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Importing only some columns of an excel file to access

68 New Member
I have an excel file that has 15 columns but I only need 4. I need to pull them into an Access table w. VBA.
I need
Column A: Client,
Column C: City, and
Column D: State.
The file will be of variable length.

My problem is that Column B is a phone number field that I don't want and what ever I do I can't avoid my database creating a import errors table for this field.
It contains a variety of numbers and spaces so I whether I have my table set to text or number they all error.
I don't care whether I import all the excel fields, or only the 3 I need, but I need some way to not error on column B.

Is it possible to import only certain columns? If so, does anyone have the code?
I would love the whole thing to be text and use import specs, but that's for TransferText and for excel you need to do TransferSpreads heet.

I have tried looking on the web for the answer, but keep coming across people importing a single range. Thanks!
Jun 11 '11
20 32845
68 New Member
Shoot! It's definately frusterating that it allows me to set up and save the import specs but not use them in vba!

NeoPa, I'm going to check out your code. Thanks for the reminder that I wouldn't know the name of the file I was going to delele, because I was assuming it was something similar (or started in something similar each time). Would there be any other way to identify the import errors table?
Jun 15 '11 #11
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
The import errors table always has the string "$Import_Errors " at the end of it.
Jun 15 '11 #12
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Shoot! It's definately frusterating that it allows me to set up and save the import specs but not use them in vba!
That's a misunderstandin g. Access allows Import/Export specs for Text files (not Excel) and they certainly can be used from VBA. See comment in post #5.
Jun 15 '11 #13
68 New Member
NeoPa, Yes, I was referring to Excel. I think it's strange that I can manually import an excel file, set up import specs, save the specs, but then have no way of using them again.

I know that text files are different and that you can use your specs name in the TransferText function.

I wasn't expecting not to be able to do this. There is no other function to use?

Rabbit, In the meantime while I was waiting for a reponse I ended up setting up something to delete the import table. Thanks for the post I will update it to delete where the end is "$Import_Errors "
Jun 15 '11 #14
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
A number of confusions here.
  1. You say you can save Excel import specs. I can't in 2003 (Not for Excel - only for Text). Are you using a later version possibly? If you're using a feature not available to all versions it's necessary to indicate the version in the question (See the various instructions on how to post).
  2. If you are using a version that allows saving of Excel Import specs then I suspect that it is indeed possible to reuse these specs from your code. I have no way for now of testing this out, but I'd be very surprised if it were not so.
  3. You say "In the meantime while I was waiting for a reponse". Did you ever try out the code I included in post #5? There is no direct response to it. It's really down to you to ensure you read all of the replies.

Frankly, if there are saved Excel specs then I'd use them in preference, but if not then the code I posted worked perfectly for me.
Jun 15 '11 #15
68 New Member
Thank you a TON for reading and replying! My tone may have come across less appreciative that I intended!

1. I'm using 2007. You are right that I should state that. It didn't occur to me. Also, I have had some time off from building databases so I don't actually remember what I was doing in previous versions. I'll double check this point, and maybe see if I still have things I've built in the past to get a better handle of what I have and what I've done in the past.
2. I agree which is why I was so confused about it. I'll do more research
3. When I said waiting for a response that had nothing to do with the responders or me not reading them. I'm very interested in what everyone has had to say and read it all. I only meant that I was playing around with it RIGHT after I posted it and that's what I came up with but I was hoping you all had a better solution for me. I copied your code but haven't yet tried it. I am reluctantly deleting the import table since I had already set that up (though incorrectly w/ the table name) before I got your suggestion. I want to check yours out as another/better option, but I have a few more things I need to figure out/build in the next couple of days.
4. In fact, if I haven't gotten a chance to respond sooner, it's becuase I was reading (and bookmarking) some of your other posts! Seriously. :) Forums like these are super helpful.
Thank you!
Jun 16 '11 #16
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I was simply curious. Sometimes people overlook a post when someone else posts before they get a chance to look. Essentially, they work under the assumption that when they are notified a new post is available there is necessarily only one post. It's a mistake, but one that occurs from time-to-time, especially by those not used to working in a forum. I honestly felt this may have happened so was drawing your attention to it. I won't deny it's a good idea for you to respond to all posts in one of your threads, but not everyone does, and I'm generally not too worried about it. In this case I was just worried about the possibility that after all this time you hadn't even noticed it.

In short, your tone was not an issue and thank you for your kind words. I'm very glad that some of my posts can help people looking to learn more about Access or Excel.
Jun 16 '11 #17
68 New Member
I am new to forums and don't have it all figured out (I've ended up clicking on the link to the question to get all the reponses. I don't know how it's supposed to work).

I was actually about to respond to all the posts, but then thought I shouldn't. Thought it might be too much of me. :).
I made a brief reference to your code earlier, but only to say I was going to check it out.

I've encountered the pesky security window in automatically sending emails via outlook and this afternoon I was looking at your outlook automation but didn't know if it took that pesky window into account...
Jun 16 '11 #18
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I made a brief reference to your code earlier, but only to say I was going to check it out.
Of course you did. I overlooked that when I saw the later post. I was getting a bit confused with a bunch of things that didn't seem to make sense, but you're quite right. You did refer to it. That's all that I was looking for really (but I missed it when it was).
I've encountered the pesky security window in automatically sending emails via outlook and this afternoon I was looking at your outlook automation but didn't know if it took that pesky window into account...
You'll have to try it out and see. I've really done very little with Outlook due to exactly that problem. That code was provided by another (very helpful) member (fauxanadu).
Jun 16 '11 #19
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
You can get around the Outlook limitations by using the CDO object instead.
Jun 16 '11 #20

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