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  1. Add New User with Specific Expire Date
  2. C++11 running DOS commands without a DOS window
  3. Disable Selinux Temporarily
  4. Check Java version from Command Line
  5. List Only Usernames
  6. List installed packages
  7. Shutdown system after 3 minutes
  8. Remove A User From the specific Group In Linux
  9. Run Local Script On Remote System via SSH
  10. Copy bulk Files in Linux
  11. Stop network service with init.d For Ubuntu
  12. 404 not found error showing up on web server in ubuntu ec2 instance
  13. Create Infinite Loop In Bash
  14. ATOM-Editor: where are the files are stored in !?
  15. VSCode :: ATOM :: PyCharm or Anaconda
  16. Bash. Problem writing a script
  17. Ternary instead of binary?
  18. Unix time memory problem
  19. Unix again...
  20. Listing services with systemctl
  21. Remove Qemu/Kvm Snashots
  22. App to broadcast a video stream
  23. Linux Administration
  24. Why does this Bash script not work?
  25. problem with if statement
  26. zip error nothing to do/zip warning: name not matched: .. I am getting the the error
  27. URL Masking or Reversed Proxy
  28. Formatting string output in bash
  29. Shell script that opens an export from solarwinds and compares is with DNS
  30. Why htop shows multiple processes while top shows only one
  31. Firefox ssl_error_rx_record_too_long for Bytes.Com
  32. Mannasim
  33. FIFO implementation in Inter Process Communication onLinux
  34. How to add preseed file in Ubuntu ISO?
  35. Bash Process Substitution
  36. Command Help
  37. How to replace comma with newline n/ in a specific column content of a csv file
  38. Small project, big headache. 7 segment display in bash
  39. DISPLAY=:0.0, how to set to hostname:0.0 to work with all apps?
  40. Convert UTF-8 file in IBM 864 format
  41. make oldconfig bzImage fails under GCC-4.9.2 on debian-8.0
  42. how to open a file which contain space in the file name
  43. Recovery solaris system after mount
  44. I got error while stargting httpd services
  45. how to solve the error "nothing to be done for all"
  46. Linux compile kernel errors
  47. Linux wrapper to find a file or sub directory in a directory
  48. getting this error-SP2-0734: unknown command beginning "/opt/SP/we..." - rest of line
  49. Regarding automated scp shell script from one sever to another server using or sftp
  50. Upgradeing LAMP on redhat 5
  51. Extract values from a file
  52. kernel space and user space
  53. automated putty script
  54. compile glib-gdbus
  55. my page is being superseded by post back
  56. concatenate function in scripts
  57. Need a .sh script for aix to run multiple DB2 queries
  58. bash shell script interest calculator
  59. converting vertically grouped data to horzontal form in a file
  60. folder and file permission !
  61. linux mint 16 not recognising laptop wifi card
  62. Linux ssl certification updating
  63. Copying a string from file
  64. Script for counting some columns in file
  65. Variable position in echo is changing the result
  66. Pulling a subset of data from a larger data set
  67. cpu utilization and balanced in linux
  68. How to select individual words from a group of lines acting as inputs
  69. Please help with confusion!!
  70. How to login to same server with different user?
  71. Create Tar file with a new prefix directory
  72. how to automate server process
  73. How to configure local NTP server in centOS
  74. Getting an error while building android
  75. How do i fix this?
  76. Shell Script - Problem found after read the KEY and VALUES from the property file
  77. symlinks
  78. Configure Websphere from Shell Script
  79. need a script(.ksh) to kill oracle process automatically
  80. Error while "Make" command
  81. unix script to establish a connection to oracle database from unix shell
  82. vxworks software downloading to a board
  83. authenticate Linux against active directory with pw policy
  84. Cron issue using backup software - Solved
  85. Help Installing Bigbluebutton On My Local System
  86. How can we perform staging in Linux?
  87. Tar command to extract file into another directory
  88. Shutdown system using Kill command
  89. Script to compare files recursively using sdiff
  90. How to list only files (not path) in directory with .pl extension
  91. Prompt issue in Net:Telnet when changing root password in remote Unix servers
  92. how to delete space before emails - line by line
  93. how to delete [*] from each line ?
  94. how to make a server c program parse a configuration file to read static variables
  95. ip address configuration
  96. how to rotate a log file when it reaches a particular size
  97. Enable features in PHP after installation using 'yum'
  98. Extract specified columns from big file - with cat or perl/python script
  99. Root user is not able to open "Users and Groups" screen
  100. Activating SU in a script and not having to enter the password.
  101. Free program which combines multiple install files to one setup file for Centos?
  102. How to Transfer files Automatically from a Linux Machine to a remote Windows Machine?
  103. Is it possible to install gdb in vmware-MN OS?
  104. DNS timeout
  105. netbds network can't connect
  106. advanced split in bash
  107. wireless internet broadcom 4318 not working with linux Mint Maya
  108. diff utility exclude option
  109. Please help about "pax" command
  110. Change the system IP for remote access with my own name
  111. gzip'd directory - how do I unzip
  112. copying files from Server to local machine using putty
  113. How do I change the extension of a lot of files?
  114. scapy: applying an ipv6 route
  115. Oracle Database on windows 2003 server connect this db from linux desktop
  116. How to extract names with the email addresses from .eml file?
  117. On SVN checkout I get - not found
  118. Date Time Convertion
  119. How to archive the old files in unix box
  120. very slow network connection between window7 and ubuntu10.4
  121. how to get the sum of the values in entire column inside a file?
  122. how to kill a process, if we have the process name?
  123. How to edit multiple files in several sub directories?
  124. How to setup DNS for apache
  125. In this sqlplus -s username/password. what is -S? & what's the use?
  126. .c to .sh file
  127. Run Apache in Chroot or use SELinux
  128. How to open another program in unix
  129. Problem in running exe file on redhat linux with mono
  130. regular files
  131. Shell script for file content manipulation
  132. samba 3.6 and windows 7 network browse
  133. can't call a shell script from within awk
  134. permanent chroot jail
  135. Need IDEA plugin for gpg
  136. ftp from windows 7 to linux ftp server
  137. Running xclock - Setting the Display in Linux
  138. java dies unexpectedly on cents
  139. Bad variable error while using arrays
  140. ping
  141. Run windows batch file from unix
  142. how to calculate the execution time of program in LINUX cluster?
  143. Tired of reinstalling
  144. Boot iso from hard disk
  145. upgrading kernel ERROR !!
  146. Looking for open source (free) volunteer management / member server
  147. Problem in booting from pendrive
  148. How user app can get call when user press user button on android device?
  149. I cant telnet in linux
  150. Delete paragraphs which do not contain specific word
  151. bash script which runs in the loop c++ program, which receives any character
  152. minicom on crontab
  153. Xinetd not installed
  154. How to setup a public web server on CentOS 6?
  155. How to combine into one from splitted files?
  156. IDEs For C++ Development
  157. How to convert 'long' to four bytes in Bourne shell
  158. exclusive control of plugged in USB device
  159. Why does my ksh shell script die unexpectedly?
  160. Repeater Bridge in home network - step 1: getting internet connection
  161. Complete system encrypt of OSX with Ubuntu in VMware
  162. not able to change root password (ubuntu server)
  163. home cluster computing setup
  164. php page from boot ??
  165. need a source command eqlnt
  166. Linux as an application on Windows 7
  167. combining multiple rows in single row based on certain condition using awk or sed
  168. how do i lock a ksh shell script
  169. Execute PHP file every 10 seconds
  170. Linux Kernel preemption during spin lock, mutex lock
  171. What's the error "segmentation fault (core dumped)"?
  172. How to decode tar.uue package on Red Hat?
  173. Detecting IP which is engaged with other IP using TCP socket
  174. How to empty the directory?
  175. hosting a domain with a dedicated server (Linux CentOS)
  176. Looking for Windows XP drivers for OS installed via Virtual Machine on ubuntu 10.4
  177. How to change linux distro on VPS server?
  178. How would i know which flavor of linux it is? and which operating system it is?
  179. Build PXE Image That Doesn't Install ('live' image on PXE device)
  180. How to add vi command in shell script
  181. limit folder size
  182. how to define float number in shell script
  183. how to install hping in freebsd
  184. how to mail from unix shell script?
  185. linux script for extracting mail address from flash form?
  186. Samba Server Configuration
  187. why my shell script doesn't work!!
  188. How to get server file to local desktop using unix shell script
  189. How to grep from line n1 to line n2 in a file?
  190. Why is daemon service not starting during boot time ?
  191. How to remove .000 from 1000.000 using grep command?
  192. How to auto start a service on rebooting a linux machine?
  193. why rcp command gives Connection refused ?
  194. What is the equivalent of "line" command in linux?
  195. constructing a file to print
  196. How to write to file using tail -f through a pipe to grep?
  197. How to get the output of a command?
  198. How to execute commands on remote system?
  199. How to get the timestamp of a command in history?
  200. How to find the email address of the person currently logged in Unix?
  201. self calling function issue
  202. How to capture windows user login in Unix
  203. Where are the environment variables under Ubuntu?
  204. Is there an awk or sed to remove invalid rows ?
  205. How to manipulate a string, variable in shell
  206. How To - Install the BIND [bind-9.7.2-P3] DNS Server From Source on Centos
  207. Need help in ftp in Shell script
  208. How to give root ownership to directory or files in directory?
  209. "last" command returning duplicates
  210. How to Identify files with sed command contained in text
  211. Does LINUX Toolchains need license renewal every year?
  212. What are some Unix/Linux Virtual Machines for Windows?
  213. ls -E not working
  214. Multiple commands in csh one liner if
  215. How to write a Wrapper script for iostat functionality?
  216. gdb 7.2 installation error
  217. Command to change the background ?
  218. Loading shared libraries at app startup time
  219. doubts about shell scripting!
  220. How to create Radius server for user authentication on Centos?
  221. How to use Sed to remove characters from file?
  222. Which Operating System performs better to manipulate thousands of files at a time?
  223. How to list all shared libraries currently loaded in memory
  224. Need help for route command
  225. about history control
  226. Using !$ command
  227. Which linux should i install on my machine that already has windows?
  228. Looking for accessing and editing multiple files in a directory.
  229. RHEL5 Force Load Driver
  230. Opensource automation framework
  231. How to get the size of a particular file in bytes in unix using command?
  232. Mannasim: problem in running the SGT
  233. powerpc cross toolchain undefined reference to _dl_hwcap
  234. Which operating system better? Windows or Linux
  235. How to network between two computer only with a cable
  236. usb device can not mount
  237. Analysing Core - Process has crashed but stack not showing any errors
  238. Shell script to start a website/service
  239. How to give from address in mutt command while sending mail in unix?
  240. Regarding date command unix option %e
  241. Freeing up disk space from Linux and including in PC!
  242. Using gcc
  243. Install and run a distro FROM a usb stick.
  244. removing busy device driver
  245. Count Number of Commands
  246. what is $$ value..? what it returns in shell scripts..?
  247. Solaris 5.8 OS on latest Solaris server?
  248. Output of ls command in octal
  249. Generating Core Dump
  250. How to set up a local NTP server on fedora 9 and fedora 12
  251. Clearing space in a particular fie system.
  252. in linux, how to search for files containing a given string?
  253. bind dns problem
  254. How do i access DB2 via telnet command prompt
  255. A process writing to a directory...its filling the "." for the dir and hosing dsk
  256. bash for loop
  257. Controlling the cusor in the file browser in Vim
  258. For a non-root user, how do I find packages installed in solaris.
  259. mount device
  260. How to display device error statistics in linux
  261. what to do about slow guest install on fedora 12 with kvm
  262. Editing Firefox 3.6.8 bookmarks & history with Bash 4.1.5 on Ubuntu 10.04 ?
  263. root user password reset
  264. Vedio/audio port accessible together to multiple OSrunning(Host, Guest ) at a time.
  265. What does ftp with -o option does???? I mean what is ftp -o??
  266. how do i copy a folder from another user on linux c++
  267. Multiple audio streams run at a time in C/ C++ in Linux?
  268. Linux Structurally
  269. tty manipulation
  270. learning command linux
  271. How to fix Hard Disk that has many Bad Sectors
  272. can't install/get wireless card on ubuntu10.04 working. rt2860
  273. Programming in Linux (Ubuntu)
  274. how to install linux server on sata
  275. How to move job into background after already started
  276. ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host while trying ssh.
  277. Suggestion for installing a linux router for traffic redirection
  278. Beginner!! How to convert data from 1 row to 1 column without sed??
  279. Cron a .sh that outputs txt files
  280. Linux - How to call lines from a file in a for loop???
  281. Why does SSH login take so long to authenticate?
  282. Monitoring CPU Usage in Linux (Need to integrate it with C#)
  283. How to monitor performance data (CPU Usage) on linux
  284. Passing data to AES from kernel_sendmsg
  285. Is the 'read' unix system call interface goofed up?
  286. dlsym() returns 0 for an existing function
  287. Facing problem in installing Ubuntu 10.04 on HCL notebook
  288. What is the Difference between DSA and RSA?
  289. accessing nfs symbolic link (absolute path) from cygwin/windows
  290. Can't get ren'py latest version to install. Many issues!
  291. TinyVIz is not running
  292. Looking for script to compare entries of new file(File2) in already existed file F1
  293. unix time-share(multiple task function)
  294. password protect
  295. learning linux as a beginner
  296. Include files in shell script.
  297. cron job to run php script with includes not working
  298. Installation & Configuration of JASS in Solaris-10
  299. Installation VxVm5.0 in Solaris10 Servers Inbox X
  300. Ubuntu 7.10 install. No disk drive detected
  301. Ubuntu. Can't upgrade anything
  302. Definition of kvec
  303. using c in linux
  304. Unix Record Extract by Column Value
  305. Which virtulization - Xen or KVM?
  306. Ubuntu 9.10 - fish:// seems to be sending SYN Floods
  307. zip file created in linux has wrong number of files in windows
  308. editing files in unix
  309. discarding new lines from my file
  310. Asked to tell what the following command does
  311. appending lines
  312. Apache Tomcat-6.0.24 installation problem
  313. Networking - Java/Unix
  314. Send form to receive Cookies
  315. how to install a software from cd in linux (CLI) ?
  316. How to display and access USB contents on centOS linux
  317. dup2
  318. Awk script runs, no error, no output
  319. I have Linux based embedded target, how can I do everything like in one command
  320. grub-md5-crypt
  321. replacing characters is string
  322. Code to create an orphan process?
  323. Cron job behaving strangely
  324. lilo & grub
  325. opening bashrc file
  326. mencoder on 64 bit machine
  327. grub booting
  328. Issue in Solaris(Service starting and touching a file)
  329. Ld_library_path
  330. Building driver/staging
  331. creating new distro
  332. copying folder in /usr/src/linux-headers/driver/staging
  333. yum in RedHatLinux(rhel) 5
  334. can't ssh to LINUX machine - looklike key not matching
  335. Customize OS
  336. Add entry to PATH variable
  337. installing bin package
  338. How to boot in single user mode?
  339. make oldconfig.
  340. Autoconfig, config not installable
  341. Remote extraction of Unix Flavour Information
  342. Running an executable on a Unix machine from a Windows machine.
  343. what si the purpose of writing "~/.cshrc"
  344. hi i am new to unix,i want a command that will sleep for 10sec and show last 100 line
  345. Magnetic tape contents listing
  346. can anyone explain tar command in unix?
  347. compiling the kernel source code
  348. Connect script failed
  349. Dialup Connection via Bluetooth
  350. Charachter device driver
  351. External Commands in LInux
  352. sqlite3 - getting error "`Tcl_WideInt' undeclared"
  353. awk related question
  354. Shell script to modify files
  355. Replace on java class files
  356. Error with when creating initramfs_data.cpio.gz
  357. cksum problem in unix
  358. how to transfer file using tftp
  359. I select checkbox "Remeber my login on this computer"?
  360. Problem with typing @ in Unix
  361. When I do SSH to Linux machine, where it keeps token on client machine
  362. problem on NoMachine NX Client. (displays connection error when logging in)
  363. Setting up Xubuntu/Ubuntu 9.10 + Grub/Grub2 on a Windows XP Dell with RAID 0
  364. How can I test IPTABLES in Linux?. Does RH Linux machine good enoough?
  365. Running executable built using shared libs, any tools to measure howmuch text/code
  366. XFCE tweetdeck awk problems
  367. flash 10 in wine won't install
  368. Uploading windows txt file with Greek/Turkish characters to Linux server
  369. Looking for PPP (Point-to-point protocol) code in LINUX?
  370. Command for CPU Usage for particular process?
  371. How can I cheack CPU load on LINUX like "Windows Task manager" on Windows?
  372. any idea where can I get VSS (source safe) client for Linux?
  373. Trying to mount windows folder on Linux - getting error
  374. Visual Source safe equivalent in LINUX?
  375. I am running prog with GDB - throws SIG32, why?
  376. Created shared lib, but ldd doesn't show static libs which added -l option
  377. Redhat machine boot stops at "Starting Portmapper" always
  378. Porting windows app to Linux, any tool to convert vcproj files to Linux Makefile?
  379. static and shared libs in Linux?, also makefile for them needed
  380. FTP issue 550 error
  381. Porting windows code to Linux - some tips?
  382. In Unix How can I see Windows Screen
  383. How can I use power strip on/off button instead computer button to power on
  384. Unlocking root
  385. read lines and process them
  386. ftp.
  387. Shell script quoting and line read line
  388. Problem on installing zlib on AIX
  389. Sed replace
  390. Can I keep Linux machine as CVS server and windows machine as CVS client, both N/Wed
  391. how to restart by using terminal?
  392. Is there big difference between RTOS and Embedded Linux
  393. windows xp/ CentOS 4.7 Server dual boot problem
  394. Postfix Configuration with mydomainname.
  395. To send the mail to main server from any host machine IP address by using Postfix ?
  396. code differences
  397. Input Redirection
  398. vsftpd and pam-mysql problem
  399. Details Sum
  400. best solution for file server
  401. How many arguments..
  402. Linux Command for transfer file and folders from Linux OS to WindowsXP OS
  403. Uninstall of Fedora 9
  404. Using awk/sed to find text between delimiters and outputting each result to a file
  405. Wattage
  406. Script for report
  407. how to do partation in ubuntu 9.04
  408. installing boot device/MBR
  409. how to set Cron Job on Gentoo webmin panel?
  410. bash script to run program N times
  411. Joining(merging) two files.
  412. which one to choose LINUX or Mangement information system
  413. sed to explode a full path
  414. problem with phpmyadmin
  415. linux learning resource
  416. need help to extract tar.bz2
  417. Kubuntu and a TV Tuner card.
  418. TRansferring a Zip file from a PC having Windows XP prof as OS to AIX box using putty
  419. Make windows key open terminal
  420. Ubuntu Zend Framework problem
  421. debian floppy installation
  422. Config RH Server For Telnet Printing
  423. Audio problems with Skype in Ubuntu
  424. compare columns
  425. sinc two mysql database
  426. Linux Cent Os installation error
  427. developer vs hosting company-Who is right???
  428. problem in installin linux in dell inspiron 6000
  429. unix regular expression
  430. Image Viewing to Framebuffer
  431. move directory command
  432. Need Ubuntu program that allows 5+ FL keyboard layout groups
  433. sound issues and command line help...
  434. Haven't Got a Clue on how to Do this in Unix!!!
  435. USB Bluetooth Dongle for Linux
  436. Previous date in UNIX
  437. Output From an Executable Into a Table
  438. Won't boot from cd-rom....Fresh Install issues
  439. Ubuntu, missing files, and ancient updates
  440. How to restore Debian Start Menu
  441. True Type fonts(ttf) on FreeBSD
  442. Adodb not working On FreeBSD
  443. Tmpfs??
  444. Is GTK Applications run on KDE?
  445. I am a novice in using linux operating system
  446. Unix script to sort numbers
  447. need urgent redirect help
  448. Problem with Installing Apache on FreeBSD
  449. Mouse Movement On Linux
  450. Visual Studio on Linux
  451. how to get current CPU load in redhat?
  452. svn: Expected FS format '2'; found format '3'
  453. core2 duo & ia64
  454. how to start a program in the gui of remote machine over ssh
  455. what is signal(7) man page means
  456. Making a bash script only prompt for password once?
  457. Windows-compatible file system?
  458. awstats question
  459. Invert return value of grep command?
  460. grep text file line by line and grep a directory for a match of each line
  461. shell programming
  462. need help doing a egrep and replace
  463. Linux OS Crashed NEED SERIOUS HELP
  464. force cp to overwrite existing directory
  465. Any DNS Experts Here?
  466. Solaris DSN to SQL 2000
  467. Problem While doing Sftp
  468. skills about listing the logged users in unix
  469. correct misspelling automatically within vi
  470. make vim autocomplete partially written words
  471. Writing a small app?
  472. Move files by date
  473. about the command 'map'
  474. explain the meaning of the command
  475. Resizing partition...
  476. can i install free BSD Unix and windows on the same machine
  477. I have a problem in echo statement ?
  478. vi editor error
  479. Linux SED (help on replacement)
  480. changed fstab, made mistake, now /etc is readonly file system
  481. IPcop VPN with Vista
  482. How do you change a user's primary group as they change directory
  483. UDP Broadcast Issue
  484. Filtering ansi control sequences...
  485. not showing full path after login
  486. How can i run the shell script using Crontab ?
  487. What is the synonym of EXE in linux ?
  488. Makefile with flags
  489. VNC server configuration to set BlacklistingTimeout parameter to zero
  490. Reading form WebPage,shell script
  491. UCLinux hostname not making it to dhcp server
  492. how do i get my cron to run only on weekends
  493. [AIX] usages of lint for .cpp file?
  494. ftp and sudo problem in redhat Linux server
  495. When a config value become effective?
  496. Too many connection error
  497. Dealing with options , Shell scripting :
  498. how can i redirect Mysql table output to file in Linux?
  499. How do i Get return value (0/1) after comparing the two Files using 'cmp' Command ??
  500. bash script of a simple calculator
  501. nested case statements in linux
  502. How to redirect output of topas?
  503. How to store Mysql Database Field value to Shell Script variable
  504. Tomcat5 on RHEL5
  505. on copying
  506. VLC is behaving strangely on OpenBSD.....
  507. find processes
  508. Learning Fedora
  509. Run UNIX Without Installation
  510. Fedora: controlling the power supply fan
  511. Which backup utility
  512. Linux Web Server Security Thread
  513. SVN crazy console
  514. Kubuntu Write Access to home/<>/.ICauthority
  515. Help Kubuntu, Nvidia driver, X server
  516. Adding Program links to Application Menu
  517. chmod 0777
  518. open ports solaris 8
  519. Run time error 429 in UBUNTU.
  520. Renaming a file in linux automatically refreshes the folder (and its new order)
  521. linux boot from cd
  522. Hello World Day
  523. Is there any tutorial for bash shell ??
  524. SVN Server GUI for linux
  525. How to know how many users are added to your system account ?
  526. Calling all experts: Linux and Unix Tips and Tricks
  527. for MAC users
  528. Ok, I'm close to the jump. Windows wireless on ubuntu.
  529. Linux Software Questions
  530. question beased on CSHELL
  531. Open and close webpage with crontab!
  532. How can i Mail Setup in ubuntu linux server?
  533. HTTPD and SENDMAIL (maybe others) go dead after weeks
  534. Mac OS 10.5 - reinstall PHP
  535. Problem accessing IR port - Ubuntu 8.10
  536. Unix Automation
  537. How to check who deleted files in unix
  538. Mac OS X - need advice regarding apache & php
  539. About while do loop,what is wrong with this code ?
  540. Gsm Modem
  541. Running Java Swing Program in Linux through Telnet
  542. RHEL5 remote booting
  543. how to compare values from 2 different filenames?
  544. epoll library
  545. Fedora : System call and fork call
  546. Reading /dev/input/eventx
  547. File Associations
  548. matrix indexes
  549. Getting Hardware Details
  550. how to control and set bandwidth in LAN