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'Undefined function Dlookup' error with Sagekey 'Access 2002 MsiWizard'


I develop my applications in Access 2002. My development system is
running Windows XP SP2 and I have Microsoft Office XP Developer.
Microsoft Office XP is at SP3.
I used Inno Setup (great product) to install my applications.
When the Access Runtime was needed on the system I simply ran
'accessrt.msi' from Microsoft Office Developer discs.
When another version of Access (other than Access 2002) was on the
system then I simply edited the shortcut so that my application will
open with Access Runtime 2002.
Everything worked great for about six years.
In the last couple of years most of my customers (those already
existing and the new ones) have migrated to Microsoft Access 2003 and
recently to Microsoft Access 2007.
To avoid possible problems I decided to use 'Access 2002 Msi' from
Sagekey. The main reason was that 'Access 2002 Msi Wizard' from
Sagekey was supposed to generate completely independent installs for
my Access aplications so I will not have to worry if my clients
install and uninstall different versions of Access on their systems.
I use from January 2008 'Access 2002 Msi Wizard' from Sagekey.
Since I begun using 'Access 2002 Msi Wizard' to create my install
packages on some computers (1 in 10) a unexpected error happened
( 'Error 3085 Undefined function 'Dlookup'...).
Most of these errors are thrown on computers where full Microsoft
Access 2003 or Microsoft Access 2007 is already installed.
When I start my application (same application) with full version of
Access the problem is gone.
I do use 'Dlookup' function in an append query in application but as I
said it works fine when I use the full version of Access whether it is
Access 2002 or Access 2003.
The computers where the error happens are running Windows XP SP 2.
I checked the references and everything is OK.
The problem take place erratically on a system. The application is
working great for days and then suddenly the error is thrown.
Sometimes if a user restarts the application the problem is gone.
Sometimes it doesn't happens at all. I cannot reproduce the error on
my test systems so I cannot further investigate. The same application
is installed on few hundreds computers and this behaviour is ocurring
only on those computers where I installed the aplication with the
install package generated by 'Sagekey 2002 Msi Wizard'. The install
package always installs my application, 'Access Runtime XP', 'SP3 for
Access Runtime XP' and only if necessary 'Jet 4.0 SP8' and 'MDAC

I suppose the problem is with the access runtime packaged with 'Access
2002 Msi Wizard' since I've never had this type of error in years. I
installed many hundreds times 'Access Runtime XP' directly with
'accessrt.msi' on many different systems with different versions of
Access and never ever had this type of error. The code which generates
this error (as I said I do use 'Dlookup' in an append query) has not
been modified for years and it has always worked without errors.

I send a few emails to folks at Sagekey but I keep getting errors
'Your message could not be delivered..'
The 'Knowledge base' at SageKey doesn't cover this topic. I search the
Internet and access user groups for a workaround to this error for
almost a month now to no avail.

Does anyone encountered this error? It has something to do with the
installation package generated with 'Access 2002 Msi Wizard'? Are
there any workarounds?

Thank you very much for your time.
Excuse my english please, is not my native language.

Best Regards,

Sebastian C.
Feb 28 '08 #1
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