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  1. Need help with Vector parameter when invoking C dll from C#
  2. does a singleton StatusBar controller sound corrrect?
  3. return value from Oracle stored proc
  4. regular expressions - "this expression causes side effects and will not be be evaluated"
  5. .NET 2 application config file editor
  6. XML Manipulation Going Haywire!
  7. Going crazy trying to understand Web Services behaviour with static member fields, static classes and singleton classes.
  8. c# lock
  9. Datagridview columns keep appearing
  10. How to extract full type name from assembly qualified name
  11. How to use List<T> with 2 dimensions (with the 2nd one variable)?
  12. XSD problem
  13. days difference between 2 dates
  14. Writing a structure to a file (writing it as binary data)
  15. Using OLE32 for files drag and drop
  16. .NET Error Provider
  17. problem access insert instruction
  18. DataGridView with blank cells?
  19. scope, lifetime, changing mindset from one user to many simultaneous users
  20. minimalistic real-world sample
  21. Thread.Abort not really aborting thread.
  22. Why is GetOracleDecimal() valid but not GetOracleDateTime() ?
  23. Transactions in dotNet 2.0
  24. C# How to access the Connection established in server explorer
  25. OOP in ASP .Net Pages
  26. scroll to top
  27. Starting an exe from a program
  28. Stream classes
  29. Treat warnings as errors and code analysis
  30. Port Parity Settings Question
  31. How to find the SQL Server 2005 port
  32. insert xml nodes to another document
  33. Arrays that are passed by reference
  34. HttpWebRequest Timeout problem in DNS resolution
  35. multiple email adressees with system.web.mail
  36. Passing dual dimensions array to unmanaged function
  37. maximized window hides task bar
  38. maximized form
  39. c# and windows workflow foundation problem
  40. Tooltip only shows once
  41. Linq Over Dataset/SQL Server in terms of Performance, Concurrency
  42. Dynamic SQL generation for the UpdateCommand is not supported ...
  43. Programming excel in C#
  44. On-Screen keyboard and numeric keypad
  45. Fill Dataset to DetailsViews in run time
  46. redef array
  47. Question about Iteration and forEach
  48. using c++ developed dll in .net
  49. C# How to get the Username
  50. Opening Other Application
  51. Getting the properties of a DirectoryEntry (local user) in c# whenthe user is a domain account? Active Directory
  52. User objects in application settings?
  53. c# lock
  54. calling stored proc from oracle
  55. Transform XML
  56. Multiline RichTextBox flashes as backspacing occurs
  57. Getting the fraction off of a double
  58. String array (String[]) being seen as System.Array
  59. How to open XmlReader from string?
  60. Intermittant Corrupt Memory Problem.
  61. using SMO to create a database, and choose location!
  62. How to pass args command line parameter from Program.cs to Form1.cs ?
  63. Paint Event Starvation During Long Computations
  64. calling oracle stored proc from .net
  65. CLR Exception / Unhandled Exception
  66. XML Comments unavailable to consuming application
  67. Send an email from a Web Service without having an SMTP server.
  68. Reference Needed for "ASP"
  69. Query on data from diffrent OleDBConnections
  70. controlling aspect ratio - same as Java on a form resize? (not im
  71. Model Dialog box causes another application to get focus
  72. Replacing a line in a multiline RichTextBox
  73. display something in textBox of my form
  74. how to convert regexoptions value to chekcboxes
  75. How to execute an INSERT and UPDATE SQL commands from inside a CSharp program
  76. abstract class 'does not implement interface member ...'
  77. problem in updating DB using console application
  78. datagridview - how to retrieve data help...
  79. "Idiotas" at Microsoft
  80. API Call
  81. Shortes way to copy an complete array and to get the length ?
  82. concurrency exception
  83. Deploying a WinForms app on Vista
  84. Can I download/re-install MS built-in Oracle data provider for VisualStudio ?
  85. How to implement cache in WinForms application
  86. Remote Debugging Issue VS2005 (works fine with VS2003)
  87. Wannna talk to me now ?? I love making new friends...
  88. finding out "Process ID" via cmd Console
  89. log4net implimentation in a DLL ..???
  90. Wannna talk to me now ?? I love making new friends...
  91. Data from unmanaged to managed
  92. navigate to correct XML node ??
  93. How do I inflate compressed data from an asynchronous socket?
  94. Designer Templates - automatic /// Summary comments - no can do!
  95. this cf sender in event handlers
  96. MDI Applications and Forms
  97. Sending email using smtpclient class
  98. volume/dimension algorithm question
  99. Checking for a PDF reader
  100. Web Service, StreamWriter and System.UnauthorizedAccessException.
  101. Connecting to SQL Server from a Web Service: login failed.
  102. Errors to test for in file upload
  103. Tactics of reading a specific record?
  104. System.DirectoryServices questions
  105. What is the shortest way to display a popup with a text message ?
  106. Dynamically Choose Database
  107. Can I draw overlapped PNG files with transparent background inimageboxcontrol?
  108. Show application window on remote screen??
  109. Mapping a Decorator Pattern in NHibernate
  110. XmlWriter - can't figure out how to create this element
  111. helpp
  112. how to break apart regexoptions?
  113. what is wrong with this?
  114. Class Instances
  115. restrict field access and force property access
  116. Rethrowing does not work?
  117. Namespace exploring with XmlDocument
  118. i need an example
  119. totaly stuck and need help to improve the GUI look of c# program
  120. Can References to "Oracle.DataAccess" AND "System.Data.OracleClient" co-exist in one application ?
  121. Vista and asynchronous calls to wmi
  122. more deployment advice please
  123. Want to read the information from socket into a struct object directly instead of char buffer
  124. Suppress focus events of a textbox control in Validating event
  125. edit in place for data grid columds
  126. Net documentation with XML doc
  127. Problem with custom web server control
  128. using SMO to detach a database
  129. Getting the default printer in 64-bit Vista
  130. few glitches in my richtext encapsulator
  131. problem with threads
  132. How C#.Net query Oracle database?
  133. White space issue when parsing datetime Options
  134. how to simulate a different time zone?
  135. Find the type of the exception
  136. How to obtain current user ID from AD?
  137. how do I create new SQL 2005 instances??
  138. Screen resolution and screen resolution.
  139. Why using command parameters?
  140. Fastest way to resize bitmap with Picturebox
  141. C# mover
  142. from to COM object
  143. .Net CF 2.0 SerialPort DataReceived
  144. disable reflection thru .NET reflector
  145. multiple default buttons in a form, one per group control, possible?
  146. help setting up VStudio help
  147. Retreiving the logon account username for a particular windows service
  148. How does .NET property databinding work?
  149. Casting to double in C#
  150. datagrideview...I need three textbox's in a sincle please...
  151. ref keyword
  152. Convert "Non Serializable" object to byte array
  153. mciSendString - length of a track
  154. datagridview column order problem...
  155. Howto avoid one common outdir in team builds?
  156. Difference, == and Object.Equals
  157. How to Handle 'enter' key in a form
  158. how to use directx.capture in and c# code behind
  159. Cannot access disposed object
  160. InvalidOperationException appeared after introduction of WebBrowser control
  161. C#) How to keep drawing graphics by GDI
  162. MSDN help in in pdf/doc format?
  163. can lineargradientbrush be used to paint a button
  164. help
  165. VistaDB Database
  166. already used in a 'child' scope to denote something else
  167. The problem in WMI access to remote server with Windows Credentials
  168. how to antialias text on buttons and other winform controls
  169. How to create an owner drawn tooltip for NotifyIcon?
  170. interfaces
  171. compiler warnings for unconditional recursive calls
  172. Looking for Tips/Writeup on overall approach to Exception Processing
  173. Launch devenv.exe and open a web site?
  174. SqlException Error Messages in Japanese!?
  175. VB to C# Translation
  176. Wich DBMS supports TransactionScope and distributed transactions?
  177. server scenario - variables in the right spot?
  178. eula and deployment
  179. Multiple Configuration Sets in App.Config
  180. how do I make a status bar?
  181. Please Help DLL Issue
  182. Help understanding crash/error
  183. Spy Program For Com Exe Servers
  184. Using data from SQL in C#
  185. Checking is a networked computer is online before accessing a file
  186. GUI construction issues
  187. grid view sorting problem
  188. Unsigned char
  189. Do bound controls receive any notification when the bound item is swapped for a different item?
  190. wcf udp multicasting
  191. A Quick Delegate Handler Question Win [C#]
  192. C# : How to handle the ENTER key
  193. Resize and Upload Images to SQL Server 2005
  194. read from event viewer
  195. DataGrid Cell (flash or blink) as values are changed in grid HELP
  196. Regex class
  197. There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.
  198. About threading? How to know if threads finished?
  199. c# sending a bitmap by socket
  200. How to make choices for normal and modified setup
  201. Where do I report bug to Microsoft?
  202. Please send this Information
  203. Async file read causes memory leak
  204. Poor performace when selecting all items in a listbox?
  205. Is const allowed anywhere?
  206. Where is my thread?
  207. return stdole.IPictureDisp
  208. how to change variable value which is using as param list in sub functoin
  209. Share configurable application settings between projects in a vsnet solution
  210. DCOM
  211. Which event is raised after a DataGridView sorts itself?
  212. How can I include prerequiste files in my installation to install
  213. is my design ok?(generic printing)
  214. Copying DataRows from one table to other
  215. First file within a directory
  216. domain name availability check
  217. First file in a directory?
  218. Unboxing simple types
  219. binding source
  220. Using Derived class
  221. Remove Row from a DataView
  222. DispatchEntry DispatchTable - Converting C++ to C#
  223. datagridview change CELL BG color on change of value
  224. WCF Proxies
  225. Changing the font for a label programmatically
  226. Form.ShowDialog() overloads
  227. C# protected constructor question
  228. color text
  229. Has VS some equivalent of Delphi Bevel and Shape components?
  230. writing to notepad
  231. getting the value of a selected/unselected item in a checkboxlist
  232. radio buttons in a dataGridView help...
  233. Data flow
  234. Is it same old .NET Framework 2.0 underneath 3.0 framework?
  235. NET View in C#
  236. Novice question on interoperability
  237. How to create a user control container?
  238. C# 3.0
  239. C# : transfer data from one database to other
  240. Derived Button Control Subclass Issue
  241. Inserting a blank line between XML elements
  242. Winfprm Application Hangs on exit.
  243. deployment
  244. Shared Assemblies
  245. Form designer looses controls
  246. stdole.IPictureDisp
  247. Getting the name of user on remote computer
  248. Passing arguments to ClickOnce applications
  249. Calling a VB Activex DLL method from C# (NET 1.1 - 2003)
  250. Need references for .Net app replicating SQL2005 database to the laptops
  251. Cant get Style.Continuous to work with ToolStripProgressbar
  252. Dundas Chart Enterprise ASP - datasource
  253. how to instantiate a global class visible in whole application
  254. Access to Path is Denied.
  255. customise button appearences
  256. C# - Do we hav any methods to handle the mouse events
  257. How do I call a DCOM object?
  258. EOF Occurs Early
  259. How do I pass beyond cave 7 of digger .net ?
  260. Control arrays
  261. Trigger/Event when a usb thumb drive is inserted? (vista)
  262. How to Piggyback a Keypress?
  263. Calling MS Word Letter Wizard?
  264. different versions of the same dependent assembly
  265. Access method variables/functions from Event call
  266. Flash control for screensaver?
  267. WebBrowser DocumentText getting problem ...
  268. static class inheritance, generalized
  269. ListView Column Width Problem
  270. The project type is not supported by this installation
  271. Deriving from forms
  272. what is EnvDTE
  273. .NET 2.0 app crashes without normal verbose dialog??
  274. Named parameters
  275. Inserting Breakpoint at Runtime
  276. XMLReader skip current element
  277. C#
  278. SafeArrayTypeMismatchException
  279. EventViewer switch to specify directory to read logs from?
  280. Quick intellisense question....
  281. How to View Event Queue?
  282. Windows Messaging
  283. Dynamic compilation
  284. toolbarBtn.Picture = Pic;
  285. delete a row in a sql databse
  286. delete a row in a sql databse
  287. delete a row in a sql databse
  288. Best Way To Close A 'Loaded' Form
  289. Creating a string that contains inverted commas inside it
  290. Find Mouse Clicks (When App isn't Focused)
  291. WMI Wifi discovery
  292. MCI C# tracks length
  293. creating excel spreadsheets server side dynamically
  294. Redirecting keys using ActiveX RDP control in C#
  295. String builder
  296. C# IDE show all properties for controls and forms
  297. Shared memory in .NET and WCF
  298. Raising an event at t0+dt
  299. C# DatePart() ?
  300. Undocument 'feature' of PixelOffsetMode.Half :))
  301. Pinvoke question: importing char* returning functions.
  302. Pinvoke question: marshalling pointers to blittable types
  303. using statement and as
  304. Trying this shell namespace example with little success
  305. converting a byte array to an integer
  306. anonymous initializer problem
  307. C# HID and Vista 64
  308. Error of not able to find the dll that is in the installed directo
  309. Splitting a string with Regex and keep the separator
  310. About windows apps in .net
  311. Text to Speech in c#
  312. A complex SELECT in two phases
  313. Determine If A Child Form Has Been Closed?
  314. programming .NET 2.0 windows appz, how???
  315. DatagridView Formatting Issue
  316. self-serialization
  317. rounding
  318. lists of open ports
  319. how can I reach values of a filled dataset?
  320. Opening File with unknown Extension
  321. Date Calculations in C#
  322. How to get the first item in Dictionary?
  323. Testing for S_FALSE without exception handling
  324. Async write to STDIN
  325. a generic printing scheme?(printing many docs with one set of controls?)
  326. How can I reset the contents of my array?
  327. newb generic ?: How to cast reference to type parameter
  328. Getting logged in user from a service?
  329. List desiralization problem
  330. C#.NET
  331. C#.NET
  332. Event log full check
  333. Find the action trigger at Page_Load
  334. ISO 8601 and datetime store/retrieve from DB.
  335. Using Timer: the application thread count keeps increasing
  336. Select data with SqlDataSource in code behind
  337. Disabling Devices by calling Setupapi.dll, or Converting Devcon to C#
  338. Publishing and installing Windows apps
  339. Collection Classes, Generics and C# 2
  340. Programming WPF
  341. Table adapter
  342. Passing parameters by reference
  343. ContextMenuStrip - determine source while using keyboard shortcut
  344. Get Button Text location
  345. FileNotFoundException error using SHDocVw.ShellWindows
  346. Windows 2000 Active Directory Computers and Users error
  347. Schedule the call of a Web Service method: task scheduler or Windows Service?
  348. Stopping text from highlighting in textbox
  349. Native compilation with mkbundle from MONO
  350. C# equivalent of a C++ union ???
  351. Native to managed conversions
  352. Please ... example code due on looping though specific nodes
  353. Office 2007 UI in non-commercial applications
  354. registry permissions
  355. using GetScrollBarInfo win32 API
  356. using GetScrollBarInfo win32 API
  357. "Named Event"
  358. Threads
  359. Resizing forms -question
  360. Launching an application and waiting for exit.....
  361. focus woes while making a caption control for splitcontainer!
  362. Same memory stream and same XmlReader: reading more times.
  363. global variable
  364. Help with large XML file
  365. Enterprise Library Logging Application Block Basics
  366. Combo Box, finding the right Item
  367. IE plug in?
  368. I need an html parser
  369. System level software in C# ?
  370. Cannot assign to 's' because it is a 'foreach iteration variable'
  371. FileSystemWatcher communication to Windows FORM
  372. Problem with indentation when inserting snippet
  373. How to make the selected row visible?
  374. Dynamic Default Event Declaration
  375. NextVisibleNode is not consistent
  376. An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server
  377. tablelayoutpanel help please it's urgent
  378. autocomplete
  379. Callback solution for dynamicly loaded DotNetNuke controls
  380. AlgorithmNeeded
  381. Client-Server application (based on sockets) - too many messages at the same time
  382. HttpClientCertificate.Cookie
  383. TabPage Control OnClick Event
  384. HTTP Listener??
  385. get the file path
  386. Web Crawling Spidering Question
  387. Sending data to a win32 socket hndle in .NET
  388. Modifying DefaultPageSetting at runtime for LocalReport -- HELP! --
  389. Windows Service with Forms
  390. I want to write my own profiler
  391. Linear Regression Example
  392. Announce: Release 3 of Altova Version 2007 XML product line
  393. Find directory of .exe (it is not always the current directory)
  394. Stringbuilder and SelectCommand
  395. mesh from contours?
  396. Cleaning Up Event Handlers
  397. DateTime function
  398. Release is slower than debug... What's happening?
  399. How to best extract a list of identical keys in a sorted ArrayList with BinarySearch ?
  400. Best options for protecting software from piracy?
  401. closed down?
  402. SQL query
  403. How can I add generic list to a serializable class?
  404. Using nAnt to simple copy folders/files ??
  405. Set all bool attributes at once
  406. WPF + C# 2.0 Windows.Forms controls
  407. Base And protected method
  408. Textbox fields in .Net installer
  409. Encrypt values for a key in appsettings
  410. c#, windows vista and capturing webcam
  411. Excel File Writing
  412. IOCTL and name events stuff
  413. How to test if EventHandlers have been added to an event
  414. Need to automate app with SendInput()
  415. PrintPreviewControl - Hide "Generating Previews" Dialog
  416. How to spawn IE with a proxy address
  417. Constraint matches constraint named Constraint1 already in collect
  418. How can some features be supported by C# and not .NET?
  419. ClickOnce and myapp.application file
  420. Business object databinding
  421. SerializationException
  422. Handling JavaScript functions and closures passed into C# function
  423. ObsoleteAttribute on properties?
  424. Detect when in 64bit OS
  425. Implementing a "watermark" on screen
  426. Give RadioButton focus without selecting?
  427. MDI Forms - Child Forms
  428. serialize generic dictionary with .NET 3.5?
  429. Preferred way of ending a windows service.
  430. DbProviderFactory and transactions.
  431. F7 Key
  432. Better way to check for data in dataGridView?
  433. Unable to use Edit & Continue
  434. Two Way data binding between a Combo Box and ListView
  435. Two Way data binding between a Combo Box and ListView
  436. Dynamic SQL instead of stored procs?
  437. Is there a way to check if file is already open?
  438. WinForm as LocalService
  439. How can I size the width of an unnamed column?
  440. FileUpload component
  441. Opening Tiff File Throws Out Of Memory Exception
  442. dataGridView row selector or margin or grid?
  443. finding which process locks a file
  444. AxHost.GetIPictureDispFromPicture
  445. dataGridView2 is interferring with dataGridView1...
  446. Pairs
  447. Add two times (or more) the same object in a tableLayoutPanel
  448. Compilation error - user control
  449. Maximum size of socket buffer
  450. Suggestion for C#
  451. Databinding takes high time
  452. How to validate left argument in my operator == method
  453. How to validate left argument in my operator == method
  454. Load DLLs compiled using Mingw
  455. carfield.!
  456. Hello,I'm Frank Lee
  457. Strange lag with C# and MySQL connector
  458. Using reflection to show all fields/values of a struct.
  459. Deleting strings from a RichTextBox string array
  460. Windows Service installation....
  461. Moving the caret in a multiline RichTextBox
  462. pined pnael
  463. Attributes to expose C# enum through COM Interop
  464. Attributes to expose C# enum to COM interop
  465. Calling Event Handler
  466. OpenFileDialog Event Handling
  467. compare two structs via ==
  468. FormView Databainding
  469. Manual Scrolling a Controls View
  470. System.Reflection.RuntimePropertyInfo - accessing actual datatype of property
  471. Validations for controls on a panel not firing???
  472. AxHost
  473. HttpWebRequest - problem with Authorization
  474. Using up and down arrow keys in datagridview
  475. FormView Databainding
  476. Confused about memory usage.
  477. Alphanumeric character validation in C#
  478. Double-Click row in datagrid and trigger function?
  479. How to access a resource string within a DescriptionAttribute
  480. write data of unbound datagridview to XML
  481. how to read/write settings (using .ini, xml, whatever)?
  482. dataGridView1 column separator help...
  483. What do I have to write in OracleConnection string for "Data Source" ?
  484. How to remove automatic generated lines in Form.Designer.cs refering non-existing objects ?
  485. How do I write something into the StatusStrip ?
  486. how to test a string if it contains special characters
  487. Where do i find .NET class libary in Visual studio?
  488. How do know if a class use operator overload?
  489. .NET 1.1 DataGrid: Showing public properties with an Interface Type of objects in an IList
  490. Interop with VC dlls
  491. Going through hoops to get a registry DWORD to populate a Boolean
  492. Extracting values from XmlNode/XmlAttribute
  493. Using a transaction to insert into two typed dataset tables
  494. How to know http method from a webbrowser?
  495. Overloading in generic interfaces
  496. A hint on marshalling a byte array into a void* pointer
  497. problem with Select in datatable
  498. Change visible state for a Button
  499. BackGroundWorkers
  500. From C to C#
  501. Invoking Javascript Functions from an Instance of Internet Explorer
  502. Problem with data bound generator in Team Database
  503. HttpWebRequest cookies from IE
  504. System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: An attempt to attach an auto-named database for file
  505. Critical Errors with Vista Event Logs
  506. Show only needed methods from a Dictionary<TKey, TValue> class member
  507. Multi threading static method and possible locking
  508. what does StructLayoutAttribute.Pack do!??
  509. mshtml
  510. single sign on for windows applications or windows services
  511. how to track text entry in windows using c# /
  512. Configure Web Service CLient Timeout via Config File??
  513. how to screen scrape from a windows text box
  514. Problems debugging solution with multiple projects
  515. SerializationException
  516. datgridview to datatable
  517. Hedge Fund Job - Looking for SQL / .Net developers
  518. IE Toolbars
  519. Group Policies and screen resolution.
  520. Setting the resolution
  521. AppDomain Remoting from WebBrowser Control through to Hosted IE Control
  522. Retrieving data from excel
  523. Workflow Foundation TrackingDataItemValue collection property
  524. imageList
  525. MS SQL Connection Error from Client
  526. CF card GPRS Modem (pocket pc)
  527. Check these dotnet links
  528. Process.Start
  529. referencing 2 versions of same assembly
  530. memory consumed by my .net Application
  531. set Dropdownlist SelectedIndex in a DataGrid
  532. listview
  533. set Dropdownlist SelectedIndex in a DataGrid
  534. GTK# Development Libraries?
  535. making fonts size fixed
  536. pivot table control for VS 2005
  537. How to reset a socket?
  538. How to use the DataBuffer of SCSI_PASS_THROUGH_DIRECT in c# ?
  539. How to get the date?
  540. Release build not optimizing
  541. Streaming a dynamically created xml file (using memorystream) to let the client application pick it up automatically...
  542. TypeLoadException struct problems
  543. Convert string to HorizontalAlign value
  544. Interfacing with Garmin GPS Device (Edge)
  545. strange? by ref instead of by value
  546. How to check if my com add-in already installed in this computer
  547. BindingSource Removing Current Row
  548. VAB - IValidatorDescriptor is inaccessible due to protection level
  549. ComboBox usage
  550. Why can't a datetime be converted to a double?