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thread by: debasisdas | last post Jun 29 '11 by: Niheel
All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today. Debasis
thread by: Coldfire | last post Oct 5 '10 by: NeoPa
Share the jokes please ! An elderly lady phoned her telephone company to report that her telephone failed to ring when her friends called - and that on the few occasions when it did ring, her pet dog always moaned right before the phone rang. The telephone repairman proceeded to the scene, curious to see this psychic dog or senile elderly lady....
thread by: Mark Tarver | last post Mar 15 '07 by: John J. Lee
How do you compare Python to Lisp? What specific advantages do you think that one has over the other? Note I'm not a Python person and I have no axes to grind here. This is just a question for my general education. Mark
thread by: Turamnvia Suouriviaskimatta | last post Jul 23 '05 by: Ioannis Vranos
I 'm following various posting in "comp.lang.ada, comp.lang.c++ , comp.realtime, comp.software-eng" groups regarding selection of a programming language of C, C++ or Ada for safety critical real-time applications. The majority of expert/people recommend Ada for safety critical real-time applications. I've many years of experience in C/C++...
thread by: Neo-LISPer | last post Jul 23 '05 by: Lionel
Hey Recently, I researched using C++ for game programming and here is what I found: C++ game developers spend a lot of their time debugging corrupted memory. Few, if any, compilers offer completely safe modes. Unsurprisingly, there is a very high failure rate among projects using C++ for modern game development.
thread by: r035198x | last post Jun 21 '07 by: r035198x
Please give a brief description of your avatar so that some of us may get ideas on what to put up.
thread by: mike420 | last post Jul 18 '05 by: Raffael Cavallaro
I think everyone who used Python will agree that its syntax is the best thing going for it. It is very readable and easy for everyone to learn. But, Python does not a have very good macro capabilities, unfortunately. I'd like to know if it may be possible to add a powerful macro system to Python, while keeping its amazing syntax, and if it...
thread by: cody | last post Sep 22 '06 by: Keith Thompson
no this is no trollposting and please don't get it wrong but iam very curious why people still use C instead of other languages especially C++. i heard people say C++ is slower than C but i can't believe that. in pieces of the application where speed really matters you can still use "normal" functions or even static methods which is...
thread by: Xah Lee | last post Jul 22 '06 by: Benjamin Franksen
in March, i posted a essay “What is Expressiveness in a Computer Language”, archived at: http://xahlee.org/perl-python/what_is_expresiveness.html I was informed then that there is a academic paper written on this subject. On the Expressive Power of Programming Languages, by Matthias Felleisen, 1990....
thread by: Neil Zanella | last post Nov 19 '05 by: Ken Cox [Microsoft MVP]
Hello, I am trying to update an MS access database from ASP.NET. I am using IIS on Windows XP Pro. I can issue SELECT statements from ASP.NET using ADO.NET but I cannot seem to be able to carry out INSERT statements. Here is the error which I am getting: Exception Details: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Operation must use an...
thread by: bonneylake | last post Dec 9 '08 by: bonneylake
Hey Everyone, Well i am not sure if this is more of a coldfusion problem or a javscript problem. So if i asked my question in the wrong section let me know an all move it to the correct place. what i am trying to display previously entered multiple fields. I am able to get my serial fields to display correctly, but i can not display my...
thread by: Xah Lee | last post Dec 18 '05 by: John
Microsoft Hatred, FAQ Xah Lee, 20020518 Question: U.S. Judges are not morons, and quite a few others are not morons. They find MS guilty, so it must be true. Answer: so did the German population thought Jews are morons by heritage, to the point that Jews should be exterminated from earth. Apparently, the entire German population cannot...
thread by: mike420 | last post Jul 18 '05 by: Fergus Henderson
THE GOOD: 1. pickle 2. simplicity and uniformity 3. big library (bigger would be even better) THE BAD:
thread by: r035198x | last post Nov 19 '07 by: r035198x
Are they any around?
thread by: wellstone9912 | last post Sep 16 '06 by: scott urban
Java programmers seem to always be whining about how confusing and overly complex C++ appears to them. I would like to introduce an explanation for this. Is it possible that Java programmers simply aren't smart enough to understand C++? This is not merely a whimsical hypothesis. Given my experience with Java programmers --- the code they...
thread by: RedSon | last post Aug 18 '08 by: RedSon
For more info please look at the "In Character Thread" http://www.thescripts.com/forum/thread774535.html All source material attachments are on this post Dice Roll Server: http://dice.evildm.net/index.php Abridged Rules: http://www.freedungeons.com/rules/.
thread by: John Bailo | last post Nov 22 '05 by: Jeff_Relf
The war of the OSes was won a long time ago. Unix has always been, and will continue to be, the Server OS in the form of Linux. Microsoft struggled mightily to win that battle -- creating a poor man's DBMS, a broken email server and various other /application/ servers to try and crack the Internet and IS markets. In the case where they...
thread by: jacob navia | last post Sep 16 '07 by: David Thompson
I am trying to compile as much code in 64 bit mode as possible to test the 64 bit version of lcc-win. The problem appears now that size_t is now 64 bits. Fine. It has to be since there are objects that are more than 4GB long. The problem is, when you have in thousands of places
thread by: =?UTF-8?B?Ik1hcnRpbiB2LiBMw7Z3aXMi?= | last post May 20 '07 by: rurpy
PEP 1 specifies that PEP authors need to collect feedback from the community. As the author of PEP 3131, I'd like to encourage comments to the PEP included below, either here (comp.lang.python), or to python-3000@python.org In summary, this PEP proposes to allow non-ASCII letters as identifiers in Python. If the PEP is accepted, the...
thread by: MMcCarthy | last post Mar 30 '22 by: sandeep002
Just got thrown a logic problem guys. If a midwife delivers 13 babies in one night, how can exactly of them be girls? Answer?
thread by: maniac | last post Nov 13 '05 by: Mark McIntyre
Hey guys, I'm new here, just a simple question. I'm learning to Program in C, and I was recommended a book called, "Mastering C Pointers", just asking if any of you have read it, and if it's worth the $25USD. I'm just looking for a book on Pointers, because from what I've read it's one of the toughest topics to understand. thanks in...
thread by: Xah Lee | last post Oct 22 '05 by: noah bedford
Jargons of Info Tech industry (A Love of Jargons) Xah Lee, 2002 Feb People in the computing field like to spur the use of spurious jargons. The less educated they are, the more they like extraneous jargons, such as in the Unix & Perl community. Unlike mathematicians, where in mathematics there are no fewer jargons but each and every...
thread by: John Bailo | last post Jul 21 '05 by: Jeff_Relf
The war of the OSes was won a long time ago. Unix has always been, and will continue to be, the Server OS in the form of Linux. Microsoft struggled mightily to win that battle -- creating a poor man's DBMS, a broken email server and various other /application/ servers to try and crack the Internet and IS markets. In the case where they...
thread by: rkusenet | last post Nov 12 '05 by: Bob Jones
This article is very bleak about future of DB2. How credible is the author. http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1895,1839681,00.asp
thread by: VACEPROGRAMER | last post Jul 1 '08 by: MMcCarthy
Hi. I making a program who is don't let the system get down and protect from virus It's controls a */dll and others files. So if is posibly the programs run before the system is load To start before the system is loadnig, you know when show the picture of Windows and the progressbar. By the way if you are using Vista(I use) it dont have...

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