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Change Table Field Lookup Properties in Code?

Hello All,

Is it possible to change table field lookup properties in code?

I've been able to change other field properties in code, however so far
no luck with field lookup properties. What I've done for test purposes
is use a text input file for the table field lookup properties. I
thought that I'd start first by just changing the 'Display Control'
property. Thanks to Allen Browne for some ideals per

See code and input below. Hopefully wrapping won't mess everything up.

Any ideals? Thanks!

=============== ======>Begin Code>========== =============== ==========>
Sub OpenTxtTblPropF ile2()
Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 3
Const TristateUseDefa ult = -2, TristateTrue = -1, TristateFalse = 0
Dim fs, f, ts, s
Dim lngNbrRec As Long, lngLnLength As Long, lngTilde1 As Long, _
lngTilde2 As Long, lngTilde3 As Long, lngTilde4 As Long, _
lngTilde5 As Long, lngTilde6 As Long, lngTilde7 As Long, _
lngTilde8 As Long, lngTilde9 As Long, lngTilde10 As Long, _
lngTilde11 As Long
Dim strLn As String, strTbl As String, strFld As String, _
strDispCntl As String, strRwSrcTyp As String, strRwSrc As
String, _
strBndCol As String, strColCnt As String, strColHds As String, _
strColWidths As String, strLstRw As String, strLstWdth As
String, _
strLmtToLst As String

Dim strErrMsg As String

Dim db As DAO.Database
Dim tbl As DAO.TableDef
Dim fld As DAO.Field
Dim prp As DAO.Property

Set fs = CreateObject("S cripting.FileSy stemObject")
Set f = fs.GetFile("X:\ My Documents\FileR ef\Access\SQL Access to SQL
Server\Export\N WLookupProperti es.txt")
Set ts = f.OpenAsTextStr eam(ForReading, TristateUseDefa ult)

Set db = CurrentDb()

Do While ts.AtEndOfStrea m <> True
lngNbrRec = lngNbrRec + 1
strLn = ts.ReadLine
lngLnLength = Len(strLn)
lngTilde1 = 0
lngTilde2 = 0
lngTilde3 = 0
lngTilde4 = 0
lngTilde5 = 0
lngTilde6 = 0
lngTilde7 = 0
lngTilde8 = 0
lngTilde9 = 0
lngTilde10 = 0
lngTilde11 = 0
lngTilde1 = InStr(1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde2 = InStr(lngTilde1 + 1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde3 = InStr(lngTilde2 + 1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde4 = InStr(lngTilde3 + 1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde5 = InStr(lngTilde4 + 1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde6 = InStr(lngTilde5 + 1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde7 = InStr(lngTilde6 + 1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde8 = InStr(lngTilde7 + 1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde9 = InStr(lngTilde8 + 1, strLn, Chr(126), vbTextCompare)
lngTilde10 = InStr(lngTilde9 + 1, strLn, Chr(126),
lngTilde11 = InStr(lngTilde1 0 + 1, strLn, Chr(126),

' Debug.Print strLn
' Debug.Print "Line Length: "; lngLnLength
' Debug.Print "1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Tilde Postn: "; lngTilde1 & " "
& _
' lngTilde2 & " " & lngTilde3 & " " & lngTilde4
' Debug.Print "5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Tilde Postn: "; lngTilde5 & " "
& _
' lngTilde6 & " " & lngTilde7 & " " & lngTilde8
' Debug.Print "9th, 10th, 11th Tilde Postn: "; lngTilde9 & " " &
' lngTilde10 & " " & lngTilde11

strTbl = Mid(strLn, 2, lngTilde1 - 3)
strFld = Mid(strLn, lngTilde1 + 2, lngTilde2 - lngTilde1 - 3)
strDispCntl = Mid(strLn, lngTilde2 + 2, lngTilde3 - lngTilde2 -
strRwSrcTyp = Mid(strLn, lngTilde3 + 2, lngTilde4 - lngTilde3 -
strRwSrc = Mid(strLn, lngTilde4 + 2, lngTilde5 - lngTilde4 - 3)
strBndCol = Mid(strLn, lngTilde5 + 2, lngTilde6 - lngTilde5 - 3)
strColCnt = Mid(strLn, lngTilde6 + 2, lngTilde7 - lngTilde6 - 3)
strColHds = Mid(strLn, lngTilde7 + 2, lngTilde8 - lngTilde7 - 3)
strColWidths = Mid(strLn, lngTilde8 + 2, lngTilde9 - lngTilde8 -
strLstRw = Mid(strLn, lngTilde9 + 2, lngTilde10 - lngTilde9 - 3)
strLstWdth = Mid(strLn, lngTilde10 + 2, lngTilde11 - lngTilde10
- 3)
strLmtToLst = Mid(strLn, lngTilde11 + 2, lngLnLength -
lngTilde11 - 2)

' Debug.Print strLn
Debug.Print "Table: "; strTbl
Debug.Print "Field: "; strFld
Debug.Print "Display Control: "; strDispCntl
' Debug.Print "Row Source Type: "; strRwSrcTyp
' Debug.Print "Row Source: "; strRwSrc
' Debug.Print "Bound Column: "; strBndCol
' Debug.Print "Column Count: "; strColCnt
' Debug.Print "Column Heads: "; strColHds
' Debug.Print "Column Widths: "; strColWidths
' Debug.Print "Lists Rows: "; strLstRw
' Debug.Print "List Width: "; strLstWdth
' Debug.Print "Limit To List: "; strLmtToLst
Set tbl = db.TableDefs(st rTbl)
Set fld = tbl.Fields(strF ld)
Call SetPropertyDAO( fld, "DisplayControl ", dbText, strDispCntl,
Debug.Print lngNbrRec


Set prp = Nothing
Set fld = Nothing
Set tbl = Nothing
Set db = Nothing
Application.Ref reshDatabaseWin dow
End Sub
Function SetPropertyDAO( obj As Object, strPropertyName As String, _
intType As Integer, varValue As Variant, _
Optional strErrMsg As String) As Boolean
On Error GoTo ErrHandler
'Purpose: Set a property for an object, creating if necessary.
'Arguments: obj = the object whose property should be set.
' strPropertyName = the name of the property to set.
' intType = the type of property (needed for creating)
' varValue = the value to set this property to.
' strErrMsg = string to append any error message to.

If HasProperty(obj , strPropertyName ) Then
obj.Properties( strPropertyName ) = varValue
obj.Properties. Append obj.CreatePrope rty(strProperty Name,
intType, varValue)
End If

SetPropertyDAO = True

Exit Function

strErrMsg = strErrMsg & obj.name & "." & strPropertyName & " not set
to " & _
varValue & ". Error " & Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description &
Resume ExitHandler
End Function
Public Function HasProperty(obj As Object, strPropName As String) _
As Boolean
'Purpose: Return true if the object has the property.
Dim varDummy As Variant

On Error Resume Next
varDummy = obj.Properties( strPropName)
HasProperty = (Err.Number = 0)
End Function
=============== ======<End Code<========== =============== ============<
=============== ======>Text File Input>========= =============== ======>
"Employees"~"Ti tleOfCourtesy"~ "Combo Box"~"Value
List"~"Dr.;Mr.; Miss;Mrs.;Ms."~ "1"~"1"~"No"~"" ~"8"~"Auto"~"No "
"Employees"~"Re portsTo"~"Combo Box"~"Table/Query"~"SELECT
Employees.Emplo yeeID, [LastName] & ", " & [FirstName] AS Name FROM
Employees ORDER BY Employees.LastN ame, Employees.First Name;
"~"1"~"2"~"No"~ "0""~"8"~"Auto" ~"Yes"
"Order Details"~"Produ ctID"~"Combo Box"~"Table/Query"~"SELECT
[ProductID], [ProductName] FROM Products ORDER BY [ProductName];
"~"1"~"2"~"No"~ "0""~"8"~"Auto" ~"Yes"
"Orders"~"Custo merID"~"Combo Box"~"Table/Query"~"SELECT [CustomerID],
[CompanyName] FROM Customers ORDER BY [CompanyName];
"~"1"~"2"~"No"~ "0""~"8"~"Auto" ~"Yes"
"Orders"~"Emplo yeeID"~"Combo Box"~"Table/Query"~"SELECT
Employees.Emplo yeeID, [LastName] & ", " & [FirstName] AS Name FROM
Employees ORDER BY Employees.LastN ame, Employees.First Name;
"~"1"~"2"~"No"~ "0""~"8"~"Auto" ~"Yes"
"Orders"~"ShipV ia"~"Combo Box"~"Table/Query"~"SELECT [ShipperID],
[CompanyName] FROM Shippers ORDER BY [CompanyName];
"~"1"~"2"~"No"~ "0""~"8"~"Auto" ~"Yes"
"Products"~"Sup plierID"~"Combo Box"~"Table/Query"~"SELECT [SupplierID],
[CompanyName] FROM Suppliers ORDER BY [CompanyName];
"~"1"~"2"~"No"~ "0""~"8"~"Auto" ~"Yes"
"Products"~"Cat egoryID"~"Combo Box"~"Table/Query"~"SELECT [CategoryID],
[CategoryName] FROM Categories ORDER BY [CategoryName];
"~"1"~"2"~"No"~ "0""~"8"~"Auto" ~"Yes"
=============== ======<Text File Input<========= =============== ======<

Greg Strong
Mar 30 '06 #1
2 7971
"Greg Strong" wrote
Is it possible to change table field lookup
properties in code?

My advice to you is, as you are capable of writing code, you should not be
using Lookup Fields. They are helpful only to novice end users, in datasheet
view. When those novices advance just a little to using queries, we are
going to hear from them in the newsgroups, because those Lookup Fields will
turn out to cause more trouble than they were ever worth to the novice in
his/her datasheet days.

The Boys and Girls in Redmond, in their wisdom, implemented this feature
with violates relational design principles. Violating relational design
principles in what is supposed to be a relational database is A Very Bad

Larry Linson
Microsoft Access MVP

Mar 30 '06 #2
On Thu, 30 Mar 2006 05:18:08 GMT, "Larry Linson" <bo*****@localh ost.not>
The Boys and Girls in Redmond, in their wisdom, implemented this feature
with violates relational design principles. Violating relational design
principles in what is supposed to be a relational database is A Very Bad


To be honest I was just trying to complete rebuilding NorthWind tables
from scratch. I use a working copy of NW for test purposes. I started
with DDL in code, and had to make some other changes in code that was
not capable in DDL. The last piece was to setup the lookup properties. I
suppose I could just import the tables from a fresh copy of NW. I
believe the lookups would exist this way.



Greg Strong
Mar 30 '06 #3

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