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Error 3800: AOIndex is not an index in this table

Dear Colleagues,

MS-Access 2000
After compacting and repairing a database...

"AOIndex is not an index in this table."

Error 3800
Shows up when attempting to open or manipulate the database in any way.
Can be displayed twice upon attempting to open with Access.

This is obviously a special version of "AOIndex" and easily

After reading many posts on the matter, response after response is the

They dont need to know how to prevent it. They know what they shoulda,
coulda, woulda done!
They dont need to know how to troubleshoot it. They already know what's
Compact and Repair, JetComp, Import, Decompile...PKS olutions, what?

Is anyone paying attention?


Dont waste anyone's time with all that tripe.

They need to know how to solve the problem.
The solution is known and available or not. Simple process.

After a few hundred readings of google posts, the pattern became very
Commercially clear.

This infamous "AOIndex" is everywhere on google groups and all I've
learned is to associate it
with PKSolutions. Things that make you go hmmm...

Now, how do you suppose they sleep at night? I guess money can make for
a comfy mattress.

I'm disgusted with how this is allowed on this forum!

You trolls already know those suggestions wont work, since 1999.
Once I figure out how to repair this index, I will tell everyone, and
then Mr. Miller at PKsolutions and other thieving vulturous trolls can
kiss my Access.

MVP, right. Most Vile Predator.

It's over!

Nov 13 '05 #1
5 12070

Do you feel better now? Yes, Access can be frustrating, but I think
your rant is misdirected. I have personally been satisfied with the
recovery work done by Peter Miller for a client of mine. If you don't
like Access, there are other packages out there--some free and some
not--but be prepared to put in some time learning how to use them. One
thing Microsoft does very well is "dumbing down" the computer so that
the average person can use it. And Access it is nowhere near as
expensive as some db programs out there.

Yes, there are trade-offs when you focus on accessibility, and database
corruption can be a nightmare. You can limit it with good practices,
healthy networks, and reliable systems, but it can still happen. Even
in other databases.

When you figure out that fix, please be sure to post it. I haven't got
the time to put in all that research, and so I'm happy to utilize
someone else who's got it down. I've no quarrel with those who make a
living utilizing their knowledge in the service of others. In fact,
I've been known to do the same thing. As an aside, in our limited
contact I found Mr. Miller to be professional, helpful, in fact a
decent guy.

And a further thought--if you frequently run into this issue, there are
better options other than paying for per-incident services. Or ranting
about those who can help you. One that jumps to mind is finding and
fixing the root cause.

If you want to complain about Microsoft not having better repair tools
available, by all means. But why go after those who see a need and
meet it? "After a few hundred readings of google posts, the pattern
became very
Commercially clear." Yes, clearly there is a need for these service
providers. Thankfully, they are there.

Nov 13 '05 #2
Apparently, those of you who think this way, need a good lesson in
ethics as well as a spanking. Think about it. Take some time to do so.
We know it must be hard to think clear after telling your self for so
long, "It's ok to gouge, it's ok to prey on the weak...I'm doing a
service...yeah, that's it, a service..."

Your failed attempt to protect extortion, via yet another
mini-commercial like your reply, is not appreciated here, not on the
backs of others, brother.

This is a community, you GIVE back to your community, you dont exploit
Think about how many times Mr. so-n-so and yourself, came to these
communities for help on his "pet" Access repair project, only to come
back to exploit the same communities that helped him make it.
Mary Shelly and Ernest Hemingway would be impressed.

And so you think diverting the issue to blame Microsoft is the right
thing to do?
We're not talking about how it got here, didn't you read?
Anybody digging this far already knows that.

It's about ethics. It's about doing the RIGHT thing.
And, there is nothing wrong with doing the right thing.

I suggest you spend more time finding the root cause, if you think you
can, power user. ;-)
Or maybe there's a future in being a defense attorney.
It's time to leave.

Nov 13 '05 #3

I had this same problem with a client's database, but found nothing that
helped. So while this topic is a bit old I wanted to find a place to
post my solution where people might see it when searching the Internet.
The following VBScript allows the database to be opened in Access and
the table is recreated automatically. However, once you can open it
you may want to create a new database and export/import the tables in
case you have other system table corruptions. Just simply copy and
paste this VB script into notepad and save the file with a VBS
extension. Make sure you change the variable below to point to the
path of your database.


---------------------- Cut Here -------------------------

Const strDB = "C:\MYDATABASE. MDB"

Dim dbConnection

Set dbConnection = CreateObject("A DODB.Connection ")

dbConnection.Op en "Driver={Micros oft Access Driver (*.mdb)};Dbq=" &
strDB & ";Uid=Admin;Pwd =;"

dbConnection.Ex ecute "Drop Table MSysAccessObjec ts"

dbConnection.Cl ose

Set dbConnection = nothing

MsgBox "You should now be able to open the database!"
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Apr 20 '06 #4
Thanks Jrat,

On behalf of all of us here who prefer to solve problems of all levels
of difficulty and who do not use this forum for
a substitute for being a "mama's boy" by preying and beating up on
those who dont know, we appreciate your contribution.
I'll try to experiment with the AOIndex and see what I get as results.
I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks again


Apr 28 '06 #5

Thanks JRAT, absolutely brilliant
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Jul 10 '06 #6

This thread has been closed and replies have been disabled. Please start a new discussion.

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