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  1. Databind list of dates
  2. FlushFinalBlock() method was called twice on a CryptoStream
  3. Data Grid Views
  4. call functions that return MemoryStream or XmlDocument
  5. How to disable changing contents of a column within a DataGridView
  6. Why the Image.FromFile method is slow in Vista?
  7. Zipping files using VB .net (in SSIS)
  8. Casting from interface to it's base type
  9. Re: tree-view item and context menu
  10. Q re: Type casting
  11. Use VB.NET to Upload Files via PHP
  12. Starting 1 to n process(s) and then closing them all later when theapplication exits.
  13. tree-view item and context menu
  14. Parameterizing Return Types
  15. load money type columns into Excel
  16. Moving table field name to variable name in VB.NET
  17. Re: axcrystal
  18. Not validates when clicks Cancel button
  19. How to deal with controls created programmatically
  20. ADO appears corrupted?
  21. DataGrid question
  22. DataGrid question
  23. Problems creating custom dataview/dataset
  24. Convert Excel to PDF from .net
  25. Convert Byte() <-> String
  26. How to use LAME in Windows?
  27. Creating A Secure License Code
  28. Memory release after form close
  29. Capture Windows Login Name
  30. How to delete the content of Excel cells from VBS script?
  31. Help--How to report an issue to Microsoft
  32. Updates from a DataGridView
  33. Is there a write-multi-cell-at-once function in VBS for Excel?
  34. Read ZIP in ZIP about MemoryStream
  35. 10 Reasons .NET developers should consider the switch to Mac OS
  36. Textbox Question VS 2008
  37. How to display a variable value in a dialog box and how to read user input?
  38. Open an Access Database from an InfoPath form
  39. Walking inheritance hierarchy - why doesn'y this work?
  40. XML Escaping for Textbox
  41. WCF services and properties
  42. Data Base in VB.Net
  43. Adding program info into the registry
  44. how do I link a datagridview to a dataset?
  45. Does anyone know how to create a shared dictionary object?
  46. Locking a row...
  47. XMLLiteral - Generate Dynamic Attributes
  48. .NET Printing & Vertical Text
  49. GUID of DLL
  50. Compare Vales to Database
  51. Excel AddIn
  52. XElement, XAttribute Default Values
  53. Printer Status or Queue Status
  54. ExecuteReader Blocks Inserts on a Table
  55. Deserialize from a string
  56. MemoryStream verwenden
  57. Inline Function/Lambda Expression (C#-->VB)
  58. Help parsing text using MsHTM.dll...
  59. Watching for changes in a file.
  60. copy to clipboard error
  61. Detecting StateImageIndex change
  62. Webbrowser causes script-errors on a healty page
  63. Is there a ubound for enums in VB9?
  64. Day from Datetimepicker
  65. Developing on a different resolution machine to clients
  66. MDI child windows' position
  67. Publisher 2003 or 2008, vb .net interaction
  68. VB & Access with error message: REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG(0x80040154)
  69. Dialog Result / Modal Form Problem
  70. how to sort List (of T)
  71. Need help with colors.
  72. Lambda expression - can VB Net do this?
  73. Updating a databound textbox via its bound field.
  74. Problem with ADO net 2.0
  75. Control webbrowser in VB2005
  76. Determin How WebService method was invoked
  77. Assembly missing in GAC after Publish?
  78. Job Queues.
  79. Crystal Report adding wrong/duplicate assembly references inweb.cong.
  80. system.timers.timer: how to check if previous procedure is complete?
  81. Set / Clear and restore control event handlers
  82. Need sample for reading value from and writing value to cell E53 from outside Excel
  83. DataGridView Column Sort
  84. StreamReader locks the file
  85. Returning a short date in a datareader
  86. Use of resource images
  87. [VB 2008] Rotate a control
  88. Authenticating a user manually
  89. vb6's recordset replacement in
  90. Notify connectivity services WCF
  91. Cross: Printing with STAR receipt printer
  92. Problems with structures and strings
  93. Need to add control from one thread into the control collection of a form in another thread...
  94. txt files
  95. splitting a collection of numbers
  96. Form field place holders in strings?
  97. How to show form in other project in the same solution
  98. XML Comment Screwed - Possibly a bug in VB??
  99. Set / Clear and restore control event handlers
  100. end user form designer
  101. Dialog in DLL
  102. programmatically open the drop down list of a DataGridViewComboBoxCell
  103. Tab characters in an XML file
  104. RadioButtonList Control
  105. Repeated header
  106. email problem
  107. Looping function
  108. Determine if the Combo Box button has been clicked in a DataGridViewCell
  109. Show Form To Another Windows User
  110. Porting A Callback Function
  111. Odd date.tostring problem
  112. When does the Finalize event of a class fire?
  113. SAP VB.NET connection
  114. Pass locatioin to Secondary Form
  115. RE: Two Classes with the same Data Structure.. saving code?Inheriting a structure?
  116. Passing null values in a Querystring
  117. Part2 csv to xml
  118. Part1 csv to xml
  119. Linq question
  120. DataGridView Questions/Problems
  121. Postmessage and Shift or ALT
  122. Why use a CollectionBase class here vs dataset or dataview?
  123. File transfer
  124. Regex value between brackets
  125. Detecting mouse clicks in the "empty" area of a WinForms TabControl
  126. Printing directly to LPT/COM
  127. How to change the color of special date in MonthCalendar?
  128. LINQ Question
  129. VS2008 and using a different Framework
  130. save in a database
  131. Need dll to convert sdf to dbf
  132. How to know what window does a pointer specify on ???
  133. Use of SQL parameters via ODBC drivers
  134. cascading propertygrids
  135. SQL connection to a VPN
  136. Rules for Posting code
  137. Confirm Exit in a Mdi form?
  138. Show information from the selected item in a ListBox to an other form
  139. App VisualStyle misbehaviour, runtime only (Vista)
  140. Bitmap to surface...
  141. Collect Values for appname.exe.config during Install process ?
  142. Delete file
  143. Outlook object question in VB.NET
  144. Want to Install a second and separate instance of a program
  145. How to print text in multiline textbox ?
  146. Call .DLL then callback
  147. Error conversion in asp page calling SQL
  148. learning .net after VB6
  149. Trackbar Flickering problem
  150. VS2005 - Renaming Issues
  151. Form created on BackGroundThread
  152. error 40 could not open a connection to sql server when passingselected values
  153. Problems with Serialization and AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies()
  154. the problem of ToolTips's displaying
  155. Please Help! WMI, Creating Network Shares, Setup Project, ClassLibrary
  156. BeginEdit/EndEdit does not work
  157. The form is not Removing the tree view Control
  158. Re: How to copy a selected database record into a set of string variables
  159. Re: How to copy a selected database record into a set of string variables
  160. AutoComplete in datagridviewtextboxcolumn not working
  161. Re: How to copy a selected database record into a set of string variables
  162. Need Code
  163. Re: How to copy a selected database record into a set of string variables
  164. Creating a File Explorer project in
  165. DataGridView and ComboBox
  166. object reference not set
  167. Searching a textbox
  168. ClickOnce Deployment w\Multiple Projects
  169. AppSettings Section Being Returned Empty
  170. Connect VB.NET to PHP
  171. VB.NET preview Crystal report fail
  172. WebBrowser Control Events
  173. Charing Code with multiple projects
  174. using .net windows forms controls in pages
  175. VB.Net and Slow Console
  176. Restarting app
  177. Why does string not require a new like other reference types?
  178. Custom classes, ToString, and format strings
  179. OnCheckedChanged event does not seem to execute (checkbox ingridview)
  180. #pagrama
  181. Array indices
  182. Disallow machine "Shutdown" if App is running ?
  183. Structure/Class to Byte Array and Back again
  184. Re: How to sort a List (Of T)
  185. Force Gridview on parent web page to refresh
  186. Need help with code, but code file is quite huge
  187. Looking for .NET Calendar component
  188. Importing a Resource File
  189. System.TypeInitializationException was unhandled
  190. Save user input from previous session for next session
  191. Edit grid cells in VB
  192. Can Someone help with this warning in vb
  193. Is "webBrowser.Navigate" a good way to continually check if a pageexists?
  194. Modify *.lnk File?
  195. Send SMS over landline
  196. deleting an filewatcher object that was created in code
  197. Checking db connection for initialising
  198. Accessing sql server from behind isa 2000
  199. Help with Embedded Resource
  200. Create Jpeg/Png programatically?
  201. Error trapping -
  202. Enable/Disable buttons when certain MdiChild Window is Open
  203. .net 3.5 setup bombs
  204. ContextMenuStrip not passed with Form?
  205. Why won't this simple SQL statement INSERT a value?
  206. .net 2.0 app setup demanding to install .net 3.5
  207. Coming from VB6 to .NET VarPtr not supported
  208. intellisense
  209. VS 2008 help content
  210. Can't display a form
  211. Bitmap from Clipboard back to Clipboard as PNG?
  212. Inserting "triggers" into a app
  213. Creating a Trial Period
  214. Removing an object from an Enumerated Collection
  215. Recovering from error
  216. How to create service that acts on Alt+Print Screen?
  217. Bold NodeFont causes text to appear truncated
  218. multiple line in Datagrid for one record
  219. Save Graphic in Black and White.
  220. namespace problem
  221. DisplayIndex for dataGridView
  222. Scheduled job: what program types will work
  223. Levy Jennings Graph
  224. Touch Screen Capability
  225. Get list of available Schemas in a Database via ODBC
  226. SaveFileDialog.ShowDialog() returns Cancel when Yes to overwrite ...
  227. Unicode Character Issue
  228. Environment.UserName
  229. importing into sql server 2005 from visual basic 2008 not creatingtable on the fly
  230. Getting a reference to a DataList fails
  231. DataGrid select item - double-click
  232. Datagridview doesn't update current row values
  233. Get a list of available Schemas in a Database via ODBC
  234. How to determine if running from IDE?
  235. export only visible columns from datagridview to a text file
  236. Disabling a ToolStripMenuItem (bug, maybe?)
  237. stretching the controls to fit the screen wpf question
  238. Help Needed with Master Pages in ASP.NET 3.5
  239. VBCodeProvider
  240. Threads and DLL's
  241. Unable to reference form field...
  242. VBCodeProvider
  243. User control problem
  244. How to calculate a power of function
  245. DirectX.AudioVideoPlayback.Video Location
  246. String to array of string array
  247. Shared .NET Framework installation directory?
  248. excel header and footer
  249. Client side alert
  250. An Array question
  251. Control eunumeration
  252. Adding Complex Context Menu to Default Windows Menus
  253. Marquee Style ProgressBar
  254. Tabcontrol in usercontrol not displaying activex controls
  255. How to decompress RTF in .NET???
  256. making a column invisible in code behind
  257. Passing web form controls from a page to an external class
  258. communicating between threads
  259. VB.NET can't set break point
  260. Windows Media Player Control - doesn't work properly on some laptop pcs
  261. Where is Web Method
  262. Best technique to store data locally
  263. RE: Drag and drop problem
  264. Example of code that dynamically creates controls on form for each HD or CD etc
  265. Error approving membership user
  266. Interaction command and functions (tutorial)
  267. VB2005 Express report
  268. One more request for VS 2008
  269. how to call an API on a remote machine
  270. Getting MDI Child Form from its handle
  271. Visual studio developer news
  272. RPC and Client Server Application
  273. how to get a pointer to a Stream?
  274. VB2008: Reasons to Upgrade?
  275. Helpful resources for moving from VB6 to VB 2008?
  276. Help with an error message
  277. Newbie - Updating a record
  278. A question about exceptions
  279. Reading windows user's email address
  280. Framework 1.0 Rounding Probelm
  281. Re-Initializing a String
  282. Maximize Button and Automatic scaling ?
  283. positioning of html and aspx elements
  284. Control Box Question
  285. Closing an Embedded Browser
  286. Datatable clear
  287. How to show a form
  288. Get/Set sections of a class property confusing...
  289. Re: Dynamically create stored procedure in sql server from a windows forms app
  290. Lookup values
  291. Null value in Datareader
  292. Form not responding
  293. The application requires that assembly office Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) first.
  294. Unicode symbols in my app not displaying on other workstations
  295. Instantiating new objects with Generics
  296. XL Automation - Member not found
  297. Returning a specific event log
  298. Enterprise library 4.0
  299. Re: Dynamically create stored procedure in sql server from a windows forms app
  300. Re: search sql server by udp and list servers and respectivedatabases in listboxes
  301. dropdownlist
  302. $$$ WINDOWS XP TIPS & TRICKS $$$
  303. How easy is it to learn VB compared to C#?
  304. Form Autosize
  305. Windows user password
  306. change text property to various textbox
  307. need a way to choose the time
  308. Automating Windows Explorer Search file conversion from vbscript
  309. Protected Class
  310. SDK's Unmanaged DLL in VB.NET (Pointer issues)
  311. TooStripMenuItem
  312. File Hashing
  313. a simple question
  314. inconsistent results with different methods of executing file
  315. Re: dropdownlist
  316. How know fields involved in ConstraintException
  317. App wants to send report
  318. Slow File IO when files are on a computer on the network
  319. How can I get height of text block?
  320. select within an sqladapter
  321. Localization in Classes
  322. Confused about MDAC, VB.Net, and Jet
  323. listview, multiple columns, last column needs to be checked
  324. form state
  325. MDI Child always on top in its container
  326. VB code to print pdf file
  327. Saving Location and Size to Text Fiels into Database
  328. OleDbDataAdapter - merging two tables
  329. Building of the COM object in VB.NET
  330. where are the samples of complete vs web site solutions?
  331. import excel sheet into a sql server table
  332. Resources
  333. Coding WSH in VB.NET to get intellisense?
  334. Group checkbox
  335. Textbox with Single Line Border in 2003 or 2005
  336. Open a file on another domain
  337. Equivalent of obsolete function
  338. Interacting with running processes
  339. Windows agents
  340. Re: WPA Key Generation
  341. Detect if windows printer not responding
  342. BuysyBox control?
  343. Image Processing:
  344. Lekha
  345. Passing Value Type Parameter in the Reflection
  346. Pass a value from a child form to a Parent
  347. Retrieve timestamp of remote file
  348. Linq to SQL Issues
  349. VB6 Webclasses to
  350. Is Asp.Net a right choice for mobile devices applications
  351. Repopulate 2nd Drop down list based on 1st DDL value
  352. Listview question - fully qualifying
  353. (VB6'er - new to .Net)
  354. FileSystemWatcher Event Does Not Fire
  355. Can you start a app without a form?
  356. serial communication Setup
  357. SelectedIndexChanged on Datagrid
  358. Extending the Datagrid component
  359. Help With Calling Unmanaged C Code
  360. Get application installation path.
  361. Rtn Varialbe from Second Form
  362. Re: what is wrong with this removehandler..?
  363. Re: what is wrong with this removehandler..?
  364. datagrid to datagridview
  365. Watchlist suddenly returning hex values?
  366. httpUtility.urlencode(doc.Outerxml) and validaterequest="false"
  367. Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture
  368. How to minimize command mode window in console program?
  369. Backgrounder needed. Why WPF
  370. Datagridview column header formatting
  371. Need example of backing up disk....
  372. Scheduled Task results in 0xe0434fd
  373. Sporadic problem with ShowDialog - Application Hangs
  374. running in debug mode vs. running the executable
  375. Run an Access Report from a VB .nt application
  376. Scheduled Task results in 0xe0434fd
  377. Is it possible to translate C Call to a DLL in Visual Basic?
  378. Re: Add/insert a word doc as html doc to app (help file with no .chm)
  379. Inserting and Resizing and image into Word
  380. Dynamically created TextBox: Caret can be placed in middle of theblank area!
  381. TCP/IP connection Error
  382. Help With Hyperlinks
  383. Populated gridView with thumbnails
  384. NumberFormat in Excel
  385. Translating from C#
  386. Cannot connect database
  387. Printing PDF via a Service on Windows Server 2003
  388. building my .exe can it run anywhere?
  389. Multithreading question
  390. Long Process
  391. Can this be done in VB.NET?
  392. Raising events from a class
  393. DataView.RowFilter IsNull: DBNull in column of boolean datatype
  394. self contained VB 2008 project that does not refer to the registry for transparent upgrades
  395. reading and sending a file in email ?
  396. C# to VB.NET
  397. Custom DataGridView (Windows)
  398. DFSCore.dll
  399. chinese 8.0 magnitude earthquake
  400. How can i run perl (commands) programs from VB??
  401. firing an event at specific time or interval
  402. problem with xmltextreader and stream with &
  403. problem how to pass value from one procedure to another
  404. Correcting phone numbers
  405. starting an application on timer
  406. Spacer characters in format strings
  407. Naive Database Question
  408. Blowfish
  409. Question about EventLog
  410. sp_stored_procedures help
  411. How to point the reports to another server in a singlego
  412. How to insert element after specific element in xml ?
  413. xml format problem
  414. is it ossible to modify the saveas filename from webbrowser
  415. test
  416. 123
  417. 132
  418. Plugin architecture
  419. Collapsing regions of code within a function
  420. how to create table in sql server from either a datagridview or excelfile
  421. Setup App Is Dot Net 3.5 yet actual app is 2.0 how to fix?
  422. Move publisher location
  423. Need referrer from ClickOnce deployment
  424. VB.Net Standard Control Appearance Problems
  425. problem with url on http post
  426. Where resources come from
  427. Vista displays UAC dialog EVERY time I start my application?
  428. Convert Integer to Byte Array?
  429. Copying array of string
  430. For anyone that has lost the RSS feed
  431. Finally block causing exception to throw twice with CryptoStream?
  432. Late Binding Question
  433. Get string from structure filled by C++ functioncall
  434. disappointed
  435. Get RAW Bitmap Data from a file
  436. Errors with Update and Delete functions of gridview control
  437. Adding to the windows explorer send to list...
  438. Failure to publish in VB 2008
  439. Setup: OCX and DLLs
  440. Error on Select method on DataTable
  441. End function if it Takes too long
  442. Clone event handlers of an existing control
  443. HELP ME
  444. Re: Form Inheritance
  445. Another block of C# code to convert
  446. Populating Unbound DataGridView
  447. how to create a contect menu in windows file explorer
  448. Change from vb6 to
  449. [FYI] Visual Studio & .NET Framework Product Feedback RSS
  450. Help with code conversion C# to VB
  451. [iso-8859-1 encoding] how to get it on saving an htm file?
  452. Once again where is the cached info
  453. Dynamically Get Sub Name
  454. Add AD User to AD Group code
  455. Display rows from one table not in another in a dataset
  456. Help - .NET IDE Using VSS 6.0, not 2005
  457. VB2008 Exp Ed. Prot. Mem Exception only while VS is open
  458. WCF - WSDL putting in, can I stop it?
  459. To start a thread
  460. Creating DFS namespaces
  461. Hidden modal form is not included in My.Application.OpenForms
  462. Best Method
  463. Treeview and click on + to expand node
  464. Re: VB.NET WINFORMS Opening a File in its Associated Application for read only sets me a message that i don't want
  465. Opening COM port Error
  466. Re: Version conflicts between local and GAC
  467. Returning an XDocument from a WCF service in
  468. datagridview not populating from stored procedure
  469. Reading stylesheet in .vb
  470. [VB 2008] How create a plan of house
  471. Displaying Version Number
  472. Insert row in dataset
  473. how to determine what the select txt is ?
  474. WebBrowser control - High memory use
  475. How Do You Add Event Handler to 50 button array????
  476. A question about VS IDE
  477. aboutbox
  478. Error in displaying records in GridView
  479. Get a list of available Schemas and Tables via any ODBC driver
  480. How to Populate CheckBoxList from Code
  481. More Troubles with Linq to Xml
  482. Library for writing log files
  483. Chr() vs ChrW() and Const ...
  484. capturing a print job to a file ...
  485. DataRepeater Question
  486. VB2008 Exr problem using resx resource
  487. Gridview question
  488. Dual axis autoranging MSChart (with different scales and colors) solved. Here's how! - "PVM1010 Dual Graph.gif" (0/1) 72.6 kBytes yEnc
  489. Crystal Report Designer shows Machine Code
  490. sending email
  491. Code Snippet Respository
  492. How to control size of length in richtexbox per line ?
  493. httputility.urlencode(doc.outerxml) as a http xml post
  494. Need Help with Linq to Xml
  495. deserialized list in singleton grows and grows
  496. Compact all the minimized forms into 1 application tag
  497. Read a SOAP Message
  498. Is there anything cannot handle?
  499. System.Net.Mail Question
  500. and sql server express binary data type
  501. Good installation programs????
  502. How do you programatically set Label Font size
  503. Strange one in MSChart
  504. what's wrong with xml post code?
  505. Major problem with VS 2008
  506. threading using
  507. How to use VB Express to run a program through command promptinterface?
  508. VB2008 Express Edition Problem, "Attempted to read or write protected memory." when using SaveFile dialog
  509. The data area passed to a system call is too small
  510. como saber de que tipo es un archivo?
  511. HI
  512. Web Page files
  513. How to stop incrementing the DLL version number?
  514. Invalid Sheet Name in Excel 2003
  515. write to registry in and vista
  516. Read Excel-Xml as Embedded Ressource with OleDbDataAdapter
  517. Find the Owner of a folder
  518. Reading data from a web server
  519. Copying arrays of different bases
  520. Version Number of a an external application
  521. Suspending screen updates
  522. xml payload string as a single key
  523. Can't sort datagrid by combo box columns
  524. Storing Variables
  525. Function to split long string into "sentences"
  526. Dynamic AddressOf value for AddHandler
  527. Splash screen duration
  528. Recursive Registry Loop
  529. Speed issue loading image
  530. onblur in an UpdatePanel
  531. Re: Boolean Range
  532. Dim lblTimeleft As Label = CType(e.Row.Cells(9).FindControl("lblTimeleft"), Label)
  533. Save image to file from memory
  534. upload file By URL
  535. Activate Event Equivilent for UserControl?
  536. Overloading string split function
  537. shopping to get beijing2008 tessera hap shopping to get beijing2008tessera hap
  538. shopping to get beijing2008 tessera hap
  539. = nothing vs. Is Nothing
  540. WinForm app speed issue
  541. ENCODING loss on Read and Write file
  542. Why does CLick once insist on .net 3.5
  543. Constant Expression Is Required Vb.Net 2008
  544. How to display a resize handle in the bottom right corner of a form
  545. EnumAvailableSqlServers and passing the name of the servers
  546. ENCODING loss on Read and Write file
  547. Coding a USB connection
  548. AppDomain
  549. Check for ReadOnly File is in Use
  550. Split function question