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  1. How can we set customize page to PrintDocument1 in
  2. Closing a form if some conditions is met
  3. ComboBox refuses to display blank on setting selectedindex=-1
  4. Efficient way to write to a text file and append?
  5. Finding Digital Camera USB Device
  6. Using VB 2010, I need to access a label's Tag data (in this case a number) in a label
  7. Changing Form font size not scale form size always.
  8. Help interoperability between C dll and
  9. Transferring from Delphi 7.0 to
  10. Reading almost online data on XP environment
  11. Dynamically add Image on crystal report
  12. Sending Parameter to Stored Procedure from ComboBox and getting the returned data fro
  13. Save data in TextBoxes when close Form
  14. Consume PHP Soap web services using the .net Web Reference/proxy
  15. how to change the program to android
  16. List of strings from dictionary
  17. Oracle Boolean database numeric value 1
  18. show next line of list in textbox2
  19. How to List Variables the Flash
  20. Draw Line with osnap of End-off, Mid-off, center-off option
  21. Permission Denied to my application when copying file to share...
  22. Filtering data For Printing Report
  23. Combo Streak in a game how do you save them when resetting to 0
  24. Using (Of T) generic with functions in Visual Basic 2012
  25. Closing mdi child and parent from mdi child
  26. Is disposing a local brush variable necessary?
  27. How to pass a variable from 2 different subs to a 3rd?
  28. Check a checkbox when an item in a combobox is selected
  29. richtextboxprintctrl printed text height
  30. Enter Data based on a letter in a string?
  31. 'Type Expected' and 'Identifier Expected' errors (VB 2010)
  32. i want to make an app that count words from a text file and count words
  33. Convert Crystal Report in 2008 to 2012
  34. How to Import and Export Ms Access data using 2008
  35. How to save a DateTime value selected by the user
  36. How to use a DataGridView
  37. How to populate a ComboBox
  38. GridView ChechBox check all in
  39. too many arguments to public readonly default property
  40. how to give coding to radio buttons while using for gender
  41. Displaying MdiChild ToolStrip into MdiParent during runtime.
  42. Background Timer
  43. I can't access xml file from
  44. Program opens DOS/command window - but it should not
  45. Read a text file line by line and save the field values in the database table
  46. How do i read binary file and also want to read 4 bit from a byte of that file.
  47. Open a Form (showdialog) but run code in the background
  48. Why it Shows Text1.Count, Items, UBound & LBound instead of Text1.Text
  49. ValidateTextBox is not defined
  50. need to design code to frequently simulate key press every 30/45 secs
  51. Setting Position of a Button in Form
  52. Database throwing 'attempt to attach an auto-named database for file....' error
  53. Microsoft speech object library
  54. backgroundcolor in panels doesn't work
  55. I have used PMT Function in vb dot net and excel but both results are different pleas
  56. I got Syntax Error on my Update command.. Please do help me for I need to finish this
  57. Needed help in setup multiple display
  58. OleDbCommandBuilder visual Studio 2008
  59. How to delete a run-time, dynamically created control with a right click context menu
  60. How can I display value in datagridviewtextbox based on selected value in datagridvie
  61. Datagrid View Problem : Datagrid is Taking a Minimum size of 12 automatically!!
  62. Convert hex to binary in visual studio 2008
  63. Catch Enter Key with KeyDown Event in Text Column of DataGridVIew Conrol
  64. Prevent SQLServer database resetting on upgrade
  65. generating crystal report
  66. how to allow the member to use the system once?
  67. Is it a prime?
  68. i have problem with datagridview need help please
  69. upload of files using Tree view Control
  70. Printing ListViewControl Data In A Single Page
  71. how to save treeview parent node and child into sql server database
  72. Fill text box after selecting value in combobox
  73. email coding in vba
  74. Application is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level
  75. i want to become .net developer and i've basic skills in programming
  76. picture saving in mysql using in window7
  77. convert integer to hex, get the endianness right and pad the numbers out
  78. Copying things in a tabpage1 to tabpage2
  79. How do I suppress the "Confirm file Delete" dialog
  80. Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID
  81. Combobox hover triggers SelectedIndex change?
  82. Read saved openOffice .ods document using vb2005/vb2008
  83. Problem saving data to MS Access
  84. How to smooth maximize form in VB.NET?
  85. No mapping exists from object type ... to a known managed provider native type.
  86. i need some codes for visual basic 2008
  87. LIne in shown as an error on this string wsTarget.Range("A1:A135").Formula = "=sum(B1
  88. How to detect selection of a radiobutton in an array
  89. about datagridview databound control
  90. How to download a .zip and then unzip this to a specific location
  91. Get currency code from ISO code WITHOUT needing culture info
  92. Error when writing to DB2 from SQL DB via
  93. Get DNS Protocols or Sniffer DNS ?
  94. Set image Bacground in in visual studio 2012
  95. Tell the program calling a VB .exe that a process is finished
  96. Difficulty in adding hyperlink control to datagrid
  97. Upload tiff file to FTP with multiple session of a application
  98. how to use a dynamically generated button to change the text of a label created at de
  99. Adding totals from CheckBox Controls and display in labels
  100. No Image Saved To HDD but in a String, Needs to be coverted right and displayed in a
  101. SSTab Control
  102. "Object is not set to a reference" error message using accuweather lib
  103. Connection String
  104. Embedding two texts
  105. Want to separate access date/time column in to two using
  106. How to fix a SQL statement that is not working properly?
  107. Textbox bind text does not change when I click on GridControl
  108. how to have a single database for a LAN and server application in
  109. Combining Projects using VS 2010
  110. How to create setup in with sql or access database?
  111. Number of query values and destination fields are not the same
  112. Hello world, I need a "hello world"
  113. How to refresh a form in
  114. what's the problem on my save button's code?
  115. Visual Basic 2012 File Downloader
  116. Timer Control / Threading
  117. how to bind gridview to textbox to search
  118. Arrays
  119. tracking by gm862-gps-how to convert from dddmm.mmmm to real through
  120. Check records continuously from sql database if a condition is met
  121. fetching second row out put of stored procedure
  122. RS232c send command to Laser Marker?
  123. How do I create a combobox that works like MS Access's
  124. Verify if Two Files are in Same Directory, If So Process, If Not Go to Next Directory
  125. how to link gm862-gps to a application?
  126. VBA Excel escaping edit mode not working
  127. the source code runs well on the accounts' sub-window but not on the users' one
  128. Simple Discovery Service
  129. Creating own programming language in
  130. Can i legally use classes in my own programming language
  131. Need shallow copy of a class
  132. Merge Fields in a Word Document..
  133. VBScript Error 800A040E("loop" without "do" error)
  134. Object References
  135. How Can I Place a Scroll Control On a VB.Net Souloution?
  136. issue when using code to FTP file to another server.
  137. Key Press Event in datagridview
  138. Visual Installer
  139. and ms sql deployment
  140. CAA RADE integration with Visual Studio
  141. date in one of field is getting set to 0000
  142. Creating a directory that can't be moved
  143. Error UPDATE query doesn't contain Multi Value Field
  144. how to run a program without loading a form but it would show a msgbox
  145. How to use mid function vs 2008(
  146. send a text file into a two dimensional array using code
  147. Iframe/url parameters /classic asp
  148. How to Identify a unique file
  149. how to count records and display a field.
  150. Graphics in visual basic 2010
  151. Text file not displaying when I run my program
  152. how to insert date and time into sqldatabase
  153. How to refresh the connection String during runtime?
  154. Running plink with user input interaction from
  155. Dynamic Gridview Header Wrap Text
  156. How can I refer a label by concantenating its name property
  157. XML issues: change name displayed in node
  158. Return a Structure in a Web Service
  159. ListBox on Inserting values into the Database
  160. How to Solve Access to COM is denied Error in with
  161. Issue with My VB Program for Traffic Light Control System
  162. How do i disable record editing on my database table.
  163. Gridview on Delete button and Sorting
  164. .NET Socket Issue: Messages come in small chunks
  165. Popup window losing focus
  166. Sql insert statement, how to generate a primary key?
  167. How to know external application exit
  168. insert statement into sql not working correctly. something is wrong with the dataread
  169. how to execute specific file from setup deployment project?
  170. How to pull text out of a Divbox on a website into a label on my form
  171. Retrieve the year from database
  172. If Statement logic
  173. Exception Interruption Window DOES NOT APPEAR
  174. convert any string to 7 digit
  175. How do I start service "Help and Support" using vb net 2012?
  176. Adding to Datatable
  177. Raised events are called in wrong order.
  178. Stuck with IF statement to determine whether a button can be pressed or not
  179. Deleting a row in gridview
  180. Using MSXML2 to read a table from a webpage
  181. I have 50 Bytes to save to disk 1 byte at a time
  182. Visual Basic - SQL password validation using BindingSource
  183. Querying table with looping date finction
  184. calculating total price from gridview values
  185. Crystal report loads slowly with huge data. Can we make crystal report display report
  186. Populating Values Based On The Selection
  187. object reference not set to an instance of an object for registry key code
  188. what should i do to remain the panel on the place where i scrolled it?
  189. Transitions in Opening Forms in VB/C#/C++
  190. table generation and dynamic row creation
  191. combo box 'ItemData' property does not exist in
  192. Link to certain view in a different page
  193. Renaming and moving files.
  194. Delete row from database using OleDb
  195. create looping domain with performclick and timer
  196. For Loop giving from Index Number
  197. automation Template word by
  198. keyboard controlling arduino rc car with UDP packets (VB 2008)
  199. To Receive Hex value from serial port.
  200. Pick file with mouseclick on desktop and display name in textbox
  201. prevent form leave in form_leave event
  202. Build Menustrip at runtime
  203. Report Form on how you can give out with the specific date which you selecting
  204. add item from textbox to listbox during runtime
  205. How to use select query to populate text box?
  206. get object from Text. get the control textbox and read the screen text value
  207. Average items in a List for specific time interval
  208. Error 7 Type 'AxMSCommLib.AxMSComm' is not defined.
  209. blinking datagridview forecolor text cell
  210. how to convert date formate dd/mm/yyyy to yyyy-mm-dd using masktextbox in
  211. Listbox, retrieve a column from access and still able to add new item
  212. How to make a skype auto answerer
  213. how many times a word is in a text file
  214. No such interface supported (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004002 (E_NOINTERFACE))
  215. ComboBox has to be selected TWICE to generate data results on bound fields of labels
  216. passing a value from one form to a label in another form
  217. tooltip text visual basic. how to put tooltip text in visual basic 6.0?
  218. with vb update sqldatabase
  219. Select * from tablename where ID = '"& textbox1.text & "'
  220. Select only one checkbox in looped checkboxes and get the corresponding textbox value
  221. PrintDialog with printPreviewDialog
  222. Porting data binding code from VB6 to VB.NET
  223. Accessing textboxes created in code in vb2010
  224. waiting form get disappeared while executing long process
  225. VB code to convert positive integer N into an alphanumeric string
  226. Cannot change Font in custom textbox at runtime
  227. DotNetZip statusMessageTextWriter property use
  228. Reading tables using OleDBConnection
  229. Convert number to hex in byte array (&H?? format)
  230. get selected combobox item to display its values to listbox
  231. How do I do Process.Start inside a for loop?
  232. checking TimeofDay against app setting value
  233. Make a property have a multiline style editor
  234. DotNetZip command-line saveprogress
  235. convert varchar field in sql database into datetime value while retrieving to display
  236. data reader not getting refreshed
  237. Word merge does not pull data programmatically
  238. Build menu is disabled and how do I compile
  239. Sorting dataview containing NonAlphanumeric apostrophe characters
  240. how to store and retrieve image using session?
  241. Parallel.Foreach usage
  242. Killing Idle Processes- Software Licenses
  243. How to generate an automatic label Year ?
  244. Elements of a toolstrip witin an usercontrol get deleted when copying/pasting it.
  245. how to add the combobox to the header column of the datagridview
  246. insert and update database table rows using textboxes
  247. Array using Filesystemwatcher don't run
  248. Saving and Retrieving richtext to sql server
  249. Visual Basic 2010 equivalent of JavaScript numbered variable names
  250. how to check xml data present or not
  251. Find out the output of the following codes;
  252. Finding out substring
  253. Making a WebBrowser and would like to know how to set up arrow key scrolling
  254. TextBox Problem
  255. Apache compatible md5 hash function
  256. Problem changing label text from different form
  257. MDI ToolStripMenuItem Problem
  258. Thoughts on Installers
  259. how to declare form textbox in vb module
  260. Is it possible to have a J2ME (using NetBeans) as client and (2010) as server?
  261. How can i change Default margin of Report Viewer
  262. get values of selected listbox items to another listbox
  263. Satellite build error for culture failed
  264. [ask] Imports Microsoft.Office.Interop ERROR .net 2008
  265. How to group a field GROUP BY dateTime without taking the time into count?
  266. Modify a CSV file
  267. how to store file path in mysql database retrieve it using
  268. Draw string to region
  269. [Maths] Drawing lines to shapes
  270. how to get value from gridview as per the selection of checkbox?
  271. Getting the Active MAC Address [VB 2012]
  272. If i send a WM_CLOSE message my program freezes
  273. System.Diagnostics.Process execute perl remotely on server
  274. Windows Service Written in VB will not stop properly
  275. Running .exe in memory
  276. Local Unused Variable
  277. prevent overwriting file if already exists using installshield2009
  278. Loading one form from another
  279. how do i detect the current position in vlc video-playback in
  280. Windows service
  281. Get Crystal report if there will be changing table name?
  282. Remote computer availability Map
  283. Mypage.aspx.vb page is not there
  284. how to change back color of selected tree node when fullrowselect property is true
  285. How To Join Two Table in DataGridView
  286. Convert vb application to work online
  287. how to use multiple image in one picturebox using timer
  288. sort 2d bar chart in ascending or descending order in ms chart
  289. create folder that user perform folder only if user have username/password
  290. display value of selected item in listbox to textbox
  291. Connecting ms Access database to Vb.Net
  292. How to send a message to a hidden cmd shell
  293. How to clear form controls from Top objects in the Finalizer queue
  294. How to call stored procedure in vb?
  295. Loading one userform from another
  296. Dynamically load DLL object into a template class
  297. Graphics.FromImage and DrawImage
  298. A part of ListBox.Add's text as bold
  299. ToolTips on Controls Added to a tabPage
  300. How to find dshow devices that are on the computer
  301. Can't open designer. i'm using 2010
  302. Need advice on how to program...
  303. How To Restore Form from a Timer.Elapsed Event Handler
  304. Scrolling Panel Issues
  305. Programatically change Endpoint Address in App.config
  306. How do I process XML in Visual Basic?
  307. How to populate combobox in
  308. - making combobox a search engine with mysql database
  309. How Do I Write ListView items to a text file?
  310. Ghost Selection
  311. How to populate a second combobox when selecting item from the first combobox
  312. Create windows user from 2010
  313. Migrating data from Tally 9 to Foxpro application using .NET codebase
  314. How to spell-check an individual word
  315. Extract and process XML data from a string
  316. get the status of a windows server service using
  317. how to display data into a message box from database
  318. LowerCase & UpperCase in Visual Studio
  319. How Do I Add Items and SubItems to a Selected ListView Row?
  320. Displaying Forms IN Visual Basic 2010
  321. not repeated data in one column in
  322. How can I manually sort columns in List View by clicking on the Column Header?
  323. Focusing on Web user Control
  324. Exception: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException Exception has been thrown...
  325. task process application to set through button in 08
  326. How to bypass UAC restriction of Windows 7 from code?
  327. Trace Lost focus of a form in
  328. Embedding a Resource into Excel in
  329. How to use timer to continuously Ping
  330. (null) is not a valid Win32 app
  331. If time equals to...
  332. how to hide a form
  333. Using ComboBoxList Selected Item as a Variable
  334. Drag and drop around user controls
  335. Final installation debugging
  336. Using array vNumbers(1 + 2) = 1
  337. String Variable not formatted in HTML Email
  338. Installation path & Environmental Settings
  339. Embedding .dll into app
  340. Copying series datapoints to another series using charts in .Net
  341. Sub Forms in Excel
  342. Radio buttons and labels in visual basic 2010 express
  343. how to locate file path of the current started application?
  344. Can anyone convert this VBS to
  345. Hide Column in a cross tab report of 2010/CRV13
  346. Convert byte array to PDF without saving as a file
  347. Creating one loop to control multiple conditional/cascading combo boxes
  348. a generic error occurred in gdi+
  349. How to save the output of the form into a .pdf file?
  350. Filter Data in the DataGrid system in 3 layers
  351. Removing a file path from xml while zipping
  352. Consult Primary Key in a DataGrid Textbox
  353. enter keypress to capture entries
  354. Moving to Next record in VB 2010 programmatically
  355. Fastest/Most Efficient way to repopulate a listbox?
  356. printing graphics at the exact place and size
  357. to display number in exponential form after certain limit also limit number of digit
  358. How to text align text box text to right side in web form?
  359. read x/y coordination color value of other form in
  360. Smilies filter with swear filter
  361. Two clicks for a button
  362. combo box and common cut copy paste
  363. how can store image in database by adderssing of the image?
  364. Disabling a Button based off a Variable in a form
  365. BackgroundWorker Updating UI
  366. I need help Looping Code in Visual Basic
  367. change backcolor of listview and force keypressed/down on label controls?
  368. Testing for a specfic format value
  369. Form inside a panel - Windows CE
  370. SMS from Vb with Http request
  371. how to correct the error when odbc Exception was unhandled?
  372. problem accessing with DTD data in xml
  373. How can I pre-emptively check whether a kill call will cause an exception?
  374. Running Stored Procedure to create temporary table
  375. way to convert html files to exe with .net 2010
  376. Getting the right IP address when multiple are present
  377. Get Focus to window using VB script and SendKeys
  378. Length in string is not correct.
  379. Facing few formating related issues with DHTML Editor control
  380. I am using Access2010 and VB2008 Express for my application. I get a Syntax error in
  381. Web service for uploded database www to local database ...
  382. cannot Retrive Arabi or Urdu from MySql WAMP server
  383. Connecting to Oracle Database?
  384. How can i cut a packet into several lines 2010
  385. i cant convert from type long to string?
  386. syntax error in insert into statement.
  387. Calculating time passed in a range
  388. Web service with timer
  389. NetworkAccess has no constructors.
  390. importrows from table from one connection to table in other connection (same structur
  391. How to get the back and Forward Functionalities to windows application
  392. Buttons VB don't work and interaction between MS access database
  393. System.ArgumentException was unhandled Message: Parameter is not valid.
  394. How to display record from sqlite database in visual studio 2005
  395. how to run vb program in network
  396. Assigning values to dictionary elements
  397. Setting form backcolor in code leaves part of tabcontrol at default colour
  398. random number for multi VM's all starting at same time
  399. C# to conversion: byte pointers etc
  400. WmiSetBrightness method not supported (.Net 4.0, Winforms, Windows 7).
  401. Numer of network printers in VB.NET
  402. Create SOAP Request from XSD
  403. Customize Headers and footers when printing webbrowser panel
  404. Receive socket with connection left open
  405. Programmatically modify OLE Linked Object in Word
  406. how to open a same form in panel in multiple times
  407. How to auto fill a textbox?
  408. tablelayout control with rounded corners
  409. Validation Control, no error, but it doesn't work properly
  410. Input letters only
  411. How to use an Items Collection Editor on a custom UserControl (.Net 4, Winforms)?
  412. Threading: Thread takes dominance, & the rest wait until it's finnished.
  413. How to access form events from a different class?
  414. How to use in module
  415. how to make a file download using,
  416. How to require the user to fill all fields?
  417. Trigger events when program closes
  418. working with outlook and windows live in
  419. Save changes in datagrid
  420. In Master Detail Relationship Child Table ParentId Saving Problem
  421. Saving a MS Word doc filename from a string in the document using a macro
  422. packaging and deploying project
  423. Dynamically created forms and textbox
  424. Embed videos in vb2008/10?
  425. Disabling tab page on form load..
  426. How to call a specified url, outside of event click, to redirect
  427. Click on Scroll Bar and Drag to Scroll
  428. encrypted passwords not translated correctly by control
  429. what server name i have to use application in oracle when they are in LAN
  430. Text file having Table data so i want to put this data in to data base in mysql serve
  431. how to make my visual basic 2010 application to autorun when windows starts
  432. javascript function for customvalidator
  433. Inner workings or orderby
  434. paper out error not displaying application dos printing
  435. How to initialize array in a structure
  436. What causes this try statement to go to catch?
  437. Import Excel into Access
  438. Accessing the SQL server2005 tables from more than one client
  439. Let arrow keys work on WebBrowser Control & catch Esc, F11, & F5 (Fullscreen/Refresh)
  440. How to use a sql server database on LAN network using VB 2008
  441. DataAdapter.fill Dataset with error: "Input string was not in a correct format"
  442. Horizontal Record in Crystal Report
  443. how do i put all the items in my listbox to a msgbox
  444. Array of webbrowsers
  445. operation of set
  446. Combobox not populating with values from text file
  447. Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement
  448. Streaming Text File: How to properly convert to integer
  449. Multiple file selection into list window
  450. DLL call using a pointer to array of structure, port from VC++ to VB
  451. Using user-defined variables in excel vba DLL
  452. How to pass an optional parameter along with required parameters in console?
  453. Update vb6 to 2008 questions
  454. How do I link the form in my crystal report when i click on report object
  455. Font change for dynamic controls in
  456. ReportDefinition.ReportObjects.Current
  457. VBS: Defining Impersonate Level as admin
  458. SQL Error in Visual Basic
  459. Display Data from Local VB Database in a label after clicking a buttong
  460. Equivalent header files of LINUX & VC++
  461. stop user input while popup is not answered
  462. recurring and non recurring invoice combined database structure
  463. Gross pay, Tax pay and Net pay
  464. AsyncFileUpload - Save into DB
  465. Integer variable &HA1
  466. Waiting for 3rd party program to reach a certain point
  467. Extract/convert string from XLS
  468. Pivot chart like excel
  469. Disabling one button out of an array without changing the others.
  470. Passing User Credentials to SSRS
  471. Scanning a PDF417 (2d) Barcode
  472. count black & white pixels in a bitmap
  473. Only reading value if other value=true
  474. Receiving Data From Serial Port & Starting a Timer - Visual Basic Express
  475. A first chance exception of type 'System.Reflection.AmbiguousMatchException' occurred
  476. Executable conversion issue with VB 2008
  477. How to perform addition on each of the rows and columns and diagonally of the arra
  478. update record using datarow but not updated in database
  479. check if user-id exists then edit
  480. xxx.exe encountred amd must be closed
  481. how to receive data from a hardware device through serial port.
  482. How to remove the systray icon of another application
  483. VB.Net 2008 Save Print Preview DataGridView inside txt file or Excel
  484. System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.Fill(DataSet dataSet)
  485. Problem in creating numeric textbox (.Net 4.0 - Winforms).
  486. How to get the object's value passed in the dictionary object?
  487. I am receiving errors in my code. Ex. Public Event InsufficientFunds()' is an event,
  488. how to install when i have windows xp sp2 operating software
  489. Crystal Reports Query Question
  490. 'System.ExecutionEngineException' occurred in System.Windows.Forms.dll
  491. serialize datatable to a binary file , then add new rows to file
  492. How to connect from to sql server 2008 by using oledb connection?
  493. how to return a string value from exe to web application?
  494. How to find the total row count of datagrid using column name in
  495. string and byte to bytes and byte to string and byte
  496. Uncheck Enable Application Framework in VB.NET
  497. Change datagridview combobox cell style on form load?
  498. How to add one datagridview into another datagridview cell
  499. How to populate a DataGridView using Multiple Table using Query Designer in
  500. Unspecified error: On opening OleDbConnection in VB. net
  501. Is it possible to use a variable for a SqlConnection string
  502. Type mismatch error MyFunc(arg1), MyFunc is out-of-proc COM and arg1 is IUnknown**
  503. Difference between User Control and ActiveX Control in VB.Net
  504. Separating text from .txt into colums in listview ( mobile)
  505. Adding a border to a specific item (and it's subitems) of a list view control
  506. MonthCalendar Control
  507. How to change the windows user password with VB.NET
  508. Accessing binary(16) field in SQL query
  509. move label and picturebox togather
  510. How to get value in dynamic control in gridview when postback?
  511. VB Failed To Update SQL Using Update ... SET....WHERE
  512. How to Invoke the Windows Service function API from an Windows Application?
  513. Error converting from C# to VB.Net
  514. How to dispaly a gridview fully in two different monitors?
  515. How do i save the contents of a list view?
  516. how to print the content of crystalreportviewer directly to printer without preview
  517. How to set background color window to RGB color
  518. how to raise a cutom event
  519. How do you convert a string into an object
  520. vb .net suspend/resume Thread
  521. keytraps help
  522. VB.Net or Visual studio
  523. Destktop Lock
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