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  1. Load jpg in C# Form
  2. [C#] .mp3 File Transfer Help
  3. print to immediate window
  4. Upload a document using webservices without changing its modification and creation da
  5. Exporting gridview to excel with combo,checkbox type columns + winforms
  6. method to update database based in stored procedure as ms access project
  7. Dynamically generating an .ICO from a PNG
  8. Defining new users on WINSERVER 2008
  9. mime attachment in C#
  10. How to get the Text from the label which is changing dynamically when page loaded
  11. synchronization of database
  12. Update web Service
  13. Record Song with Tracks
  14. Cannot get focus on the parent form while clicking button in modeless dialog in C#
  15. how to compile two .cs file in visual c# express edition
  16. c# code for interface between xbee meridian p micro controller devel
  17. How to fill a combobox column in a datagridview programatically
  18. Parse a textBox to Double not working properly. Very strange.
  19. multiplication of galois field polynomials in c# / c++
  20. Delete file in remote server using C#, Windows Service
  21. exporting to excel
  22. HttpWebRequest / WebClient Authentication Issue
  23. Dynamic Label height based on Content
  24. DataBinding Through Code
  25. where to do coding of connection of oracle and c# ?
  26. Embedding swf (Flash) file as a resource in c# 2008 win app.
  27. Custom Tooltip using a Panel
  28. Group Concat in msaccess
  29. How to monitor 3rd parties in C#
  30. Can i Hide .ToString() Method
  31. Explain Concept :
  32. access files from remote server
  33. how to get right-clicked url in BHO
  34. Validation on TextBox
  35. How to fetch MSIHANDLE for the current instance of the installer in Installer class.
  36. how to split the image for to store in sql database
  37. How to play swf file stored in C# embedded resources in winform.
  38. how to store a portion of an image in sql database using c#
  39. Inclass conversion from base class to derived class
  40. Windows Shell Context Menu
  41. Save data based on dataset with computed columns
  42. Loading alot of images, don't want to see the load process...
  43. string to integer conversion
  44. Javascript 2D array access in c# file
  45. error in sending file
  46. variance
  47. How to know TIFF images compression?
  48. open html page in new window using C#?
  49. stored procedure in C Sharp
  50. Hash File
  51. ASP.NET C# web application Grid view Query
  52. create a method to add any user control to panel
  53. Outlook 2007 Programming
  54. can i call a DLL within another DLL
  55. need guidance in reading scores from website
  56. data types through serial port
  57. Date wise Bulk File Copying Application Using C#
  58. uploading a file using different Network adapters
  59. Sending Sms using windows application
  60. Problem in deleting row using excel interop object
  61. How to make a wrapper class for VC++ form application
  62. What is the code for adding numerical values in textboxes?
  63. Linq Query returning GUID
  64. Why is my C# generated html file being saved?
  65. how to convert an image into a matrix or more?
  66. Changing redirected website using Form.Action
  67. Calling Derived class method from base class reference
  68. Saving Images in TableLayoutPanel to one image
  69. how to display a pdf document stored in c# assembly as embedded resources.
  70. Add rows to DataGridView on scroll
  71. arraylist of integer array
  72. Is their any way to highlight word in text
  73. error of "use of unassigned local variable"
  74. Validation not working
  75. Relative paths in Windows Service?
  76. Access to the path is denied.
  77. Comparing two strings for equality
  78. Cannot insert or append joint array of stringbuilder
  79. Custom Form acts like drop down won't click.
  80. Best iteration method
  81. Garbage Collection after calling and returning from 2nd form
  82. Conditional count RDLC
  83. C# windows - Auto increment font size
  84. how to FTP files in C# .NET 1.1 ?
  85. Monitoring multiple processes with the same name
  86. Is it possible to change the colour of the cursor in a RichTextBox?
  87. Copying text in text boxes into Microsoft Word
  88. WPF project connection to sqlserver
  89. How to insert value into the class?
  90. Why does this hang? (
  91. Conflict between Shell32 and AxSHDocVw.dll
  92. Passing values from one class to another class
  93. Retrieving multiple ListBox selections
  94. Hyperlink asp control doesn't appear when set
  95. Porting a custom .net application to a new machine JIT errors
  96. sending mail automatically from client to server
  97. how to bind data to tree view in winform from three databasetables
  98. Read image from an xml using c sharp
  99. create a toolbar with c#
  100. Compare two strings and combine into a string.
  101. Limitations on Email Body Length for SMTP MailMessage
  102. Implementing abstract factory with generics without using reflection
  103. How to bring a value from a class?
  104. sizeof structure at compile time
  105. Customized Shortcuts
  106. Sharing code behind files
  107. C# xml question
  108. best way to check which on system app is runing ?
  109. Selecting a item from one data table and getting the items from another - csharp
  110. return an array or list
  111. error CS0246 what wrong?
  112. help with displaying images
  113. autosizing picture in picturebox
  114. arrange items in rows (vertically) in a list view
  115. How to update datatable on LAN [ local area network] ?
  116. How to open a new window in
  117. Problem getting correct parameter types for interop call
  118. How to Sort an Array of Objects?
  119. Convert equirectangular panorama to cubic panorama automatically
  120. Datagridview an crystal reports
  121. To Show Sanskrit Font Properly on Web Page.....
  122. AssemblyInfo.cs with AssemblyCulture
  123. How to manipulate large data without creating temp table or using array
  124. Regarding the access private strucuture members in C#
  125. i m inserting values in access database but value is not ptresent in database
  126. Calling C Library DLLs from C Sharp
  127. How to use Input box in C# ?
  128. How to terminate the process which has been developed using Visual Studio?
  129. search the selected folder
  130. Can't send email from my gmail acount using SmtpClient
  131. Converting RGB bytes to a valid image
  132. how to insert data using arraylist into ms access
  133. Can't open a Modal (showdialog) form
  134. Fastest byte[,,] to byte[] copy
  135. Only receiving first character of string in UDP response
  136. Trying to use Graphics.DrawImage to make transparent image...
  137. Crystal Report Viewer group tree hiding Issue!
  138. Launch condition for SQLServer 2005
  139. How to group digits and remove trailing zeros
  140. Show image in Listview when populating with an array.
  141. How to retrieve multiple enum values?
  142. Change Connection string for designer table at runtime
  143. input multiple numbers into textbox
  144. Use config file in stead of changing registry
  145. How to Add/Edit/Delete/Update Remote WebServer based MySql DB using C# DataGridView
  146. is mysql is redistributable with c# windows application
  147. how to find polygon extreme points
  148. To show image in full screen
  149. Relative path of access database.
  150. How to listen event in VBA generated from C# dll - Dll is loading at runtime
  151. [C#][XNA 3.1] How can I host two different XNA windows inside one Windows Form?
  152. alternating the color in combobox
  153. how to insert a sound file
  154. displaying image in different form
  155. Thread suspend and resume methods. Alternatives?
  156. Generic class implementation??
  157. question on how to access a mdb access file uploaded to online server from C sharp
  158. Do template classes exist in C#?
  159. How to Locate and Delete a PictureBox that was created with an Array
  160. Object can not be cast from the DBNull to the other type errors
  161. An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine Er 10053
  162. SQL Server Express for 64 bit system
  163. Change size of the form according to screen size
  164. Object data transfer using LINQ or lambda expression
  165. interface implementation??
  166. Text Files - writing to and reading
  167. Open URL and refresh it continuously from C# app
  168. Merge two contextmenustrips to a single tree node
  169. Getting dynamic elements' properties in C# - similar to getElementById in JS
  170. show image on webpage using C#
  171. How to give the path for installation of an msi through command line?
  172. pass a string from one function to another in a console application??
  173. Export data to excel in windows Forms Application
  174. Is it possible to implement template
  175. create an msi for two different windows app
  176. ListBox.SelectedValue not working
  177. dynamic linking
  178. How can call function using button?
  179. how to play the sound via phone line using
  180. How to convert intel hex file to binary code?
  181. How to read a file with structure in csharp
  182. With c sharp..How do i generate the UPDATED csv file from database.?
  183. BinaryReader opposite functions for BinaryWriter
  184. Colour map implemented as a bitmap
  185. how to integrate Flash CS4 in C#?
  186. How to add items in ListView
  187. Windows Mobile Battery Level
  188. Invalid attempt to access a file before calling Read()
  189. Saving a string into a new file
  190. how to save (.mdb) file wihtout using savedialog browser.
  191. how can i fix this error?
  192. opening error
  193. Ajax call to wcf windows service over ssl (https)
  194. Finding Characters in a TextBox
  195. [Picturebox implementation] 1 foreground, many backgrounds - to show all backgrounds
  196. Over the time the CPU utilization starts increasing running my application
  197. How to check if a sound file is a .wav file in C# ?
  198. convert to intel hex file
  199. Panel Invalidate(Rectangle) Update() does not work
  200. Startup
  201. Search Strings
  202. move splitter control with Exception
  203. exporting registery to a .reg file
  204. C# Resize Form by Fixed Amount (listBox1.ItemHeight)
  205. Saving Data from Related Data Tables (Hierarchical Update)
  206. Interacting with web page controls
  207. Uploading files in C# from any location
  208. draw a line along the road in google map??
  209. Saving HTML file without using save file dialog box
  210. Find # of Occurences & count in string using Collections/Generics
  211. How To Parse A Data File?
  212. Object needs to be instantiated
  213. Tooltip goes off screen when it closer to right edge of screen -- Help
  214. how do you get a color from a text box?
  215. Advice on Data structure for storing mixed type elements
  216. how to know the location of a button in a button array
  217. Detecting key held down for a long time
  218. Saving HTML file without using save file dialog box
  219. String to webbrowser control
  220. Single producer and Multiple consumers
  221. Group by groups
  222. Regexp MatchCollection
  223. how do i copy excel table as object in power point using c#
  224. Flip image vertically in Compact Framework
  225. "InvalidArgument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'index'
  226. Httpwebresponse Content Length
  227. In a combobox, how do I change the data type to an Integer?
  228. WCF-Service-via-IIS7 - Winform-Client-problem
  229. C# text view scrolling using GTK library
  230. how to pass parameter "_bstr_t cons &" to invoke a dll written in C++?
  231. HttpWebRequest Problem
  232. C# and MySql
  233. Operation Illegal on Linked Parameters C# and .Net
  234. save a xml file to the internet
  235. How to save the default value of a textbox
  236. Save multiple files within a folder
  237. Simple Car Rental pragram
  238. Closing a form and calling main form's function
  239. Treeview and listview showing hierarchical folder system
  240. How to validate textbox for IPV4 and IPV6 IPAddresses.
  241. autocode generate with the help of name
  242. Form within a form within a form
  243. Assigning a null value to an event in one class from another class
  244. run once code
  245. My Method on Paint drastically effects my program GUI's performance
  246. How do i maintain a variable that has been assigned once in a class to remain the sam
  247. Windows explorer window in windows app
  248. Is their any way to highlight word in text
  249. Drag and Drop a list item to a button
  250. Custom Error Handling Class
  251. How do I set device ID of video captue device when using WebCam_Capture.dll?
  252. How do I save a custom color in the Color Chart
  253. Trouble decoding text using RSA and bouncy castle libraries
  254. Adding a row to a database
  255. What does gdiCharSet parameter in Font constuctor stand for?How can I use it?
  256. Hide Save File as dialog when printing
  257. check if item or subitem changed when closing
  258. how do I run code in one form from another form.
  259. Append text after specified text
  260. Mouse movement
  261. WinService LogOn Event insert Sql Server Db
  262. LogonUser() failed with error code 1326
  263. List of lists to multidimension array
  264. selection of word on web page and show more detail about that word.
  265. Changing form on submit
  266. how Change Select Color in TextBox
  267. Date comparison not working in LINQ?
  268. Referring to a Local Machine from a WebService
  269. problem with tcplistener and and sending data
  270. C# and .NET (XML and serialization)
  271. working with bits in c#
  272. extract information from a string with a lot of spaces
  273. Textbox Class for Toolbox
  274. Datagrid data reading
  275. Using mobile internet connection on WinMo6
  276. newbie C# socket problem
  277. How can I change the size of the forms in my Windows application when the screen res
  278. virtual key board as a form
  279. Insert text in flash
  280. what is the format of rsa public key modulus and exponent?
  281. WinForms horizontal scrolling - unexpected behaviour
  282. problem with changing size of anchor tags form Repeater
  283. SystemParametersInfo questions
  284. How to lock an excel sheet
  285. Remove the current row from datagridview
  286. Accesing Dynamic created form fields at run time
  287. How to catch, in my program, missing sys dll?
  288. how can i bring back a program when another closes
  289. message date randomisation
  290. Download the file being played from player directly
  291. Remove the current row from datagridview
  292. populate a Treeview from XML file
  293. Delete User Profile on Remote Servers
  294. Splitting file into multiple files
  295. How to auto login into a site
  296. Disabling Buttons Problem
  297. cannot convert from 'System.StringSplitOptions' to 'char'
  298. How to obtain app.config of a different application and modify it
  299. difference between COM DLL and COM EXE
  300. ArgumentException: value cannot be null, parameter name : key
  301. Media Manager
  302. How to start Process Under windows User.
  303. Read Google Chrome Bookmarks and place them into a collection
  304. Retrieve Exchange 2007 public folder content from c#
  305. Datagrid validation..
  306. Dynamic C# Tabs
  307. Pre-defined PictureBox[], now null?!
  308. Calculating upload speed?
  309. web browser control in c#
  310. Open Other software
  311. List Exception: Object Null reference
  312. datagridview datetimepicker C# help
  313. Reseting A List<>
  314. How do you read from a text file on the internet?
  315. Key press in c sharp. What am I doing wrong?
  316. Display monitor display on form
  317. How do I list users that are granted or denied access to a Distribution Group in AD?
  318. How to show "Capture Properties" window?
  319. Custom color array into Bitmap
  320. Need listbox that can scroll but not allow user to change selection
  321. Interop problem
  322. XML Parsing
  323. issue while using webbrowser control with windows service
  324. I cant use console.readline after
  325. ExecuteNonQuery always 0 :(
  326. Web Browser Control
  327. How to pass and get paramenters in 'C' dll using C#
  328. i want to enable the next form through this code. But its not working.
  329. program files permisions [ win 7 ]
  330. SendKeys.send format to send Ctrl-C = SendKeys.Send("^(C)"); ?
  331. How to simulate simple gravity in an XNA platforming game.
  332. Passing values in hyperlink
  333. [System.Net] Help me to dected if client is disconnected
  334. i need a help in C Sharp "Create a login pange"
  335. Running total
  336. Using DialogResult for Label
  337. Regarding dispose method
  338. how do i retreive sms from google voice in c#?
  339. Call to Server with HttpWebRequestClass before logged on to windows
  340. I know this is Probably obvious but I am new and stuck!!
  341. Is it possible to print multiple copies of a crystal report at a time?
  342. How to detect it is a remote session at server side?
  343. Get and Validate Kerberos Ticket in C#
  344. How to capture mouse movements?
  345. I am trying to insert into a DB
  346. Find network service address
  347. OOP newbie
  348. Simple Keypad
  349. How to verify if a user has been authenticated
  350. Simple Graphics program behaving differently on differnt machines
  351. Crystal Report.Net Image Question
  352. passing value using flat file ?
  353. Readng XML via LINQ
  354. how can i access a form from another form?
  355. how to Call a exe within a C# console application?
  356. Webservice
  357. How to make cdo.Message throw an exception if invalid email address is entered.
  358. Is this solution correct?
  359. XmlTextReader VS XmlDocument
  360. Datagrid cell's Numeric Validation
  361. send email with attachment using Microsoft Outlook Object Library 2007
  362. The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.
  363. Two different problems. One at a time. Second will be posted once first is solved.
  364. Get Router Information
  365. trying to install a prebuilt full application into a web part for sharepoint
  366. Obfuscation, Dofuscator attribute not being honored
  367. need help importing the native DLL??
  368. C# forms and access database
  369. Hex checksum
  370. how can i convert msil to source code?
  371. Waiting Dialog Problem - Will Not Show fully before continuing
  372. working with a hex byte array (which represents a string)
  373. ListView images Question
  374. explanation on read method
  375. how to make report in visual stdio 2005(
  376. How to insert two textbox data in msacess database?(plz tell complete code with sampl
  377. Ellipse At X,Y Location
  378. Threads v Timers
  379. how to determine that a Cell of Excel contains nothing?
  380. Newbie threading question
  381. C#, Excel Workbook, SaveAs ( Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC )
  382. Get superType of type
  383. Correctly using CapParams
  384. convert arraylist to byte
  385. 1 method. multiple events
  386. Datagrid view Exception error after datatable update
  387. Filling in the properties of a class dynamic/automatically
  388. shaped button with _click event
  389. fill html forms with c sharp
  390. Updating DB Data Else Insert?
  391. Creating User Defined Function (T-SQL) programmatically into database
  392. Dynamic parametized sql insert - is this a good idea?
  393. NHibernate unidirectional one-to-one mapping problem.
  394. Working with JPEG format, but not jpg file...
  395. Compare 2 XML files in C#
  396. Eliminate a hyphen/underscore for a subscript
  397. New Line character storage in ntext field in SQL 2000
  398. Rookie quesion
  399. how to position a modal form on top of a modeless form
  400. How to download multiple files in C# from array.
  401. Group disparate XAML textboxes into an array
  402. SandDock causing issues
  403. Buttons in ChildWindow?
  404. Slow code
  405. fix this error for me
  406. How to Add Image only to a parent node in a tree view
  407. point inside a polygon or not
  408. covert to system date format
  409. System.NullReferenceException
  410. How to read horizontal (or vertical) alignment of Excel.Range ?
  411. how to insert values from dataset or datatable to database table in
  412. how to copy tables or charts in workbook as images into power point
  413. how to change the formula in each cell of an existing excel workbook
  414. Displaying the rest of data in Excel
  415. TCP Server/Client comunication
  416. Problem saving video streams
  417. newbie question
  418. what is the meaning of .close in binaryreader
  419. how to print to both a physical printer and pdf at once
  420. DataGridView update. Win forms With form1 and form2.
  421. Magnetic Stripe
  422. list<char> as properties of an objet
  423. How to create animated gifs?
  424. to copy a groupbox to another form.
  425. how to rename the existing excel sheet automatically
  426. how to set column types dynamically in datagrid view?
  427. Get dataID of gridCellValue directly after inserting
  428. How to get the location of a string in an array
  429. Strongly types DataSet problem
  430. Silverlight 4.0 Beta : HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
  431. Code Definition
  432. Get name of access DB fron conn string?
  433. Problem with Bitmaps and Graphics
  434. outlook add-in: How to access the toolbars of the "COMPOSE MESSAGE" window
  435. outflow string
  436. Problem with DataGridViewComboBoxColumn
  437. passing data between C and C#
  438. C# Inheritance
  439. Client/Server application with SQL Database on Server side? C#
  440. CodeDOM graph statement for pictureBox1.Image = <Convert the binary value of the
  441. How to read in text from a text file and convert the return string to a int value.
  442. Packet filter
  443. Enable/Disable TextBox Scrolling?
  444. System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory
  445. C# WinForms: Memory Usage on multi lingual app
  446. Read an XML file into memory
  447. how to Convert String into DateTime
  448. Windows Service - SQLConnection\SQLCommand Unresponsive (Novice)
  449. How to Load an Assembly of Generic Type <T> Dynamically ?
  450. Bit manipultion
  451. closing both forms
  452. control on Main Form
  453. Adding ShortCut for Uninstall in Setup Project
  454. this.DataTableAdaper.Update(Dataset) does not work...
  455. How to develop SoftRepeater in C#
  456. How to know Focused Row loses focus
  457. To Take columns and rows from csv like file
  458. Importing user defined DLL in C# code
  459. - Embed video object and change source in code file
  460. Insert the textbox value to database and retrive it to List Box
  461. add one record to access database with form
  462. managing different loops in different events
  463. WCF and custom type
  464. Connection control?
  465. CustomConfigHandler causing "object reference not set to instance of object"
  466. Can't input to a global object array
  467. how to show back the default image and text?
  468. How do you load a local file as a source for a bitmapImage stored in an array
  469. Why doesn't my method return the variable at all?
  470. Banking SMS app
  471. Best way to implement a background infinite loop
  472. How to determine a valid date value with out comparing each field of month,day,date
  473. Accessing Controls / User Controls / Tab Controls
  474. Formatting a string to print out
  475. C# program to send & receive SMS
  476. Get data from grid, to load another grid with
  477. [Windows Forms] How to synchronize two controls.
  478. conversion of one file format to other
  479. Registry Key save to a "Virtual Store" in current root and Local Machin, Help!
  480. C#.Net Programme convert to Excel 2007
  481. array maths
  482. How to deploy database created in c# with setup and deployment??
  483. Get data from Datagrid into textboxes
  484. Add multiple items from ListBox to TextBox
  485. Add multiple items from ListBox to TextBox
  486. Tracking upload progress
  487. Toolstrip - Floating at Mousepoint
  488. Position of Calendar in DatePicker
  489. how can i get a memory address of dll in C# ?
  490. is there a possibility to convert dll file into project
  491. Using infragistics, is it possible to group columns in excel using c# ?
  492. Acces Query wont work
  493. Sql data to array list
  494. Reading a binary file in 68K buffer, and extract/display just bytes 16-20
  495. hi guys ,how should i add a record at end of datatable and see it at datagridview
  496. Takes 2 clicks to open popup
  497. 'String was not recognized as a valid DateTime'Error Occurs
  498. How to make event click button but not taking focus
  499. date format
  500. Windows Registry
  501. Microsft Photo Editor hanges when printo verb is used
  502. how to set column type of datagrid dynamically in C# .Net Windows App?
  503. what is use configuration file ?
  504. How do I format a string for the methis SendKeys method to emulate Ctrl-C?
  505. PLS-00306 Wrong number of types of arguments in call to 'Stored Procedure' {Pls help}
  506. Java bytebuffer equivalent in c#
  507. NHibernate one to many problem
  508. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.
  509. problem in costum events
  510. Problem with Login check from SQL DB
  511. Closing thread and program
  512. How can I save a file from the internet using csharp?
  513. High Speed Timer
  514. How do I autosize the TEXT?
  515. How to set row values as Datagrid Column Header?
  516. reflect mouse on label to button
  517. C# Paypal integration windows application
  518. MS access object - db does not get closed
  519. Extract images from EML file
  520. Windows XP Virtual Registry
  521. how to get column value when checkbox is selected in gridview selected index changed?
  522. debug vs. build vs. publish?
  523. Factory pattern or Generic Solution for c# 2.0
  524. Outlook 2007 ignores programmatically-set SaveSentMessageFolder property
  525. Color enum, collection, ...
  526. Array of textboxes?
  527. How do you persistantly draw on a windows form picture box control.
  528. Serialisation error in the application....
  529. Is it possible to hide a method from inheriting from a parent class ?
  530. after clicking Ok button i got all my text of web page increased in size
  531. building a program that accepts commandline parameters
  532. how can i make my node info in linked list as an object of another class
  533. C# printing problem
  534. invoking base class event from the method of derived class method
  535. Problem with panel scrollbar on Windows 7
  536. How to write abstraction for communications Ethernet and Serial
  537. Getting wrong date in DateTime.Parse function
  538. windows service detect usb
  539. Tag Property ComboBox
  540. c# house plan drawing
  541. Converting data from C#.Net to Excel 2007
  542. How to draw images to a memory bitmap and then draw that bitmap ontop of a picture bo
  543. C# Classes
  544. @ symbol and double quotation marks
  545. Error when deleting record from a gridview
  546. Cannot Convert string to class type
  547. Structs in C#
  548. Fingerprint codes
  549. Retrieve Large record sets from Active Directory
  550. How to Marshal data back from addlexport call of structures within structures?