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  1. How to change treeviewItem colour automatically when video playing at diff part?
  2. How to delete unnecessary shortcuts?
  3. Problem with sorting the gridview
  4. Why does multi-line fax modem not use all lines to broadcast faxes?
  5. Sybase issue
  6. How can I find out in my outlook add-in, that a new message is sent/accepted?
  7. How can I get a list of messages, represented in the standard outlook message pane?
  8. Why doesn't MouseUp on a listview checkbox work?
  9. Picturebox and image co-ordinates
  10. Draw on an image in a picturebox, then save it as jpg
  11. String, substrings for commands in textbox
  12. my code is executing but data is not get inserted in table
  13. Voice recording in C# (voice chat program)
  14. use of unassigned local varible 'form2'
  15. C# outlook add-in. Reading pane, message pane.
  16. "cannot explicitly call operator or accessor"
  17. Version comparison for update method
  18. IP Address Returning Question
  19. Static Constructor throws exception before called.
  20. IOException only thrown on 64 bit windows
  21. How to fix error: Unable to read data from the transport connection
  22. Try Catch with Inheritance problem.
  23. Determine the size & position of an external program window
  24. An unhandled exception
  25. Schedule hours calculator
  26. How to disable previously entered data for a textbox?
  27. How to setup a shortcut key for a custom application or program?
  28. How to run an exe file of a vc# .net 2008 on other computers without getting an error
  29. How to setup an updater program to keep users of my applications updated?
  30. Windows service debugging Problem
  31. Specific DataGridView Row Selection
  32. How to fix Type initializer exception during runtime
  33. What Assembly contains 'Session'
  34. Can TryParse be used in a Lambda in a LINQ method?
  35. DGV Columns Order with DGVComboboxColumn.
  36. What is the default color of a button in WPF?
  37. What code do I need to use to for background music?
  38. How to convert string s="48727"; to int[]no={4,8,7,2,7};
  39. What is the ASCII reference for ?
  40. How to get an exe i created to run on multiple computers?
  41. How to hook two client.downloadfileasync to downloadfilecompleted?
  42. How to use variables in a string?
  43. Save and load user settings?
  44. Copy/Cut/Paste selected text from RichTextBox
  45. How to simply display the Outlook 2010 window
  46. How to assign a value to variable via Reflection where var name and value are pulled
  47. C#NET2008 Add Row to Microsoft WORD 2003 Document Template Table
  48. Create event c# (not invoke or define)
  49. Standard Input & Output in .NET
  50. how to copy from text box to struct C#
  51. return value in Thread
  52. how to copy from text box to struct C#
  53. C#NET2008 Fill Microsoft WORD 2003 Document template with Data
  54. How to write XML Data from DataSet problem?
  55. Trouble using System.Web.Mail;
  56. Minimum rebuild in C#?
  57. How to change the region of control?
  58. How to sort a Data Grid?
  59. Usb pinvoke issue..was previously working.
  60. C#NET2008 OpenFileDialog Control
  61. how to add DataGridComboBoxColumn to datagrid in wpf?
  62. Problem with instantiation XmlSerializer
  63. OledbException : IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005).
  64. How to find the MAC address of a 'shutdown' system on local lan (is it possible?)
  65. Remove garbage data in byte[]
  66. C#NET2008 Upper case and Lower case Character
  67. How to set datasource for datagrid control in wpf
  68. Sending email using System.Net.Mail worked ok untill this morning exception popup
  69. Text of combobox to set
  70. how to transparent a picturebox control in C# and show everything behind of it
  71. I need to decode mp3 voice format into a simpler format such as wav
  72. AudioFormat for TTS SpFileStream
  73. C#NET2008 DataValidation using IF statement
  74. Can I write my program to send emails?
  75. sending sms to mobile from web service
  76. How can I add an item from a textBox in Form1 to a listBox in Form2?
  77. RegAsm Error : RegAsm : error RA0000 : Could not load file or assembly My.dll or one
  78. C#NET2008 - How to declare Array
  79. How do i debug a dll in Visual C# .NET 2010 while calling the dll from MATLAB?
  80. What's the best way to easily distribute an application and encrypt/decrypt the user'
  81. Post Values from WebBrowser in Windows Form
  82. Implementation of Binding complier error
  83. How to set opacity of a window?
  84. How can we load the records which is selected in prvious form list view
  85. Treeview in datagridview.
  86. ListViewItem checkbox disable
  87. how to return the pixel cordinate from a mouse click ?!
  88. How to add a MouseEvent to a Control inside a Panel with an existing MouseEvent
  89. Have an error to use a string combined into a path to run the object
  90. How to login to jsp website and download a file using WebClient in C#?
  91. ListBox SelectedItem
  92. How to copy rows from one DataGridView to another?
  93. Grouping data in a Report.rdlc/DataSource
  94. about connect to mysql using c sharp
  95. How can I Save a word document opened in a WebBrowser Control C#?
  96. how to pass parameters in a sql query in windows form application?
  97. Method name expected error
  98. if Statement with multiple options
  99. Using C# is it possible to programatically import a report from one db to another?
  100. How to display all users from AD via c#?
  101. User Control Events
  102. C#NET2008 Use Microsoft WORD 2003
  103. MouseEnter Event
  104. How to add all values from listbox to a arraylist?
  105. How do you stop a user from removing elements in a list<>?
  106. What is autoboxing in C# ?
  107. how to use TapieX component in c sharp????
  108. what to use in mysql instead of get schema,which is used in mssql?
  109. Unable to cast COM Object - Exception
  110. How to convert strct to byte array
  111. C#Net2008 Microsoft WORD 2003
  112. How to upload a file to a specific website?
  113. app.config headache
  114. I changed from Client.DownloadFile to Client.DownloadFileAsync and i get exception:
  115. Move object between panels using drag and drop
  116. how to get data from a any table that user selects and display records in grid
  117. Access form control in user controls
  118. Help with video playback problem.
  119. How to read a xml file and write it to a text file
  120. StoresEvents_12_Event.StoreAdd Event not firing when using Data File Management menu
  121. Failed query blob columns from Paradox databse via ODBC
  122. Alternative API for savedialog box in c#
  123. I am having problem while inserting date/time data type..front end is
  124. How can i stop user input when an array is full?
  125. Convert a PHP date function into C#
  126. Why does the following produce an infinite loop?
  127. C#NET2008 KeyPreview
  128. Math.Abs() Method Compiling Error
  129. How can I pass a variable from Flash to C#
  130. How do i use the VIPS dll ?
  131. No overload for method - retrieving from generic list
  132. Lock mouse scroll in a combo box...
  133. Why is an interface needed?
  134. IMPL does not implement interface member
  135. C#NET2008 Using WITH
  136. How to acces class object that I put in arraylist: read the property
  137. Get CheckBox value from one form in another form.
  138. named pipe issues
  139. How to Import Text file with Feild names in each line to Hashtable ?
  140. Nested For Loops
  141. C#NET2008 ListBox Set columnWidth
  142. Form.Loaded event?
  143. How to let one display button change enable using windows API
  144. NullReference question
  145. How to make program stop when empty string is entered?
  146. Icon on treeview does not refresh until I move away from a node. Help
  147. I just want to make a SOAP request!
  148. Report contains no tables
  149. How to convert pdf to xps?
  150. How to cycle through 2d array
  151. C#NET2008 Microsoft WORD 2003
  152. How to copy forms for showing other as demo
  153. ExecuteReader not throwing exception from T-SQL when using TRY-CATCH in stored proc
  154. about exception while writing in a file by filestream in c#
  155. How to generate a sum of a particular column in DataGridView with C#?
  156. How to register.NET add-on for Office Word
  157. Custom SOAP message not returned/recieved
  158. Web Service Interoperability
  159. How to convert a int to 4 byte (DWORD) hex values
  160. How do I instantiate an object of a derived class using the parent class?
  161. Doubt about HashCodes
  162. Pointer as return type is this code Vallid?
  163. Binding Navigator Make an Exception (Advanced)
  164. How do I re-throw an exception back to the debugger?
  165. How to Set Breakpoint in a Silverlight Plugin(Dynamically Loaded) Assembly?
  166. How to set Location of Button, Label and Panel.........
  167. Move controls in a form
  168. How to generate PDF dynamically from Database content
  169. Where to save program password securely?
  170. TCP Connection Timeout
  171. Popup window comes with no content but link?
  172. why use cryptstream in a tripleDES envrypt?
  173. combo box displaying item with previous item
  174. DateTimePicker Control
  175. An array containing an array and simple types?
  176. How to connect a console application to a database
  177. Looping through an array
  178. Datagridview First Row Skip
  179. problem using MediaElement for audio/video
  180. multiple inheritance in C#
  181. how to setup static variable at program load
  182. C# Read/Write multiple line from .ini
  183. how to manipulate Image.Formstream(str)
  184. How do I convert a variable and then store it into another variable?
  185. Datagridview to Arraylist
  186. C# class that can't be instantiated more than 10 times
  187. Program You Didn't Develop
  188. I am "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."/SubForm/MainForm/busObje
  189. How to set default focus on popup
  190. How to use one method to display random dice to 12 picture boxes?
  191. Im trying to use backgroundWorker to show a progressBar before app loaded:
  192. about database and remote connections.
  193. How to fix Error - member names cannot be the same as their enclosing type
  194. Help with exception when deploy .net remoting application over internet
  195. Download Attachments with WebDav
  196. Saving Attachments thru WebDav
  197. How to Add Controls dynamically ?
  198. How do you replace a hidden non-printable character in a text file?
  199. C# panel onpaint event paint event args e.drawImage
  200. visual studio 2010 c# reference
  201. How to open a text file in notepad?
  202. how to lock controls on other forms with out closing last form?
  203. c# How can I give my app data folder Kaspersky like security ?
  204. ClickOnce Not Deploying (app).exe.config
  205. Moving controls in a localized project
  206. How to use LINQ?
  207. How to pass multiple parameters to a parameterized thread?
  208. 100% CPU in multithreading applications
  209. How to copy an item from an rss page
  210. How to control number of instances of Internet Explorer Created
  211. Comparing a string to tab ("\t")
  212. word automation using late binding
  213. How to do permanent changes at runtime
  214. How to zip a csv file
  215. how do I shrink my solution dll
  216. Is there a way to view the controls on an inherited form
  217. my UDP Server program halts from newsock.receivefrom()...
  218. How can i display the records from SQL server into two textboxes
  219. how to display the records from Sql server in textboxes
  220. How can i display the records from SQL server into two textboxes
  221. TCPSocket not transmitting
  222. How to use systemeventwatcher in windows services???
  223. Can an Icon be placed in pictureBox on Form
  224. To find number of bytes available in socket
  225. how to hide a column in a datagrid but autogenerated columns = "True"?
  226. How to compare a single row value with an whole column value in c#???
  227. C# insert statement
  228. make a screenshot
  229. Using NameSpace C#
  230. How to import a dataset in datagridview of a form into an excel sheet and save it?
  231. im trying to use event to check when the file download is completed but its not work
  232. Find maximum id of a table created in access data source
  233. How to set alignments of form controls dynamically.
  234. How to declare variables, unique id etc... in C#
  235. C# vista does not giving access to create folder
  236. Different colors in a label
  237. Memory not GCing after form closes
  238. TreeView leaf node click event
  239. How to maintain HttpWebRequest session from scripted cookie...
  240. How to loop through DataRow[] to get the column name and value
  241. Is there a way to combine formatted strings and/or arrays?
  242. Its not related to c# , but can anyone tell me how to use CALCS in a batch file ?
  243. Translasion af VB to C#
  244. C# Service seems to fail on install but is working?
  245. Receiving 3144 bytes TCP/IP socket During debug mode, but during excecution 1024 byte
  246. How to add a gridview control to a form which opens on button click..
  247. How to execute batch files at a specific time in folder
  248. How to create intellisense from scratch?
  249. How can I make a copy of an unknown incoming object with extra properties?
  250. How to rearrange datacolumns in a dataset from related datatables
  251. How to use multiple or multiport fax modems to send multiple faxes?
  252. Decimal format display
  253. data in a combobox
  254. How do I access a .avi stored as a resource?
  255. Shift+Tab Behaviour In Backspace
  256. How can I set WebClient, UploadValues not to wait for the server
  257. Windows Forms: Open SettingsWindow (popup)
  258. how to detect Windows UAC UI dialog
  259. How can I add items to an array while the array's index is growing
  260. webbrowser instances
  261. How to get the Client side generated button into Code behind?
  262. How to insert the Dataset value into Excel File(Exiting file) using OLEDB in C#
  263. Delegate CLass Method is not working
  264. how to copy the contents of text file into list box
  265. Delegate calling methods with differing parameters
  266. why void and why not void as a return type
  267. Error message - Coding Error
  268. Meaning of VOID and STATIC
  269. Math.Ceiling, how to cast the value, proper synthax?
  270. check box access in backend sqlserver and frontend c#
  271. How do I write a timestamp that is more accurate than milliseconds?
  272. Problem in database
  273. Load modified dll at runtime
  274. working with sql server view object
  275. Drawing lines on C Sharp web application
  276. Getting a variable name
  277. how to display the .csv file?
  278. How to wrtite multiple returned values in textBox without Append.
  279. How should I insert my data using an inherited class in an inherited form
  280. Parameter problem
  281. Socket stays alive
  282. An error occured by ActiveXObject and show Automation server can't create the object
  283. Working with lusrmgr.msc in c#
  284. Combobox not clearing
  285. How to send sms from using sms gateway
  286. How to add new toolbox category for custom control
  287. how to kill a thread ( C# )
  288. How to force the dimensions of print out to 'overwrite' the printers default setting
  289. How to load child forms in tab control in a MDI form
  290. Why am I getting an error saving an attachment using smtpop?
  291. How do I try trap fileUpload(Ajax Toolkit) exception?
  292. displaying a messagebox.
  293. How to display a messagebox for showing message when wrong password has been entered?
  294. Could anyone tell me how to implement a 2-d array of picture box?
  295. Regular expressions and printers
  296. event fo minimized form in taskbar click
  297. Creating Custom EventLogs
  298. web service security with SSL and Client Certificates
  299. Reading from text file, return the output of my function in a textbox
  300. How to connect a database on a 64 bit machine using c#?
  301. how to do session like thing in windows form application to hold the current user.
  302. can this C++ xml serialization be de-serialized into C# classes?
  303. How to develop software for regional language?
  304. How to select/get multiple items in SQL database table using the item's foreign keys.
  305. how to construct a template dynamically using c#
  306. What is C#. NET equivalent of Javascript's eval() ?
  307. Sobel Horizontal edge detection
  308. Retrieving Dynamic textbox values
  309. How can I print content from the web browser AJAX Editor?
  310. How to find ip address of remote computer by computer name
  311. I dont understand why my algorithm calculation dosent work:
  312. I have two events i need to make that when one event raise the other one wont:
  313. Moving data inside the MemoryStream
  314. Getting content of web browser in a printpage event
  315. modalpopupextender with frameset
  316. How to create a exe file in C#
  317. display an alert depending value returned by @@rowcount from stored procedure
  318. How can i transfer an xml file over http using net remoting?
  319. how to change the background image at run time
  320. which is the correct one 'he came to school by walk' or 'he came to school walking'.
  321. a way to make just one event handler to handle multiple events from diff. objects ?
  322. how to add combobox(items from enum) to datagridview column?
  323. c
  324. Im trying to use Speech namespace to make voice recognition but it dosent work:
  325. Simulating a USB hardware device
  326. Why isn't my stored procedure recognizing my parameter from my code?
  327. text cuts off from R.H.S of the page
  328. Im using win32_printer i show the user the printer properties but it show me twice:
  329. How do you access information of a file to use as a variable in code?
  330. Change combobox value
  331. Finding Index Through Control Control Collection In FLP
  332. FileStream getting System.UnauthorizedAccessException
  333. Sender As Textbox
  334. trouble using unmanaged c++ from c# using dllimport
  335. Opening a file using dynamically created link button
  336. Combo Box using SQL problem
  337. how to get the child nodes of a selected treenode in c#
  338. FTP file download works but opens old "non-existent" file.
  339. Help me to avoid again & again changing the path...........
  340. COM Port data write/read
  341. Set Combobox SelectedValue from Code Behind In WPF
  342. Has anyone implemented RFC4013 in Csharp or VB
  343. Finding combinations using rational operators can I?
  344. System.Design Warning in Visual C#
  345. Creating a Custom Message Box in C#
  346. Read.Key reads a key when none is pressed
  347. project of p2p LAN file sharing application.
  348. Selecting a value from a column in a list view
  349. How to search a text in .txt file using File Handling?
  350. Unable to update a MSSql schema programatically in .NET 3.5SP1
  351. how to browse folder on remote pc in c#
  352. Error: does not contain constructor with 0 arg issues. Can someone help me out?
  353. Get record count depending upon the number of entries in a list
  354. Graphics.CopyFromScreen, certain pixel color is transparent
  355. Having two components running concurrently
  356. Switch Statement: A constant value is expected
  357. parameter date conversion
  358. Plugin architecture and event handlers
  359. abstract class used as a parameter in a function.
  360. How Can I upload a pdf file to mysql using C sharp?
  361. type casting
  362. i tried to run the code attached and it keeps on giving errors...can someone help?
  363. I want to extract a flash object from a word doc using OpenXml
  364. SQL Insert Error Through Runtime Control In FLP
  365. What is HCRYPTPROV in C#
  366. How to write a help button?
  367. How to correctly use XmlNode.ReplaceChild() to change the Elements subtree?
  368. connection to sql 2005 failed
  369. Handling App.config file in Windows Service
  370. How to use System.Management to read DMI information
  371. Great Difficulty calling c++ dll from c#
  372. How do I extract XmlNode.InnerText() values on a string?
  373. Avoid escape characters when setting string property
  374. Setfocus In FlowLayOutPanel Between Controls By Keypress
  375. USB dongle serial key
  376. How to use the commands of command prompt or run Shortcuts in a program
  377. how to validate datagridview cells
  378. How to differentiate between specific keys?
  379. UDP hole punching P2p
  380. Show window to other users
  381. Window for other users
  382. backup & restore of sqlsever database to any disk
  383. Array Indexes
  384. When use click Options on menustrip its opening new form over and over again:
  385. how to access a property of one class ,and to show it in a list made at another form?
  386. How to make an array of Forms
  387. missing casts when mixing Int16 vars with constants (how to avoid?)
  388. Why does the ISingleResult return an array of bytes as a string?
  389. How to optimize User interface creation
  390. Reportviewer text direction
  391. Can I save a file directly to a filestream and avoid disk usage?
  392. How to use multiple selected values form a DataGridView Control
  393. How to get field value from current active record ?
  394. Preventing IIS session Time before thread finishes
  395. displaying dataitems of a combobox
  396. How do i get all the children nodes text from a treeview?
  397. How to import IPsec Policy programatically
  398. parameters: struct unexpectedly not passed by value
  399. How to mintain ref integrity when you change the primary keys?
  400. How to count all the rows in a column? using microsoft access 2000 database
  401. How to collect data from a browser?
  402. i cant able to draw graph x & y axis values in y axis it will taking count of y axis
  403. Philosophical/design question...thoughts solicited
  404. what is the size of integer in c #?
  405. How to retrieve DNS information of domain
  406. Socket not receiving data
  407. Read header of grafic file
  408. what is the different between IDictionary.GetEnumerator and IEnumerable.GetEnumerator
  409. Learning System.Net.Sockets
  410. how do I draw a filled polygon on a line data series chart?
  411. How can i call base class constructor?
  412. Problem with remotly turn on/off monitor
  413. showing items of a combobox
  414. I need CRC64 Reverse Coding for my C# Code
  415. real time filtering
  416. How to play sounds in a certain order?
  417. please what the following statements mean??
  418. How can I run sub totals in a datalist connected to a sqldatasource based on groups?
  419. A better way to clone and update a table to MS Access?
  420. Regarding a query in LINQ to XML
  421. how to i get full file path?.... while i'm using fileupload field
  422. difference between console.write and Response.write
  423. How to use the con.ChangeDatabase if i want to change my database
  424. Passing parameters back and forth between form controls
  425. how to read the whole file directly to a stream?
  426. How to connect How to check SQL connection in C#.Net?
  427. How to draw an image very fast from a file in the stream format?
  428. i need help in C# cant solve String to Bool problem
  429. How do I draw a filled polygon in mschart (on line plot)
  430. hi i used upload contro its wroked well but when i delete then i want to delete file
  431. Event can only appear n the left hand side of += or -=
  432. Error Releasing the interfaces from the current context
  433. How to get property values in this situation
  434. Form can't see event in usercontrol
  435. web service wrapper for an executable
  436. Real-time communication over a network / the internet
  437. How to bind columns in a datagrid
  438. Word automation: How to find text inside autoshapes?
  439. Rebinding DGV Combobox Column. C#.Net 2008, Framework 3.5.
  440. how Getting data from threads??
  441. How to push a button while a loop is running?
  442. Httpwebrequest is hanging and then timing out
  443. Report Viewer Chart
  444. How to convert aspx page to PDF
  445. how to draw square dot when fire mouse click on image in picturebox C#
  446. How do I tab in a lable in a windows forms app?
  447. How do I store an Object and more it into another .CS stream?
  448. Why does Marshal.FreeHGlobal Fail?
  449. Get & Set Data Between C# Application & Yahoo! Messenger
  450. how to generate group boxes and buttons dynamically?
  451. ClickOnce how to set: processorArchitecture="msil" ?
  452. Parsing SQL DDl
  453. How to solve "Can not find part of path" error.
  454. images are not uploading in server
  455. How to create a simple music player in C#?
  456. Getting the status of a process into a label.
  457. Keep a window within the screen bounds
  458. How do i download specific videos of youtube using a certain keyword?
  459. How to communicate two projects run parallel in a solution?
  460. How do I use C# to access an Outlook inbox (not my default inbox)?
  461. Disable keyboard shortcut keys while my program runs
  462. Reference method in 1.cs in 2.cs
  463. Uncaught exception.
  464. C# Transactions - Multiple Queries
  465. two arrays
  466. I want to replace the content of a notepad file
  467. File in memory
  468. two same fields table,I need all data in one dataset in single table
  469. Winforms-Flash Interop: White background error with exclamation point
  470. Create new image using two images properties
  471. C# program for how to make a program run so that no other windows component run?
  472. Clicking "through" a transparent form
  473. how can i make a insert form for my project?
  474. random number with probability
  475. DGV refresh/update
  476. Positioning a Form on DataGridView_MouseMoue()
  477. can i use custom validation in windows application in
  478. Easily disable MultiSelect for an individual DataGridViewColumn in a DataGridView?
  479. can anyone helpme for group validation in windows application using
  480. Problem with custom textbox using C#
  481. I am trying to run MS dos call command from a C# form.
  482. Asynchronous event callback
  483. insert into access database not working.
  484. Can't copy Charts (pivot) from one worksheet to another in Excel 2007
  485. How to select random records from access 2007 database through c#
  486. Can i dump mysql database without using mysqldump.exe?
  487. How to access event handler from one project to another project in the same sloution
  488. USB and COM programming
  489. How to access the values of form1 control to form2
  490. how to retrieve null values into textbox using
  491. converting timespan to double value.
  492. How to insert, update and delete values using Datagridview?
  493. to send a mail from c# console application
  494. Struct Deserialization Variable Array Length Inside Struct
  495. Need help with form transparency
  496. textbox and DataGrid
  497. Primary Network / Secondary Network
  498. Linkedlistnode
  499. Packet Sniffer
  500. how add item to combobox while type in the combobox?
  501. How to close a thread
  502. How to display a tooltip with transparent background.
  503. How to lock alt and control key to in for windpws application
  504. DataGridView and Floating point numbers
  505. Page focus lost when toaster appears..
  506. installutil is not working in my system
  507. can't enter data to database
  508. Amharic Unicode Character on Windows Form text property
  509. Find highlighted text in word doc
  510. I want to maintain selected checkboxes in gridview while paging
  511. how can i make a bar chart on c sharp?
  512. Intermitten SQL Conn Login Issue (High Volume Site)
  513. How avoid that my balloon tip dissapears when I press the Show Desktop button?
  514. How to insert a value in database using checkbox?
  515. How to save image from picturebox using c#
  516. Starting with DataGridView
  517. How to read a file using seek
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