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  1. need help to activate macro with clearcontents and need to protect sheet
  2. Error: attribute name must be followed by an equals (=) sign and a value
  3. I have to create a program that creates outputs for different logic gates in Visual B
  4. Sorting strings with initial alphnumeric part producing alphabetic/numeric ordering?
  5. Access VBA to Connect Http Request Like Python Used
  6. Making an Autorun DVD
  7. Problem With Capturing Frame from WebCam
  8. Question
  9. it says the value of image cannot be converted into byte
  10. Adding a Form in Panel in
  11. Parameter @uniqueCode has no default value
  12. How to join these 2 lines
  13. Excel connection strings
  14. Parent/Child Forms
  15. myMessage.body question
  16. How reinitialize an array with modular scope?
  17. Missing .exe file in bin while creating a database on Visual Basics
  18. How to convert in C# code to
  19. i have a problem with the cmdNavBar error alway appearing Operation is Not allowed wh
  20. how can i convert integer to string
  21. Data Grid Views
  22. Forms talking to one another
  23. there is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed
  24. Excel to SQL
  25. convert a byte array to an image that will display in a PictureBox on a VB form data
  26. Array. how. To delete Duplicate elements from vector
  27. how to spin thru items in a listview from a posted form
  28. Renaming thousands of pdf files with different filenames
  29. Webbrowser in visual studio: access elements in network tab
  30. How to calculate the difference in time
  31. Authentication is required for relay
  32. Error in email code
  33. Setting Height Paper in Crystal Report
  34. I have opened terminal using VB macro from excel, How to set the terminal app in focu
  35. generating rndm number and save in a list in
  36. Correct path to image in Solution Explorer (VS 2013)?
  37. 'Handles clause requires a WithEvents variable - error
  38. SMTP form errors
  39. Email error
  40. My Winform application UI hang after taking remote control.
  41. Login Form w/ Schedule, creating a form that displays a dynamic name
  42. How to make displays proportionate
  43. Unlocking Password Protected Word Document
  44. How can I run visual foxpro program in .net
  45. i need to code a number pyramid in visual studio
  46. Radio Buttons - VB.Net
  47. How do I get output from xml?
  48. Load text from webpage into listbox
  49. How do I insert a set number of pages into a word document dependent on answer to que
  50. Calculating End of Month 23 months from today
  51. Radio Buttons
  52. How do I get data from SQL database to my dynamic textboxes VB.NET
  53. Calling specific Cell DataGridview
  54. CAS scale indicator programming
  55. Detecting when the Enter key is pressed?
  56. Why would DataGridView.ColumnCount be valid on one form and be 0 when referenced from
  57. Assigning the number one to a random position of a 10x10 array
  58. How to print invoice
  59. How to get the full name
  60. Print contents of textboxes and pictureboxes
  61. Problem with date
  62. Module accessing a forms controls
  63. Special Case of Bin packing problem
  64. Active directory search through vbnet
  65. Target - open in new window
  66. Email sending twice
  67. Multi page application to run with button click from page 2 after data is entered on
  68. Creating User Control with two controls
  69. Hyperlink as string question
  70. Putting Outlook Contacts in a Combox
  71. Populating An Array With String Values
  72. How do I update EXIF Metadata?
  73. Why my For Each block does not work?
  74. How can I access public access level from one project to the other ?
  75. Duplicate rows in DataGridView using windows appliction
  76. How to use application two lan connected pc ?
  77. How can I read data from an OPC group on an OPC server?
  78. Image Processing In VB.NET
  79. Need help with VB.NET and SSIS. I Have 0 Knowledge of VB.NET
  80. Reading data from an OPC server with VB2008
  81. Populate array with user inputs
  82. How to add a figure to only a particular group in RDLC report
  83. ReportViewer: Print Layout Error
  84. Problem saving image after editing
  85. Access specific user inbox folder
  86. Autoscroll bar position changes when publishing
  87. An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentException' occurred in System.Drawing.
  88. What will this error do ti your iPad or laptop
  89. Connect bluetooth serial port for send files
  90. empty path name is not legal
  91. I want to edit byte data from a .png file - increase byte value
  92. Problem with system32
  93. when I connect Visual 2010 with sql server 2008 by dataset and i drag table
  94. Variable declaration - 3 Ways - What are the differences?
  95. Webcam automatic capture after failed login three times
  96. overide the Allow Deny message from Outlook from Excel VBA
  97. get Lengh video. as HH:MM:SS:FF
  98. Make a synchronous call using asynchronous function
  99. Reading Excel
  100. Text Box Punctuation Out of Place
  101. separate datagrid column value into two columns
  102. Searching for a value in a text file
  103. DataGridView Processing
  104. Byte Array to varbinary(max)
  105. How do I filter datagridview exported from excel in VB.NET
  106. Odd dates I need to process in an SQL database...
  107. How do I filter multiple columns in datagridview exported from excel in VB.NET
  108. VB.Net Menustrip access keys working when they shouldn't
  109. Datalist control
  110. query string
  111. How can i access my database in other PC using LAN connection.
  112. WSDL File
  113. all textbox are lockunlock on group in
  114. Selecting combo box items based on a condition in another combo box
  115. Redirecting user
  116. How to take a specific line of from a text file and output the line into a listbox
  117. DateTime in SQL
  118. Autoclose function after another process is opened?
  119. calling winAPI functions in
  120. How to pass multiple values to web service in
  121. Shared Variable in Both Windows Application as Well as Windows Service visual Basic
  122. How to select mult items in listbox from backend code(VB)?
  123. Problem Calling Marshal Visual Basic 2012
  124. Print Scrollable windows Form in
  125. Global Variables for SQL
  126. How to pass data to public property in another form
  127. Rcdl Report using dataset not displaying report.
  128. Move Dynamically generated labels
  129. Check if form fields are empty
  130. ODBC Update Row with Beginedit not save in Table
  131. How do i loop an array(csv) and save every line in separate file
  132. Printing Problem
  133. creating dll of .jsx files
  134. Unable to compare a string with a Structure
  135. Inheritance propertychanged from Class don't work
  136. Programmatically populate textboxes in vb 2012 and sqlserver
  137. listbox.selecteditem to populate datagridview
  138. How to set a countdown and conduct a comparison of time in visual basic
  139. VB BindingSource.EndEdit() and DataTable.GetChanges()
  140. How do I get this to work from Highest to lowest?
  141. Help Parsing data based on received data from Com Port
  142. Getting total of a record in a field
  143. Adding font to label from a textbox using radio buttons
  144. using loops for text boxes
  145. Is there a replacement for the MSHFlexGrid in .Net?
  146. Program fails to write out its log file
  147. Hello Guys! I have a question how can i display or print out the longest Capitol Citi
  148. HttpWebRequest - GET & POST In Single Request
  149. Could some one help me Having Major issue with trying to figure out coding buttons
  150. Why won't user's details go into Access db?
  151. Loading an Image in a Picture Box once a Selection has been made from a List Box
  152. Getting the navigation button width by its index
  153. My rtf.dll was deleted when I installed vs2013
  154. Modify ActiveX controls in Excel with VB.NET
  155. Objects Over ControlBox
  156. How do I alphabetize words?
  157. Datagridview not sorting data correctly
  158. How to accept only Propper Case characters in a textbox in
  159. How to count the number of rows in a database and input it's count on a textbox?
  160. Can someone help me duplicate the effect now that I achieved speed ?
  161. What is this line of code doing?
  162. Process EXCEL.exe never close ! Help please
  163. How to insert data on mdb access that browse in datagridview in
  164. Aggregate function Access +
  165. How to retain textbox value after postback in
  166. Selecting a cell in a DataGridView
  167. How to copy mdb access and convert into excel file in
  168. How to use Progress Bar while processing an application.
  169. How to select multiple items on a listbox?
  170. How to browse MDB file in DataGridView and TIF Images in ImageViewer?
  171. How to browse an mdb file in OpenFileDialog & connect it to DataGridView?
  172. select data from data grid view between two dates
  173. Spaces to be removed from string
  174. To communicate between projects in VB-2005
  175. Sub Main not being executed in complied program
  176. How to duplicate emboss effect into second function
  177. Trouble executing MYSQL prepared statement in VB.NET
  178. Checkedlistbox items displayed in horizontal
  179. Won't save the last Entry in Database in VB 2010
  180. How do I get sub procedure to know what cell was clicked in my asp:Table cell?
  181. Sample Code of Barcode Scanner in
  182. Adding all items to a list box with each item separated by a ;
  183. An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowException' occurred in System.Win
  184. use asp:menu to onclick sub procedure
  185. Deserialize JSON Array in
  186. Use asp:Table in aspx.vb with hyperlinks
  187. HELP trying to figure out how to code buttons that match in VB 2012
  188. DataGridView
  189. how do you shuffle a deck of cards?
  190. AT Commands For Vb.Net To Send SMS Using GSM MODEM
  191. How do I convert Hexadecimal to String in VB.NET
  192. Can ADO used for copying queries between access 2007 databases
  193. Autocompletion on A RichTextBox
  194. data environment
  195. Identifying Errors in Form Code
  196. Is there any way that code stored as a variable in vb can be executed?
  197. How to play sounds from resources in a public class.
  198. setup
  199. hycam2 to add in visual studio 2010 express in the add refrence COM ..pls help
  200. Copying Value of One Array into another
  201. column-OicAdmin-does-not-belong to table
  202. system.typeinitializationexception
  203. how to find some specific words from a paragraphs and print them into a label
  204. RubberBanding Drawing in VB.NET on Win8/10
  205. load image from mssql database
  206. Populate combo box with table names with space
  207. Date Problem in vb 2008 and MySql
  208. How to retrive date format from access with ?
  209. Importing my database to my vb as an user account; (error)cannot find table 0.
  210. populate a text box
  211. Proper exit of Excel template
  212. Backcolor Property set in User control
  213. Type Expected, err in vb 2015. trying to define a mysql connection
  214. Handling a date in a datetime format
  215. datagridview to show data from database
  216. How to refresh a form
  217. how to use value on form to report viewer in
  218. Combo boxes in
  219. Can a radio button have more than 1 function? At the top of my form is a textbox tha
  220. Explain use frame in visual basic?
  221. I can't run programe which has Far Point spreadsheet(Grid) It shows an exception inte
  222. How can i make auto increment in my textbox and database of access
  223. make data grid view pop up on form after button is clicked
  224. wrapping you class and then referencing it from another project
  225. converting console application to a windows form
  226. after making the color to a label how we can access the label color
  227. Export Datagridview to Microsoft Excel 2013
  228. How to Dim or Fade an image in a picturebox, or form background?
  229. Autosaving file by date as part of the file name
  230. SOAP request and response problem
  231. problems for to hide the default printer selection option in by using cryatal
  232. how to open user control form in splitcontainer
  233. Click event in an If to check if already clicked...
  234. DOTMatrix Printer :Print set of Characters
  235. How to Auto jump to the next TextBox after the restriction of MaxLength?
  236. Add new Rows
  237. Problem on Update Acsess database And add or do over one time database
  238. Start Menu App Needs To Open On The Lower Left Hand Corner
  239. When textbox is null it will not insert data
  240. RowCount in VB.NET
  241. google weather api not working
  242. how to create website in (new at vb .net)
  243. Programming vba label/text box
  244. Split text in VB.NET
  245. System.Net.Sockets -i am using .net.sockes to comunicate with equipment, it
  246. How do I change a timeSpan to integer
  247. How to increment Customer_Id when add button is pressed Vb6 using Ms access
  248. Convert String to System.Drawing.Image
  249. How to access toolstripmenuitem using index value
  250. How do I Iterate through checkboxes three at a time
  251. How to deploy a project with SQL?
  252. Multicolumn Combobox
  253. datagridview to datagridview
  254. if textbox value is negative then increment 1
  255. Making a Windows Form App Multi User
  256. Format Date Entered by User to Month/Year
  257. How to make a dynamic array with ReDim and Preserve?
  258. My code should return the speed but it doesnt, please help!!!!!
  259. Title appear with mouse pointer (Enter)
  260. I want to create a new DropDown menu with different
  261. How can I pass Date-Range to crystal reports in
  262. codes to filtering DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn
  263. DAtabase is not closing
  264. sharing a form from another project in
  265. how to Add column cell value to previos cell value and get result
  266. Formatting of visual basic form is disturbed when form maximized
  267. VB Web Service - The Operations times out
  268. How to change the .net framework of a program ?
  269. How to set 0,1 as 0.1 on Sine and Cos function ?
  270. Additional information: Cannot find table 0. DataGridView
  271. how to focus the text in the textbox
  272. How do I link up arrows with rectangles while moving?
  273. Find what comes after a match in a string
  274. Linking more than 2 forms together in
  275. to update a class for a text box
  276. Checkbox
  277. copy one column from text file to another text file
  278. Looping for Datatable
  279. Error on Designer.VB file in Design mode on inherithed class
  280. Double value 0.0 classed as Nothing?
  281. Print documents linked to checked boxes in separate document
  282. Using variable in button to give value to label
  283. How Set A Class Property To True - AddHandler - Button Click ?
  284. i want to preview what i'm printing out
  285. Using Resources file to store CSV Data File
  286. Open file with progressbar get maximum
  287. how to conditional formatting a value in a text box
  288. Changing image location at Runtime
  289. read longblob from mysq then play the video
  290. how do i format the text in my textbox
  291. Excel file locked for editing
  292. how to create message box when in after click the button such as delete?
  293. VB 2010 Repeat (need help)
  294. copy selected row form table1 in form1 to table2 in form2
  295. How to get and use multi column combobox in for a data gridview
  296. "Add 5 minutes to current time which is in string"
  297. VB.Net XML Retrieve entire node based on first element.
  298. Splitting a line by comma in VB
  299. VB.NET 2010 Unicode in texbox
  300. How to scroll the controls in web form?
  301. How to count Lines?
  302. HttpWebRequest - can I store the endpoint URL for faster access?
  303. VB Check if record exist
  304. Decimal formatting
  305. How to count special characters?
  306. Read CSV Files, then Display in Table format using variables
  307. Unable to update record
  308. VS2008 report using values from a parametized Stored procedure
  309. How to find particular node from duplicates
  310. Timer does not count when in a IF statement
  311. Need Help
  312. Detecting if a application is currently running then changing image to reflect that.
  313. Targeting a textbox within a TabPage
  314. OleDbException was unhandled: Number of query values and destination fields are not t
  315. Some problem with the windows form
  316. I am working on vba PowerPoint. I am new in vba so kindly bear me. I'm trying to capt
  317. i want to get inverse log of any number .what is the function name to make this?
  318. Correct method for constantly updating DGV via backgroundWorker
  319. convert just superscript format of rtf to html <sup>
  320. retrive image from ms access database
  321. key events in a winforms custom control class
  322. Running Codes from a text file in Resource Which is Reverse text -
  323. Creating a function tha will allow multiple or different textbox to input only number
  324. How to access the resource file and assign it to a Resourcetype?
  325. How to move text from a text file to a text box line by line
  326. voice based commands for media player
  327. Login form error
  328. How to create delete command in
  329. RunWorkerAsync using UI input value
  330. About the Data Grid View in VB.NET
  331. What can I do about this?
  332. How to run my application in maximized window state
  333. VB.NET ip camera video recording source code
  334. I want to create a login form in using the ms access as a backend tool
  335. Error Connecting with microsoft access office 2010 from visual basic
  336. Subs in separate threads
  337. crystal report asking login for access db
  338. Updating a value if cell is DBNull
  339. Using loops to find a convergence point in calculating an integral
  340. how can i make textbox(n).text, how can i control n to write something in there
  341. How to save data in unbound datagridview in
  342. Limit dice rolls? Add points when clicking a "dice" as background Image on button?
  343. Populate DataGridVieComboBox with adaptable
  344. Best way to search an array for a value and return offset position
  345. How to change font size dynamically?
  346. why does "Conversion from string "" to type 'Decimal' is not valid." keep appearing
  347. Tables is not a member of
  348. please help. how to copy the checked listview1 items into listview2....
  349. Systax Error (Missing Operator)
  350. Converting Integer to Double
  351. Putting in Access 97, a DateTime 'date' usingVB.NET
  352. Converting String to Integer
  353. JSON decompressing
  354. Drill down unknown levels JSON response
  355. Use a randomizer to trigger certain sounds
  356. Load an exe file and run it from memory
  357. Open Detail Form from Search Form
  358. Read last 7 lines from text box and store into string variables
  359. what are reserved words in Visual basic
  360. how to call stored procedure in
  361. migrating CurrentDB and CurrentProject in MS Access VBA to VB.Net
  362. visual studio professional : reportviewer tasks missing from form.
  363. how to display appointments in a form reminders
  364. TextBox Validation
  365. Changing the format of Date in visual basic
  366. Using a C++ DLL from VB, and Passing Pointers? (again)
  367. Estabhlishing a Connection to my Database
  368. How to use ms-access database in
  369. Remove double spaces in a textbox
  370. The Print button in the dialog box PrintPreviewDialog not perform the print
  371. Passing data across a network WCF
  372. AppBar API Positioning
  373. How to minimize the panel when a check box is clicked
  374. Problem Error datetime access to excel
  375. How can I close a running program like the Task Manager does?
  376. About selection of first 10 characters
  377. Me.Close() does not terminate app
  378. Adding New Language to a program
  379. How To Get Icons For Pictures Files in
  380. play multifiles video in media player
  381. Load and save a document that is stored in Byte Array
  382. Why does VB.Net not support pointers?
  383. Argument matching parameter 'item" cannot convert from 'DBnull' to 'ListViewSubItem'.
  384. visual basics string manipulation.
  385. I'm trying to use the performance counter (commited bytes) in visual basic
  386. Opening files from a flash drive using combobox and button
  387. Scoreboard - Dynamic object names for Data Entry
  388. Problem with setting up time delay in a For-Next loop
  389. Forms access null exception.
  390. Click Button In Another Application
  391. visual basic - button to run command or vb script (from same directory)
  392. wait for store precedure to complete
  393. Is it possible to make an application that locates a matching picture?
  394. load file name with double click
  395. create a backgroundimage in form
  396. form1.vb cannot open
  397. decimal point comma regionalization issue
  398. Changing dataGridView rows by colors depending on time passed by
  399. What's a reliable third party app for re-sizing screen resolution.
  400. DirectorySearcher protocol error with Notes Domino directory
  401. Find or Filter in ADO.NET using Visual Basic.NET
  402. change paper size for a customized kiosk printer
  403. Need helps with my poker hands evaluation code
  404. how to change font of dynamically created textbox by selecting font from combobox
  405. Reading PostData from WebBrowser
  406. Save and Retrieve word document in Sql Database
  407. Checkboxes...I need a push in the right direction.
  408. sql server database 2005 connection error
  409. I want to connect between two columns in two databases
  410. retaining zoom settings on exit of app
  411. Convert excel vba to
  412. Is a given Type Me or one of my base classes?
  413. datagridview select query from string to date
  414. Compare 2 excel worksheet, consolidate differences in 3rd sheet
  415. Set a value to a text object of a crystal report before it loads
  416. How to get string formula output
  417. Want to copy folder (contains xml files)from one location to another using vb script,
  418. Conversion from string "LLL" to type 'Integer' is not valid
  419. DataGridView change a cell from ChekBox to Text
  420. is it possible to record user voices programmatically in
  421. implementation of excel 2010 webquery
  422. How to kill a process by the description not its name
  423. Asp.Net how to create seperate event handler for programmatically generated controls
  424. Joining 3 tables from 2 separate Access databases into a 1 query
  425. Subscript out of range error
  426. Passing a pointer in to DLL using
  427. How to access Two Project Form share each other
  428. How to establish LAN connectivity
  429. Commit checkbox value immediately
  430. Shading under/between vb line chart
  431. LinkButton in Repeater: CommandArgument does not change value
  432. Disregard Negative value of number
  433. Want connect VB.NET console application to SQL server
  434. reading binary outputfrom a Sirf GPS
  435. How to array textbox(i).text this means how to array all the text of the textboxes in
  436. how to make totals of the items in a combo box
  437. P2P over internet with standard port
  438. how to increase textbox size dynamically in
  439. WPF RxFramework Guide
  440. C# Data Grid Toolkit
  441. Sorting scores from text file into an array
  442. how to validate textbox from accepting duplicates and combo box from displaying dupli
  443. error on dbms path while runing vb project in different systems
  444. Make 2010 read french words with System.Speech
  445. Crystal Reports Duplicate Result
  446. BindingSource with ComboBox
  447. error updating OLEDbadapter from Dataset
  448. BindingSource with comboboxes using Autocomplete feature
  449. ERROR: arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type smalldatetime
  450. Inserting values in calendarcolumn in 2010
  451. Error converting varchar to numeric
  452. Autogenerate serial number in textbox
  453. Up/Down keys do not work with AutoComplete SuggestAppend textbox
  454. Drag and drop works dragging down but not up
  455. How to add functionality to an existing Interface Class and Implementations
  456. Textbox property to select Appended text
  457. automatically generate sr no in textbox
  458. i have 7 listbox no. of items when i click 3 listbox item it will dispaly image
  459. Populating Datagridview
  460. change font size and font color line by line
  461. Updating Datagridview Value
  462. I need to know the code for spacing
  463. Datagridview Items into Crystal Reports
  464. Export Acces form records to email message..
  465. String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated
  466. Calling a Form of Project1 from Form2 of Project 2
  467. send a mail with attcachment
  468. How to convert a date(dd/mm) to number of days in a year
  469. how to install my program and the sql server on customers PC ?
  470. How to create an animation
  471. combo box click event problem
  472. entering multiple values in text box?
  473. How to update all the name that display in datagridview
  474. attach a file to email
  475. Deselect text when right-click DGV cell
  476. How to Print dgv which have multiple number of pages
  477. Multiple checkboxes checking at once
  478. Function Return Statement Always Returns 0?
  479. Detach Process in 2012
  480. cut and paste
  481. Passing Values Between pages
  482. Getting a .bat file location in the application location and executing it
  483. Load a list of images from a directory
  484. Problems using SOAP/WSE from VB .Net ! To be exactly I keep getting problems with P
  485. how to get hyperlink from xml to listbox
  486. Save and Edit data from Listview to MS Access
  487. select the Recording Device in application
  488. how to put Listview new data always on top?
  489. VB.NET Selecting Items In CheckBoxList
  490. Looping the Array to be used in data point in Chart
  491. How do I make this work, Private Sub TextBox1_TextChanged(ByVal sender As System.Obje
  492. phase only correlation
  493. Checkboxes with equivalent values
  494. without using button how we can insert the value in database
  495. Crystal Report Generates Blank Report
  496. VB.Net app not working on 32 bit machines
  497. Need Help modifying xml file using VB script
  498. An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException' occurred
  499. DGV editing on a row that is removed
  500. Displaying Results from Comparing texts from 2 forms
  501. How to sort items in a listbox without using the sort property?
  502. Transferring data ffrom datagrid1 to datagrid2
  503. while sorting an Integer array, numbers are sorting wrongly.
  504. Serialization of arrays (Recipe program)
  505. How do I start a timer with another timer
  506. How to import data in listbox by data that is inputted with inputbox
  507. How we can connect the biometric device in
  508. Data base not found after publishing Windows apllication
  509. Parsing XML with LINQ To XML and VB.NET
  510. MultiThread: how can I do two or more procedures
  511. how can I export datagridview to Excel
  512. how to do datatable without database
  513. Need help with login form
  514. OpenDNS download automation - VBScript to VB.Net
  515. system.form exeception data gridview combobox cell while inserting data to data grid
  516. Convert VBScript statement to VB.Net
  517. Reporting from DataTable
  518. How to query common values in Linq to SQL?
  519. Selecting rows in DataGridView
  520. Looping Through JSON Response
  521. Using Background worker
  522. after updating image from data grid view getting black color instead of images
  523. Change from a Page to an I frame
  524. open file with spaces with specific program
  525. VB disable checkbox checking by user?
  526. Find every saturday and sunday in an interval of two dates
  527. Updating table data
  528. Determine order of different elements in a structure
  529. Setting a file to upload inside the WebBrowser component
  530. Searching for Specific Characters
  531. DataSet Tables throwing a "non-shared member" error
  532. transfer report made in vb6 to 2008
  533. Execute Button Click event on Enter keypress
  534. DataGridView row count based on content
  535. Populate Unbound Data Grid View via Text Box values
  536. Search text box for first name AND last name
  537. WindowState remaining Minimized despite being set to Normal
  538. How can we set customize page to PrintDocument1 in
  539. Closing a form if some conditions is met
  540. ComboBox refuses to display blank on setting selectedindex=-1
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