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  1. Role of DotnetOpenAuth.Core file?
  2. Way to disable edit to page
  3. XmlSerialization of objects in platform
  4. How to get label text from table reference on database based on Table Name
  5. Username-vba-update
  6. to get hidden field value onrowcommand
  7. Cross Frame Scripting in webinspect hpe
  8. How to personalise 'thank you' message?
  9. Request.Form not wokring
  10. ASP .NET problem
  11. is there any ralternative to Application.Doevents()?
  12. how to Get Data from the Request Object in ASP.NET MVC?
  13. How to launch and montior rdp user sessions activity from web application
  14. ThreadAbortException at ExportToHttpResponse()
  15. How can I properly get my 'Calculate' button to calculate the total and discount?
  16. Why doesn’t Visual Studio Default.aspx file let me add HTML elements?
  17. Event click doesn't fire with dynamically buttons created
  18. When Click HtmlInputRediobutton,Checkbox selection disappears
  19. How do I migrate migrate my ironspeed application to MVC?
  20. Database website creation using or php
  21. Response is not available in this context
  22. how to pass sessions from ASPX TO CLASSIC ASP
  23. error on trying to see on debug mode what the value of a dataset
  24. Gridview ItemStyle-Width Problem
  25. where could be the error??????
  26. XML request and response
  27. Update Panel not displaying second time round
  28. How to inserting, update and Delete value via Stored Procedure in applicatio
  29. Server Error in '/dataBasee' Application. Format of the initialization string does no
  30. Print text file contents on a console using HTTPClient
  31. Sql order by
  32. Parser Error: The 'Text' property of 'asp:TextBox' does not allow child objects.
  33. how to get value of dynamic gridview textbox on button click in
  34. How could the Esc key triggers private sub(cmdCancelRecord_Click()-for example)
  35. getting rid of postback_ifr(1x1) on windows 10
  36. Maintaining state of GridView Selections when adding new item to DB
  37. Trying to send custom emails with Postal.NET
  38. value of string
  39. Synchronize UI thread and Event thread
  40. Why user's email not showing on page after logging on?
  41. I need to get a client time in my page. but i can't able to call the javascri
  42. Export Gridview Table to PDF with REPEAT TABLE HEADER
  43. Error 8004020f /emailCinfig2.asp, line87
  44. Input string was not in a correct format. (
  45. How data of row send to webpage when we click on LinkButton in GridView
  46. My html Table won't work in frame. I used parent.main.document.write
  47. System.Net.WebClient to download .exes from a web server using IP
  48. How to check whether the radiobutton is checked or not in a method in code behind fil
  49. TFS Branch not running on local IIS virtual directory
  50. How can I keep the aspx pages from displaying in another page when I use Iframe?
  51. i have got the error that literal content is not allowed within 'System.Web.Ui.WebCon
  52. I am applying the ghmc bps application
  53. ASP.NET Web API calling unmanaged Dll hanging
  54. ASP.NET Web Api DllImport (LoadLibrary) fails on IIS
  55. Session_end is not working in host site server but working good in development pc.
  56. Session_end is not working in host site server but working good in development pc.
  57. How to replace string with variable in substring?
  58. how to save textbox and label text in database
  59. Scanner application using,javascript and ajax
  60. Repeater control generte id issue
  61. Consume Remote Web Service from HTML Page
  62. Set readonly property to the TableAdapter field
  63. MVC Dropdown in bootstrap not working?
  64. Need help to solve the error
  65. Pass SQL SelectCommand result to variable/textbox
  66. How I move cursor in Text box by Arrow Key.
  67. How can I Scroll to GridView selected row?
  68. WHAT IS Postback_ifr thaT keeps popping up as an empty window again and again?
  69. How can is send sms from my web application
  70. Session Management in ASP.Net MVC using SQLServer mode in the SessionState
  71. Signed and Unsigned Assembly issue
  72. html page in email should redirect to aspx page with session variable which will be r
  73. "Object moved to here"--Where's the hotfix?
  74. Uploading images in MVC 5
  75. Global variables in ASP.Net wen applications
  76. Loop through dynamic controls and get value
  77. IFrame Postback Issue in ASP.NET
  78. Getting error - Line 1 Exepected statement 800A0400 Microsoft VBScirpt compilation er
  79. What is the lifespan for items stored in ViewState?
  80. how to fix this error after uploading ASP.NET site to a host
  81. Insert null values into database
  82. Best Hardware Configuration for ASP.NET Hosting Application
  83. Session Timeout is not working in web config
  84. Electronic Document Management System Development
  85. About expandible row in gridview
  86. Unable to connect to a remote database through ASP. NET Hosting
  87. How do I pervent data posting twice from my form to the database.
  88. Bypass Windows Authenctication in Asp .net
  89. String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
  90. How to convert string into date using between operator
  91. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  92. AutoGenerate
  93. Issue while running crystal report on 64 bit server i.e. 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise
  94. Auto Login to Gmail Account
  95. Export Grid View To Excel without template field
  96. How to navigate to Xaml page from HTML page in javascript
  97. Projects with some Concepts
  98. how can i connect ASP.NET website and windows based VB.NET application
  99. How to create Admin Panel?
  100. keep dataTable present through page navigating
  101. how do i reopen a closed web part zone in
  102. Cannot access attributes control of servercontrol page calendar in default.aspx
  103. Grid view css for footer
  104. [ - ASPX] Send Data via Sockets Server-Client
  105. not running in chrome browser
  106. how to restore file deleted by io.file.delete(ss) in
  107. How to hide selected item in dropdown in other dropdown?
  108. Finding out if TextArea is null
  109. how to get html genericconntrol value in code behind
  110. Image resize on the fly
  111. Integrate dropbox in Asp.Net
  112. When I try to search the website I am getting "Illegal characters in path" error
  113. Confirmation Box appears on clicking twice on the link button of a template column.
  114. Dynamic database driven menu style ..
  115. How to execute code behind without postback
  116. Am having trouble retrieving Modified Date of file during a file upload process using
  117. How to detect browsers installed on clients machine
  118. Microsoft Search Server 2010 to ASP.NET Site
  119. Deplyoed web files not getting sound using System.Media.SystemSounds.Beep.Play();
  120. Nullreferenceexception was unhandled by user code
  121. how to freeze header row of grid view in
  122. How to send email in
  123. Datalayer to use the right connection string base on URL of page request
  124. how to check if it is text box text changed in c#
  125. to check from table1 column if the row has value it will update to table2 else it wi
  126. Error while deploying the ASP.NET web application using iis 7.5
  127. Connection strings of sql server 2014 express edition
  128. System.Web.HttpException: Cannot use a leading .. to exit above the top directory.
  129. select a column from a grid view
  130. IUSR option not available in security to give permission
  131. message box used in code for web application gives error
  132. how to fix reference not set to an instance of an object
  133. ASP.NET form does not clear field(s) with validation
  134. How to send Email notifications Automatically for every 24 hours in MVC
  135. How to store all messages from same number in a single columns
  136. C# onclick printing to printer on server
  137. Please help me out!!! i'm stuck with binding data to radio button in a formview
  138. Pleas help me shorten this code snippet
  139. listsearchExtender issue with IE
  140. Image Button inside a DataList inside a GridView
  141. How to access localhost site from android mobile
  142. How to write sql query in code behind
  143. Could create files on client machine?
  144. New tab opening
  145. Creating instance of a class registered in SysWOW64
  146. C# ASP.NET Byte Array NullReferenceException
  147. Why is NavigateUrl not redirecting to the page?
  148. An error occurred while communicating with the remote host. The error code is 0x80070
  149. using jQuery Ajax - Parent page dissapears onClick of a Button in Child page
  150. Move Panel using Drag with Style start position in top left corner
  151. how to remove the QueryStringField from my url
  152. How to get the values from Jquery and assign it for hiddenfield &save it into the DB
  153. Where is my C# file in my Visual Studio 2013 project?
  154. Error while uploading excel
  155. color values come from database
  156. Excel Upload issue for ASP.NET website on Windows 2003 Server
  157. How to Add multiple groups in footer in Crystal reports
  158. key press event in
  159. how to use view state to keep selected value in user control?
  160. How to limit the number of integers inputted by the user ?
  161. How to update a GridView row by row?
  162. Write a C program to create identity matrix or unit matrix
  163. Compiling and Running C/C++ Programs from Webpage
  164. Upload a excel file in server and get the full path
  165. Save CheckBoxlist values to database using
  166. Submit Button, Click vs Enter Key
  167. Adding audio pronunciation to each word in my dictionary web page using c#
  168. how to get the selected value from listbox using c# with
  169. How to solve ERROR The ConnectionString property has not been initialized.
  170. Accessing items in multiple models in a single view in MVC4
  171. control arrays in had to use 180 textboxes)
  172. My label text in site.master is changing, but problem
  173. ExecuteReader: Connection property has not been initialized.
  174. we have facing problem in ,actualy when i run program at localhost,it works ,
  175. in change default value in web service
  176. confirm popup box with YES,NO buttons
  177. Event 1309, ASP.NET 4.0.30319.0
  178. Fetch Reviews from homewarranty reviews
  179. suddenly users are getting logged out of the system
  180. Griidview does not dispay at run time
  181. images only appear as red x's when I logged out from the application
  182. Changing path of .cs in Visual Studio
  183. Dropdownlist items get empty on postback
  184. Build JSON with two datatable values
  185. Best Place to Declare SqlConnection and Data Access Functions
  186. directive and reference for TransportClientEndpointBehavior
  187. How to use SignalR events to keep connection alive in the right way?
  188. How to listen socket in single ASP page?
  189. How do I "enable cookie" in my browser?
  190. How to add a link in linkbutton, am using Visual Studio 2008 C#
  191. The session is expired in 10seconds... though i increase my session time out to 1440
  192. Events not firing within formview
  193. Draw layers on image using canvas
  194. how to display a video on my asp page
  195. Active Directory - Dropdown vs. Grid Oddity
  196. how can i upload image file to the xmlfile in
  197. dropdown menu in gridview returning only first value
  198. Get the newest inserted 15 records
  199. how to use richtextbox in
  200. webhosting
  201. i want to pass session value from asp page to aspx page without using query string
  202. auto fill repeater control
  203. Get exact time and date of the day
  204. It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication'
  205. Issue of Grid Cell Required Field validation added programatically.
  206. How to send email to an Outlook group rather than static email addresses using C#.Net
  207. Stackoverflow on Windows7('An unhandled exception of type 'System.StackOverflowExcept
  208. HELP REQUIRED: Validating against database using detailsview
  209. How To: write to EventLog from .NET 2.0 web app?
  210. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  211. call Application End method automatically when i close browsers tab dirtectly..
  212. Recordset Single print
  213. Web controled embedded system
  214. Server Space issue not able to find out the total space and free space of the server
  215. Url Rewritting in Asp .Net
  216. Reading a UserControl's DropDownList value from the parent page
  217. send email automatically in button click
  218. loadviewstate (Object reference not set to an instance of an object)
  219. notifications pop up in user side
  220. Once CheckBox select then checkbox disabled in
  221. How to generate preview of any URL with thumbnail[the way facebook does]
  222. getting data into local variables from SQL database tables
  223. Use jQuery Autocomplete with C#
  224. Get lowest column value from two datatable in
  225. Conditional Compilation and Duplicate IDs
  226. Requirement for defining and using an object variable as TableDef
  227. I am making an on line program with dogPedigrees and I am trying to implement inbreed
  228. how to get grid last column value using c#
  229. how to update database after a period of time.... using timer is it possible??
  230. how can i get chekboxlist when the cursor on textbox
  231. Storing data to Access from Visual Studio VB ASP
  232. Database Error Trying To Get Details VB Access 2007
  233. Unable to Run an Update Query Against DB2
  234. Need web host
  235. how could i call a specific table in web form 2 using web form 1?
  236. Problem with second dropdownlist in DataList
  237. Copiling a WebService File .asmx
  238. how to change ShowSelectButton in a gridview programmatically? ...followup.
  239. I have a c# application that I'm migrating from 2003 to 2005, and I moved it to anoth
  240. Modify an Asp.NET WEB APPLICATION
  241. In hosting website what changes have to make in Web.config File?
  242. Set Cursor at last in textbox in web form
  243. Find Dynamically created control
  244. How to Upload file in ASP.NET using C# Code
  245. WPF Drag and Drop (Grid to Grid)
  246. Runtime error in C# ASP.NET project - JScript runtime error
  247. Users are getting Type Mismatch on 'Formatcurrency' when they scrolled to the bottom
  248. Problem compiling ascx from VirtualPath provider
  249. How to add Time Stamp when a Record from Database(Access 2007) is Deleted ?
  250. Using SqlBulkCopy with Line Feed and Carriage Return
  251. Deny downloading of resources by checking if the request is from a page component or
  252. Ajax control NumericNumber for next
  253. Want to Save my HTML Page form data in txt file with ASP connectivity
  254. Export crystal report to pdf with having temp folder write access in C#
  255. The type or namespace name 'Register' could not be found (are you missing a using dir
  256. Pass an whole data of asp page to a Html page
  257. Save MS Chart in Powerpoint 2007
  258. How to convert an e-mail sending code to launch SMS in a Web Form using .NET?
  259. geting session timeout even that particular page is refershing every 2 mins
  260. DataItemTemplate Control of AspxGridView
  261. Automate OAuth2
  262. how to prevent page load event fire on button click
  263. Execute RFT script on a button click from VB.NET
  264. How Does SSO work with ASP.NET?
  265. Can't control cursor while inserting number
  266. i couldnot view the date and time in mvc application
  267. How to implement voice Recording app in
  268. Show all items in gridview based on dropdown lists
  269. System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: A connection attempt failed because the connected
  270. How to use with code in my website?
  271. displaying chinese character to from mysql database
  272. user control on a web page that uses a master page.
  273. "Exception occured while reading from the cells" while PostedFile.SaveAs
  274. date format picture ends before converting entire input string 01830 in
  275. Need help in visual studio 2005 to compare string
  276. How to get meta tags content of parent page from an iframe using jQuery
  277. I want to check if the there is mysql table called sum
  278. SAP Macro Run error. when iI run a macro then one step i got this error. Its start f
  279. Paypal Pending Status is always pending
  280. 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT) while working with excel
  281. Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: offset
  282. Arrange Images
  283. Is it possible to export Bubble chart to powerpoint using c#?
  284. Error on selecting initial value in Displaying gridview based on drop down list selec
  285. IIS 7: virtual directory to Windows network share, security
  286. Trapping a client timeout in a webservice method
  287. How to serialize DOM XML (xmlfile is for connection string)
  288. asp:upload control's viewstate
  289. Add an onclick event to a dynamically created linkbutton
  290. Number of Likes increases when page is refreshed.
  291. Show/hide sitemap if user is logged in
  292. CheckBoxList Event Binding
  293. How to get a client's full ip address with ASP.NET
  294. XML File Connection with DOM OR XPATH
  295. generating radio buttons dynamically on columns table Online question paper generator
  296. Random String added at the end of URL
  297. how to send email attachments with encryption
  298. BC30456: 'btnLogin_Click' is not a member of 'ASP.monitoringall_aspx'.
  299. icici payment gateway integration using asp.net2.0
  300. File.Exist(RecentelyCreatedPDFUsingPdfCreator_File Path) returns false
  301. SESSION values lost while redirecting to another server
  302. How to hide path from URL in address bar
  303. two way communication between application and desktop application
  304. Read WindowsIdentity users from database for windows authentication
  305. How to maintain state of a Textbox in headertemplate of TemplateField in a GridView?
  306. I want to edit ASP website and looking for simple editor
  307. Kerberos Authentication C#
  308. update discriminator column in Nhibernate
  309. SMTP use in asp website
  310. How To Encrypt and Decrypt password in Text File connection string
  311. Problem in the resource is not found
  312. File Uploading & DownLoading in Ftp Server
  313. comparing date in using vb
  314. how to change login menuitem to logout once logged in
  315. What is the use of HTMLXXX classes?
  316. Updating individual fields from a row in LINQ
  317. how to retrieve an array passed in url in controller MVC2 application
  318. C# - Application State lost when serializing object.
  319. Extracting data from Table2 to TextArea of Table1
  320. How to change url without redirecting a page?
  321. how to send a file to a message ( MVC2)?
  322. how to execute two or more than two queries from sql server to with c# in pag
  323. MVC2: filling cascading DDL using Ajax
  324. how to use cascading dropdownlist in mvc2
  325. checkchanged event not firing on uncheck
  326. how to use session variables in mvc2
  327. Fire server event from hyperlink control
  328. How to repeat controls in rows of x?
  329. getting error at process.start()
  330. Force users to provide windows authentication
  331. One data source for multiple tables - dynamically changing
  332. forms authorization works but not roles with VS connected to URL instead of localhost
  333. unable to bind image from SQL Server Database
  334. convert page in into image
  335. Version not supported to Run the application
  336. issue with opening two windows at a time
  337. gridview result blank when sort is done.
  338. An invalid data source is being used for DataGrid. A valid data source must implement
  339. sqldatasource using WHERE IN problem
  340. Convert ASP.Net web application to Windows Service
  341. Can I modify JSon result in an action filter?
  342. Regrading calender control taken in project
  343. How to create master detail data entry forms in VWD
  344. whether dispose event occurs before or after Page_Unload event
  345. SMS functionality in my CRM project
  346. Calender Selected Day In Gridview
  347. how to post resized images to another webpage on different server
  348. "NullReferenceException code Unhandled by user code"
  349. take one value in one text box and display split values in 2 different text boxes
  350. Gridview Not showing Data on page change, when pagechangeindex is alrady handaled
  351. Calendar Control
  352. Get checked items in array form treeview
  353. Access Denied for IIS Properties
  354. Can i get text from multiline textbox when pressing enter key in it
  355. dumping dropdownlist.datasource to datatable
  356. How to display images with detailsview or gridview?
  357. Connecting MS Access to ASP.NET
  358. difference between and
  359. ASP website denied permission to SQL database
  360. when run my code I got this error "Parameters were not supplied for function"
  361. how to send free sms in mobile through page
  362. Prevent resorting of gridview on postback
  363. How to generate all database records when user entering something in text box?
  364. How to Utilize Session State to Hold and Add Values to an Arraylist?
  365. Text box flashes the value returned from Client script & then disappears
  366. How to filter record in a report viewer using textbox or dropdownlist.
  367. Ajax Calender Extender problem in production Server
  368. how to count selected radio button from radiobutton list according to selection?
  369. MD5 comparing
  370. web application deployment
  371. How Get a Dynamic TextBox TextValue
  372. how can I get data dynamically for two fields in one cell
  373. Report Viewer Does not Update when passing parameters
  374. Time display on one column in Gridview
  375. Response.Write fails to provide client with large Excel report
  376. [BC30108] 'convert' is a type and cannot be used as an expression
  377. Not enough disk space on server causes some aspx to error
  378. multiline textbox enter key not working for new line
  379. Download and Upload ppts, docx, pdf into MySql Database using Asp.Net
  380. Close all Windows Explorers in Client Machine
  381. Should I use dll instead of class for faster startup?
  382. Get html data from database and put it to a page as HTML
  383. how to read csv file in
  384. insert multiple row form checkboxlist selected value on one click in C#
  385. Moving image on web form using
  386. How to display image on webform (image control)
  387. How to retrieve image from db and show in image control in 4.0
  388. Acctrls.ocx shows up on my computer what do i do?
  389. Why is Calendar rendering when behind an UpdatePanel?
  390. Help with GUI
  391. how to load button click before load event
  392. Read file in server's Local drive
  393. how to upload a website and database
  394. Search Box Combining two columns (Search Page) ASP.NET
  395. Insert Records From GridView to another GridView Page
  396. Error with conditional logic on ASP.Net GridView
  397. Saving users information in Sql Server 2005 Database
  398. PayPal - 10001 internal error: timeout processing request Express Checkout
  399. Calender control - how to get the day hyperlink
  400. Using session for login page, time out and redirect to login page after 30 secs
  401. Conditional statement using clock & datagrid
  402. What is this called
  403. post back control outside update panel
  404. How can I fill a RadioButtonList with the Items of an XML file?
  405. How to set selected item when combobox is bound to dictionary
  406. Benefit of View State
  407. Error when upload xlsx filein 'Sheet1$' is not a valid name.
  408. Problem in showing tree like report in rdlc for a specific view
  409. how to split web client architecture in to 3 servers
  410. iFrame not scrolling
  411. Server side validation on modal pop up + C#
  412. how to populate arraylist using listbox.....
  413. how to call css file at master page
  414. Panel control pops up when back button is clicked
  415. I want send Info on particular E-Mail ID when click on send button on form in ASP .Ne
  416. WebsetUP for .Net application having setup file
  417. What is the different between LiteralControl class and Literal class?
  418. How to disable specific rows of gridview
  419. frameset in
  420. entering the listbox values into database
  421. converting spaces to "_" , but only for the filename
  422. Embedding hyperlink in MailBody of MailMessage Object: Does not work
  423. Action attribute of the form tag.
  424. Row selection in Gridview after changing SQLDataSource
  425. How to pass value from gridview to another webform?
  426. How can add a WebUserControl in different types of projects?
  427. how to display a percentage field in gridview
  428. how to apply spellcheck to the textboxes
  429. Importing data into a grid view from MS-Excel 2010
  430. Selenium + C# + hover = difficult
  431. Jquery UI Multiselect Widget using Selected Text
  432. Progammatically checking of porn images
  433. how to add auto generate number using sql
  434. how can i convert any video to .webm after upload?
  435. File upload with Progressbar in web application
  436. to change background color and image of web page using skin file
  437. how i can learn about the ASP.NET?
  438. File upload without enctype
  439. how can i edit multy rows in telerik:radgrid?
  440. Path for Missing Class in VWD2010 Express
  441. Load session data to text box after checked changed event
  442. how to add facebook login to my site
  443. How can I redirect from one page to anothe in an specific view from a multiview contr
  444. How to Clear Ajax Combobox .
  445. Login different site web site using single user id and password
  446. How to add intellisense dictionary to ajax editor control
  447. Multiple Selection in Dropdownlist with Checkboxes
  448. How to deploy web application with mysql database?
  449. Cannot delete cookies in ASP.NET code
  450. TableAdapters work fine on local server but doesnt find the namespace error on the s
  451. System.Security.SecurityException: That assembly does not allow partially trusted cal
  452. how to bind textbox in edititemtemplate in formview
  453. where can i find the assemblyinfo.cs in my website
  454. System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Timeout expired
  455. asking about dropdown list in my asp web page............?
  456. Avoid Master Page Reload on Hyperlink Url Request
  457. how to secure resources in web application using location tag
  458. unable to connect to the remote server in
  459. search for youtube videos on search of a perticular key word
  460. Why does the .exe get called and processes, but doesn't perform as it should?
  461. Affecting headers in web method
  462. how to disable and able a button using checkbox?
  463. Error While migration asp to ASP.Net on Windows 2008 R2(64 bit) Server
  464. Tab style sheet
  465. Fileupload Receives untrappable error when the file is too large
  466. Redirecting page will open perticular webpage based on passing parameter?
  467. Incorrect Syntax Near - Unclosed Quotation Mark After The Character String
  468. Is there a way to convert aspx page to pdf and send it as an attachment via email
  469. how to find number of online users
  470. ajax calender inside modelpopupextender
  471. how to caluclate the days between the two selected dates
  472. google map API for
  473. Creating Log in session with MySql database.
  474. Trying to detect whether an url link is valid or not
  475. How to ignore ' char in sql query, c#
  476. Get <Anthem:AutoSuggestBox ID="asbSearchHome"/> DataKeyField value in javascript
  477. Checked Changed Event
  478. How to make relative path work with streamreader
  479. Postback after clicking a button doesn't react not for first time in a UserControl?
  480. how to store date of ajax calender extender from to sql server
  481. Validating if the inputted email address is real,
  482. color of Empty data message in GridView
  483. error in execute reader
  484. session time out
  485. Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript
  486. Mobile Redirect on ASPX site
  487. how to upload file via c# code
  488. Autochange a date in .aspx files
  489. ASP.NET to excel web query
  490. how to get contact group's email addresses from outlook in
  491. Server tag is not well formed
  492. Export excel file from ASP.NET
  493. Design considerations
  494. need tool for rpt to SSRS conversion but free
  495. asp buttons, one to submit the form, and one to just call a function
  496. Dropdownextender on textbox
  497. How to control TemplateField order
  498. Compare Drop Down Values With in Grid View
  499. Adding row in itemtemplate for grid view
  500. Is there any alternative to Application.DoEvents()
  501. Moving label option: Error Creating Control - my labelThe server tag is not well
  502. Large number(> 20000) of Series support in ASP.NET Chart
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