something similar in VBA to do that.

What i want to do is the following:
1) when user clicks "Send Email" button, it opens up MS Outlook
2) it attaches a report
3) fills out the subject

Aug 1 '11
68 7942
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Jeffrey, did you miss Rabbit's point. The problem is that you have doubled up on the "\" characters. He's correct. That is your problem.
Aug 5 '11 #51
Jeffrey Tan
86 New Member

oh. I'll try that when i get to work today. Maybe that is the problem. Thanks!

Hopefully it is so this can be closed once and for all :P
Aug 5 '11 #52
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
There's no question about it Jeffrey. Even if there are any other problems, that is certainly going to cause your issue all by itself. Your code clearly adds an extra "\" in a few places, which will cause file references to fail.
Aug 5 '11 #53
Jeffrey Tan
86 New Member

It just puzzles me because the code I sent to my collegue is the exact one i have and his worked. but i'll be sure to double check every line of code when i go to the office.
Aug 5 '11 #54
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I understand Jeffrey.

We can only work with what's in front of us though. I doubt the code you sent to your colleague is exactly as you posted for us (otherwise it wouldn't work), but that isn't a puzzle we need to worry about just now. If that doesn't resolve itself in the wash then we can look at that too, but we'd need a new question and the code your colleague is actually using (rather than what you think you sent to him at some point - however close a match that may or may not turn out to be).

For now though, I'm confident the code you posted has that problem in it (even if there may be others too).
Aug 5 '11 #55
Jeffrey Tan
86 New Member

yep. what i will do is copy the exact code from my colleague's database, put it into mine and test it.

in terms of programs and all, what are usually the requirements to get AcFormatPDF to work?

Microsoft Access 2007
Adobe Acrobat

do you know of anything else?

trying to open up some possibilities and narrow them down when i troubleshoot this. :)
Aug 5 '11 #56
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
yep. what i will do is copy the exact code from my colleague's database, put it into mine and test it.
I hope you're referring to what you will do after we finish here. That is not something for this thread. Nor is the question about how to work with PDFs.

For now, you need to fix the code you posted earlier, exactly as suggested by Rabbit, and report on your success.

Anything further can find its way into a new thread if required.
Aug 5 '11 #57
Jeffrey Tan
86 New Member
understood :)

thanks again for all this help.
Aug 5 '11 #58
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
@NeoPa & Rabbit:
Ironically, the addition of an extra '\' in the OutputFile Argument of the OutputTo() Method, between the lowest level Folder and start of the Filename, will work. The following Code will work with no problems (notice addition of extra '\'):
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputTable, "tblEmployees", acFormatRTF, "C:\Windows\\Employees.rtf", False
Aug 5 '11 #59
Jeffrey Tan
86 New Member
ok im at work now and i fixed the additional "\" but still the same problem.

here's the code:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Sub sendEmail()
  3. 'Provides the Send Mail automation. Send an E-Mail and Attachment from Access via Outlook
  4. Dim oLook As Object
  5. Dim oMail As Object
  6. Dim olns As Outlook.NameSpace
  7. Dim strRecipient As String
  8. Dim strBody As String
  9. Dim strSubject As String
  10. Dim strReportName As String
  11. Dim strSource As String
  12. Dim strDestination As String
  13. Dim title As String
  15. Set oLook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
  16. Set olns = oLook.GetNamespace("MAPI")
  17. Set oMail = oLook.CreateItem(0)
  19. '************************** Define your own Values here **************************
  21. strRecipient = ""
  22. strBody = ""
  23. strSubject = "Problem Tracking Ticket #: " & [Forms]![User Problem Log]![trouble_no]
  24. strReportName = Mid("Email-Single", 7) & " Problem Tracking Ticket # " & [Forms]![User Problem Log]![trouble_no]
  26. '*********************************************************************************
  28. strSource = CurrentProject.Path & "\"
  29. strDestination = "C:\Windows\Temp\" 'give destination
  30. title = "Single Problem Tracking Ticket # "
  32.     If Not FileExists(strDestination) Then
  33.         MkDir (strDestination)
  34.     End If
  35.     If FileExists(strDestination & title & [Forms]![User Problem Log]![trouble_no] & ".pdf") Then
  36.         Kill strDestination & title & [Forms]![User Problem Log]![trouble_no] & ".pdf"
  37.         DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "Email-" & Mid(strReportName, 1, 6), acFormatPDF, strDestination & strReportName & ".pdf", False
  38.     Else
  39.         DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "Email-" & Mid(strReportName, 1, 6), acFormatPDF, strDestination & strReportName & ".pdf", False
  40.     End If
  41.     With oMail
  42.       .To = strRecipient
  43.       .Body = strBody
  44.       .Subject = strSubject
  45.       .Attachments.Add strDestination & strReportName & ".pdf", False
  46.       .Display
  47.     End With
  48. End Sub
Aug 5 '11 #60

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