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  1. Why can't I use sheets of an excel file after uploaded by fileupload in firefox?
  2. How to dynamically change the connection string?
  3. How to enable and disable buttons vb ie6?
  4. Incorrect Syntax issue with SQL Query
  5. not found exception
  6. issue with the insert sql command using
  7. after several updates, data gets lost in other fields
  8. Deleting the selected check box
  9. raise an event error when converting c# code to
  10. GPU Programming resources anyone?
  11. How to use input box data?
  12. 3D Graphics in
  13. Passing values from a VB app to a stored procedure
  14. How to retrieve Data From Access?
  15. Crystal reports runtime error
  16. I am using 2003 and when I deploy my finished program and try to run it on anI
  17. How to read and write to files larger than 150mb with MPI?
  18. Trying to find substring efficiently.
  19. Dynamically creating Connection String
  20. Crystal Reports Merge Modules Visual Studio 2010
  21. How do I call a method from the base class
  22. Get remaining prints from printer.
  23. Not getting results in datagrid view
  24. Code to retrieve the broken links in the webpage
  25. how to open savefiledialog in web application
  26. How do I change backcolor of textbox based on the value inside it?
  27. Transaction Problem
  28. User created control not working in form
  29. What is the correct string format to send email in VB ? See attachment
  30. export data from database to excel
  31. adding items to a combo box depending upon the value given
  32. how to reload combobox in datagridview based on combobox selection in datagridview?
  33. How do I make a class for a button? I need multiple buttons based on items retrieved.
  34. out of range erxception
  35. data type mismatch between vb date datatype and ms access datetime data type
  36. have you experienced using as Programming Language in Radio Frequency ID?
  37. convert a ebcidic string to a ebcidic byte array in
  38. better rich text box
  39. Create undo button in simple drawing application
  40. how to convert a string {&HF3,&HA1} to a byte array like {&HF3,&HA1} ?
  41. a poll system with different condition
  42. how to bind dataset data to oracle (db) temporary table
  43. How to fix the first row in an excel file
  44. How to open files from Listview in 2005?
  45. Trouble with OleDbParameters
  46. I am not able to access DOM of mshtml.HTMLDocument
  47. I have a page in ASP.NET 2.0. I add a button in design view and the page runs fine.
  48. Change ellipses (...) to custom chars in DataGridView when cell content is truncated
  49. How do I set a label on a master page from the content page?
  50. My code works, but don't know where to place my .mdb file !
  51. Is there any built in methods to search within a string?
  52. what's the best way to export data from spreadsheet to datatable?
  53. How to pass a cookie to a new Httpwebrequest?
  54. Check all yellow checkboxes
  55. How to get the installation directory in a Custom Action?
  56. connecting all pc to central db using
  57. How to connect to access db file from VS2020 (can't find System.Data.OleDb)?
  58. How to replace an Integer value with a String value?
  59. Is there any algorithm which can shorten a certain very large big integer?
  60. how to read USB port using vb? can that be done using COMM port?
  61. how can i fetch the answer from windows calculator in a textbox using
  62. how to insert multiple data in mysql using in one submit button
  63. How do I display data linked by a data relation in different text boxes?
  64. Dataset insert into access database insert into Syntax error
  65. Webbrowser for VB
  66. Nested Loop for DataGridView not working as expected...
  67. Form hiding in background
  68. Read hyphen from a CSV file
  69. Share context menu for multiple controls
  70. What event is generated when source data changes using table adapter
  71. How to use data from one form to others
  72. How to detect version of excel
  73. Converting VBA to
  74. How to Refresh treeview in
  75. insert with multiple condiction
  76. Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set
  77. How to display an arrays' contents into a listbox?
  78. how to solve following run time error
  79. How can I use one EXE on Multiple machines ?
  80. Datagridview - enable cells editing with datatable not editable
  81. error in the code computing Totient Function
  82. How can I call a dll from
  83. Windows Service stops triggering event for monitoring of starting process
  84. Converting C# Byte Pointer into VB.NET
  85. DataGridView CellBeginEdit question
  86. How to search network for device?
  87. How to execute multiple queries in an application?
  88. Re: vbCr not showing in emailmessage
  89. How to post edits back to end user from datagrid?
  90. How can I reposition an AutoShape from Excel using vb .net 2005?
  91. digital weighing scale monitoring need help
  92. How to Input text into swf object text field?
  93. How to bind DataGridView to single column in strongly typed DataTable?
  94. DataGridViewComboBoxExColumn Problem
  95. How do i change mouse icon at runtime?
  96. editing datagridview cells
  97. Reading a word from text file
  98. Issue with an implicit none wanted conversion
  99. P/Invoke DHCP API
  100. How do I code the src= for an image to pick up value passed in URL as request string?
  101. VB .NET IO.FileInfo Path too Long
  102. How to run multiple queries with an onclick handler?
  103. How to enable a button on another form
  104. How to pass a public variable to a sql query
  105. How to create a dataset from access database at runtime
  106. MD5 with RSA
  107. How to upload data to a Remote Sql Server
  108. VB.Net Function to create xml string
  109. How to update data in MS-Access through
  110. How to add and edit data in the textbox with binding
  111. How to get value from an row in DataView?
  112. How to update a value by using the result of select query
  113. Trigger public sub Test()
  114. Send outlook emails
  115. How to Read Excel File using Excel Object????
  116. Why does Excel not want to open within a panel?
  117. How to bind data in Dropdown
  118. SQL query returning dates of 1/1/0001
  119. How do i convert this vb6 code "Schema = VB6.GetItemString(lstSchemas, rc)" to
  120. how to find files on Harddisk with specified extension
  121. how to create a search in my database??
  122. How Disable row selection in propertyGrid
  123. Problem adding an attribute to button
  124. Force webbrowser control to scroll left/down
  125. A first chance exception of type 'System.DllNotFoundException' occurred in Browser.ex
  126. How to insert bulk data of .txt files in database using
  127. How to code a Kill Switch (to limit access to program)
  128. Out of memory error while trying to assing memorystream object to a bitmap object
  129. 'Continue loop until all variables have different values'. How?
  130. how to not overwrite images folders on my application server from my dev server?
  131. System.Management.ManagementException: Invalid parameter
  132. Problem with shortcut when database is included in the project
  133. How to deploy a VB.NET Project For Excel Automation?
  134. VB6 to VB.NET conversion issues, .dll function returns an error
  135. Syntax for calling js function at onload event on web page.
  136. How to record Click by cell coordinate?
  137. Failed due to the following error: 80040154
  138. Is backspace considered character?
  139. How to hide MonthCalender when user click on parent form
  140. Debugging problem
  141. How do I take an array of objects and load it into a dataset datatable
  142. Why is the datagridview generated by the code below invisible?
  143. how to draw a SOLID line in VB.NET
  144. Implementing a custom control with a typed collection for use at design time.
  145. How do I get RTF to print in Win7-64bit?
  146. Maintain a usage log for an application
  147. Generic DAL avoiding Reflection
  148. .Click event handler is not getting called after a Click ?
  149. Problem with System.Web.Mail.MailMessage
  150. modbus TCP for VB.Net
  151. Open + Close .bat / .cmd
  152. Multithread a treeview
  153. how can I get the remote system screen shot
  154. How can i add icon into menu item in
  155. using random num gen to create number and lookup
  156. How can i compare the current date to a control field and perform a function?
  157. How do I identify multiple rows with the same value in a foreign key field?
  158. Mouse Right Click
  159. How to convert string to decimal
  160. "Object no longer valid" Error Message
  161. 7zip compression
  162. need to count rows for particular columns if no data then ignore and count
  163. Update one table with another table record
  164. total count of records in gridview row data bound
  165. Problem Deploying Program to Tablet PC
  166. how to add image using in project which is loading image using LoadResPicture in vb6
  167. UI hangs while updating 1000 labels
  168. Passing variable from table to query
  169. Compare Data in Listbox with Database connected with
  170. Date format in access and vb 2008
  171. Storing dates in microsoft access to array in VB 2008
  172. Looking for sample vb2008 code for file transfer over wifi on mobile 6.5
  173. Replace function issues.
  174. How to move all files with same extention
  175. Is it possible to design a green window and change style of window in vb?
  176. Proper syntax for a sql query
  177. How to replace characters inside parenthesis using Regex
  178. open SQL Server browser
  179. DataView: Date Where: Stored Procedures: Select Column and Paging
  180. How to revert the column header sorting in DataGridView
  181. Lock text input for DomainUpDown component
  182. How to Retrieve all file names and write to TextFile
  183. how do i code for a next button for a windows application.
  184. How to separate names into first last and middle initial
  185. How do i get my sqrt button and percentage button to work on my calculator
  186. Why is that my reports won't load in Windows 7 but in Windows XP I got no problem?
  187. Windows Service stops triggering monitoring event for starting process
  188. access to backup database
  189. Enabling right click menu for hyperlink fields in access forms
  190. How to loop columns in many tables but is same structure
  191. Maximum buffer size of an odbcTransaction object in .NET 4.0
  192. Control the audio channel / track by directshow?
  193. where i can get a FREE library tool of gantt chart?
  194. storedProcedure (sp_Customer) is in sQL server- program access the server correctly.
  195. Activate Excel workbook from VB6 data.
  196. how can i display image from network folder?
  197. Remove Button Collection Panel
  198. using printform
  199. Changing database tables displayed in a GridView control
  200. DLL Referencing Wrong Directory
  201. Backup successful on system with SQLSERVER 2005 but unsuccessfull with 2008
  202. xpathnavigator and namespaces
  203. How to install a application on another Computer
  204. How do I display the line numbers in Visual Studio 2008?
  205. How to read binary data from MySQL /
  206. How to convert a .bmp file to x,y points and then redraw connecting the points?
  207. Print a webpage in
  208. VBNEt2008 Problem with using SQLCMD Parameters
  209. Trying to Use INSERT INTO in VB.Net but is not INSERTing
  210. How to scrape webpage using
  211. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  212. How to show a message box with text that is highlighted
  213. bring info from a text file
  214. An error occurred creating the form... the error is: Index was out of range.
  215. like MDI parent form...
  216. Why can't I update all the fields in my database via
  217. Problem in using COM Component "MSCOMCTL.OCX" in 2008
  218. LISTBOX Column
  219. How do I access a WindowForm element from a Class function?
  220. How can i put some spaces in my string in VB.Net
  221. VB 6 to converion form event behavioral problem
  222. HttpContext.Current.Session is throwing exception(Object reference not set to an inst
  223. Windows service problem
  224. Set Calling FORM Visible = False by CALLED FORM
  225. How do I link Radio Buttons to display an image in a picture box?
  226. Query Access Database and Display Data on New Form
  227. Open Excel at 90% zoom
  228. Set Calling FORM Visible = False by CALLED FORM
  229. Displaying Image in Report, but if textbox is empty repeats last image!
  230. Querying a single column and displaying all results in a single textbox
  231. Need MS-Access RTF control that will work in a report populated from a linked MS_SQL
  232. Inherited interface not seen by VBA client
  233. How to detect the user accounts, ups and memory on your computer using ?
  234. TextBox validating event
  235. How can I loop through each date in a given time period
  236. add sheets to Excel via
  237. Getting a .NET 4.0 site working on GoDaddy or another shared host....
  238. what is the equvalent for OLE in ?
  239. How to update table in access vba
  240. Search outlook address book from VB.NET
  241. How to validate may text box with same condition
  242. How to remove MDIForm without border ?
  243. meaning of arguments in odbc connectivity using VB6.0
  244. call a variable with a variable
  245. Blackberry Browser close event on button click in
  246. Open files as ReadOnly or Temp
  247. Change text on messagebox button
  248. i want to make small project which can interface hardware with software.
  249. Go to url(variable text) on button click?
  250. How can application in VS2005 read a .epub file
  251. Delegation from within Event Handler
  252. Please i need help with cybercrime expert systems
  253. How to fill the datatable without using the database?
  254. ComboBox Databinding and Scroll issue
  255. Serial Port Not Closing Properly
  256. printing output
  257. baclays payment getway not working?
  258. please what the following statements mean??
  259. Convert Folder Names to Text
  260. Multithreading with queue
  261. How to generate Barcode (Code128) from 2008
  262. what the following statment mean?
  263. How do you write a 64bit dll using Visual basic 2008 Express
  264. Problem in saving image to database from picturebox. VB.Net 2008. Framework 3.5.
  265. how i can open html file and fill html tag and attribute in vb array with explan
  266. Change datasource for Dataset
  267. Search for pdf and link automatically to it
  268. how do you add an attribute to the dropdownlist then perform a databind
  269. Showing a sql query result
  270. Query with User Entered Criteria
  271. Why does my app not load user scope my.settings when in starts by registry run key
  272. how to give gridview cell spacing?
  273. Access ViewState Across other Pages with account and password
  274. Not able to remove blank spaces from string
  275. how can i connect to database using access or sql after creating my login
  276. Sending packets
  277. VB form is adding new rows in database but the new rows do not contain the form data.
  278. Removing duplicate rows in a textfile then add to datatable.
  279. Is there a way to remove root checkboxes
  280. What is unique to one person that I should be looking for?
  281. Index out of Bounds on primaryGroupID
  282. Error converting data type varchar to numeric.
  283. What is wrong with the following code?
  284. Best route to schedule VB.NET to run automatically?
  285. after editing my cell in datagrid then i am sorting them selected next data
  286. problem with loading an instance of a form before a database call
  287. How to remove file path?
  288. How to associate two windows forms?
  289. How to access sql server database through LAN?
  290. How to fix a missing debug menu/toolbar in vb net 2005 ???
  291. tableadapter.fill(datatable) fills the row that was not added to the datatable
  292. Crystal Reports Formula field = parameter field
  293. How to remove duplication of data in subreport
  294. Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
  295. 2 documents in printpreviewcontrol
  296. How to make a windows form more responsive?
  297. get list of tables' names in SQL server database
  298. Declaration expected
  299. Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other m
  300. How to read bmp image data in VB.Net
  301. How to get IP addresses of all users that are accessing folders on the server
  302. Calling VB.NET dll from C++
  303. How to get IP address of ALL users that accessed folders on the server
  304. VB.NET Proper Case Issue?
  305. How to detect the file to open inside browser in
  306. Sending attachments using vba and msoutl9.olb
  307. safely open file for reading...
  308. shrink SQL database in
  309. Rounding Up in VB Script
  310. Resultant Date will not cross the Current Month and will not be Sunday in VB.NET ?
  311. Trying to open .vbs script from another .vbs file
  312. how to put an active login form
  313. Visual Basic Response.BinaryWrite to finish in the OutputStream
  314. using left and right function
  315. Displaying data from a sql query in a label
  316. finding used space on my web mail server using .NET
  317. Usage of colon (i.e. : ) for multiple statements?
  318. HelpProvider with web browser
  319. get a table from image?
  320. Error on passing Date parameter
  321. Hide some modules from junior programmers
  322. how do i code the search command in VB
  323. I have used this code in ASP.NET. what is the same for VB.Net
  324. How do I launch a custom script during updates?
  325. Using a message box to open a web page. Problem, page always opens, even on CANCEL
  326. How do I correct this - Error Converting data type nvarchar to uniqueidentifier
  327. Exporting to Excel from DataGridView
  328. Will this statement display a rate, formatted as a percent to the user? Why/
  329. Understanding MDI forms
  330. Problem with pulling page content (mix html and Inline ASP) from SQL database.
  331. How to bring an already running application in front?
  332. Selecting a folder and all contents within
  333. C++ structure decoding in silverlight
  334. PrintPreviewControl problem...
  335. How to Load a Generic class without Loop
  336. Reading/Updating from/to XML
  337. Date formatting hell
  338. What is Different between global varible and public variable ?
  339. Mirror TextBox Text
  340. cutting off digits and rounding up/down
  341. What is wrong in this script
  342. whare can i find tutorial on using sql server as database?
  343. Unable to find an entry point
  344. VBScript can work in its own console application but cannot be called in a service?
  345. impersonated user cannot access local filesystem on W2K3 R2 server
  346. Why is streamreader not reading entire file
  347. Active-X error CreateObject("ScriptControl")
  348. DateTimePicker to only allow Sunday choices
  349. Returning selected item from combobox
  350. Socket programming
  351. hierarhical update with three tables
  352. Connect to a desired wireless network in visual basic 2008
  353. Updating 3 tables in one query without using stored proc
  354. How to change Panel Opacity in
  355. DateTimePicker custom format
  356. reading a file from a url to array
  357. How we use ErrorHandlerUI.ErrorDialog in
  358. How to connect VB.Net windows application to PHP and My sql database
  359. How to make a datagridview
  360. GZipStream size
  361. Is there any way to copy all text from console window?
  362. How to use request.querystring to give a value to a form field
  363. putting a date string made from string builder in an sql query
  364. Changing Splash form and Startup Object at runtime
  365. MonthCalendar Control question
  366. How to update entire data from datagridview to database
  367. XmlDocument.Load: Unexpected end of file has occurred.
  368. Determine the font style of a label control
  369. i want to know about how to manipulation textbox to produce an arithmetic result
  370. How to use a MSFLEXGRID Control like excel in Visual Basic 6.0
  371. No value given for one or more required parameters
  372. DotNetZip extraction progress reporting\event help
  373. User access to modifiers and user controls...
  374. Voip using
  375. Adding a new Key in My.Settings. VB
  376. DB2Connection trouble within a BackgroundWorker
  377. Testing if a library exists
  378. Voip Application
  379. Parser Error
  380. virtual interfacing of input value
  381. 2 Dimensional Array value assignment
  382. Populate TreeView in Background worker
  383. Bind ListView on onchange event of textbox (search operation)
  384. Execute Windows application from Console
  385. help program
  386. Trying to get Threading.Timer to do a function everyday at a specific
  387. mysql, how to connect and add or update data
  388. Printing a file to the printer
  389. Drag and drop form one datagrid to another
  390. Select Tab Page That Has Been Added At Runtime
  391. WebBrowser1.ReadyState problem
  392. Return folder name from file location path
  393. Syntax conversion.
  394. Receiving Data through RS232 cable
  395. Addhandler problem
  396. [b][i] Need Help [/b] [/i]
  397. using ascii as a buzzer
  398. Herfried's CopyFileEx wrapper example progress inaccurate
  399. Populating Datatable based on value of column
  400. How do I Wait for files to finish populating a directory before processing...
  401. VSTO 2005/Excel 2003 created add-in for Excel not enlisted
  402. shown event problem
  403. multilingual Application
  404. Repeating the same value
  405. update unable to find table mapping or data table
  406. Should I dispose of each child control before disposing of the parent control?
  407. Default XSL for XML in IE8.0 for XslCompiledTransform
  408. How To: AutoComplete DataGridView
  409. how to add multiple pages in print
  410. VB.Net & Access Forms
  411. How to move to row in datagrid when key is pressed?
  412. WOSA passbook printer
  413. What is a good tool or plugin for web development beginner
  414. How do I filter data on 1 form from selected cell on another form?
  415. AES Encryption Algorithm
  416. program code
  417. program sort name related to last name
  418. Uploading picture on a form
  419. How to get table values in aspx.vb coding session
  420. How to ask a "good" question -- READ BEFORE POSTING
  421. how to delete mailitems from outlook using redemption i
  422. Make an Encryption Program
  423. DateTimePicker Control Set time to 00:00:00 instead of current time
  424. how to write the code for opening a file
  425. How to sort the data in the data list?
  426. What is the difference between Timer and Thread?
  427. how to search and populate data grid
  428. A control to enter time other than datetimepicker using
  429. How to uncheck the checkbox??
  430. need help with the chrW function and handling invalid inputs
  431. iterate through items in a comobox to match values
  432. How to get full path of running process.
  433. best approach for connection string (sql server 2005)
  434. Exe call class in .vb file
  435. How can i know the mouse positioin on the form???
  436. import data from excel to sql database
  437. Display Data on form when timer control is running
  438. Time calculations
  439. turning string into an array?
  440. character recognition
  441. SQL query time out
  442. data binding using XAML
  443. HttpWebRequest webexception - The Request was aborted: The request was cancelled
  444. How to call Java Web Service through .net
  445. Write to sequential access file
  446. GridView returns wrong DataItemIndex when filtered or sorted
  447. How to save GridView Column values and retrieve them without using a database.
  448. form refresh or make duplicates
  449. Filestream and BinaryWriter lengths?
  450. Closing a form but keeping the information in the form
  451. Export data to Excel
  452. sql server 2008 connection string problem
  453. How to make deployment in VB.NET
  454. query to find records with substring
  455. Form load not fully executed !
  456. How to custumize Progress bars
  457. how to display multiple records in multiple textboxes
  458. Datagridview alignment does not work
  459. problems with datagridview rowheader value
  460. create powerpoint slides without COM objects
  461. Can anyone help me with this problem this code bring back no errors
  462. DataGridView, add unique gradient to each Row
  463. problems connection to sql server 2005 express from application
  464. Unload a form in
  465. How do i make a vb-access software for example payroll system,marksheet etc?
  466. How i can check whether application is running locally or remotely?
  467. OpenFileDialog Problem - only showing application path
  468. crystal report dataset
  469. 1.Create chart 2.copy from microsoft office
  470. how to reverse byte() to string
  471. query SQL data slow
  472. Reading files from the directory
  473. VB.NET Form looks different at runtime
  474. How to Open Second Form As Attached To First Form.
  475. Sending The Message To LAN Machine
  476. Calling VB.NET code from Excel
  477. Creation of the DB2 database
  478. oText.DataSource = adoPrimaryRS Not working in VB2008
  479. Decode ASCII
  480. Convert Control.Name to Control
  481. VB.NET - Detecting control key in form.resize event
  482. Combo Box
  483. making dyanmic chart in windows form using vb.net1.1
  484. How to search in array?
  485. double clik
  486. Dim handler As PropertyChangedEventHandler = Me.PropertyChanged not working in vb
  487. calculation problem
  488. Parser Error "he file '' does not exist"
  489. How to get text from a label in a DataList ItemTemplate ?
  490. Create a thread that would detect changes in the DB and fetch them on the
  491. fire Client Side code from Server Side at runtime
  492. Crystalreport design changes doesn't work in runtime.
  493. Validation of userinput
  494. Pausing an application waiting for a thread to finish...
  495. removing a control array
  496. Sending checkbox items to text file
  497. object is not creating an instance
  498. how to compare two array ?
  499. download a file from a web browser (IE) and upload in MS SQLSERVER
  500. How to Check if XML Node is Empty/Null/Blank
  501. vb .net timer problem with Windows 7 dual processors
  502. Deployment
  503. multibyte character finder
  504. Problems with Auto Postback on Text Field
  505. save data to excel file
  506. 64-bit error with LayoutKind.Explicit
  507. Program Licencing
  508. filling columns in grid on user input event
  509. How ot get an array location first Charector ?
  510. Dataset is not refresh
  511. custom nested lists and getting level and parent
  512. draw a wave in panel
  513. combobox in datagrid.
  514. How to find those word which give the same spelling from both site
  515. msgbox size
  516. Change progressbar color
  517. How to draw graphics on a transpaqrpicturebox over a "video" picture box?
  518. referring to self in a class function
  519. chart in VB.Net
  520. Problem–displaying graphform fm another form buttonclick event wo losing data
  521. rectangle drawn on picturebox gets erased when i scroll image.
  522. Date in VB.NET vs. MSAccess and SELECT
  523. Opening a saved file
  524. Modify ASP Literals with "Code Behind " in .net - General help
  525. Which of the following are true about Extension methods?
  526. weblink
  527. Open and see the data inside a .ISO, .Bin file from inside an application
  528. which of the following is true about VB Generics?
  529. VB Internet Explorer onchange event
  530. Creating a shortcut in .NET Compact Framework
  531. ListView can't see column text
  532. how to draw tranparent rectangle on picture box?
  533. Adding items to a List(of object
  534. ComboBox Question
  535. How to make demo(trial version)
  536. rfid use case and class diagrams
  537. can any one tell how to show the genealogy
  538. Problem sending keystrokes using SendKeys
  539. VB.NET Fixed String with embedded null characters
  540. & access - with different values of combobox on the multi same form?
  541. with access - multi same form
  542. Hide or omit some properties in binding of a collection
  543. Creating an object with methods problem
  544. load multi sql statement results into a dataset?
  545. visual studio 2008_codings for displaying image in picturebox using access database
  546. insert into sql server from excel using
  547. DataRepeater control in WPF Browser app's
  548. Interface Development compared to MS Access
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