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IIf in query won't return false

41 New Member
Hi..I’ve been teaching myself access through trial and error and google, but now I am completely confused and STUCK!
These are the relevant forms in my database:
Main form for entering/viewing recipes. Recordsource is tblRecipes. Has a subform – frm_RecipesSubf orm
frm_RecipesSubf orm:
Continuous forms subform on frm_Recipes - shows the ingredients for the recipe displayed on main form.
Used for entering and editing ingredients and their details (package cost, package size, grams per cup). Recordsource is tblIngredients.

Originally I had my subform’s recordsource as tblRecipeIngred ients, and used vba to do all the calculations, but I was storing a lot of calculated values, and I want them to update whenever any relevant value changes. After a LOT of research I found out that this was wrong so have been trying to base the subform on a query, Query3 instead. Everything seems to work well, except for the IIf statement in my query.

frm_RecipesSubf orm: (relevant fields only)
User entered quantity eg 1/2, 1, 1 1/2
Type of measure eg cup, g, tsp
On NotInList, ingredient is entered into tblIngredients, and frmIngredients is opened to allow details used in costing calculation to be entered (PackageSize, PackageCost, GramsPerCup – CostPerUnit is calculated after update of either of the first two). After this form is closed I have a requery on Activation of the subform, to update the calculated fields.
After update of Quantity or comboMeasure, values are changed to decimal (0.5, 1, 1.5 etc), and this is divided by the relevant amounts depending on whether it is cups , tsp or whatever, through VBA and stored in CalcQ. I understand about not storing calculated values, however the quantity and measure fields will only ever be entered or changed via the subform.
In form footer - =Sum([IngredCost]) This will be passed to the main form and stored (I know, stored values, *sigh* ;) ) so that I can search by recipe cost in another form.
I need to use one of two different formulas to calculate IngredCost depending on the value of [Measure]:
IIf([Measure]="cup" Or "cups" Or "tsp" Or "tbsp",[CalcQ]*[GramsPerCup]*[CostPerUnit],[CalcQ]*[CostPerUnit])
I just can’t get this to work, it only evaluates the expression as true, never as false. I’m guessing that it is looking at all records in the field [Measure], instead of each individual row..not the required effect at all. What is wrong here? Is there a way to achieve this?
First I had CalcQ as just the decimal version of [Quantity], with a bunch of nested IIf’s in my query to do the relevant division (for tsp, tbsp) but changed it because I thought the problem was with nesting the iif’s.
Any help would be very much appreciated, as I said I am absolutely stuck. Sorry this is long but I wanted to (try to) be as clear as possible :)
Mar 6 '07 #1
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41 New Member
Hi again..sorry forgot - I'm using access97.
Mar 6 '07 #2
159 Recognized Expert New Member
could you post the sql for you're query? it might help us find the problem
Mar 7 '07 #3
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I spotted one error from a quick glance. You actually can't use:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. [Measure] = "cup" Or "cups" Or "tsp" ...
What you have to do is:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. [Measure] = "cup" Or [Measure] = "cups" Or [Measure] = "tsp" ...
Mar 7 '07 #4
41 New Member
Thanks both of you so much for replying so fast.
I have applied the changes suggested by Rabbit, and the query now works! And such a simple solution too! Thank you very much. These forums really are a great way to learn.
Mar 7 '07 #5

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