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  1. its regarding datepicker and displaying 15th day date in the text box
  2. How to view full image in the picture box of c#?
  3. How to Retrieve data from to excel and store file at user desired location?
  4. Use restricted resource.
  5. How to fix font-size to small error when converting an aspx page to pdf using iText?
  6. The requested member of the collection does not exist ?
  7. Custom Character map prob
  8. How to select a radio button in internet explorer
  9. How to create and collect textbox value at runtime?
  10. How to browse directories of an IP address
  11. Datagridview Error: At least one of the DataGridView control's columns has no cell te
  12. How to draw on a tabpage?
  13. How to rectify Exception 'Index Out of Range'
  14. Using a loop to remove tabpages from my tabcontrol [EASY]
  15. Transform PerspectiveCamera in SilverLight application
  16. How to split RDLC into 2 columns
  17. How to set the property of the textbox to numbers only?
  18. DataBinding from SPROC
  19. To retrieve the value from combo box where values are coming from database
  20. How to generate report using C# & SQL server 2008 for Inventory system project?
  21. How to extend controls with base class?
  22. Bound Access database update and fill problem
  23. How to double quote a variable string?
  24. How to get web service values in client app?
  25. How to display the images and shapes of .doc file in richtextbox of C#?
  26. How to load xml without preserving significant white space using xpath navigator?
  27. How to use checkbox with button control in dropdownbox in c# ?
  28. Reporting in Visual studio 2008
  29. How to monitor physical ports on a PC?
  30. Can I set batch size more than 1,00,000 in sqlBulkCopy ?
  31. How to retrieve listview subitem data in 2008?
  32. How to display part of a line in a .txt file?
  33. Window_Closing problem in WPF_C#
  34. How to open word document in rich text box in c#?
  35. Could someone please explain dates in C# to me?
  36. Keypress navigation of an array of controls
  37. Is it possible to modify a .jpg's bits, and not lose those changes to compression?
  38. How to pass an IP address in connection string?
  39. How to fix C# Server blocking issue with Close_Wait?
  40. How to delete selected row from data grid view and update the database?
  41. How to change screen resolution in c#?
  42. how do i highlight the background of a textBox?
  43. What is wrong with my foreach loop?
  44. need to show an error message...
  45. how to add data into database from front end via class....
  46. Can you help me with a solution I'm working on for school?
  47. I want to write window.history.back() in C#(aspx.cs) file.. how to write it?
  48. How can I convert date format of a column in oledb select statement?
  49. How to declare connection string globally while doing a project in multiple forms?
  50. C# VSTO Trusted locations
  51. Help with structures in C#
  52. declare a global variable
  53. How to handle multiple radiobutton in visual studio 2008 c#
  54. How to validate a date of birth (age) if minimum is 18 in C#
  55. i'm working on checkbox multiple selection would goto list box
  56. Windows Form application Timer Tick
  57. Is it possible to dedicate a mutex to a specific name ?
  58. Calculating in C# with the data type "byte"
  59. How to insert value of date of birth accepted thru three combo boxes.
  60. Displaying files in a Folder, then choosing one...
  61. Socket.Close()
  62. Problem ARRAY LENGTH
  63. How to set color ,size,fonts,buttons,textbox,labels same o all forms of a applicati
  64. Testing using Nunit
  65. hello , i'm working on c# windows application form .
  66. trusted locations in MS Office 2010 and VSTO
  67. Extracting specific fields from a log file and export it to csv file using C#
  68. How and why to reuse socket with Socket.Disconnect( )?
  69. Application.ProductVersion returns trimmed version no. How to get its exact version?
  70. Control.Invoke() vs. Control.BeginInvoke()
  71. Read data from text file & print specific fields from that text file.
  72. How to fix mscorlib exception: Unrecognized OS PlatformId.
  73. How to assign a folder that should be referenced for any files needed C#,XNA
  74. How can i pass a value from Form2 to Form1?
  75. Thumbnail shell extension .NET
  76. How can I get HandleRef of some C# Object?
  77. how to display parent node attribute name in xmlDocument
  78. Can I use web services for importing data from one application to another?
  79. How to change the way the Vector2 is presented in a file upon serialization?
  80. Showing "Work in progress" window while copying files
  81. Why array start with 0 index in ?
  82. CS2032 compiler error when using CompileAssemblyFromSource
  83. How to validate a date of birth (age) if minimum is 18 in C#
  84. Is multithreading the way to go?
  85. running .NET micro framework on symbian phone
  86. how to make a control gets the backColor of a control below without be its child?
  87. How to Read a Specific Line from A Text File?
  88. How to give code in C#.NET for deleting a row from a datagridview?
  89. Play With String Of Button/Label
  90. How to control Clipboard from an unfocused or hidden form
  91. facing problem in password reset in
  92. SocketOption ReceiveTimeOut
  93. i dont want to close my application at any cost inC#
  94. how dose the avg() query work in c sharp?
  95. comma delimited string stick them into a session variable.
  96. Serialization adds some wierd characters "d3p1:" to return string
  97. Socket Send/receive simultaneously
  98. Saving B-tree on the Disk
  99. how to work average with value from sql in c sharp
  100. blocking vs. non-blocking sockets asyncrouns vs. syncournes communicaition
  101. How to write a delete function using stream writers and function
  102. how to write a string saving function, which checks if string already exists in file?
  103. How to take content from file and put it into an array list?
  104. Is it posible to use multiple vars in one if-statement?
  105. How to write a file saving function, which checks if file already exists?
  106. How to select radio boxes in the webBrowser control using C Sharp?
  107. How to fix "Events does not exist in current context." error in?
  108. How to alias both assemblies and namespaces in DotNet 1.1?
  109. What is an efficient and refined way of loading and handling assets?
  110. Is it possible to implement a Ribbon in C#?
  111. How to extract the whole table content from pdf file in C#?
  112. How to create and display a 48-bit image?
  113. What is the difference between string and String ? when is each one used ?
  114. How to call c++ functions from c# program?
  115. How to create an animation in C# without WPF?
  116. How to fix "index out of range" error when user submits no data in form?
  117. Is there an event that occur after DragDrop event?
  118. Is there a default layout manager to allow user to choose layout at runtime?
  119. How to stop circles and lines from disappearing when minimized and maximized?
  120. How to create a custom menu like the start menu?
  121. How to save a file from a Panel? (complicated sorta)
  122. How to hook the keyboard to control unfocused or hidden form?
  123. How to expose Decorated Names of a DLL to COM?
  124. How to make it so if i change the checkbox in runtime it will take effect on form1?
  125. Changing the database before every test (any other way to do it ?)
  126. How can I call the controls of other class?
  127. Why is my string being converted to ASCII when it's read in?
  128. How to paint continual lines without repainting the first lines ?
  129. How to create a play and stop button for a flash video?
  130. How to access an ACCESS database in client-server application ?
  131. How to print alternate arraylist values from two arraylist?
  132. How to convert system.drawing.bitmap to in C#?
  133. How to recognize a email has been received in C#?
  134. How to open a specific link(s) with Internet Explorer through C Sharp?
  135. How to convert from dollars to cents (for example 22.00) to 2000 with no decimal?
  136. How to select the integers after the decimal?
  137. How to save a richTextBox to a file?
  138. Why Using a JSON service returns exceptions and errors?
  139. Can I use the split method to separate every character in a string?
  140. How to loop through two arraylist?
  141. How to get my calendar to display dynamically in
  142. How to transfer of data from one form to another?
  143. How to fix "file is being used by another process" errors?
  144. What can cause the following error: ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet
  145. Is it possible to perform impersonation only once so that affects all threads?
  146. How to filtering data in a datagrid dynamically?
  147. How to change "Enabled" Value of form2 when clicking in form1?
  148. How to delete a tab page created in one method from another method?
  149. The name '' does not exist in the current context
  150. Aspect ratio when form is resized
  151. How to record audio and video from IP camera?
  152. How to connect project to second database?
  153. What is a regular expression to match only four digit numbers?
  154. How FirstOrDefault function works?
  155. Why does threading lock in different classes?
  156. What are the parameters of the method login() in groupwaretypelibrary?
  157. Why custom Sharepoint 2010 timer Job doesn't run?
  158. What is causing pdf to image to output blurry image?
  159. How to debug matlab dll from C#
  160. How to generate a dynamic sitemap for website?
  161. Convert key code to byte
  162. Combobox column in datagridview having thousands of records takes time to display
  163. How to resolve The name 'Label1' does not exist in the current context error?
  164. Why is label not showing up in my tab?
  165. Where does the WPHOST.db file and addressbook for groupwise get stored?
  166. How to set a filepath that is computer independent?
  167. How to Communicate on network using XML?
  168. How to display my 2 dim array on a Form containing a matrix of labels?
  169. How to exclude part of a string from a regular expression match?
  170. How to set a key in application configuration file?
  171. How to convert GPS positions to fit a map?
  172. How to display logo or picture while loading form?
  173. How to fix "Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement" using OLEDB?
  174. byte [] array to string , and string to byte [] array
  175. How to retrieve data elements of an object when it refrences another object?
  176. How to read and write file using Stream Reader and Stream Writer?
  177. How to link a second form to it's main form by using the ID on the main form?
  178. Dynamic casting of string to other .net objects like XMLElement, Color
  179. How to use Read and Write Operation with the file in C#/?
  180. Two dimensional c# array list?
  181. C# Help with Low Pass, High Pass Code Example?
  182. How to query available rooms in Hotel Reservation System?
  183. How to change the encoding of a txt file?
  184. how to modified attribute value in CustomXmlBlock through C# and save that file
  185. How to reset windows Server 2008 password ?
  186. How to fix "illegal characters in path when converting an XML . . ." exception?
  187. How to create 3D Solids in MicroStation using C# ?
  188. Rest client throw timeout exception
  189. How to fix "An object reference is required for the non-static field . . . " error?
  190. How to migrate contacts data from Lotus notes to Sharepoint 2010?
  191. Im trying to GetFrameFromVideo file but im getting exception error file not found:
  192. How to upload an image to using their API
  193. How to add startup program to windows?
  194. How to select maximum vaue in datatable?
  195. Threading related question
  196. Can I bypass the need for the .net framework to run a program?
  197. How do I convert a number in to its written form?
  198. Excel embedded in web browser occasionally opens excel application
  199. How to print some details on RichText from an external class
  200. How to access Array elements in an object that is in a List?
  201. Unable to download file fdrom an authenticated website
  202. To read data from xml and to store in array in C#
  203. Importing Data into Excel
  204. How can I write a true SELECT statement?(for accsesing and using a data in database)
  205. How to copy string at specified memory location?
  206. type-casting System.Array of Enum values fails to "box"/convert correctly
  207. How to use array of labels colors and text?
  208. how to communicate between several forms?
  209. how to include a checkbox in listview at runtime in c#.
  210. How do i make the text inside the control to move up like news feeder?
  211. I created new userControl empty & used paint event and drawstring but have bugs help:
  212. Why is it always returning the last element in list<>?
  213. Clicking a webbrowser MULTITHREADED
  214. Convert Byte array to Integer 2 bytes at a time
  215. How to color specific lines in richTextBox1 according to specific string word?
  216. How to close two form without using Application.Exit() the FormObj.Close() doesnt wok
  217. Is it possible to record video from camera using c#?Anybody can help
  218. asynchronous networkstream to filestream (vice versa)
  219. how to change keypress charecter to other unicode charecter by replacing it?
  220. How to send a message (with result) from child control to parent form?
  221. Adding a 2D array to the list. Found a bug and solution, need your explanation
  222. Help! BinarySearch on an ArrayList of objects
  223. how can instantiate this?
  224. allignment problem of a report after print
  225. How to open the search tab of chm file using HtmlHelpW?
  226. What is a good solution for browser automation?
  227. How to add Multiple textbox values as they are updated?
  228. How to track hand from an image?
  229. C#NET2008 EXCEL 2003 Spreadsheet Row FONT.COLOR
  230. HttpWebRequest timeout is always set to 20 secs
  231. Application Deployment
  232. I tried to use getfiles("*.jpeg) to get all the jpeg files form the dir. its not work
  233. How to test and simulate up to 1000 or more connections in FTP and WebService
  234. Using foreach in class
  235. C sharp XML question
  236. How can I prevent the file being used by another process exception?
  237. Machine Key validation is not working for an app in a web farm
  238. How can I send an SMS from my C# application
  239. 2 drop-down list and a submit button
  240. how can i know the status of server is it run or not
  241. Can a program interact with multiple other programs?
  242. How Do I print in C#?
  243. How do you convert a Template Class from 2003 to 2005
  244. Someone can help me with insert sequence in c#?
  245. VS 2010 Syntax error highlighting disappeared
  246. dataset showing count as 1 when should be 0
  247. Casting Nullable and Insert From DGV
  248. Enable And Disable Network Adapter Using Shell32.Dll in Windows 7
  249. C#NET2008 Declare DateTime Variables
  250. How to use the selectedITem or SelectedValue when selecting an item from a combobox?
  251. if keydown equal to F5 then ....
  252. How to write windows services on copying task in drives of our PC
  253. Alteration In Winform Designs Mode
  254. What are some good C# Books on databases and networking?
  255. C# console Application
  256. i have 2 drop down list the 1st ddl contains (deptno&deptname) dept no is a 4 digitco
  257. Unable to Update modified text into gridview
  258. Why data is not available in network stream?
  259. Declare a variable inside your program
  260. Odd things happening with custom sizing code
  261. word automation using c# and a template (format problem)
  262. C#NET2008 Problem with Two Dimensional Array
  263. C#NET2008 What's the meaning of operator ?
  264. How to change shape of button to a polygon?Following Approach not Working
  265. How do I create window height and window width in visual c# 2008?
  266. How to use the datetime picker or month calender control in C# Windows Application?
  267. Fixed 'tool windows' like in photoshop?
  268. Transparent usercontrol background
  269. parse xml file and add lines if needed
  270. Configuration file for custom framework library
  271. Why RichTextBox lose format after appending new String
  272. Avoid overlapping of Meeting items in outlook using C# 2010
  273. Insert record to Foxpro dbf using C# code
  274. I am getting parser error while running in server. can you pls suggest
  275. Help with custom form-sizing handles
  276. Problem with website login
  277. the program isn't run and i have not idea what problem
  278. Using system diagnostics process
  279. Conversion of pdf codings to xml codings
  280. Error calling a form that has been Closed with this.Close();
  281. Correct my c# program.
  282. Is there any EASY project ideas for C Sharp?
  283. Converting HTML file into word document in C#
  284. Arrays, searching for the MAX element, combining elements etc.
  285. Problem with color text in RichTextBox
  286. C#NET2008 DataReader Row Count
  287. I have List and inheritance problem question pls tell me what I can do
  288. Excel.Application - Issue with text field converted to Scientific notation
  289. Deterministic bool array
  290. how i can remove error?
  291. How to continous receive data from socket
  292. Recording from multiple channels of a capture card (DirectShow)
  293. Regular expression for the following sentence?
  294. Texture not displaying in my XNA game app.
  295. LINQ query from a list<> inside of a list<>
  296. Math.Round() function doesn't appear to be working :|
  297. Automatic reconnect to internet
  298. Webservices and DLL's (in third party software)
  299. how to draw grid of cells in C#
  300. Controls not showing on win 7 or vista
  301. Invalid attempt to read when no data is present.
  302. Struct within Struct, able to change inner Struct type
  303. how do i sub report in C# like in Access
  304. How do I 'navigate' to a path in C#?
  305. How to compile on wndow xp and run on windows 7 32 bit?
  306. C# RSA signature with my keys
  307. can`t use && in if statement
  308. How to list running programs in C#?
  309. How to maximize another program in C#?
  310. How to check if an object already exists in collection?
  311. How to display two columns sequently in combobox using display member property?
  312. is there any function like php's strtotime() in csharp?
  313. Help me to publish C# project
  314. Win Form Button does not work in windows Vista
  315. Uploading folder to ftp
  316. [XML & Serialization] Final output is not well-formed (as desired).
  317. off-line viewer of smaller map
  318. Error during connection to microsoft access database.
  319. what is the difference between compiler and interpreter?
  320. How to detect and abort system shutdown in c# windows application
  321. cant execute the combobox
  322. WPF TreeView binding to Database data
  323. How to pass the escape sequence to printer in [m using epson fx-2175]
  324. How to get the value of gen 2 heap size < 0 ?
  325. when i try to convert a value member to int32 says wrong data type
  326. [XML] Graceful creation and appending
  327. Manage Multithreading with time interval in C#
  328. Calling methods on unnamed objects
  329. Should I assign a Field to something? Pros/Cons please?
  330. Coloring non generic contours
  331. Need solution to Stop wav files
  332. Missing directive or assembly reference?
  333. How to address C++/CLI managed/unmanaged from C#?
  334. Is it smart to call gc.Collect()?
  335. Creating validation expression
  336. I am new to this i was wondering could tell me what is wrong with the components?
  337. I have a datalist with a linkbutton listing outlet names. How do I get outletID?
  338. how to save info to folder in textbox using c#
  339. C#NET2008 Retrieve DataReader fieldName
  340. How to open a file that contains some other extension like(.mxd) when button is click
  341. How to write a browser app for Apache?
  342. How to setup interaction between custom user controls and default controls?
  343. How to convert class instance to IntPtr
  344. help me getting started with multi-user app using MSSQL
  345. C#NET2008 Microsoft Office Excel 2003 MergeCells
  346. Inserting into a Access DB
  347. Image processing applications
  348. How i generate a random sequence numbers
  349. Editing cells in a DataGridView
  350. how can i convert a reverse text file to be read normally
  351. How to host ASP.Net webservice in local IIS & use webservice in C# Application?
  352. Charting package for financial application
  353. How to cycle through entries in Linq to SQL from query?
  354. How to zoom in on a image with Zoom button?
  355. How to access database from another machine?
  356. C# registry key does not match regedit key in Win7?
  357. How to write a nested hashtable into an arraylist?
  358. Can't get OEMStringArray
  359. How to write a nested hashtable into an arraylist?
  360. how to write a nested hashtable into an arraylist?
  361. IntPtr to fixed bytes array
  362. Best way to convert a byte to 8 bit binary (for use as boolean flags)
  363. Assign rights to the user group for particular OU using C#
  364. C# validate contents of a file against another file
  365. How do I make a button choose a different tab page?
  366. Determine the actual datatype stored in a string variable
  367. Wrapper class for programatically creating application settings
  368. DateTimePicker dynamic date code is mysteriously replaced by hard-coded date
  369. OnPaint is missng between MouseDown and MouseUp (C# Compact framework)
  370. QuestionIObjectSafety - ActiveX Authenticode problem
  371. cannot display thread result on a textbox - part2
  372. cannot display thread result on a textbox
  373. How to read the incoming packets and block using c sharp?
  374. How to start a program/process at system startup in c#?
  375. How to add an operation in callback?
  376. C#NET2008 Problem Refill Listbox
  377. SQLBulkCopy Memory Leak
  378. How to display data from a sql query in a listview?
  379. Issues calculating total hours using timespan
  380. C#NET2008 Verify existing record in SQL SERVER Table
  381. Why am I getting an Arguement Out of Range error?
  382. System.Data.DataRowView on Valuemember of Combobox
  383. GridView: Binding Database Fields to Textboxes
  384. How would I make an if statement detect a keystroke in a txtbox on a WPF Application?
  385. How to declare an array of windows form's?
  386. Getting operators using Reflection
  387. How do I make my program minimize to the system tray?
  388. How do I reset a progress bar after it completes?
  389. Why am I not able to start threads in C# interop?
  390. How to make a website that is able to export an excel file?
  391. How to display a dataset into datagrid?
  392. How to add Callouts(Oval/Rectangular Balloons) on Form at runtime.
  393. How to make an if/else console, that can recognize wether i write a, b or c?
  394. How to initalize enum to null or blank?
  395. How to get two 12 bit integers from 3 bytes
  396. Customized XSD Creation
  397. How to display records of a Xml Document in DataGridView using Xml XPathNavigator
  398. How do I select the last entry in my database in LINQ to SQL?
  399. Intercept WndProc (without interrupting it)
  400. How to insert nodes in an existing xml?
  401. How to make lines appear in front of picturebox?
  402. How to update the parent form on closing one of it's child forms?
  403. How to auto update one table with information from another table?
  404. How to send multiple files over tcp at the same time in c sharp?
  405. Unwanted characters while reading Japanese from a Excel based CSV file.
  406. Dynamic XSD Creation
  407. master pages in windows forms using C#
  408. How can I cath a before resize event with (In Forms it is easy)
  409. The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_..."
  410. unable to update label that was dinamcly created...
  411. Graphics.CopyFromScreen(), how do I capture the Cursor?
  412. Read-only properties in a UserControl
  413. How do I Cast When Deserializing A List
  414. How to handle A DateTime Linq to SQL error.
  415. cannot read closed textReader
  416. How do I send Session on loop and how do I call it?P
  417. Get list of file name available in the folder
  418. How do i change button position when I get the cursor over
  419. How do i go about Serailizing A List
  420. i want to extract xml source code from specific web site as example i want to give
  421. To write data in a datatable to xml file
  422. How to set checked list box so that if any 1 of 3 set items is picked I have to unche
  423. how to use Trace.WriteLine()
  424. My C# winforms app can only run on my (development) machines!!!
  425. How do I pass * characters in System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace
  426. How to release db file updates without the client loosing its records?
  427. get Mouse location
  428. I Want to convert a bit string to text
  429. TextBox Example Into Datagridview
  430. Form hanging for 5 mins
  431. How to validate decimal value in textbox using C#?
  432. C# unmanaged data structure declaration
  433. use switch case to compare label1.text.length
  434. Will the database of a project using Linq to SQL still be useable when launching exe
  435. C#NET2008 Retrieve Data from DataGridView
  436. How to retrieve data from Oracle package using 2.0?
  437. How to display list of errors in label(line by line)?
  438. Retrieve last MemberID and insert record
  439. Problem with sending email programmatically from Outlook 2007 Add-In
  440. User views and QueryString
  441. Reading Barcode to TextBox
  442. GetType() of a type in another project
  443. Silverlight datagrid.itemssource display problem...
  444. generic base class where T is other generic base class
  445. Add Row To Bound DGV By Textbox
  446. Error " Project does not contain static method suitable for and entry Point "
  447. How to call a button click action from a method?
  448. Problem with refreshing picture
  449. How to convert For loop into a Foreach statement?
  450. How to read last line using ftp streaming?
  451. How to read null values from sqlserver in c#?
  452. How to convert XML to CSV?
  453. How to create own X-Y co-ordinate system on picture box in C#?
  454. How to convert byte array into a image?
  455. Multiple resultsets to multiple DataGridView
  456. I don't understand why I am getting a StackoverFlowException??
  457. Help with GetWindowRect()
  458. Extract unsigned values from certain bits in C# ushort
  459. Can a library using log4net be easily integrated into an application using EAB?
  460. How to program a telephone keypad GUI?
  461. why my smart tag in visual web developer controls are not highlighting
  462. Base Class and Inheritance
  463. Print in excel : zoom to one page
  464. xpath problem
  465. How edit pivotfilters in excel pivot table?
  466. A interface and abstract class with static member
  467. how do i combine two diffrent listbox's to one by entering a detail from each listbox
  468. How to add multiple rows in a one shot from C# to a Database table using Sqlcommand
  469. How do i create and save a Query through
  470. tried to create Verdana font in .net compact, got tahoma instead
  471. Multicasting - how to block a receiver
  472. How do I set focus to an external application?
  473. one computer with two keyboards and need to switch on caps lock only on one keyboard!
  474. How to update dataset ?
  475. How to Get ComboBox1.text from form1 to form2.
  476. how to connect to the remote mechine
  477. What is the difference between XslCompiledTransform for Word 2007 and 2010?
  478. Clear COM1 serail port buffer
  479. How to recall csv data when there are multiple fields?
  480. Once starting a service using WMI, how can I modify it?
  481. C# and XML spreadsheet simple question
  482. how to clear datatime picker value in
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