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  1. How to convert HEX to
  2. Delete Row from
  3. USB read write
  4. Inserting new record
  5. error regarding
  6. about connection string
  7. Error: Reference to a non-shared member | Constructor; Pass Variable
  8. when should I use a Dataset?
  9. showmodaldialog
  10. how to disable textbox when click on radiobutton using VB script on Visual Studio.Net
  11. collapseable panel with a button
  12. Fetch XMLNode from XPathNavigator
  13. Detect audio or video files
  14. Cross-thread operation not valid: Control 'hiddenrtb2' accessed from a thread other t
  15. Why did VB Break?
  16. SelectedIndex is not a member of System.Windows.Forms.Control
  17. Vbscript with html
  18. How to effective DropDownList code
  19. XamlWriter.Save() doesnt preserve attributes
  20. Passing argument ito dll call in vb .net
  21. Convert Code to Class function
  22. VBScript compilation error '800a0401'
  23. Visual Calculation Progress
  24. How do you update the timestamp on the file when no changes have been made?
  25. dll error: Expression is not a method
  26. NullReferenceException - Get name of object that is nothing
  27. Searching arrays for values
  28. How to get a DataGrid that uses a Stored Procedure to initially populate to refresh
  29. How to save a graphic from a DIB handle
  30. Textbox Validation for Two Decimal Places
  31. Check all rows of datagridview on a click of a checkbox
  32. How to back up data in ( Visual Basic.NET)
  33. DatagridView checkbox error
  34. Cyber cafe application help
  35. Intercepting the 0 key and decimal point validation in a calculator
  36. XML Serialization - Help Please
  37. When validating() a Access database for changes need to log changes
  38. VB.NET How to access remote registry users volatile
  39. Good version control.
  40. how do you Dim a non valid identifier
  41. Proper Initialization
  42. How do I connect VB Form To Access DB Table
  43. How to remove string from a specified position in vb
  44. Inheritence in forms
  45. ListBox database insert
  46. Problem accessing value returned from Function
  47. Examine incoming SOAP in New Sub for Web Service
  48. I want to develop e-shop prototype using
  49. How to create custom 2 dimensional array data structure
  50. Create a MSAccess file through WPF Application
  51. How do I inspect data?
  52. Marshaling data between managed VB.NET and an unmanaged C Dll
  53. Desktop Sticky Form
  54. Handling DPI changes in windows form
  55. Deploy project with sql database
  56. cannot update multiple columns with visual basic 2008
  57. how we use timer
  58. Datagrid in
  59. Default Displaying Excel In A Datagrid Issue
  60. Subtract a date from a date
  61. Opening a PDF document
  62. importing csv to mdb file - multiple fields
  63. importing a csv to access table
  64. pictures in embedded HTML body shown as attachment in sending mails through outlook
  65. view and add sub items of each item of the combo box
  66. How to get the value of the total summary of crosstab in crystal report?
  67. How can i point to record in GridView when i click the button to search for lastname?
  68. detect whether ie is running or not
  69. Crystal report with binding source
  70. Enumerate installed cultures in satellite assembly
  71. What should I do to achieve the result
  72. How to pass a LINQ query to a Sub and filter it?
  73. How to pass a collection of comboboxes to a Sub?
  74. How to invoke Ctrl + F function for searching
  75. Why does DELETE not delete rows from underlying database table?
  76. Is there a simple way to upload multiple files to FTP using code?
  77. Is is possible to print without prn file ? if Yes then tell me its very urgent.
  78. Edit js or HTML code through VB.Net 2008
  79. string help
  80. Deny Access to a Drive
  81. I have a search button which adds the duplicate reords when trying to see new cntr
  82. Is it possible to make a date datatype accept 13 as a month and 30 for all months?
  83. Can't set the name property for the timer control at runtime
  84. How to enumerate Systray Icons without looking into explorer's toolbar control
  85. Infragistics date picker no edits and no nulls
  86. XElement Question
  87. A generic error occurred in GDI+
  88. How to remove filter on?
  89. How to read from boot sector of drive ?
  90. Simulating IntelliSense's parameter list for a function call (like MsgBox Button)
  91. Visual Studio 2008
  92. Visual studio 2008 service pack1 Installation Problem
  93. How to open any type of file using VB.NET
  94. RS232 Dilema
  95. Hashtable key not recognised in collection
  96. paste data using function key
  98. Making a Application DPI-Aware
  99. How to use mysql in
  100. Please help ? how to send keystrokes in
  101. HELP!!! For the life of me I can't figure out how to get my datagrid to update!
  102. Merging rows into columns in VB.NET using a Dataset
  103. Set Selected Listbox Items From SqlDataSource
  104. Need Assistance adding a second series to an excel chart with VB.Net
  105. import data from excel file
  106. How To Take ownership of registry key with .NET 2.0?
  107. problem in running application
  108. TablePanelLayout Help
  109. Resource File ( resx ) Editor Not Painting / Rendering in Visual Studio 2008
  110. how do i read more than 7 records from a datagrid??
  111. ListView in VB2008 Express - Plz Help
  112. how to read web.config from iis web directory
  113. Calculated value on textChanged event can't be updated to database
  114. bindingsource doesn't save some fields
  115. NTLM authentication
  116. how to print a cheque in
  117. How to insert value in dropdownlist in the footer row of gridview?
  118. why is registry access denied - 'System.Security.SecurityException' in mscorlib.dll
  119. Database cannot Update unable to find TableMapping
  120. Problem changing text of custom control based on text of another custom control
  121. based on xml
  122. Redistribution rights of interop assemblies
  123. project problem
  124. Multiple Combo Box Selection
  125. Problem on Reciveing Emails
  126. Regular Expression
  127. project problem
  128. How to switch between form in runtime
  129. try
  130. Uploading Files
  131. What are the difference between Parameter and Argument?
  132. Using multi-select to select files and copy files to multiple directories
  133. How to use mysql in visual basic
  134. How to automatically write in text box without keyboard with visual
  135. how to send mail with visual basic 2008 to gmail id.
  136. Can I use one Imageslist for all form in my apps?
  137. converting xml to text file
  138. Attempted to read or write protected memory when opening new form
  139. No Read Permissions on Access 2003 Table
  140. silent installation
  141. Run-time error 9
  142. Smtp login problem
  143. How to disable start button
  144. Wierd exception from DataGridView, why?
  145. Run Dos command from VB.Net
  146. Process.Start(file as byte) ?
  147. Want to access the UserCount for the File - VBScript
  148. How do you display progress using a progress bar of the WebClient.DownloadString()?
  149. How to stop the keystroke
  150. Help needed with checking for a duplicate on Table before inserting the field
  151. Cannot detect newline character in string downloaded from the internet.
  152. Issue with Base64Encoding for Unicode Data
  153. how to rename node in an tree view
  154. How can you easily check the http error number of a webclient?
  155. create array of textboxes in code that equate to text boxes on form
  156. Assign letter to a number? where "for z = 1 - 4" I want 1 =N 2=W 3=E 4=S
  157. Single click on notifyicon menu item produces two events
  158. Need fast ListOf(type comparison
  159. Textbox databindings
  160. Pop-up calendar
  161. Convert java keystore to vb .net certificate
  162. How to filter using filesystem watcher in
  163. weird error
  164. How to create mailing labels or customized letters using MS Word MailMerge
  165. Cancelling previous thread
  166. Need to check file exsits on AS400 server using Winform Application
  167. How to trap DataGridViewComboBox events?
  168. remoting question
  169. How to monitor copy to clipboard evets
  170. Windows Service Timers
  171. How to get mouse cursor type
  172. how to filter ip?
  173. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  174. need to block some websites?
  175. Detecting NewLine characters in a string.
  176. Whats the easiest way to write and engine for importing files of common formats?
  177. Data: Report? Two SUM() Column
  178. Moving Pictures clock wise?
  179. Catch mouse cursor change in
  180. Interesting copy/paste dilema
  181. How to pass 2 queries to 2 different crosstabs?
  182. iCal export
  183. Help parsing a textbox
  184. how to cal window+button programmatically
  185. Why use Finally in Try/Catch
  186. how to avoid flickering of tooltip?
  187. Windows Application
  188. String Value in a SQL statement
  189. How to get the key stroke
  190. sub total
  191. Setup and deployment
  192. crptyohraphy question
  193. Calculate Date
  194. Create COM+ Empty Application container, how?
  195. where can I get sample master froms please?
  196. How to attach and detach sql 2005 database while starting application and closing?
  197. cannot open database
  198. cannot open database due to this message :because of computer name change
  199. how to connect to remote database?
  200. Update query not working in 2008 access?
  201. Brief SyncLock / Multithreading question
  202. How to connect sqlserverCE database in
  203. Getting Unmounted drives using
  204. Looking for 'magnetic link' type gui control
  205. How to send mail at Specify time in 2003
  206. how to run progress bar while executing a long method or an update statement?
  207. Add new Node in Tree View in Editable Mode
  208. How to browse Directory in VB.NET
  209. n-tier application - populating a combo box on a form
  210. COM files cannot be found by the system
  211. send a email and attach file in VB
  212. Access Source Code using PDB file
  213. dot NET dependencies
  214. How I check the option "Include end of file indicador" of Data Transfer using
  215. I have Vbscript code.but i want vbscript to code
  216. using the "readline" function to read a specific line
  217. Get highest value from Math.Round
  218. How do i enable/disable a button during a specific time of the day? PLS HELP
  219. Unmanaged DLL structure conversion problem (unsigned char pointer)
  220. Drag & Drop into DataGrid
  221. How do I find user input in Datagridview?
  222. Date PROBLEM in VB.NET
  223. Strange Behavior With Gridview Control...
  224. uninstall an application in VB 2005
  225. One to Many Relationships on a Form
  226. DataGridView & TreeView Synchronized
  227. How can i run a new form in a panel or usercontrol?
  228. Adding Right Click Options to Windows
  229. how to get values from dynamic text box in grid view
  230. How could I display results of an operation to a text file temporarily?
  231. Export to Email in Windows Application?
  232. Exporting to Excel in a VB Windows App
  233. Calling Child form Event from parent form?
  234. What easy way is there to implement your own role-based security in an application?
  235. Multilanguage mathematical application and "," to "." conversion in Spanish in VB.NET
  236. Command Array Click Event in VB 2008
  237. Dns.Resolve on TCP Connection
  238. Conversion obscurities for a newb
  239. copy file in use
  240. the project to create the databases required on its own
  241. how do i go about creating an id column which genetates numbers aoutmatically?
  242. read and save xml using CF
  243. problem with passing variable from ASP.NET to ASP
  244. vb .net background worker thread safety
  245. System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater
  246. Resize DataGridView column populated from DataSource
  247. windows font folder name
  248. How to make a POST request in
  249. ActiveFrom in a windows application
  250. Why values are doubling when I use structures?
  251. varbinary(max) to pdf in
  252. Check User Group in Active Directory
  253. getting oracle table results into array using
  254. add items in combobox at runtime from database(
  255. create Temporary data file
  256. convert VB DLL to OCX
  257. Outlook Automation
  258. vbs script not working the way i hopped in
  259. i need to get contents of table in sql into a textbox....
  260. splash screen not disposing
  261. IIS Reset
  262. Namespace or type 'Data' for the Imports 'Microsoft.ApplicationBlocks.Data' can't be
  263. Gridview in winforms
  264. Search a string buffer with nulls (chr(0))
  265. Crystal reports in
  266. Datagrig with diffrent no of Rows in each Column.
  267. Ending another application gracefully
  268. Agent with windows7
  269. Reading XML nodes
  270. List files in IFS iSeries directory
  271. Fetching the content (XSLT) from XSLTCompiledTransform
  272. Updating PictureBox every one minute in multiple forms
  273. TableAdapter
  274. How to specify DEFAULT for optional parameter to stored procedure wrapper function
  275. Releasing the Heap Memory
  276. Saving times in database with different dattime pickers
  277. Word Document in a WebBrowser control
  278. progress bar in status bar ..
  279. how to find total time in crystal report
  280. master detail in textbox control
  281. Graphing data in - What is the fastest and easiest way?
  282. How do you add a second form to a .vb application
  283. datagrid rows lost ??
  284. Unmanaged To Managed - Please Help
  285. Validating DTD's
  286. how to add, update, delete records from oracle10gXE using text boxes in 2008
  287. InteropServices.SEHException exception when debugging
  288. Datagrid
  289. Receive UDP packets from multiple devices
  290. How do you make one button "click" another
  291. I need to make a subroutine run continuously in VB 2008
  292. Using .NET Objects from COM
  293. combobox column of gridview not set its index
  294. Export code from Excel 2003 to VB 2008
  295. rich text box's font, size, location
  296. OLE DB connection pooling
  297. DataSource to Grid Combos
  298. Can u help me resolve any of the issues in the code
  299. pls give me the VB .Net eqivalent code
  300. Pls help me resolve this TO DO
  301. Reading DTD files in VB.Net
  302. text stay on top
  303. scroll bar
  304. Why can't I get this to work
  305. How to hightlight a selected row in a datagrid
  306. Help for SQL query for calculation of Stock
  307. how to pass the value from current form to another form
  308. how to connet database from localhost
  309. I want to capture text from a datagrid into my application (
  310. How to set the Description of a property in a custom server control
  311. can i use the Enter key instead of the tab key in entering data to textbox?
  312. How can I delete a Row from a database listed in a listview control in 2008?
  313. method 'btnSubmit_Click' has no implementation (no RVA)
  314. Data type mismatch in criteria expression.
  315. Need help in a point of sales software
  316. How to print by date using crystal reports in
  317. Streamreader unable to recognise German Characters in Ansi file ( / )
  318. DataGridView, How to Capture The Cell's keyPressEvent
  319. error saving image into mysql database.
  320. Reduce the height of rows in DataGrid
  321. Checklistbox with textbox
  322. Read text file and display in Listbox and also count number of line in the text file
  323. How to check Internal and External duplicates?
  324. Event for Check box in DateTimePicker Control
  325. Urgent: Working with a Circular Transparency
  326. VB database sorting
  327. Defining Implicit Casting Operators in VB.NET?
  328. Change SOAP Header to add credentials
  329. Move to next record using data binding
  330. Class with class properties: aObject reference not set to an instance...
  331. transform XML data into custom variable type to send to webservice (https)
  332. Parser Error Message: There is not enough space on the disk.
  333. how to read a character one at a time in a text box?
  334. An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine
  335. Get String From DLL Visual Studio 2008
  336. ArgumentNullException
  337. Bind CheckBoxList using AJAX
  338. How to display .mov files in VB.NET
  339. MenuStrip
  340. handling binary data in
  341. string to double
  342. howto scroll controls
  343. Convert visible RichTextBox area into Image object.
  344. Attempted to read or write protected memory issue
  345. Connecting to SQL Compact Edition using Visual Studio 2008
  346. How can I post a form which contain an array value?
  347. Serial communication
  348. VB 6/.NET Code on 2003 Server won't print html file from WebBrowser or axDHTMLEDLib
  349. DataRow.SetField usage?
  350. From String to correct DateTime
  351. VC ++6 dll reference in Project
  352. Tooltip in VS2005 controls
  353. Available WMI queries for ManagementObject
  354. Using a string array
  355. How to Force an ADODB Connection Timeout
  356. How can i get the text of powerpoint embeded excel text ?
  357. i want to retrieved data from MS Access into combo box
  358. visual studio 2008 Pro with SQL Server 2005
  359. Enabling / Disabling network card exception
  360. Protecting a programs memory
  361. ThreeState check box
  362. How to add properties to the Item object of a combobox?
  363. Chaning a file's extension
  364. I want get power point note text
  365. Get the location where the setup is installed
  366. Listing shares from My Network
  367. No Screen Updates while processing in Visual Basic
  368. Upgrading to Visual Studio 2008. Bad Data
  369. Deploying the Windows Application with Crystal Report 9 in .Net 2003
  370. ImageList/List View Help
  371. Searching XML adding found item to DataGridView
  372. Can't delete a file
  373. Process Description Name
  374. sub called on program init ?
  375. webbrowser control image problem (offline images does not show)
  376. Connection Timeout Expired
  377. msinet.ocx vista problem ( Activex Control even with register Regsvr with cmd )
  378. Displaying non-modal forms via interop from COM DLLs
  379. Storing and retreiving rich text from MySQL in
  380. looping help
  381. Dataset management
  382. Listbox Loop
  383. Need to Update Access DB from Visual Basic
  384. Listbox Binding
  385. Need help printing multiple fonts on printer from richtextbox
  386. Custom Links in Rich Text Box (
  387. How to connect to DB2 database using VB.NET
  388. Not clearing Array....
  389. Can not delete worksheet
  390. access report from and deployment problem
  391. ora/vb/excel project
  392. dataset link to database
  393. Reading the File contents along with Wild characters
  394. how to read jpg files using
  395. Get DataGridView.SelectedRows Children Data
  396. Dynamically import excel file
  397. Using Winzip with VB.Net
  398. Table In Application Form
  399. VB.NET:combobox in datagridview
  400. fully justify text
  401. How to read a stream and save it as byte array
  402. gridview custom no. column
  403. reading error from table - using OleDbDataReader
  404. retrieve all records from table using OleDbConnection
  405. VB Function to convert Decimal to Elapsed Time [h]:mm:ss (like in Excel)?
  406. error on my setup.exe after publishing
  407. Pulling financial tickers quotes
  408. INotifyPropertyChanged and programmatic changes to GUI controls issue
  409. CurrentFieldValue in Crystal Reports
  410. Parsing MIME Response - Splitting base64 String into an Array
  411. Embed Image and send E-mail to Outlook Express
  412. DataGridView behave different when created at runtime?
  413. DataGridView.currentCell bytes
  414. "Outsourcing" Background worker creation
  415. valueMember vs DisplayMember Pin
  416. DataGridView with columns from multiple tables
  417. UDP based packet transmission problem?
  418. CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocum ent.PrintToPrinter
  419. simple questions
  420. Fade entire form smoothly
  421. master and details saving
  422. Open file dialog not showing network locations
  423. truncate table in sql 2005 by vb,net code
  424. How to run any file from treeview
  425. SQL - Simple query
  426. Problem with ServiceController
  427. Login Form
  428. Crystal Report
  429. VB.NET and MySql
  430. Why are event delegates required ?
  431. setting default export options in for Crystal reports
  432. Outlook Event
  433. Outlook Add-In Event Problem
  434. Change Image Report VB.Net
  435. Check Packet Size of TCP Data Before Reading Next Byte in Stream
  436. Insert to SQLExpress table
  437. How to use Microsoft.GroupPolicy.GpmgmtLib.dll ?
  438. DataTable in Windows Application
  439. Import external dll in vb script
  440. ComboBox: Cancel SelectedIndexChanged event
  441. Access arrays via for next loop
  442. Wscript object in vb
  443. Unable to update
  444. Pass arrays to a function
  445. Extract Bytes Sent To Server via TCP?
  446. DataGridview data to Database
  447. User Control in Windows Application
  448. edit in datagrid compo ..
  449. Updating msacces database
  450. Updating modified rows in a dataset
  451. how to package .mdb file in the installer?
  452. Creating a SOAP Client in VB.Net
  453. Interface rendering issues
  454. ComboBox problem
  455. Writing to Access table
  456. ListBox XML
  457. need paging in numbers till last page from db in datalist..??
  458. AccessViolationException
  459. how to count time , if only one day left from db .??
  460. Syntax error
  461. Log on to exchange server failed
  462. Inserting Multiline Text to Datagridview - 2008
  463. read excel file
  464. data is nt seen in Cyrstal report in when there are twio or more table in DS..
  465. how to change the style of Grid lines.
  466. Don't Tab to next box on enter
  467. Converting Javascript code to Visual Basic
  468. Multiple page printing with nested loops
  469. convert datagrid data to xml file
  470. Plotting X/Y graph in VB.NET.
  471. searching a row from a database
  472. Child Objects Raising Events in Parent Objects
  473. SQL select in multiple text box
  474. Error : Value does not fall within the expected range VB.Net 2005
  475. how to update data using datagridview in
  476. Transparent but clickable Button
  477. Key_generator
  478. TCP listener or ....?
  479. Problem with putting up conditionals for splitting a text file
  480. VB.Net 2005 EEd - Install Path?
  481. Pass value froma form to another
  482. Crystal report help
  483. web services in vb. net
  484. font list problem
  485. lock desktop when running the system.....
  486. Key press function with 60 second timer
  487. Fixed lenght of bytes
  488. sql INSERT ... Need help
  489. Reading Remote Registry using VB.Net
  490. Form.Show() Error
  491. Declare and Define an Object Dynamically
  492. Web Service and Listbox data source
  493. How to restrict the bandwidth of my application
  494. Import dbf file to Access using
  495. Can't create a click event in a tool stip item
  496. SqlDataAdapter.Update Error
  497. Read XML data from SQL 2005 table
  498. Background Worker and a For Loop... Please Help?
  499. DBF to FIREBIRD converter
  500. Read XML data from SQL 2005 table
  501. embedding a attachment using
  502. How ToAccess dynamically added Rich Text Box
  503. Project Solution doesn't update at runtime
  504. soap request using vb .net
  505. Difference between crystal reports in vb and
  506. Return value of a function
  507. Using RegEx in extracting Data in a File
  508. Odd Threading Issue...
  509. text editor in vb 2005
  510. Java coded buttons
  511. Generating the XML with attributes using
  512. How to Detect the Currently Opened Files in for Media Centre
  513. place text at cursor location
  514. Date Problem
  515. Reading Binary(16) field problem
  516. error when launchning programs
  517. My application closes when I close a Form
  518. Fetching Group Policy(GP) Data from the GPs applied to the OUs of an Active Directory
  519. properties of control changed
  520. Retrieving File Modified Date
  521. Opening a DOS window with some path
  522. Setting focus to a control
  523. Some math problems
  524. Store database values in array
  525. REGEX get list of ip addresses
  526. vbnet GDI+ Screen and Printer
  527. Modify Dataset when Viewed in DataGrid
  528. How to start new process from inside BackgroundWorker?
  529. Web Service update record method
  530. dynamic array for user-defined type in VB.NET
  531. Retrieve data from textboxes and save them
  532. nested xml to table
  533. autosuggest values in textbox
  534. mixing font attributes
  535. Saving data to two tables?
  536. Data as Rows Not in Columns
  537. problem with back button
  538. vb6 App.Path returns only URI now!
  539. enter to trigger event
  540. Getting GMT as Unix Epoch in VB.NET
  541. Table Adapters add a record
  542. Attach sql mdf file in code
  543. i cant able to insert values using the code
  544. Bind Textbox to Dataset
  545. How to create EXE of VB.Net
  546. VB .Net Windows
  547. Read Xml data problem
  548. Intellisense XML Comment Tooltip
  549. VB .Net Applications with Multiuser approach
  550. Filtering Records in the datagridview