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ComboBox or SubForm?

675 Contributor
I have a form, bound to tblMain. I have tblSub, which is related to tblMain with a foreign key, all nice and proper database design.

I want to display the rows of tblSub in a control, but neither ComboBox nor SubForm seem to be easy to implement.

The primary purpose of this control is that when a row is clicked, then "strWork = strWork & xxx" where xxx is the correct field of the subform, or the correct column of the combobox.

I will also need to edit, delete, and add rows, both by the user, and with VBA.

Use - when clicked, the .column contains the correct text
Update - Cannot know what to change, and will need another form to actually do any modification of the data. Note that this is not a "Not in List" issue as it may be an edit of a row that already exists, therefore not-in-list fires, but new row should not be added.

Use - there is no nice event for a row being clicked. OnCurrent fires for other reasons also, so the concatination creates errors. Will require OnClick for every field.
Update - easy, as all updatable fields can be displayed, unlocked, and enabled.

How should this problem be resolved?
Apr 2 '09
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2,653 Recognized Expert Specialist
Seems like your subform SourceObject is table/query. Isn't it?
Apr 6 '09 #11
675 Contributor
It was a Table, with only the table name in Record Source. That is the way the Wizard set me up. Seemed like the subform Order By property should allow me to display these records in my preferred order. Couldn't make that work.

Record Source is now a query "SELECT ... FROM ... ORDER BY Type, Location". That does work, and "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" applies now. I will go that way.

But it does seem like if I wanted command buttons over each column, I should only have to change the Order By property and not have to run a query against the original table each time. Sort the 10 displayed records rather than SELECT from 50,000 records and then sort.
Apr 6 '09 #12
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I believe the ordering is not applied unless you set OrderByOn to True in your code :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. {Form}.OrderBy = "{Field1},{Field2}"
  2. {Form}.OrderByOn = True
This property is not shown for forms in the Properties Window, so it's easy to miss.
Apr 7 '09 #13
675 Contributor
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  1. Private Sub Form_Load()
  2.     Me.OrderBy = "Type DESC"
  3.     Me.OrderByOn = True
  4. End Sub
This code did not sort the records on the subform. As a matter of fact, the first time the subform was updated (i.e. when the first record was displayed on the main form), it showed zero records. Changing to the 2nd record then displayed all the records for the subform. But not sorted! returning to the first record displayed correctly.

Using VBA to set OrderByOn, and the property sheet to set OrderBy did not work either.

I always seem to have trouble using subforms. I guess this thread started when I tried to avoid using a subform. Referencing controls on a subform gives me a headache.
Apr 7 '09 #14
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I'm afraid I haven't got an example to play with. I got the info from the help system. If I get some spare time I may see if I can knock something up, for curiosity's sake, but I don't use them much either :(
Apr 7 '09 #15
675 Contributor
Don't take your time. I'm going to use a query, not a table, to bind the form. This seems to work OK. At least for now I get predictable results and for this application the table is only a couple of thousand records, so efficiency not an issue.

But, if a form is bound to a dynaset, is there a guarantee that the records of the form are in the same order as the dynaset? For now, seems true!
Apr 7 '09 #16
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I would have expected the answer to be "No". After all there is an OrderBy property for the form, but your experience seems to indicate otherwise :S

It doesn't add up for me, but maybe I'm missing something.
Apr 7 '09 #17
675 Contributor
If the dynaset is not sorted, or sorted in an order that is incorrect for the form, then it makes sense that the form have an OrderBy property to sort the dynaset. I would expect this to work without the need for VBA coding.

As the sort order is not guaranteed in a Select Query, why would we assume that a form's dynaset have a predefined order. Viewing the table in datasheet view from the tables tab of the database window does not display the stored order.

Assume I create a table, and load it by typing rows in datasheet view. Assume the autonumber key field is random, not sequential. The keys are now out of order, although if I close & reopen the datasheet view, the rows will appear ordered. I believe that here the order is the order entered.

Assume I compact/repair this database. What is the order of this table now? All I can assume is that it is not in the order I want for my form.

I need my data in my order, and for now I will bind my data to my form by using a Select query as a Record Source.
Apr 8 '09 #18

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