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Trying to change code that open a form and filters out records that were not altered

112 New Member
Hi, I am newbie that is using Access 2003. I have a command button on a pop-up form that duplicates the current record displayed on my main form and all sub-forms attached to it. The last part of the code directs the form to reopen and filters the form for the duplicated record, only displaying it. Is there any way of having the form reopen and going to the duplicated record without filtering all the other records out?

Here is the last line of the code:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. DoCmd.OpenForm "frmDescription", acNormal, , "[Accession Number]='" + MyValue + "'"
If all the code is need I will post it but it is rather long.
Oct 18 '07 #1
7 1399
3,080 Recognized Expert Specialist
For this you'll need to use a bookmark and (when not established before) a .find command.

Check it out and let me know or more assistance is needed.

Oct 19 '07 #2
112 New Member
Sorry I don't know code that well what is a bookmark? and how do I code the find command?
Oct 19 '07 #3
3,080 Recognized Expert Specialist
Checkout the code in post #8:

Oct 19 '07 #4
112 New Member
Thanks for the direction but I am still having problems. Ok here is the whole code... I am trying to get them last bit at the bottom to work with no luck. After the records are duplicated I am try it find the duplicated record in the rest of the records instead of filtering for it.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub Duplicate_Record_Click()
  4.     '------------------------------------
  5.     'Declaration of the variable
  6.     '------------------------------------
  8.     Dim rs As Recordset             'recordset that contain the original record
  9.     Dim RSDuplicated As Recordset   'recordset use to duplicate the record
  10.     Dim QuerySelect As String       'represents each SQL query
  11.     Dim MyValue As String           'represents the new accession number
  12.     Dim ObjectID As Integer         'represents the new ObjectID of the duplicated record
  13.     Dim OldObjectID As Integer      'represents the old ObjectId of the original record
  14.     Dim Counter As Integer          'represents the counter use for many loops
  15.     Dim RecordCounter As Integer    'represents a counter for each record duplicated
  16.     Dim ConditionID As String       'represent a conditionId number
  17.     Dim CollConditionID As New Collection   'represents the list of each conditionId record to be duplicated
  18.     Dim CollTreatmentID As New Collection   'represents the list of each treatmentId record to be duplicated
  20.     '-------------------------------------
  21.     'End of declaration
  22.     '-------------------------------------
  24.     'Close the RecordControlBox
  25.     DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmRecordControlBox"
  27.     'Retrieving data from the record to be duplicated
  28.     QuerySelect = "Select * From Description where Description.[Accession Number] = '" & Forms!frmDescription!txtAccNum.Value & "'"
  29.     Set rs = CurrentDb().OpenRecordset(QuerySelect)
  30.     Set RSDuplicated = rs.Clone
  32.     'Initialization of the counter
  33.     Counter = 1
  35.     '------------------------------------------------
  36.     'Adding a new record to the duplicated recordset
  37.     '------------------------------------------------
  38.     RSDuplicated.AddNew
  40.     'starting the loop.
  41.     '***should not be a constant, in case the table change! ***
  42.     Do While Counter < 47
  43.         RSDuplicated.Fields(Counter) = rs.Fields(Counter)
  44.         Counter = Counter + 1
  45.     Loop
  47.     ' Display message, title, and default value.
  48.     MyValue = InputBox("Enter the Accession Number", "ATCDB - Duplicate Record", RSDuplicated![Accession Number])
  50.     'Check if the Accession Number is correct, otherwise, show a new dialog box
  51.     If Len(MyValue) = 0 Then
  52.         'cancel everything, show cancel popup
  53.         MsgBox "This action was canceled by the user. No data has been duplicated"
  54.     Else
  55.         While Len(MyValue) > 0 And AccessionNumberPresent(MyValue) = True
  56.             'show a new popup until it works
  57.             MsgBox "This Accession Number already exists, try another one."
  58.             MyValue = InputBox("Enter the Accession Number", "ATCDB - Duplicate Record", RSDuplicated![Accession Number])
  59.         Wend
  61.         If Len(MyValue) = 0 Then
  62.             'cancel everything, show cancel popup
  63.             MsgBox "This action was canceled by the user. No data has been duplicated"
  64.         Else
  65.             'Update the data to the table
  66.             RSDuplicated![Accession Number] = MyValue
  68.             'update the objectid number, cuz the autonumber doesn't work properly (bug?)
  69.             OldObjectID = rs![ObjectID]
  70.             ObjectID = AutoNumberObjectID()
  71.             RSDuplicated![ObjectID] = ObjectID
  72.             RSDuplicated.Update
  74.             '--------------------------------------------------------
  75.             ' Adding the condition report
  76.             '--------------------------------------------------------
  78.             'i stock the condition Id on a collection
  79.             QuerySelect = "Select * From [Condition Info] where [Condition Info].[ObjectID] = " + CStr(OldObjectID)
  80.             Set rs = CurrentDb().OpenRecordset(QuerySelect)
  82.             'i go through the recordset to get all the conditionId
  83.             If Not rs.EOF Then
  84.                 rs.MoveLast
  85.                 rs.MoveFirst
  86.             End If
  88.             RecordCounter = 0
  90.             'putting the condition id into the collection
  91.             Do While RecordCounter < rs.RecordCount
  92.                 CollConditionID.Add (CStr(rs![ConditionID]))
  93.                 rs.MoveNext
  94.                 RecordCounter = RecordCounter + 1
  95.             Loop
  97.             'if there is at least 1 record
  98.             If rs.RecordCount > 0 Then
  100.                 RecordCounter = 1
  102.                 Do While RecordCounter <= CollConditionID.Count
  104.                     QuerySelect = "Select * From [Condition Info] where [Condition Info].[ConditionID] = " + CStr(CollConditionID.Item(RecordCounter))
  105.                     Set rs = CurrentDb().OpenRecordset(QuerySelect)
  106.                     Set RSDuplicated = rs.Clone
  108.                     'Loop in case there's more than one condition
  109.                     RSDuplicated.AddNew
  110.                     Counter = 0
  112.                     'starting the loop.
  113.                     'should not be a constant, in case the table change!
  114.                     Do While Counter < 6
  115.                         RSDuplicated.Fields(Counter) = rs.Fields(Counter)
  116.                         Counter = Counter + 1
  117.                     Loop
  119.                     RSDuplicated![ObjectID] = ObjectID
  120.                     RSDuplicated![ConditionID] = AutoNumberConditionID()
  121.                     RSDuplicated.Update
  122.                     RecordCounter = RecordCounter + 1
  124.                 Loop
  126.             End If
  127.             '--------------------------------------------------------
  128.             'End of condition ID
  129.             '--------------------------------------------------------
  131.             '--------------------------------------------------------
  132.             ' Adding the treatment info
  133.             '--------------------------------------------------------
  135.             'i stock the treatment Id on a collection
  136.             QuerySelect = "Select * From [Treatment Info] where [Treatment Info].[ObjectID] = " + CStr(OldObjectID)
  137.             Set rs = CurrentDb().OpenRecordset(QuerySelect)
  139.             'i go through the recordset to get all the treatmentId
  140.             If Not rs.EOF Then
  141.                 rs.MoveLast
  142.                 rs.MoveFirst
  143.             End If
  145.             RecordCounter = 0
  147.             'putting the treatment id into the collection
  148.             Do While RecordCounter < rs.RecordCount
  149.                 CollTreatmentID.Add (CStr(rs![TreatmentID]))
  150.                 rs.MoveNext
  151.                 RecordCounter = RecordCounter + 1
  152.             Loop
  154.             'if there is at least 1 record
  155.             If rs.RecordCount > 0 Then
  157.                 RecordCounter = 1
  159.                 Do While RecordCounter <= CollTreatmentID.Count
  161.                     QuerySelect = "Select * From [Treatment Info] where [Treatment Info].[TreatmentID] = " + CStr(CollTreatmentID.Item(RecordCounter))
  162.                     Set rs = CurrentDb().OpenRecordset(QuerySelect)
  163.                     Set RSDuplicated = rs.Clone
  165.                     'Loop in case there's more than one condition
  166.                     RSDuplicated.AddNew
  167.                     Counter = 1
  169.                     'starting the loop.
  170.                     'should not be a constant, in case the table change!
  171.                     Do While Counter < 5
  172.                         RSDuplicated.Fields(Counter) = rs.Fields(Counter)
  173.                         Counter = Counter + 1
  174.                     Loop
  176.                     RSDuplicated![ObjectID] = ObjectID
  177.                     RSDuplicated.Update
  178.                     RecordCounter = RecordCounter + 1
  179.                 Loop
  181.             End If
  182.             '-------------------------------------------------------
  183.             'End of treatment info
  184.             '-------------------------------------------------------
  187.             'DoCmd.OpenForm "frmDescription", acNormal, , "[Accession Number]='" + MyValue + "'"
  189.             '[Accession Number] = Forms!frmDescription!txtAccNum
  190.             'Me!frmDescription.Requery
  191.             DoCmd.OpenForm "frmDescription", acNormal
  193.             Dim strCriteria As String
  195.             strCriteria = "[Accession Number]='" + MyValue + "'"
  196.             Forms!frmDescription!txtAccNum.FindFirst (strCriteria)
  197.             Forms!frmDescription.Bookmark = Forms!frmDescription!txtAccNum.Bookmark
  200.         End If
  201.     End If
Any help would be great!
Oct 19 '07 #5
3,080 Recognized Expert Specialist
I guess that you want to open "frmDescription " with the bookmark positioning.
This will imply that you don't need the current "Filter passing", but add some comma's in front of it so it becomes the last parameter named "OpenArgs" of the OpenForm command.
In the "frmDescription " you'll have to use the OnOpen event to intercept the passed string from Me.OpenArgs
This will hold the string "[Accession Number]='" + MyValue + "'"
For the find needed for the bookmark this string can be used "straight away".

Oct 19 '07 #6
112 New Member
I am sorry you are going right over my head. First of all what lines from 187 down do I need to keep and what ones are wrong? What is "OpenArgs"? and how do I use it here and how do I get it to intercept the code on the OnOpen event in frmDescription? Sorry I am a newbie.
Oct 19 '07 #7
3,080 Recognized Expert Specialist
Somewhere you'll have to open a form and I thought the last commented out Docmd.Openform was that position as it's after the loop with the addition of records.

For the OpenArgs you can check the F1 (help) description of the OpenForm command.

Oct 19 '07 #8

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