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  1. How to proceed with this task
  2. Search from Richtextbox function
  3. Hi guys ..How solve This Lab Exercise?
  4. How to create an auto increment in a template
  5. i want to display x and y mouse position of mouse under my windows form application
  6. How to get birth day from identity number?
  7. How to delete items from list using foreach
  8. Software Copy Protection for .NET ?
  9. I want to compile and run our simple c# from our winform
  10. .Net Framework Application XamlWriter and LiveCharts Serialization Problem.
  11. Why abstract class allows to create a constructor if it cannot be instantiated in C#?
  12. How to update the parent form on closing one of it's child forms?
  13. Avoid instatiation inside foreach loop
  14. SQL Datareader
  15. Selecting a fixed number of charaters from upper, lower and numeric values
  16. selecting rows from DataGridView
  17. Explain with example.Why do we need boxing and unboxing in C#?
  18. watermark on video
  19. How to make code run differently depending on the platform it is running on?
  20. How do I set a breakpoint in an attached process in visual studio
  21. Make a program that associates all 26 English alphabets A-Z with the index 1-26. User
  22. I am getting eror like use of unassigned variable totalhourrate.
  23. Excel c# windows form help
  24. C# Autocomplete textbox using excel as a database?
  25. How to copy GroupBox with Text items
  26. how to detect a face and draw line around it in a picture?
  27. developing a tic tac game in windows form application
  28. How to display image from database to datagridview
  29. How to insert PowerPoint in c sharp
  30. Can u provide code to append a hyperlink into a text box wen a plaine text is entered
  31. CertRequest Usage in programming c#
  32. multiple screen sharing software
  33. .csv file to .txt file
  34. While using a SubQuery, Outer variable for query becomes unaccessible to inner query.
  35. How to wait in automation Test while service does the job?
  36. End image movement by pressing enter key.
  37. Russian Sorting Halves Danilin
  38. software development insight.
  39. TextBox.SelectAll() doesn't work - sometimes
  40. c# report progress to backgroundworker from another class
  41. Adding an element at each parent node at a specific position
  42. Obtain an IP address automatically by C#
  43. How to use XCData in naming xelements in c#?
  44. How to show solution-explorer?
  45. Replace Single quotes to double quote or space.
  46. Instantiate Prefab With UI Button
  47. How i return to the form that open in panel
  48. Please help me answer this C# questions
  49. C# code to connect LDAP server and after connecting clearup the values of a attribute
  50. What is the format of a SQLConnection connection string?
  51. check 3 consecutive values in datatable
  52. to create sevral datatable
  53. C# Access Database Connection grid error
  54. My Roblox game dosent work and has a ERR staring up here
  55. Database related exception - GenericADOException
  56. Nothing prints after while loop
  57. Specific cast is not valid in linq query when compare two tables
  58. How Do I make Multiple "Entry Points" in a .NET CORE app?
  59. C# / C Sharp
  60. c# datagridview
  61. Windows Form project restart button click then comes error?
  62. Read and make summation certain lines for atdf C# Console
  63. How to convert this C# code to
  64. A constants value expected in switch case
  65. Problem converting vb6 code to c#
  66. Problems with Converting VB.NET Code to C#.NET
  67. sometimes executing fine and sometimes failing with same record
  68. how to make wndproc to work from windows service
  69. problem with vb variant and c# object
  70. problems with C# equivalent in VB.NET Folder & File Class
  71. Do until loop syntax ,working and examples
  72. Mapping XSD to DB via C#
  73. move(automatically) to many textboxes
  74. Create an Arduino and Unity3D interactive experience with no latency !⏱
  75. TableLayout panel and picturebox in window form application
  76. TableLayout panel and panel in window form application
  77. how to position a modal form on top of a modeless form which is mdi child
  78. How to solve the issue of Unable to debug on localhost?
  79. OpenLDAP - C# code to create User, create Group, Delete User, Delete Group and Reset
  80. Cannot implicitly convert type 'object' to. An explicit conversion exists (are you m
  81. C# Stacks & Queues
  82. Guessing the next number with c#
  83. Illegal characters in path while downloading the file from FTP server
  84. System.Io.Serialport: Sometimes SerialDataReceivedEventHandler is not fired
  85. to multitouch coordinates on capasitive touchscreen
  86. How to stop Environment.SpecialFolder from opening OneDrive
  87. c# - return string concatenated with itself, without exceeding limit
  88. how to write data from buffer to multiple files in loop using file stream
  89. C# - convert 'days old' to date of birth
  90. How do I return how many days are in the CURRENT month?
  91. Can someone help me figure out how to connect to a sql table?
  92. Search active users from AD
  93. Local time to UTC time?
  94. How get PropertyDescriptor for DataGridViewTextBoxColumn to call ApplySortCore
  95. What is the difference between “dispose” and “finalize” variables in C#?
  96. Increment Number
  97. How to display ppt file as a slide show to the user c#
  98. posible to execute Code in a string variable in c# form app
  99. Error Message: "Cannot implicitly convert type int to bool"
  100. Data Source Queries
  101. Cannot Implicitly Convert type "Model.Employee" to Bool
  102. Cannot Implicity Covert MODEL.Employee to bool
  103. If statement for Console.ReadLine()
  104. MVC 5 C# Entities modelBuilder with multiple tables
  105. Using radio buttons to generate an int value for input into switch
  106. How to avoid duplicating when inserting both lines at once C#
  107. how to call c++ Dll function char* c#
  108. How to split data when qr code reader device read c#?
  109. Get value database in datagridview combo box
  110. Populating a GridView Inside a UserControl
  111. How to Read & Open .msg File Format from CheckedlistBox
  112. C# Combobox and textbox
  113. how to keep check boxes checked in font dialog of wpf application
  114. Media Element Unable to Pause and Play Programmatically
  115. syntax issues, objects, get, set,classes
  116. Convert an array (of strings) to an object
  117. Writing large data to PDF giving system out of memory Exception
  118. Delete entire Empty or blank columns in Excel
  119. swith from debug to release accdb do not work
  120. Cross-thread operation not valid
  121. How to stop/start class manually
  122. error in windows form decimal textboxValue = decimal.Parse(textBox1.Text);
  123. Based on from date and todate selection i need to export the database value to excel
  124. I need to validate the In time and out time
  125. I want to create one window service to synchronize my local database with server data
  126. SharePoint 2013 Emulating SharePoint 2010
  127. How do I set different login paths depending on the user credentials provided.
  128. Session TimeOut
  129. decrypt file encrypted in vb6 to c#
  130. Adjust RGB pixels using a known set of values in image
  131. How to open default mail client window with attachment
  132. User entered Date field validation
  133. Ports Enable and Disable by using c# in windo 7
  134. Print another image to the second page in C#
  135. How can I get WebRequest.Create(url) to return all the data?
  136. Same Printer P1102 but different output from different computer.
  137. How to create shared serial port access in Prism multimodule WPF MVVM application?
  138. How can I display my ListBox outside Windows Form Application? (C#)
  139. How can I get active attribute value in my Xml and using next() function retrieve the
  140. How can I convert a 1D byte array of a Bitmap into a 2D byte array?
  141. delete code for notepad using string
  142. Paypal Refund in C# - Error
  143. Refresh textbox with a MsgBox()
  144. RestSharp vs System.Net.Http
  145. Create a enum from a string list dynamically
  146. using mshtml how to use oncontextmenu inC#
  147. Unable to access Shared folder thru FileSystemWatcher to monitor
  148. Getting multiple textboxes values stored in list to retrieve from other method
  149. Pass extra variable to event handler in C#
  150. Clicking button without ID by c# webbrowser
  151. Break out of a loop in the main function through another function
  152. xmlwriter converts & to amp
  153. C# SqliteConnection problem
  154. (object[,])Array.Copy in winform
  155. Use SELECT INTO in C# to export Access table to csv file
  156. I created a WcfService....
  157. Declarative hierarchy building
  158. Binding Row object to collection
  159. how to show UK Date Format in Gridview using C# and Access mdb Database
  160. System ArgumentException ocures while running an application
  161. deserialization of the interface class with attachment of that Interface class dll
  162. how do you pass a filename parameter to the main function
  163. XML Serialization and SOAP
  164. How to Insert null from TextBox to integer Field
  165. I want to add specific data column from database to the data table on text box click
  166. merge unmanaged and managed dlls into single dll in dotnet
  167. Change default file type from xml to .xls for Save As function with programatically
  168. MyTcpListener code help. Cannot get images to post when running it as a web server.
  169. How to deploy winform c# application with database in same instalation on another PC'
  170. Unable to run .exe C# file built in VS2010
  171. How to show slide show Powrpoint example.pptx on in C#?
  172. retrieve blob picture from mysql database c#
  173. advanced data grid view
  174. how to avoid flicker when drawing
  175. Lambda with SUM+Conditional
  176. WinForms TreeView Display positioning
  177. I want the sql dependancy on gridview to be changed displaying all data rows help ple
  178. parsing excel integer column but get double datatype in c# using oledb
  179. list view checkbox problem getting and i want autocomplete texbox with checkbox whic
  180. What is the best way to load data to the following structure from database?
  181. NullReferenceException
  182. Use Distance Sensor with Unity3D and Raspberry Pi
  183. how to fix stack over flow Errors?
  184. SQL Bulk Copy AutoMapping in VB.NET
  185. Get OR Set Accessor
  186. how to convert CYYMMDD date format to dateformat YYYY-MM-DD in using
  187. Display bulk of records in tabular format using Crystal report viewer
  188. WCF how to change NameSpace in response
  189. Editor control with edit option for WinForms
  190. How to replace ostringstream(C++) in C#
  191. How to use a dynamic forms name in a class
  192. How Can I Check Whether The Last Digit Is Integer Or Not?
  193. i Do not want to instal SQl server on customer machine
  194. How to search for numbers in txt file C# ?
  195. Open CSHTML in WebBrowser Control (In Windows Forms)
  196. What is the good practice to name the control " Numeric Up down" ?
  197. Release of vNext?
  198. how to create Hash SHA512 of a string in c #
  199. retrieve data
  200. update datetimepicker
  201. message notification
  202. How to show table dynamically related to value entered in textbox
  203. Delegate question
  204. How to do it in c#???
  205. How to handle picturebox from datagridview if database record is null
  206. why are forms different at design and run time?
  207. Passing parameters between adapter triggered methods
  208. printed total pages in C# not return correct value
  209. Search & Select mechanisms in C#
  210. error on calling DISMMountImage function from c#
  211. datagridview reverts changes when using the InsertCopy-Method?
  212. Calender Year should be display based on the months
  213. Parallel SqlDataReader and reader.Read()
  214. parsing arguments in overloading
  215. Pathname to be put into table has single quote as part of name
  216. CSC : error CS1577: Assembly generation failed -
  217. how to generate strong name assemlies for AxInterop.AcroPDFVIEWLib.dll
  218. Listbox - if (item.selected) not responding as expected
  219. Using dropdownlist fatching text and value by foreach loop
  220. Link between two forms in windows forms.
  221. how to insert a new line character between string name and address
  222. C# Adding Images and its information in listview control?
  223. select a date from datetimepicker respective date values shoulddisplayon datagridview
  224. C# call function,parameters from external exe class
  225. System.AccessViolationException when trying to use a dll function
  226. C# code for formatng usb
  227. Dividing Project in Multiple Executables
  228. Print Chinese in console i.e. I want to get the chinese values in the console/string.
  229. Configuring ActiveDirectory Object Security with C# using directory services
  230. How can I template a BitConverter class for various return types from a byte array
  231. Want to bind a static value to gridview
  232. add column in runtime in datagridview
  233. Crytal Report C#
  234. C# function to execute the stored procedure having multiple outputs
  235. button stop, pause, resume, exit not function when audio played.
  236. How can i skip login page if the user has already logged in
  237. Errore Index e length devono fare riferimento a una posizione nella stringa.
  238. how to compare two double datatype values in C#
  239. how to search resumes in a folder with some specific text. My Main idea is to search
  240. I want auto generation of numbers in c#. like E001,E002
  241. Using ADODB .NET recordset in Classic ASP
  242. Foreach cannot convert type
  243. DataGridView Datatable Copy-Keep-Add-Update rows
  244. The method or operation is not implemented.
  245. add header for .csv
  246. Datagrid view from single textbox
  247. c# program to export data to .csv on specfic column only
  248. Execution of authentication request returned unexpected result: 404
  249. I want to connect ms-access from ftp server in c# windows application
  250. How to reset a gif (picture box) to its original state
  251. Get Winform Control Name
  252. getting error like cannot implicitly convert type string to bool
  253. Can i repeat an event in a daypilot calendar controls in c#
  254. what is helper classes where we have to use that helper classes
  255. ComboBox Integer
  256. Parameter is not valid.
  257. Assigning Query Result to a Variable
  258. Role authorization in WCF is not working
  259. How to take the index continuously in RichTextbox...
  260. How to get the focus on 2 textboxes on one click
  261. Exception while Exporting Datagridview data with Images to Excel...
  262. Error: it contains an object field at offset 75 that is incorrectly aligned
  263. How can I rearrange the rows of a DataGridView in the code?
  264. how do i use the on key to set up hot keys for columns on a data grid?
  265. Firebird how to programmaticalliy send and email without client dialog appearing
  266. could it be possible to write in c# this fuction?
  267. Displaying more than one row using Nusoap/php and visual studio (windowss phone)
  268. Dropdownlist onchanged - Trouble persisting ViewModel
  269. Creating a column for a DataGridView without inserting it immediately
  270. SQLite database for unity 3D
  271. Combo box control is not active during run time
  272. Images present in datagridview not exporting to file only text contents are generatin
  273. accessing two struct members in a fuction from a windows form
  274. How to send and receive 1024 Bits?
  275. How to define unlimited array ?
  276. convert char to its decimal value in textbox
  277. bitmap (jpg bmp etc) to vector (SVG)
  278. Align integer to Left on Gridview
  279. how to draw a crosshair in a panel in windows forms
  280. Retrieve Facebook Fan Page Insights in C#
  281. Drag selection box button in WPF
  282. how to disable past dates in calender exatennder using c#???
  283. Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection
  284. “Server cannot set status after HTTP headers have been sent.”
  285. Creating a Panel and dragging it to another control
  286. problem in making instance's array in class
  287. ansi dll
  288. A window for downloading a file
  289. Converting bitmap image to graphics object and then that graphics object draw on the
  290. protected override bool not working fine
  291. Empty path is not legal exception while updating images in C# (winforms).
  292. program in to update database using datagridview
  293. To disable some of the items in the combobox in c# .net. I wnat the code to disable i
  294. How to make document file in C#
  295. unable to read schema elements when a xsd has other xsd imports
  296. Saving Database Connection using Config.ini
  297. How to consume data from the web service in window application c#?
  298. Make parent form from child form and want to run child for at first.
  299. Text to RTF conversation soft returns are coming insted of hard return
  300. Problem with Panel.Invalidate()
  301. can't close file with FileStream
  302. C# copy files from local computer to online server
  303. Never listen from udp port when i use Recieve function by passing IPEndPoint using C#
  304. How to add image to CheckedListBox?
  305. DNS Primary Zone Creation Failure
  306. loading the array
  307. Is there tool or utility to remove all commented code ?
  308. data save 2nd record doesn't save
  309. How to compare value with the same textbox in C#?
  310. Images is not displaying corrrect format in Datagridview..
  311. Cannot access server page custom controls in website page
  312. C# calling Delphi 2010 DLL won;t run
  313. Byte array to textboxes
  314. How to set a default value in a textbox in C# Visual Studio.
  315. scan directory selected from treeview control
  316. error when adding a custom element to a SOAP Header in c#
  317. Domain Canonicalization in C#
  318. (Failed to convert parameter value from a Bitmap to a Byte[]) Error while inserting i
  319. Error 5 'decimal.operator cannot explicitly call operator or accessor
  320. How to load multipage tiff file and display each of the images in a picturebox so as
  321. Run cmd prompt as administrator in C#
  322. Format Data from A & D Scales into mobile Device
  323. Changing IP Address
  324. Find Keyword ranking of my website in C#
  325. How to add tooltip for treeview childnodes?
  326. this utility is harmful for RAM or OS or Application??
  327. how to convert a textbox value to string value
  328. How to call java functions in
  329. combobo error in C#
  330. Server sending data then client recive and store in database table in windows service
  331. A good pattern for complex search criteria?
  332. replace column's data by a value(string)
  333. How to cast Dataset to Strongly Typed Object ?
  334. IP Ban and MAC ban?
  335. How to get the name of a node in a treeview
  336. Biggest, Smallest, sort of an array in c#
  337. how to compare date(database(sql server 2005)) to C#)
  338. regex pattern that takes only directory without file name
  339. C# windows application taking too much of physical memory(private working set)
  340. How Do I Full Duplex Communication Between Client/Server Model Using Web Sockets If C
  341. How to Move points of Chart in c# by Mouse
  342. how to add Local database in installshield limited edition ?
  343. WinForm: Drag & Drop is blocked
  344. Reading html tag Using Xml reader
  345. Database connection in Designer hosting and retriving data from databas.
  346. validated if textbox is empty and not empty ,and what is the proper if else statement
  347. create an instance of form into non form class to access button/label
  348. Problem in Generating mail using c# code after uploading website on server
  349. what is the proper if else statement of this.
  350. Integer to boolean convertion
  351. (C#) How to capture video stream without using a third party SDK
  352. Error connecting to DB2 Databse from C#
  353. Gui stopped responding after two updates
  354. Deployment leaves out the essentials . . .
  355. can anyone explain me why this error is coming?
  356. c# drag drop get data from outlook email
  357. hasrow and execute reader loop gets error in the value exist check DB
  358. How to Select Multiple Columns in a Grid View
  359. How to gui from freezing when using while loop
  360. C# Auto-Scroll Leaves Big Space On Top
  361. Displaying Chart for serial data received through serial port.
  362. What should I do so that I can upload tables(of data from Visual Studio) over the int
  363. Grab Spreadsheet names then read each in Foreach
  364. How do you navigate through controls using the Enter key
  365. Inherited localized form is not rendered correctly in designer
  366. Use “SetWindowsHookEx” to hook into keyboard input events and does the keystroke logg
  367. -HELP- Tutorial or help with datagridview and microsoft access
  368. How to find textbox value in a datagridview in c#
  369. Getting an error when the Word add-in is run
  370. VS2010 RDLC: how to repeat headers for multi-level Row Groups on all printed pages
  371. Service will not start
  372. Unable to get service to install
  373. NumericUpDown Hides its value from the user . . .
  374. Onvif IP camera remote configuration in C#
  375. unable to start debugging in C#
  376. How to get ads from double click ad server
  377. How to access functions between two child forms in c#?
  378. DataGridViewComboBox: populate with different data for each row in detail grid
  379. Master-detail datagridviews :cannot prevent user from leaving invalid detail cell
  380. How set valid values in Char type?
  381. comparing data in csv files and doing calculations, multiplying double numbers and ge
  382. Auto increment the version number in text file
  383. Access database is copying to Output directory . . . on its own!
  384. -HELP- using textbox to be added to a listview column.
  385. -HELP- sum of 2 textboxs and then getting the total in the last textbox
  386. Setup File In C# including sql
  387. How to send SMS from desktop Application through Iphone (USB Connected) in C#
  388. Activation Code Interface Not Responding
  389. how to get the multiple columns in listbox while selection of combobox
  390. how to validat the data if the data allready exist in the table record in c#?
  391. Reading of .SPL file in
  392. how to take string input into a char array?
  393. Determining the size
  394. Using Reflection.Assembly to Load Forms from a Table c#
  395. Calling base class Constructors
  396. Filtering a Crystal report does the complete opposite . . .
  397. setting custom paper size of crystal report in
  398. rag a dotted border around control while dragging a control
  399. String.Format(). How to change new?
  400. Form hanging.
  401. how to fetch all rows inserted in datagirdview in c#
  402. how to delete multi rows in datagridview in c#
  403. condition for add new row in datagridview
  404. copy folder with all content from one server to another
  405. Draw fractal Fit inside panel using Winform?
  406. how to display the selected row in wpf using mysql
  407. how to update all rows using text box
  408. c# doesn't support multiple inheritance?
  409. user defined field/custom field in c#
  410. I want to close a User Control , in MVVM.
  411. chinese encoding problem not able to understand that when i try to filter a chinese c
  412. how to decrease button opacity in windows forms
  413. Info in the data grid view is not updating at all
  414. Using List<T> elements as variable in query
  415. ListView populating using XML input
  416. Display Search Results in DataGrid
  417. Passing multiple Arguments to C++ .Exe file through C#
  418. how to make diagram fit with in panel?
  419. make setup with sql database in vs2012 and installshield
  420. Use C# code to Delete all read outlook emails, meetings and appointments in EWS
  421. How to pick date/time when serialport starts reading , and also when reading stops ?
  422. Instantiation
  423. Force default printer to print landscape in code
  424. Error at making a conversor of celsius to Fahrenheint, got a lot of errors
  425. get last ID from database access
  426. An annoying index error . . .
  427. How do I pass information from main form to the child form
  428. How to create outlook COM Addin with out using Visual Studio
  429. special char in c#, not display properly in UI
  430. Converting Pascal to C# language
  431. Integrate two emails
  432. Select statement from a view . . . not a table
  433. Mysterious execution of SQL code . . .
  434. Tracing a Session of Particular Id
  435. work with scanner
  436. Create Timesheet application using c#
  437. Create an interface implementation where you demonstrate the usage of .NET ( VB, C#,
  438. How to install my databsae application without installing sql on client machine
  439. VoIP PBX development issues
  440. MDIParent form background image does not displaying
  441. project template opening error
  442. Setting a limit for the textbox . . .
  443. Error
  444. i need the date after 1 year + 1 day from i entered date?
  445. How can i display array element in C#?
  446. my mpe player does not support open with facility.
  447. where do we put the codes for connection to databse while coding
  448. .rptproj, .rds, .data extension
  449. Hi...plz temme how to give backcolor to the button?
  450. Just a little concerened . . .
  451. Save doesn't work for bound controls on VS C# form?
  452. Display of unread emails in outlook through C#
  453. Match collection problem in regular expression
  454. Hiding a main form without hiding a sub form
  455. i have an error in custom validator server side
  456. Preventing the standard user from seeing to much . . .
  457. Converting C algorithm for use in a c# application
  458. Retaining Existing Images In Panel
  459. How to change from basicHttpBinding to WSDualHttpBinding in WCF service ?
  460. How to know the end of data recieving from a client using sockets connection in a Asy
  461. i want WIAlib.dll file for capturing image from my webcam using C#
  462. Prevent user keying by keyboard and can only input by barcode scanner
  463. Webbrowser Click On Button In FRAME
  464. Process.GetProcesses(userName) throws InvalidOperationException
  465. Transforming image
  466. ajax 4.0 0x800a139e - JavaScript runtime error: Sys.ArgumentException: Value must not
  467. Printing Problem.
  468. Bug color drawed rectangle
  469. Regarding Printing Crystal Labels/Reports...
  470. Loop in a button, runs endless when pressing the button and not only once
  471. Regarding Printing Crystal Labels/Reports
  472. I want get current user from Active directory
  473. How to Synchronization two database one is from server and one is from local
  474. How to Compile in VS2010 !
  475. groupBox scrollbar
  476. Split line based on specific pattern using Regex
  477. long hex to long and division into number
  478. how to hide data row from datatable object
  479. Download html page modified by javascript
  480. how to select specific rows and columns from a text file
  481. Visual studio textbox changed to textbox_textchanged. I cannot link the textbox with
  482. System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile doesn't work with http attachments
  483. Constructor Execution Prioritization
  484. DEV c++(soure file not compiled) Any body Tell me
  485. How to change default printer while printing document using 'process' ?
  486. how to loop through my xml data for getting text of each node and diaplaying it
  487. I am making an even number game, I used the following code, something seems to be wro
  488. Windows Form Applications(C Sharp)
  489. how to make voice pronunciation louder which is using SpeechLib namespace
  490. I need to print files in folder from desktop...and the user can select folders..I am
  491. String Format removing leading digits
  492. Start button in c#
  493. A better approach instead of multiple SP calls
  494. a game:random question ...........
  495. Web Form do not update data when I click in update button
  496. Creating Event Trigger in Task Scheduler
  497. button click countinously untill i stop it
  498. code is note executing but no error
  499. Is it possible to read a Hebrew file and map it a LCD ASCII if i know the LCD ASCII
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