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  1. Read Excel-Xml as Embedded Ressource with OleDbDataAdapter
  2. Find the Owner of a folder
  3. Reading data from a web server
  4. Copying arrays of different bases
  5. Version Number of a an external application
  6. Suspending screen updates
  7. xml payload string as a single key
  8. Can't sort datagrid by combo box columns
  9. Storing Variables
  10. Function to split long string into "sentences"
  11. Dynamic AddressOf value for AddHandler
  12. Splash screen duration
  13. Recursive Registry Loop
  14. Speed issue loading image
  15. onblur in an UpdatePanel
  16. Re: Boolean Range
  17. Dim lblTimeleft As Label = CType(e.Row.Cells(9).FindControl("lblTimeleft"), Label)
  18. Save image to file from memory
  19. upload file By URL
  20. Activate Event Equivilent for UserControl?
  21. Overloading string split function
  22. shopping to get beijing2008 tessera hap shopping to get beijing2008tessera hap
  23. shopping to get beijing2008 tessera hap
  24. = nothing vs. Is Nothing
  25. WinForm app speed issue
  26. ENCODING loss on Read and Write file
  27. Why does CLick once insist on .net 3.5
  28. Constant Expression Is Required Vb.Net 2008
  29. How to display a resize handle in the bottom right corner of a form
  30. EnumAvailableSqlServers and passing the name of the servers
  31. ENCODING loss on Read and Write file
  32. Coding a USB connection
  33. AppDomain
  34. Check for ReadOnly File is in Use
  35. Split function question
  36. clearing a combo box...
  37. Date converison
  38. VB.NET COM DLL form a VBScript
  39. Retrieving the DefaultValue for a property from a function ..?
  40. XML Config File handling with .NET Setup Project
  41. Splitting string over word boundry
  42. delegate problem in translate from c#
  43. Why does CLick once insist on .net 3.5
  44. FileSystemWatcher class and .NET 2.0 documentation
  45. Tape Device access via vb....
  46. Table name to table adapter
  47. Domain name.
  48. Passing various class types as parameters
  49. Array Problem When Index Value is Nothing
  50. Dealing with DBConcurrencyException error in multi-table scenario
  51. Stupid Question..Maybe
  52. validation not fireing on button press!
  53. Screen Casting
  54. Scrolling when doing a drag and drop in TableLayoutPanel (VS2005)
  55. Writing a simple webservice
  56. Developing a selection program
  57. Why can't we disable a tab page?
  58. Context & Property Shell Extensions
  59. DataGridView locks up application
  60. problem with checking null or empty value in detailsview
  61. Databind DataGridView to List(of String)
  62. Thumbnail Images in Listview (Please Help..)
  63. Moving character Glyphs
  64. Resizing an arraylist
  65. query that will return null values to 0
  66. Conferencing Control
  67. How to change the amount into -ve in CR ?
  68. What is the most efficient way ...
  69. .csv File to .xml File in VB.Net using 2.0 Framework and .xsd
  70. adapter manager error handling
  71. Where is the part to set when my mouse pointer move to textbox or label or buton it will display text description ?
  72. Re: "Late Binding" error is killing me!
  73. Moved from VB6 to VS2005 and stumped on simple task
  74. DataGridView causing problems
  75. Threading with forms
  76. ListBox question
  77. File Encryption/Decryption problem
  78. How do I write a code to activate a popup menu when I right click in a label control?
  79. Closing all forms
  80. Can your app detect Webrowser events?
  81. Obtaining Domain Controller
  82. scheduler
  83. Which formats can not be pasted by a RichTextBox
  84. MonthCalendar
  85. test
  86. Closing a form from another form
  87. vsto vs vs2008
  88. Calling unmanaged DLL issue
  89. "Change your language and you change your thoughts."
  90. How do I set my form start at the right bottom site in any monitor resolution?
  91. Re: How do I set my form start at the right bottom site in anymonitor resolution?
  92. Trying to insert textboxdata into database
  93. What is the command to display computer name & ip address ?
  94. MonthCalendar
  95. AutoSize Issues
  96. MonthCalendar
  97. Find Subs/Functions which are no longer referenced?
  98. VS 2008 conversion wizard displayed for VS 2008 Outlook 2003 add-in on pc with Outlook 2007
  99. Tool to mark code which has been executed
  100. How its working ??
  101. How do you create Listings().ListingItems()
  102. Re: How to put value from table in a label?
  103. stop multi instantes of program on one machine
  104. How to create a checkbox datatype column in a table in VB .net code
  105. Validating a XML input
  106. Conversion wizard comes up on same version project
  107. Need help with custom install package
  108. How do I make a gridview appear?
  109. MMC Images
  110. Avoiding a circular reference
  111. click icon behind the transparent form
  112. help with array and functions
  113. I have a listbox full of database items. How do I add item "All ofthe above"
  114. Messenger API and DCOM error on instantiation
  115. Using Max and Sum on a Dataset - Possible?
  116. Bookmarks & ToDos in 2005
  117. Hook system mouse down?
  118. Problem installing Outlook Add-in
  119. Got it working
  120. webrequest - webresponse again
  121. how make a popup in VS 2005 ?
  122. webrequest-webresponse
  123. Overloading of the unary ++ operator in
  124. treeview selected node
  125. TDD and private methods/classes
  126. Compile app with icons
  127. Usisng logical operators with integers in VB
  128. Application is Active?
  129. http xml post
  130. Accessing capture device for built in webcam
  131. Does the for closing event always fire?
  132. Can't Add Reference to MSHTML
  133. Resuming Try
  134. ToolStripButton does not fire click event if form does not have focus?
  135. clarifying information
  136. Typecasting without knowing the cast
  137. Convert VBS file to
  138. Receive Events from separate thread
  139. apps can't be run from network drive
  140. zebra Printer
  141. ActiveX on .Net Compact Framework
  142. hook messages sent to OS while printing
  143. refreshing your datagridview
  144. Label Background
  145. Handling data update errors with multiple tables
  146. Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left Function
  147. XmlTextReader problem
  148. .Net for MicroISV?
  149. Datagrid update
  150. If I want FormClosing and FormClose to run am I suppose to call the forms Close method?
  151. Vb Script Text Book
  152. Vb Script Text Book
  153. Outlook AddIn in vs2008 questions
  154. Sample of simple use of datagridview with a column which is a dropdown
  155. Is vs 2008 enough for office Add-Ins
  156. Non-Shared Member
  157. How to add a listener to the keyboard pressed action when the focusis not on the program?
  158. Find a class in a solution with mulitpile projects
  159. Regarding Mike Willaims
  160. Microsoft MVP Activity Requires Checking
  161. MVP McCarthy Out of Control
  162. McCarthy Gets MS MVPs a bad name
  163. Microsoft Please Stop McCathy MVP Troll Activity
  164. MVP Troll Alert Bill McCarthy
  165. Please Stop this MVP from trolling the groups
  166. Plea to Microsoft to stop MVP Bill McCarthy troll activity
  167. Microsoft McCarthy MVP is a troll
  168. Troll MVP McCarthy
  169. MVP McCarthy needs to stop trolling
  170. Microsoft Please Control your MVP McCarthy
  171. Redirected trolling activity
  172. Microsoft MVP Trolling Activity
  173. List Box Columns
  174. Can this be made generic?
  175. List Box
  176. Exception during Outlook Interop
  177. Re: Modify app.config in VB.NET
  178. Allowing Third Parties to Develop Code Without Access to EXE
  179. Re: Getting info from SQL DB
  180. Sort Integer Array
  181. Sort on Integer Array
  182. Integer Array Sort
  183. Automating Excel and then quit application problem
  184. XML
  185. Assembly.LoadFrom
  186. Tableadapter record count
  187. Sample app
  188. Any Joy?
  189. Using other languages
  190. Multiuser environment-show current data in datagrid
  191. Re:
  192. Crystal reports - Application server failed
  193. Can I open a pdf file in Acrobat reader and go to a page using
  194. Public FTP with dotnetfx.exe ?
  195. Opening forms in background thread
  196. Colours
  197. Timers
  198. Virtual listview from Linq
  199. speed issues
  200. Listview groups
  201. Re:
  202. Talking to other apps on same pc
  203. Printing a new page
  204. Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 (.NET Framework Data Provider for Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5)
  205. Article...
  206. Setup and Deployment
  207. Moving multiple controls simultaneously
  208. How to write a .NET attribute which does just like ObsoleteAttribute...
  209. LoadDataRow - Inserts or Updates?
  210. Closing Process minimizes my application
  211. "Not Supported" error on WMI Query in VB.NET
  212. 2005 Tabcontrol
  213. Re: Click Once Install Defaults
  214. Re: Click Once Install Defaults
  215. Vb .net 2008 Express WPF
  216. Re:
  217. Full Screen
  218. Application start-up events without start-up form
  219. Setting Background Colour to a Label
  220. embed command window in form
  221. Getting the publish version number using VB.NET 2008
  222. App design advise
  223. need help with array in VB
  224. vb2008 pro Warnings
  225. Make check boxes look like radio check boxes?
  226. determinating if the mouse button is still down - again
  227. Multiple COM Ports
  228. Capturing an Image from a Webpage
  229. Filtering Textbox input
  230. Sending date to Excel causes Error
  231. Setting application users permissions on specific records.
  232. cannot release excel object
  233. Passing dataset by reference to another form
  234. Re: DataGridView, Custom Buisness Object, And Sorting
  235. Database SQL Statement
  236. Linq IQueryable to Listview
  237. How to generate the reference number
  238. serial port
  239. Make the dropdown wider in a datagrid view
  240. Is .NET slower than - say - VB6?
  241. Help needed converting VB6 file IO code sample to
  242. Catching the _closing event on Windows Mobile 5.0
  243. vb6
  244. How to show Combo Box items in a different color or bold?
  245. GUI Access tp a Service?
  246. Application Parameters
  247. Regular Expression Syntax
  248. Books recommendations please
  249. Google search web service
  250. Active Directory, User Permissions, and .NET?
  251. Crystal report can't run in window 2000 workstation
  252. Localizing Windows Forms
  253. SQL Server Timeout - Second time in loop
  254. Can I do this (threading and UI control update)
  255. New to Excel
  256. PictureBox "locks" file, cannot move/delete
  257. another month question
  258. Capturing control keys
  259. Powershell in VB.NET
  260. Timer on form not affected by other thread with no error
  261. StreamReader and text file problem
  263. Capturing & Sending Keys
  264. MonthCalendar
  265. URI methods don't really work?
  266. Properties that self close in code
  267. Find and Replace question
  268. Coustom Counter
  269. A way to find which (sub) window has the focus?
  270. Populate Combo/List Box with ArrayList
  271. FTP commands: Delete and Rename
  272. Counting the Number of dayofweek in a month
  273. Re: navigate between forms
  274. Watsup with my simple RegExp?
  275. Navigate between forms
  276. Problems Showing Main Form after Hide
  277. GDI+ persistence
  278. Strange Problem Serializing XML File
  279. dataset as a class property...
  280. Change version of .net in 2008
  281. Outputting bold text using PrintLine
  282. Transparent user control with click through to the control below
  283. I need help connecting vb-sql
  284. Performance XP versus W2003S
  285. to Where is the code? (VB2005 + SQL server DB file)
  286. Output Window
  287. Optimize Store Procedure routine
  288. Using an array of bytes with fixedoffset in a struct?
  289. Does listbox control provide "independent" double selections?
  290. Property me()
  291. threadproc
  292. BUG: Non-vector array mess-up
  293. FTP commands: Delete and Rename
  294. Cannot replace double quotes
  295. Still need help getting OneClick app to get to first user code line
  296. What's the differece of Interop and AxInterop dll's
  297. Build an array to read data from excel worksheet and load it to oa
  298. Does VB have automatic properties?
  299. Change environment setting path
  300. Help! protected memory error...
  301. read from Excel worksheet into dataset
  302. Accessing Multipage TIFF file via byte offset in VB.NET?
  303. resume next in VB.NET ?
  304. Save Mapi.Message as MSG
  305. C# to VB.NET conversion (Generics confusion)
  306. [VB 2005] Convert .doc in PDF
  307. Problem with data grid
  308. textbox
  309. date only
  310. Why does loading a form cause a change.
  311. Height of Controls
  312. Favorite Tutorials for what is new in VB9?
  313. Try/Catch block within a Tab Page validating event
  314. Need help with date format
  315. Forms: Close Dialog weird problem
  316. Rules for passing Windoes messages if control A is on Control B which is on a form?
  317. Select Event fires for a gridview when I don't want it to.
  318. EnablePrivileges = True not working in wmi connection
  319. Tabcontrol on an MDI form
  320. Help with Poker Hand Evaluation.
  321. Regex question find words that start with special char
  322. type.Attributes names
  323. Re: Exporting web service request to text file Options
  324. Problems when posting site
  325. How do you do this? Simple ASP.NET GridView question
  326. clearing a datagridview
  327. msgbox
  328. Windows Media Player Control Drag and Drop
  329. Error in Dataset
  330. Conversion from VB6 to VB.NET
  331. Convery WMI script into .NET (using VB.NET 2005)
  332. why does TextBox1 show nothing?
  333. WindowsMediaPlayer Control Plugins
  334. Error on SOAP Call on only one machine: Could not find default endpoint element that references contract 'ServiceReference1.SLDSoap' in the ServiceModel client configuration section
  335. Readonly DLL?
  336. .NET Cookie Parsing
  337. Loop through all binding sources on a form
  338. Puzzling Exception ("Invalid parameter") Thrown by MeasureCharacterRanges
  339. Re: GC.Collect() not cleaning memory, how to find out what references to lots of memory still exist?
  340. VB 2005 Express Third Party Control
  341. Serial Port Question
  342. Check focus of text box
  343. Re: VS 2008 WTF
  344. VS 2008 WTF
  346. Re: VS 2008 WTF
  347. I need help with calculating business days
  348. From Inherits
  349. Re: ldap lookup from window form
  350. E-mail address check ! who can help me???or any advice
  351. One more question: distributing applications
  352. Caclulated Fields in a gridview
  353. query doesn't return all results
  354. query
  355. Question about character counting
  356. TreeView SelectedNodeStyle and HideSelection Properties
  357. books?
  358. RE: Send codes via USB to printer
  359. Curiuos error, but still functions
  360. Unit Test tutorial
  361. can one convert drawable XmlSerializer xmlns file into GIF or PNG?
  362. How Do I: 'System.ObjectDisposedException'
  363. Unexpected decimal places
  364. How to convert English text to Spanish text
  365. Re: First chance exceptions
  366. Re: How to write a text file?
  367. Trying to populate a combobox
  368. Re: Using readonly properties in a class...
  369. Question of Style for Delegate creation
  370. Web/Windows Service with VB 2005 express?
  371. Short circuiting by using AndAlso and OrElse
  372. Re: CommandType = TEXT vs Stored Procedure.
  373. CultureInvariant question
  374. I need a little help here.
  375. Datatable equivalent code with OleDbDataReader
  376. OleDbDataReader to datatable
  377. Third Party Control Error from vbAcccelerator in 2005 Express
  378. System.IO.TextWriter vs System.IO.TextWriter
  379. Re: Upgrade to Vista Ultimate broke VS 2008
  380. Re: RE: x button
  381. VB 6 ABS equivlent
  382. Theading success (and a little gotcha lurking...)
  383. Re: Generate password
  384. Calculate Easter Sunday
  385. MDI and TableLayoutPanel
  386. VB Beginner - Questions
  387. Re: Loop through Non-Array Variables
  388. Need Help Checking MdiParent on Form Open event from a module
  389. Re: Changing an application to a service...
  390. Re: nested classes and properties and imports inherits implements
  391. How do I create windows that can be arranged & docked (ie VS2008 IDE)?
  392. Create Dataset from a Dataset?
  393. Re: Using readonly properties in a class...
  394. Updating an XML file in
  395. Re: Using readonly properties in a class...
  396. What is the best way to get the field names from a table in SQL Server using VB.NET
  397. Windows Media Player Control - doesn't work properly on some laptop pcs
  398. Where is Web Method
  399. Best technique to store data locally
  400. Example of code that dynamically creates controls on form for each HD or CD etc
  401. Error approving membership user
  402. One more request for VS 2008
  403. VB2005 Express report
  404. Interaction command and functions (tutorial)
  405. how to call an API on a remote machine
  406. Getting MDI Child Form from its handle
  407. What is the best way to get the field names from a table in SQL Server using VB.NET
  408. Strange Thing is Happen In If Conditional
  409. Saving file dialog
  410. Slow app response
  411. export to csv
  412. Registering DLL via deployment project
  413. Calendar Control
  414. What up with Linq
  415. VB Powerpack and DataRepeater Control?
  416. Calling a form in second project
  417. I learned something today (.NET and VB6)
  418. One project running second project
  419. Check if process running then terminate if is?
  420. Sorting a list of known colours
  421. Running an executable from same solution
  422. Stacktrace question
  423. Loading Forms In VB.NET
  424. A Fundamental OO, Reference/Pointer Question
  425. Compare Items in Two Arrays
  426. x button
  427. RIP VB6
  428. Can to disable/enable smoothing font in the WPF?
  429. Array Capacity > 2Gb ?
  430. form location
  431. form location
  432. EndEdit isnt working, why?
  433. need a reg expression
  434. datagridview
  435. File status question
  436. A Dash is not a Dash %13 vs. %2D
  437. ASP date problems.
  438. Copy open files?
  439. Async process - Start Subroutine when finished
  440. simple syntax question
  441. Call Close in Using Block with StreamWriter
  442. form placement
  443. Code protection
  444. IE7 browser history
  445. Name not declared Error
  446. Convert date string into date object
  447. Need to wait for TableAdapter.Update to finish
  448. Does anyone know any paid component can convert word/excel/image toPDF thro dll directly?
  449. Heavy Application with Multiple Modules
  450. Scrolling Text
  451. How do I create a tooltip programatically for a programaticallygenerated label
  452. Why can't ms make API's somewhat compatable
  453. temp directory question
  454. Send Keystroke to another Application
  455. ListBox not showing items
  456. Storing string with variable as app setting
  457. RaiseEvent doesn't fire when called from WndProc
  458. How to create mutliple instances of Tracert in VB.NET to run at thesame time
  459. Tracert for multiple connections VB.NET
  460. adding more than one column to a ListView
  461. Prevent ToolButtons moving across ToolStrips
  462. Translating MenuItem and TreeNode objects
  463. vb2005 - how to create setup/deploy -- no wizard -- VS2005 Pro?
  464. Change AutoComplete to "full text" search?
  465. Encoding of Text Files
  466. How to set print font scaling for barcode print?
  467. Blanks vs. Nothing in a RichTextBox
  468. French characetr upload
  469. disk space progress bar
  470. 403 Error on VS2008 VB web application
  471. Compact 3.5
  472. Copy Files
  473. GUI definition in external file
  474. Images in DataTable VB
  475. Running Insert/update SQL against ADO.NET dataset
  476. VB sql statement
  477. usb
  478. Fastest way to append text to a TextBox
  479. Vista Installation
  480. Commenting out a block of code in VS2005
  481. Help with getting text of GridView button field
  482. Single Project vs Many DLL's
  483. copying files to new CDR with VB
  484. Date problem ?
  485. String Functions
  486. Office 2007 typelib
  487. Multiple call od EnumChildWindows
  488. SQLdataAdapter not available in chapter DATA of TOOLBOX of
  489. how to release memory resources in 2005
  490. Copy file from a computer not in the domain
  491. fast way to Draw RGB/Grayscale Bitmap from a Double Matrix
  492. 32 vs 64 bit performance
  493. Shell command in Visual Basic
  494. Possible to add Web User Control to a Web Control Library?
  495. Recurring Diary Entry Problem.
  496. Redirect Popup fired by a webbrowser element to a second webbrowser
  497. Visual Basic .NET 2008 registry GetValue exception - what wrong?
  498. restrictions
  499. saving data from datagridview
  500. converting VB6 to
  501. Setting web service timeout in
  502. Input string was not in correct format
  503. Add / Delete record from table - How to reposition selected record in datagridview???
  504. chr() .Net equivalent
  505. teen pussey
  506. DotNet equivlant of vb 6 instr
  507. totally confiused.. i need help
  508. Find an xml node
  509. visual basic tutorial
  510. Tool Tips on RichTextBox
  511. Join the Visual Studio 2008 Tribe
  512. Online Matrimony
  513. Abort/Dump in ClickOnce app before my code runs
  514. Data is different than in database
  515. how to use a com component in .net that implements a .net interfac
  516. ClickOnce Security Risk
  517. format in DGV
  518. Closing a form after opening another
  519. Trigger a unix shell script
  520. Tracert In VB.NET 2008
  521. .NET Framework automatic installation when inserting the compact disc
  522. reading app.config file from server location
  523. Month calendar control problem
  524. GZip Compression :(
  525. Bug? Events from private member object still firing after it has been set to Nothing?
  526. FileSystemWatcher and FTP
  527. SHDocVw.tagREADYSTATE.READYSTATE_COMPLETE no longer works
  528. How get the month values
  529. Close a form by pressing esc, how to do it without having a button
  530. Determining whether a string is a date, time, or date and time
  531. Persisting field form values
  532. Form loading speed optimising
  533. Once you get your degree
  534. FSM in OOP
  535. Datagridview: different images for different rows
  536. TreeView Drag Image VB 2005
  537. Form Wizard
  538. datagridview
  539. PrintDialog returns always cancel
  540. certificate revocation list
  541. Handling concurrency violations
  542. How Do I Search the Entire Solution?
  543. Username and pc name
  544. datagridview
  545. Best technology for Exchange programming with VB.Net
  546. VS 2008 does not show "Start Page" in full screen mode.
  547. False report of existence of file
  548. read sql record into memory, use/modify fields then save changes
  549. IE control Virtual Memory issue
  550. syntax for EnumPrinters printer object