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  1. c# house plan drawing
  2. Converting data from C#.Net to Excel 2007
  3. How to draw images to a memory bitmap and then draw that bitmap ontop of a picture bo
  4. C# Classes
  5. @ symbol and double quotation marks
  6. Error when deleting record from a gridview
  7. Cannot Convert string to class type
  8. Structs in C#
  9. Fingerprint codes
  10. Retrieve Large record sets from Active Directory
  11. How to Marshal data back from addlexport call of structures within structures?
  12. How to detect if "down" or "up" key is pressed?
  13. Printing label/textbox Text property in MDI Child by clicking MDI Parent print bu
  14. setup project creates duplicate directories on desktop
  15. Error using Binary Search of List
  16. usage StringBuilder in byte to hex conversion
  17. c# composite data type persistance
  18. Timer
  19. The status code returned from the server was: 500 while tring to display MessageBox
  20. Disable Cookies...
  21. How can i disable Mozilla,IE,Chrome etc histories??
  22. About Sql Server(Posted in .NET coz it's easy)
  23. how to fill all controls with a record by selecting a record from datagridview
  24. byte to int conversion error
  25. Event handler crash
  26. Retrieving Operational Attributes of Sun Directory in C# windows Apllication
  27. Please Help about video capture
  28. Heap sort
  29. Custom section in config file problem
  30. How to achieve unmodifiable object reference?
  31. data in dataset is not coming to the cryatal report
  32. DataGridView properties not being set when called from Form Load
  33. How to Color the User entered cell in Datagridview?
  34. MdiChildren
  35. Logon32_logon_new_credentials
  36. How to list enumerate MySQL running instances in c#?
  37. Event handler
  38. date format (mm/dd/yyyy)
  39. how to shift/move the contents in a textBox into a empty .txt file by using c#?
  40. Class not registered
  41. Customising NET SEND MEssage box in remote massge
  42. list view if statement
  43. disallow special chracter and list of words
  44. Textbox access.
  45. How can i browse the website programmatically by a windows service?
  46. read extended ascii values
  47. Hello! How to write text on textbox after the default text is clear?
  48. How to clear default text on textbox when I click directly on the textbox?
  49. Draw a line
  50. Static Variable hell in ASP.NET
  51. To Get sum of field in crystal report
  52. How to scope the number installed modules during installation time for each specific
  53. webbowser problem..
  54. PInvoke
  55. I can use more than one char to use .Split(). Like this .Split("\,").
  56. getting error 404 when using HttpWebRequest
  57. Single Row Multiple Records in GridView
  58. How to fill listbox from Class Array with certain information.
  59. read a hex file
  60. muli Forms
  61. save a listview in a excel file
  62. Copy rows from a table and then insert them with new values - MsSQL
  63. C# Block Directory Access
  64. How do I use a timer control to show elapsed time in a label.
  65. Windows Size
  66. Get Database data using c#
  67. Timers and NotifyIcons in C#
  68. ColumnSort OutofRangeException!
  69. How to make griedvew textbox visible with abutton click
  70. C# WinForms: Exit application before Access Violation Exception shows
  71. Opening new forms within C#
  72. overflow in C# (visual Studio) where tryingt oinsert in database
  73. Random number generator
  74. Error Handler...
  75. How to draw primitives over a picture box on a windows form
  76. Reading in XML file into 2D Array
  77. When forwarding an email with an open attachment the user warned twice that an attach
  78. Calling from vc6 library
  79. Convert C# object To VARIANT of type binary format( VT_UI1+VT_ARRAY)
  80. List Box : how to move multiple items in C# ?
  81. Exception question, "File in Use"
  82. How to get the current user account in Windows Active Directory
  83. Add multiple records to a GridView
  84. C# generated proxy method different than original Java service method
  85. Quickie Memory Consumption Q ?
  86. Multiple string replacements...
  87. DataSet in C#?
  88. WIA over a network
  89. default value to a datagrid column
  90. Windows service in C#
  91. tree view
  92. C# Graphics Drawing Problem.
  93. Porting Some cpp to C#...
  94. How register service with command line arguments
  95. Pop up message in a remote machine
  96. count start with 1
  97. Why is C# memory hog?
  98. I can make phone calls from a windows based app and C#?
  99. How do I disable reading the app.config file?
  100. how print a listview
  101. bring up "Options" window ...
  102. need to chanmge windows system time
  103. Getting columns rowHandle as i loop through it
  104. Determine brightness of image
  105. how to add existing item in solution explorer programtically.
  106. key down event in panel
  107. how to apply font color in Excel's header/footer?
  108. showing ODBC Configure dialog according to the specified driver
  109. dateTimePicker C# visual studio 2003
  110. Check if number is double or int
  111. flickering problem when using scrollbar in panel
  112. what does this mean?
  113. Load 1 column in Gridview
  114. I can make phone call from my windows app??
  115. Object is currently in use elsewhere.
  116. Drawing an animated image from a sprite?
  117. menuStrip and toolStrip acting oddly after resource deletion
  118. datagridview event collectionchanged problem
  119. enumerator in custom configuration section
  120. Passing arry to combobox
  121. passing information from a child form to parent method
  122. calling excel CORREL() in C#
  123. what is the best practise to read and calculate matrices representation 16 x 16 pixel
  124. how to pass a value in one windows form to another?
  125. How-to: A formatted schedule table
  126. tree Question
  127. the given assembly name or codebase was invalid
  128. print SQL result to the screen
  129. Convert decimal value to exponential value
  130. Programmatically inserting newlines into a dataGridViewTextBoxCell.
  131. problem updating table with varbinary(max) field from xml
  132. Persistent application-scope settings shared among serveral running instances
  133. Socket Programming - Receive Buffer Length
  134. pointer to pointer(C style) to int array(C# style)?
  135. Converting windows app to a web app
  136. udpclient.connect() problem .
  137. How to connect postgres DB usin
  138. the process cannot access the file '' because it is being used by another process...
  139. How do I subtract 1 hour from DATETIME string using timespan instance
  140. concurrency violation:the UpdateCommand affect 0 of the expected 1 records
  141. write code for uplaod images or photos?
  142. Dynamic WebForm!
  143. listView
  144. Get week no as input
  145. Need a method prototype
  146. Grid View
  147. What i missing!! please help. Insert query to Acces 2007
  148. mdi
  149. dll not found when changing the path
  150. Populating comboBox
  151. heap memory allocation
  152. Edit Button in Dynamically created DataList
  153. Date Diff in C# and
  154. tabfolder
  155. Problem with unencoded pound signs and WebRequest
  156. Gridview image resolution
  157. NOT creating new .txt file
  158. Can't get more than 10000 controls in a panel
  159. Project in ASP.Net and C#
  160. C# Custom Event Handler replicating textBox1_TextChanged event handler
  161. Cross-thread operation not valid - used timer to do someting, but can't hide the form
  162. Sorting in C#
  163. how to modify listview subitems data manually.listview is filled with data from datab
  164. Windows Service: Copy files from a shared folder
  165. Is there any easy method to do this?
  166. Fill (color) part of image
  167. c# pointers
  168. How do I localize formatted text?
  169. Error referencing label in a GridView
  170. Where's my sprite?
  171. line graph
  172. eventlog object must be disposed?
  173. Dispalying ToolTip when mouse is hovered on the subitem of a listview
  174. C# sms source code--
  175. The type or namespace name 'Text Reader' could not be found
  176. format exception was unhandled"
  177. deploying window application with .mdf
  178. why odbccommand object at dosen't have a close method like datareader
  179. WCF PerCall instance State Aware
  180. How can i pass a symmetric key with the AxShDocVw.AxWebBrowser.Navigate method?
  181. login to a website
  182. HOW CAN I invoke method through the middle class in the inherit hiberarchy?
  183. smart argument passing
  184. Source code for Schematic drawing
  185. 'namespace' is used like a 'type'
  186. DatagridView Button Column Cell Editing Control Width.
  187. how to calculate how many days left
  188. message filter not working for active x control
  189. add values from datagridview to textbox
  190. Adding Item in listbox on parent form
  191. Scraping Just Images in C#
  192. Option Compare Text Not Working!
  193. Code for converting grayscale image to RGB image
  194. what is the basic module of the school management software in c# windows applictiop
  195. Bind an expresion to the template field of grid view
  196. how can i acquire the values of an anonymous collection of objects?
  197. Web browser control error
  198. Cycling grid columns
  199. How to permanently change value of variable during execution.
  200. get image value from DataGridViewImageColumn?
  201. How to sort List<T> on two criteria at same time.
  202. currency formatting
  203. Process.WaitForExit Question
  204. ftp Logout
  205. Project in ASP.Net and C#
  206. Windows 7 - Reported Form size is wrong
  207. Try to implement global keyboard shortcut in MDI parent/child form and other form by
  208. Delete the selected element from XML file
  209. canvas scroll??
  210. Hide active form while moving to next form
  211. OnBeforeNavigate2 & DOM ready?
  212. notepad
  213. Closing Blocked Thread
  214. how can i retrieve data from the local database of c#?
  215. modifying or adding extra information to jpeg image in winmo6
  216. linking .dat file
  217. OnMouseMove not firing
  218. C# How to get the next value of identity(1,1) from database table before any insert?
  219. Binding data to the custom DataGridView
  220. Blocking the MouseMove message WPF/C#
  221. search in registry
  222. how to pass arguments from a c# console applucation to a windows forms application
  223. How do you implement a multi language GUI using resx files?
  224. Client Server communication using spring
  225. hi , I have a question regarding the usage of EventHandle.WaitAny() Method
  226. getvalue from string of binary to compare the value
  227. bring printdialogbox to front
  228. enter as tab
  229. message box
  230. C# How to check if null value exists in database table (using stored procedure)?
  231. CloseButton
  232. How do I access images in the resx file as if they are in an array?
  233. External Library Reference.
  234. Using COM interface with C#
  235. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. !!!
  236. convert image file to 24bpp bmp
  237. Datgrid Datable question
  238. Send message from one EXE to another EXE
  239. How do you create a control for use in PowerPoint and other Office Appfications
  240. How do i do two consecutive WebRequest.GetResponse ?
  241. save textbox value
  242. sharing data between forms / passing data from one to another
  243. To use struct.
  244. how to protect (password) data at class library ?
  245. looking ready made forms and new design for the componenets
  246. save picturebox graphics drawn by two different objects
  247. How to create a separate thread to process events?
  248. run c sharp(.exe) without . net enviornment
  249. event control
  250. running .exe file from my program
  251. How to activate specific object when form is loaded ?(c#)
  252. TCP Chat Server - Multiple Clients
  253. how to open a new form automaticaly at runtime?
  254. Detecting playing song
  255. Thread Closing Error on specfic machine.
  256. how to next record into datagridview use in sql server 2005
  257. Need help with image comparison.
  258. Set or raise Validation.HasError to highlight textbox from a method...
  259. C#, Thread Problem
  260. Good mp3/wav player with pitch control
  261. How to upload multiple files simultaneously?
  262. Dynamic object creation and return?
  263. Uninstalling a software with C#
  264. SerialPort writing byte data
  265. Compile Windows Application Form with new DLL app.config file
  266. no millisecond from Sqldatetime to System.Datetime
  267. Wants to use visual style for a single control. Not a Application.EnableVisualStyles
  268. Making a parking fee calculator using DateTimePickers
  269. Regular expression for date : DDMMMYYY
  270. [c#] join lines in richtextbox
  271. How insert a progressbar while the crystalreport raise my report?
  272. Add an EXIF/JPG thumbnail to a jpg
  273. Connection Property has not been initialized
  274. Dynamically selecting Class for use in program.
  275. Timezones
  276. From binary to hex in wiegand
  277. change printer serrings
  278. Connecting via TCP/IP in C#
  279. ListView 1 Item Multiple rows
  280. i am working in C# with visual studio 2008. can any one help me please ASAP
  281. How to count character in a textbox, xbap application
  282. Email Admin Upon Form Submission
  283. How to protect socket against dos attack
  284. what i missing?
  285. Char Pointer from C++ DLL
  286. Share Process
  287. what is optional arguments, (definition i want )
  288. Pagination in my UI
  289. smtp
  290. Import data from csv to ms access database using c#
  291. Question about System.Net.PeerToPeer(.Calloboration).
  292. How to prevent form submission on asp button click
  293. How to add databinding expression for a server control programatically
  294. How to compare 2 xml strings in C# ?
  295. help with nested grids
  296. changing thumb size of horizontal scrollbar
  297. read number and string cell format in c#?
  298. ArgumentOutOfRangeException was unhandled
  299. in c#: how do I read an xml file into a dataset declaring the data type of the rows
  300. data grid view, show selected columns
  301. Data Structure help required.
  302. List All Form and All Control in each Form in a project
  303. URL to thumbnail
  304. Questions: Tons of Images; Arrays cross-class.
  305. UserControl WPF Csharp
  306. ActiveX with C# - how can I make it show the name instead of CLSID ?
  307. Variable receiving value of 0 if decimal, integer values work OK.
  308. Passing value from one form to another OPENED form
  309. Populating CheckedListBox DataTable + C# form
  310. Save and Retrive Image
  311. Windows service - interact with desktop under User account
  312. how to check stdin for piped data
  313. Reading Word Files Using Visual C#
  314. Thumbnail for video
  315. Calling C# Callbacks from C++ dll?
  316. Using Methods in Dictionary?
  317. Why the barcode did not respond to image capture Command
  318. get bitmap from image
  319. Are controls empty?
  320. Multidimensional array index lookup in a foreach loop
  321. no bmp displayed
  322. LINQ to XML Question
  323. How do I retrieve the selected value from a combobox?
  324. Sequential read and update of table
  325. Multi-Threading using Thread Pool C#
  326. Problem Retrieving From Excel in C#
  327. 2 tables in the same datagrid
  328. shdocvw - out of memory exception
  329. context.Instance().ParentForm has wrong type
  330. problem with detecting Barcode with C# programming
  331. Cleaning up managed and unmanaged resources.
  332. Registered script not getting executed - Please help
  333. Obtaining IP Address from hex string
  334. How to contruct a series of treeViews
  335. Text Box , word replace help DotNetBar
  336. A generic error occurred in GDI+.
  337. Edit DLL Image Resources
  338. How do I carry out a command for a control on one form to another
  339. Accessing Components of One Form From Another
  340. Detecting if ASCII Control Characters are pressed (C#)
  341. picturebox transparency malfunction
  342. string.split
  343. Check for empty text file
  344. read file xmlreader and writer xmlwriter after root node
  345. BadData error while during Decryption Plz how to solve this problem
  346. public Form1() VS Form1_Load
  347. Get image from SQL and put in Picture Box
  348. Parameter Direction Output
  349. Making a text box read only and text in to be copyable
  350. convert
  351. TypeLoadException - Only once when i install and Execute it first time
  352. Multi-dimensional Arrays... Not working...
  353. How to create arraylist of controls?
  354. Array pointers in C#
  355. Garbage Collector - what am I doing wrong (Windows CE)
  356. Padding strings (System.Console.Write)
  357. howto emulate events?
  358. How to add same value for all rows in a datatable?
  359. Windows Forms: What is the best way to create an animated topmost transparent control
  360. How to sort a listBox not by the first letter?
  361. Using C# to submit HTML forms.?
  362. Can someone help me convert this few lines of Delphi Code
  363. Delegates and STA problem
  364. Day duration calculation
  365. Extract specific texe from a string ?
  366. 2d Game graphics Engine question
  367. Problem with Reflections
  368. using Yahoo API?
  369. Load .dll data outside of Initial run time?
  370. Issues with XML Deserialization of List<CustomObject>
  371. copy image
  372. Using XML-Files with the DataGridView
  373. Error in windows service
  374. How to generate serial number in datagrid view by automatically?
  375. C# datasets
  376. Problem with Regex statement
  377. Print to USB Thermal Printer (brand Zebra 3842)
  378. How to dynamically control mdi menu c#.Net
  379. Convert encoded text to image
  380. Hash Table do not contain anything..
  381. how to display datetime format as yyyyMMddHHmmss?
  382. Integrating two sites
  383. DataGridView Merge Cells
  384. check unread emails?
  385. DataGridView Multiple columns
  386. How to call .js file on btnSave.Attributes.Add
  387. ArrayLists and TransparentProxies
  388. casting of object to retrieve individual value from arraylist
  389. Asci game
  390. get application name by port
  391. Login hotmail using httpwebrequest - C#
  392. Allowing only Numericals in a text box.
  393. Resources
  394. Display Table From MySQL DB
  395. Drop Down List
  396. Combine 4 columns into 1
  397. strongly typed dataset to textbox
  398. C sharp Thread need help...!!
  399. how to get the IP and ComputerName of the user visiting the website?
  400. Application Detector
  401. 3-tier question
  402. Access to a File via HTTP and UNC failing using Web Application
  403. Finding handle
  404. I have 2 dates - How old is the user (days, months and years)
  405. A problem converting a C++ COM interface to a C# interface
  406. true? binding arraylist to a gridview seems to be read only
  407. How to embed a digital signature with limited space
  408. panels interfere with each other
  409. In-build QSort method in C#
  410. user control get initialized
  411. array as struct field
  412. Need Efficient sorting method on WindowsCE, C#
  413. ODP.NET OracleCommand.CommandText conversion error
  414. Window's forms
  415. How to add picture in my new cutom button
  416. flash menu for windows form??
  417. sir, I want to know how to implement find function in my windows appication.
  418. Starting PowerShell And Passing Arguments Noob Question
  419. WebCam Invert Colors Filter
  420. Peramanent event consumer(WMI) in c#
  421. Running code in DLL on load
  422. return a value from other thread?
  423. Using NameSpace members In another namespace
  424. How to reconnect disconnected Terminal Server session?
  425. How to assign permission to users on applications through active Directory?
  426. Uploading Images On C# Windows Forms
  427. Need help with C++ 2008 Redistributable
  428. ShowDialog problem
  429. SendMessage without waiting or PostMessage with Data
  430. embedd java script in C # code
  431. C# Project with Sql 2005 database
  432. Combo box; Add New; Save; Delete Buttons
  433. Arrays in Structs?
  434. how to make property inside a property
  435. TextBox vertical text alignment (Windows Forms)
  436. Output text file End of File Error 62
  437. How to put images into a seperate DLL file outside of .exe
  438. Form Objects in Arrays
  439. Web service and filtering list
  440. show multiple values using a single parameter in crystal report
  441. Getting the default forum color for reuse.
  442. OpenGL direct implementation
  443. XmlTextReader reads only every other element
  444. Two DataTable Data on crystal report using C#.NET
  445. Image load
  446. Managing C++ Garmin API in C#
  447. change web.config identity username and password
  448. sending file
  449. calling functions
  450. URGENT -Could not find file 'Microsoft.Windows.CommonLanguageRuntime, Version=2.0.507
  451. Reading xml schema contents
  452. C# Combobox item selection
  453. ReportViewer
  454. C# ComboBox Value
  455. More than one Client!!!!
  456. c# current form close problem
  457. Networking problems.
  458. What is diff between creation of obj & creation of ref varable
  459. controls in-form order
  460. Value Required outside the context [Very Urgent Please Help Me]
  461. Reading multiple tables from database through datareader
  462. Sitemap Control in Master page
  463. How to show data in the data gridview by using data source.
  464. Modifying / Deleting rows
  465. find character in string speed (synchronous) problem
  466. Help on Error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
  467. webclient downloading an ad
  468. HOW TO SHOW: Processing...
  469. Converting SDK C++ function's struct to c#
  470. Best way to notify windows service state to the GUI
  471. Saving application settings in Windows Service
  472. control scroll without window scroll
  473. 2 equations 2 unknown Calculator
  474. How insert query with right single quotation mark in Mysql in C#
  475. How to access the values assigned to the members of Class 1 in Class 2 ?
  476. why c# is called by c sharp???
  477. How to make the app see class instance ?
  478. How the print functionality is working
  479. how do I get the value from an item in a listviews ItemTemplate?
  480. XNA and speeds...
  481. Datagrid doesn't display data
  482. DLL Run Down
  483. How to detect BOTH text and (multiple?) images in the clipboard
  484. Problem In running Project
  485. Explinations
  486. Data Access Layers
  487. Ampersand in URI
  488. Confusion over how IComparer works
  489. Event Handler
  490. Using Redemption.dll with C# Application(Plaftform target:64)
  491. floating point error
  492. how to send unicoded sms through pc and gsm(urgent)
  493. Adding data to an existing gridview
  494. How to get host/port from DefaultWebProxy?
  495. How do make my dream come true? (laughs)
  496. Control.Dock not working.
  497. read certain position in hexadecimal
  498. License for publishing C#.Net Web Service
  499. compile errors (object pointers?)
  500. DesktopLocation vs Control.MousePosition vs e.Location (where e is MouseEventArgs)
  501. decoding hex string to readable text
  502. TimeSpan accuracy
  503. Help needed with my setAppSettings() method
  504. get the Identity by ExecuteScalar
  505. Reusing SqlCommand
  506. Email format in c# [NOT sending/making it]
  507. Restarting app after one form closes
  508. binding a combobox to a specific column in a DataTable
  509. How to receive call using wireless modem?
  510. How to merge items in table (by relation)
  511. timer vs sleep method
  512. How to transfer Hex to Bin in C#?
  513. how to get target of a redirect
  514. how is access to the UI thread handled in C#.
  515. Get class instance dynamically
  516. Changing App.Config Porgramatically
  517. Check Box and Check Box List in Repeater Control
  518. Using a VB OCX with C#
  519. Add an element to the soap header in C#.Net
  520. Attributes and reflection of the type which they relate
  521. Open File With C# /
  522. Event Queue
  523. How to set datasource parameter on usercontrol from pageload of aspx file.
  524. How to restart MSSQL service from a remote computer that does not have rights.
  525. [SOLVED] IEnumerable.Except() and a custom comparer
  526. i have the textbox when i run the program the text box is readonly mode
  527. Table Adapter connections
  528. What normally goes inside an interface for controller? (mvc)
  529. remote screen capturing
  530. file transfer link labels ....
  531. How to set App.Config file?
  532. pan zoom panel with abilty to select objects
  533. Multiple mdi Children
  534. Bulk Load Copy - nvarchar is not recognized
  535. Inheritance question
  536. Database creation in SQL 2005 from C# - works from one computer, not the other
  537. The {0} in C#
  538. C# and JavaScript.
  539. Find specific value in gridview
  540. automatic resizing
  541. I can't find EndElement for XML nodes in tree. Help please.
  542. I have got a warning in event viewer
  543. designing printable bill
  544. Get Position of Taskbar button
  545. How To Make Review / Comment Balloons in C#
  546. recommend good online courses for SQL, data controls?
  547. suggestions for first moderately ambitious application?
  548. Class Library with Thread Safety
  549. good 3 tier sample
  550. How would i run a create sql database script programmatically?