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How to save changes to form property in VBA?

I'm trying to set up a "preference s form" where users can choose from a few
different pre-defined colors. The color numbers and form names are saved in
tblColors. The below code changes the form backcolor no problem, but the colors
go back to what they were before if I close and reopen the database. How to I
save the changes? Shouldn't "DoCmd.RunComma nd acCmdSave" do the trick?
For Each varF In Array("frm0", "frm1", "frm2", "frm3")
If DLookup(varF, "tblColors" ) = -1 Then ' this form selected for new
Forms(varF).Det ail.BackColor = DLookup("Color" , "tblColors" )
DoCmd.Save acForm, varF
End If
DoCmd.RunComman d acCmdSave
Nov 12 '05 #1
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You have to open the form in design mode to do this. if you've
secured your database, you might have to use DAO and open a workspace
with the admin's rights to change the colors.
Nov 12 '05 #2
> You have to open the form in design mode to do this.

ah yes... I see...

Here's the complete code if anyone is interested. I'm not sure if I need to
close the forms after opening them in Design mode - but it has not barfed on me

Public Sub Change()
On Error GoTo HandleErr
Dim lngC As Long
Dim varF As Variant
lngC = DLookup("Color" , "tblColors" )
For Each varF In Array("frm0", "frm1", "frm2", "frm3")
DoEvents 'this is important
If DLookup(varF, "tblColors" ) = -1 Then
DoCmd.OpenForm varF, View:=acDesign, WindowMode:=acH idden
Forms(varF).Det ail.BackColor = lngC
Select Case varF
Case "frm0"
With Forms("frm0")
.lstAddress.Bac kColor = lngC
.NextAppt.BackC olor = lngC
.txtTxCt.BackCo lor = lngC
.cbxCategory.Ba ckColor = lngC
.txtFilterDispl ay.BackColor = lngC
.txtRecordsFoun d.BackColor = lngC
.txtFindEid.Bac kColor = lngC
.Entity_ID.Back Color = lngC
End With
DoCmd.Save acForm, varF
DoCmd.Close acForm, varF
DoCmd.OpenForm "frm0Addres s", View:=acDesign,
WindowMode:=acH idden
Forms("frm0Addr ess").AddressSt ring.BackColor = lngC
Forms("frm0Addr ess").Detail.Ba ckColor = lngC
DoCmd.Save acForm, "frm0Addres s"
DoCmd.Close acForm, "frm0Addres s"
Case "frm1"
With Forms("frm1")
.txtTotalCriter ia.BackColor = lngC
.txtTotalHeader .BackColor = lngC
.txtQ1Title.Bac kColor = lngC
.txtQ2Title.Bac kColor = lngC
.txtQ3Title.Bac kColor = lngC
.txtQ4Title.Bac kColor = lngC
.txtTotalPendin g.BackColor = lngC
.cbxMonthPendin g.BackColor = lngC
.txtMonthPendin g.BackColor = lngC
.txtNameHeader. BackColor = lngC
End With
DoCmd.Save acForm, varF
DoCmd.Close acForm, varF
Case "frm2"
With Forms("frm2")
.txtTotalPendin g.BackColor = lngC
.cbxMonthPendin g.BackColor = lngC
.txtMonthPendin g.BackColor = lngC
End With
DoCmd.Save acForm, varF
DoCmd.Close acForm, varF
Case "frm3"
With Forms("frm3")
.TypeTotalsStri ng.BackColor = lngC
.txtQuarterStri ng.BackColor = lngC
.TypeTotalsStri ng.BackColor = lngC
.txtQ1.BackColo r = lngC
.txtQ2.BackColo r = lngC
.txtQ3.BackColo r = lngC
.txtQ4.BackColo r = lngC
End With
DoCmd.Save acForm, varF
DoCmd.Close acForm, varF
End Select
DoCmd.OpenForm varF
End If
Exit Sub
Select Case Err.Number
Case Else
modHandler.LogE rr ("modColor") , ("Change")
Resume Next
End Select
End Sub
Nov 12 '05 #3
deko wrote:
You have to open the form in design mode to do this.

ah yes... I see...

Here's the complete code if anyone is interested. I'm not sure if I need to
close the forms after opening them in Design mode - but it has not barfed on me

I remember a programmer, I'll call him a binary (from Star Trek) that created an
app with lots of purple and greens in the background and yellow in the textboxes.
One day after leaving work this woman that had to use the app was complaining about
the headache she had from using the app. It just hit me that most likely the
programmer was color blind, wouldn't tell people about his defect, and subjected
people to "form hell". He was an idiot.

I watched another person using the app and she had trace tuirned on her mouse
pointer. As she'd move the mouse these trails would float across the screen. I
figured she was most likely stoned on magic mushrooms or lsd. Nobody, unless
stoned, would subject themselves to such punishment.

I've adoped the attitude that if someone wants a different color, go into Windows
Control panel and change the preferences there.

I also remember the sage words of a manager of mine years ago "Users will prefer an
ugly program that works over a pretty one that doesn't"
Nov 12 '05 #4
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This posting is yet another forgery.

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Nov 12 '05 #5

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