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  1. Predicting the lottery with a random number generator.
  2. Analytical solution to predict array size of binary tree
  3. Number with greatest product of digits between two given numbers
  4. Longest sub array in rotating array
  5. Private key finder
  6. Source for Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  7. How to build prediction model for a Store Sales Forecast?
  8. Why is the array used for a restricted hashing scheme always sized to a 4k + 3 prime?
  9. How to implement a perfect hashed without Hashtable or HashMap?
  10. How can Implement a perfect hashed data structure using the four basic operations?
  11. What is the only condition that would cause dynamic data structure to return . . ."
  12. How would unencapsulate an unsorted array structure’s fetch algorithm?
  13. How do I calculate the absolute speed of this algorithm below?
  14. How many elements would have to be looked to locate these elements?
  15. How do I calculate these functions using the Big-O analysis?
  16. How do I calculate the node width in bytes?
  17. Decoder - problem regarding codes
  18. hash function - multiplication method
  19. A Special case of optimization problem
  20. express the function in Ω-notation
  21. what would be the use of matrix division?
  22. TSP number of options that must be calculated
  23. Algorithm to identify point connection
  24. Shape Algorithm with a factor but not greater than a given size.
  25. Contour detection from area geometry coordinates txt
  26. Information about Baer algorithm
  27. Dual Kalman Filter
  28. Using BFS algorithm, what would happen if a goal is found and still other nodes in qu
  29. How to swap adjacent node pairs in the same level in a binary tree
  30. Compressing data with lots of reoccurring streams of consecutive zero bits
  31. Declaring and initializing Constants in Pseudocode
  32. ERD Problem with the attributes
  33. galil-giancarlo algorythm
  34. Algorithm to find Fundamental Cutsets of a graph or a tree
  35. Formula for a sine wave the passes through three known points.
  36. Problem with finding maximal sum of happiness
  37. MST-theory of generic mst
  38. Relational algebra expression for queries
  39. Programming question
  40. DFT for convolution like operation
  41. Smallest ellipse circumscribed around polygon
  42. Write a PRAM algorithm using n pus
  43. Rotating a 3D Point by a given degree angle in 3D Space
  44. RC4 algorithm problem ( OpenSSL )
  45. Moving a point/object in a 3D Plane/Environment
  46. Inverse of a summing function to fix corrupted signal
  47. Accuracy of curve plotting
  48. why we use duplicate nodes in heap tree????? reason
  49. Need help with designing an algorithm
  50. Minimize the distance to a set of points
  51. Generate balanced random bits with an unbalanced random bit generator
  52. Pseudocode for calculating standard deviation
  53. Amortize cost analyse
  54. How Best To Learn How To Develop Algorithms In General
  55. finding the antinodes on a waveform
  56. Finding 5 missing numbers from array of 1 million numbers
  57. Have no Idea how to start this Question (Matlab) noob :(
  58. Where can I find sentiment based categorical data dictionary?
  59. Coefficients of z Transform
  60. sorting numbers up to 10^6
  61. Which sort is this and is it better than insertion sort?
  62. Measuring jitter - through FTP
  63. Code required for difficult graph in Matlab
  64. How many random people do you have to select before you find three people who share t
  65. write an alogrithm to find out average milage per liter?
  66. Convert Mobile Phone Pixels to mm
  67. GPS Sended package instructure
  68. Algorithm for Parenthesizing equation and finding the Operator precedance
  69. Vc=〖Vs(1-e〗^(-t/RC)): how to make t the subject of the formula?
  70. Graph path finding - creating an algorithm
  71. Random Question - Different levels of maths
  72. What is the most efficient way to choose a pivot in Quick Sort Algorithm?
  73. limit character occurrences in a regex character set but allow random ordering
  74. Algorithm to Source
  75. How to update jde table from
  76. The best data structure to implement a dictionary
  77. A binary search with even amount of numbers
  78. Sample crawler for bfs and dfs
  79. Merge Sort
  80. convert from pcap file to text file
  81. Need an algorithm to divide a number into unequal integral value parts
  82. Suggest Name For New Software Company
  83. Accurate Mass to Molecular Weight Algorithm
  84. Generic algorithm implementation
  85. Regular expression for capturing the first alpha string in a document
  86. Pattern matching: Audio and Images ?
  87. How to convert a 24ch alpha-numeric string into a ~5ch code for easy txt-ing
  88. about value of x after loop
  89. How to convert my binary (hex) data to latitude and longitude?
  90. Credit and Debit sheet in ms excel
  91. How to calculate the time complexity of an algorithem from the scratch?
  92. what is the name of the game which 2 players complete the squares on paper?
  93. Nearest Neighbor Implementation
  94. How to write algorithms for any given problem?
  95. Converting a Hex values to date in C#
  96. Calculating offsets
  97. log function implementation
  98. Can somebody tell me the efficiency of the following:
  99. Can the game of Craps be played like Chess?
  100. how to solve x-e^-x=0 by newton raphson method
  101. Traffic system of train simulation
  102. i need to merge over semented cells from watershed transformation using matlab 6.5
  103. get RGBA/ARGB of subtraction of 2 images
  104. How to get the second shortest path or k-shortest path
  105. algorithm for file allocation methods ?
  106. how to traverse a array represented binary tree using only a father field
  107. Ternary Plot On Cartesian Co-ordinates
  108. Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
  109. Keeping files synced between multiple computers
  110. discrete memoryless channel
  111. given source probabilities(0.30,0.25,0.20,0.15,0.10).find source entropy H(X)
  112. parsing problem with lex/yacc - yylval returns unintended value for $1
  113. The logic of this question
  114. Encrypting file as .exe
  115. The fastest algorithm for TipOver Solver using tree
  116. Reduce waste , calculation
  117. Mind bender array tree flattening
  118. need help in writting the algorithm to slove a matching
  119. How to find Length and Breadth of a Rectangle represented by co-ordinates
  120. winograd algorithm
  121. explanation for DES class
  122. insertion sort algo
  123. Search Algorithm
  124. Pattern recognition question
  125. 88 mp3's on a CD-R....really good algorithm??
  126. String Matching with Mistakes
  127. new algorithm such as median cut but make job better than it for data compression?
  128. algorith LZX's variation?
  129. Suggestions for books on algorithms
  130. Algorithm for searching student database
  131. what algorithm is used for NDIS driver
  132. Can we have multiple public key for one private key in PKI.
  133. bisection method
  134. Algorithm to merge ip address
  135. Formal concept Analysis and inheritance overuse
  136. Why should I learn algorithms
  137. The input is a set S containing n real numbers and one real numb
  138. What does this random string mean? cryptography
  139. How to get the next row id using access
  140. AES256 algorithm
  141. Dificult sequence? Please help to finde out a,b,c?
  142. how to evaluate sorting algorithms
  143. boring compiler design
  144. blind search
  145. recursive prog
  146. prolog programming
  147. Calculate the time complexity of an algorithm
  148. can someone tell me some about hash table?
  149. What is the use of algorithms ?
  150. What is the text for reg binary code
  151. What do you mean by base 5 conversion??
  152. QuickSort on linked list
  153. implementation of BM and QS algorithms
  154. what is the next number in the given sequence 1,2,4,13,31?
  155. Help Trying to Figure Out This Forumla
  156. calculate the probability
  157. Multiple Processors Sync over a network Algorithm,
  158. Writing an algorithm to spell the word "OREGON" in pep7 language machine..
  159. Extracting data from a line in field with written text
  160. Complexity Problem
  161. are there any random sequences with finite alphabet
  162. remapping elements in array :
  163. How to embed a digital signature with limited space
  164. New to Algorithms
  165. Cone stacking algorithim
  166. time complexity
  167. Encryption
  168. numerical methods for engineer
  169. Mouse movement curve radis.
  170. Seperating encoding from decoding
  171. Find the best combination of sets?
  172. what random binary data looks like
  173. Comparing Parabolas
  174. How To Find The Formula of This Permutations?
  175. How to Write This Function
  176. Variable-precision arithmetic
  177. Credit card validation steps ?
  178. Help with writing algorithm
  179. formula for logarithms to base two of a number
  180. tic tac toe
  181. Application of stable sort
  182. tic tac toe
  183. Automotive cluster ?
  184. how far can data compression go
  185. ALGLIB Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for multivariate optimization
  186. Circular Layout
  187. converting numbers between number systems
  188. Looking for really hard sudoku puzzles
  189. Dividing a Number into Unequal Parts
  190. Help Simplifying This Logarithmic Function