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thread by: bsmnconsultancy | last post Jun 7 '24 by: BeryBurns
In today's digital era, a well-designed website is crucial for businesses looking to succeed. Whether you're a small business owner or a large corporation in Toronto, having a strong online presence can significantly impact your brand's success. BSMN Consultancy, a leader in Website Development in Toronto offers valuable insights into creating...
thread by: antoniolucas | last post Jun 7 '24 by: rubyedixon
I am asking this question to understand the specific skills validated by the Oracle Cloud Database 2023 Migration and Integration certification. This will help me assess if this certification aligns with my career goals and professional development plans.
thread by: ElinaSen | last post Jun 6 '24 by: demetrio
Hi guys! Please Tell me, How to Convert Outlook MSG to PST?. Where could I find it Thanks in Advance
thread by: agi2029 | last post Jun 6 '24 by: agi2029
The advent of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has sparked debates and concerns among experts. Demetrius A. Floudas, an AI policy theorist, emphasizes the critical need for security measures and international regulation in the development of AGI. The Three Epochs of AI In his analysis, Floudas introduces a novel classification for the...
thread by: muto222 | last post Jun 6 '24 by: syaverter
How can i add a mobile payment intergratation into php mysql website.
thread by: leenacv | last post Jun 6 '24 by: leenacv
What is B.Tech Distance Education? B.Tech or Bachelor of Technology is a research-based engineering degree. In this course, students get to study about engineering and technology. This is a technical degree that delivers theoretical and practical information that can be used and implemented in the real world. There are various modes of education...
thread by: albertmarshall9 | last post Jun 6 '24 by: albertmarshall9
Contact seasoned professionals and knowledgeable people who can assist you in connecting with trustworthy QuickBooks users by using our QuickBooks user list. It is a well-known accounting application that Intuit developed. Its goal is to help small and medium-sized businesses handle their finances more skillfully. It offers a range of services,...
thread by: alisaseth | last post Jun 5 '24 by: demetrio
Give me a proper guidance How to export EDB files to PST Format
thread by: Aftab Ahmad | last post Jun 4 '24 by: NeoPa
Hello experts! So, I have a report called Ledger attached herewith. https://bytes.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=10632&stc=1&d=1717484933 My problem is that I want to calculate balance by subtracting or adding (according to the stituation) with previous record on each row like in first row (if you peruse the attachment), balance is (5,500)...
thread by: Tanveerbasha | last post Jun 3 '24 by: NeoPa
I have database with 263GB where free space is about 45GB. By using below query I executed the shrinking activity. USE GO DBCC SHRINKFILE (N'BriggsAX' , 250876) GO but I got the following error after 2 and half hours. Can you please suggest how I can resolve this issue. Msg 3140, Level 16, State 3, Line 1 Could not adjust the space...
thread by: AnnySharma | last post Jun 3 '24 by: AnnySharma
Primary 5 maths questions often include topics like fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry, and word problems. For students seeking additional support, there are numerous options for online tuition in Singapore. These online platforms provide tailored lessons, interactive exercises, and expert guidance to help students master these challenging...
thread by: marvin99 | last post May 31 '24 by: jimatqsi
I inadvertently opened an Access ldb file with Notepad and now the file type icon changed from Access to Notepad. How can I restore the correct one?
thread by: mshakeelattari | last post May 29 '24 by: MrXmas
I have a form with an unbound combobox. This combobox serves as the criteria for a Query that then feeds a Report. It is simple, efficient, and works very well. I am also using a vba codefor this purpose. I would like for this combobox to allow for multiple selections so that when the report is produced more than one selection would show on the...
thread by: argonautical | last post May 29 '24 by: MrXmas
We are using the treeview common control in an MS Access form. I've encountered a situation with a user where when he clicks a node in the tree, the nodeclick() event does not fire, yet the tree is still fully navigable. He can open and close all the branches, but the background code that picks up the nodeclick() just doesn't fire. However we have...
thread by: Wilford24 | last post May 28 '24 by: dev7060
Greetings, I run a tech blog site and its a PHP-based website. But there is a XSS attack occurs on my website. So for that reason, the traffic of my site is gradually decreasing. Here is my website. Can anyone please suggest what to do? How can I save my website?
thread by: carnico | last post May 28 '24 by: dev7060
Hi, We are an educational institute. We are looking to implement something unique, we want to add multiple forms/surveys on the same page, we want each feedback form/survey under student name and rank so they can easily provide the feedback and then that feedback should be displayed on the same page with that student name with other details of the...
thread by: BAGOMBEKA | last post May 28 '24 by: dev7060
Anyone who knows how to send an email to a user in sql
thread by: olivasmith | last post May 28 '24 by: dev7060
Hi, This is my first post in this community. I just wanted to know that is R Language Good For Website Development? And what are the major benefits of using R language? Thanks in Advance
thread by: happyboy22 | last post May 28 '24 by: dev7060
I am a beginner and I'm having trouble placing text below an image, with the text centered horizontally. I tried using background-image and managed to get the text above the image, but not below it. If I use negative percentages, the image gets cut off. ```css a { background: url('docs.png') no-repeat 50% 45%; } ... <a...
thread by: fadmo | last post May 28 '24 by: fadmo
Full Breakout Game With Python including complete code and full explanations. https://codingwithfad.com/create-a-breakout-game-with-python-3/ Enjoy Smiley
thread by: brizy | last post May 28 '24 by: brizy
Create a stunning website in minutes with our no-code website builder. Choose from a variety of beautiful templates and customize your website to fit your brand with our White Label builder.
thread by: dietervansteenw | last post May 27 '24 by: dietervansteenw
Hi, I've been using the following folder layout for a while now: |-log # modulewith logging setup and custom handlers |-__init__.py |-my_logger.py |-config # folder |-__init__.py |-config.py
thread by: jennyjames | last post May 27 '24 by: NeoPa
Hi, I am new here. I am glad to be a member of this community. I am Jenny and I am a software engineer. I ensure to make a useful contribution to make this community a good place to share and gain knowledge.
thread by: olivasmith | last post May 27 '24 by: olivasmith
Dear Community Members, I have just started learning Azure and I got some free and paid resources. However, my learning is going good but I stack at one topic that Blueprint, I am not familiar with blueprint when I search it on Google, I came to this article- What is Azure Blueprint. However, many of my doubts have been cleared now but I want...
thread by: SumanSingh | last post May 27 '24 by: olivasmith
Hey everyone! I'm a college student (Engineering in computer science) super eager to dive into the world of Data Science for my career. Any tips or advice from your own journey? What are some must-know things, and where should I start? Your genuine insights mean a lot! Thanks a bunch!

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