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What causes a front end to work for me, but run out of stack space for another user

137 New Member
I've split a database into a back end containing the tables, and the front end containing everything else.

I've uploaded this to a shared drive, and applied the following security settings:
- Disabled Document Tabs
- Disabled Access Special Keys
- Disabled Navigation Pane
- Disabled Full Menus
- Disabled Default Shortcut Menus

When I try running the front end, either from a copy on my own desktop, or the copy on the shared drive, it works absolutely fine for me - it brings up my login form, I can login and access everything else.
However, I have a collegue in Singapore who is now trying to access the front end. Everytime he loads up the front end (either directly from the copy on the shared drive, or by copying it to his desktop) and tries to login, the whole thing stops responding, and after a few minutes it eventually displays a message box saying "Error detected: Out of stack space."

Once this error has happened for my collegue, when I then try the same front end, it happens for me too - it's as though something happens when he tries it, which corrupts the entire file.
What I've noticed is when it starts to not respond, in the bottom right corner it says "Run query" next to a progress bar that is stuck on 0%. If I disable the query it's getting stuck at, it will proceed, but the problem occurs at the next query that tries to run.
My collegue has opened this same file a few months ago without any problem - however this was before the database was split, and before I disabled any of the options listed above.

Can anyone offer any possible suggestion why this is happening, and how I could fix it? I am completely stumped as to why this is happening and don't even know how to go about debugging this problem!

Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: Because the error message is causing my collegue to close Access via Task Manager, it leaves his connection open. Once this connection is killed, the front end works absolutely fine for me again - so the problem seems to be specifically with him.
Jun 22 '11
30 3665
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Adam explained earlier that the problem only occurs in Singapore, where the only operator is not someone he can trust with any debugging features. I don't believe debugging on his working version would give him any useful information about the problem.

I mention this as I know that it makes sense to skim long-standing threads and I felt you'd maybe missed these points that I've synopsised (Is that even a word? My spell-checker thinks it's ok.) for you.

PS. @Adam, there is also a button on the debugging toolbar that gives you access to the Call stack. It looks like overlapping squares. Ctrl-L is a shortcut.
Jun 24 '11 #21
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
What I've done in cases where the user is at a different geographical location is to remote into their computer with dameware, vnc, or remote desktop and troubleshoot from there.
Jun 24 '11 #22
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I'll let Adam respond to that Rabbit. I agree, I would too. We are both possibly more IT orientated than Adam though. When I asked earlier he seemed to feel the debug approach was not profitable in his circumstances. Maybe your post opens up new avenues he hadn't considered before. Only he can say really.
Jun 24 '11 #23
Adam Tippelt
137 New Member
Do you get the error if you disable everything? What happens if you disable the macros and code?
As I said before Rabbit, the problem occurs when attempting to run a query - this is not caused by a specific query because I've commented the query out, and when you run the file again it crashes on whatever query is found next.

The calls dialog is available in the VBA editor. If you put it into debug mode, like with a break point or something, you can click View > Call stack and it will show you what procedures are active on the stack.
Checking the stack is not possible in this situation either, as the message box displaying the out of stack message is not a run time error box, it's a standard message box with only an ok button, and clicking ok just makes the box appear again - you cannot enter debug mode because the only way to leave the infinite loop of message boxes is to close the application via task manager (ctrl+break does not stop it)
When checking the stack on a working copy at my location, there is only one item on the stack at the time where it fails in Singapore, which is the event that triggers the query.

What I've done in cases where the user is at a different geographical location is to remote into their computer with dameware, vnc, or remote desktop and troubleshoot from there.
While I cannot create the problem myself, once it's occurred I can see the problem, as the Singapore connection is still open (due to it being closed by task manager), and therefore I can troubleshoot from here.

The same person tested the same application a few months ago, before it was split, and had no problems, so surely it must be the network?

(While it looks like I'm fighting your ideas, I do very much appreciate your input and am certainly learning a lot!)


Jun 27 '11 #24
Adam Tippelt
137 New Member
I'll let Adam respond to that Rabbit. I agree, I would too. We are both possibly more IT orientated than Adam though. When I asked earlier he seemed to feel the debug approach was not profitable in his circumstances. Maybe your post opens up new avenues he hadn't considered before. Only he can say really.
You're almost certainly more experienced in IT than me - I am actually a University student on a placement year, which is why I face certain restrictions in both what I know, and what I'm allowed to do in the given time.
Jun 27 '11 #25
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
If you're commenting out a query, then that means the query is being run by code. What happens if you disable all the code? And then what happens if the user attempts to run the query manually? Is it a simple query? Try a simple select query with a top 100 and see if that works.

Looking at your call stack is different than looking at the call stack from the machine where it failed. Your machine is not going to show what procedures are running on his machine.

If none of this works, the company is going to have to look at upgrading their database system. MySQL is a good choice if money is an issue. Or perhaps a web based front end would suffice.
Jun 27 '11 #26
Adam Tippelt
137 New Member
Previous posts already discussed a migration to SQL Server 2008 which the company uses.
I've spent the past day or so playing around with SQL Server 2008 Express before I talk to anyone about putting it on the actual server.

I've done a simple migration which converted 100% without any major errors, but there is a performance issue.

To save going off topic from the original post I'll create a separate thread for any further queries, but I think we've pretty much established that an Access based back-end is not ideal.

Thanks for all the information you both gave, it's very insightful.

Jun 30 '11 #27
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Thanks for the update Adam. We can consider this one closed then :-)
Jun 30 '11 #28
Adam Tippelt
137 New Member
Ironically I think I found the cause of the stack problem:

I've been playing around with the back end migration I've done to SQL Server 2008 Express, and managed to stumble upon an Out Of Stack Space error myself (albeit in a different section).

Having caused the problem myself, I took the opportunity to take a look at the stack - my my were you right about the stack looking different during an error. :)

For my error trapping I have 2 procedures - one that displays errors to users, and then it calls the other procedure to log it in a table.

Turned out there was an error in a procedure I use to log errors to a table, and on error this procedure was actually set to reference the other error procedure that triggered it. That'll teach me to pay more attention when adding error trapping code!

Anyway, yes we can consider this closed as the original thread question is now fixed. :)


Jul 1 '11 #29
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Excellent! Glad we could help you figure this one out, even if it took a while to get there.
Jul 1 '11 #30

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