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  1. File Version of exe file
  2. Extract the column
  3. ksh - help with getting one output
  4. &2 as function parameter
  5. What this command will do? exec 2>&1
  6. Rsdp
  7. Hostname alias
  8. A Question about C-Shell (didn't know where else to put it)
  9. proxy configer
  10. Why do web sites set up sub domains for individual cities?
  11. How to split a particular word in to individual characters???
  12. Unix Server Installation
  13. How to install reginal languages in LINUX
  14. block user through firewall
  15. start a program after log in
  16. Configuring PHP with GD support
  17. Can't compile kernel-2.6.15-1.54 with gcc 4.1.0
  18. terminal
  19. export last numbers
  20. What is a port in unix networking
  21. Linux and Unix - are they the same OS?
  22. "newusers" command on BSD? How to add mutiple users in batch?
  23. startup terminal automatically
  24. Basic questions
  25. startup scripts
  26. Error no dispace left!
  27. NULL password in UNIX
  28. get all files with datatype not equal to data.
  29. A file permission problem: Allow apache to use a webroot on mounted device
  30. How to upgrade linux?
  31. ftp from unix to windows - urgent help required
  32. apache/mysql/php package
  33. visibility of exported variables in makefile
  34. serial communication in linux
  35. Linux & Parallel Processing
  36. text in the same column, shell
  37. how windows can use Terminal
  38. Using Specified memory using unix command
  39. Shell Scripts
  40. Validating IP addresses in bash
  41. Whats wrong in this Script ???
  42. how to implement text, shell
  43. How to implement text with shell
  44. transferring files from windows to linux
  45. semaphores
  46. HOW TO ENABLE sysvmsg in php
  47. Getting Started with setting up an email proxy
  48. question on IP addresses
  49. read a usb flash drive in linux
  50. Problem with pattern matching in .sh script
  51. change time automaticlly
  52. unix command for append or add text....
  53. <Cut Command>
  54. installing software
  55. Partition problem
  56. How to display the list of threads, processes has created
  57. accuratly timing the execution of a executable file in linux
  58. Unify data server on HP-UX B.10.20
  59. How to download a UNIX software for for Windows?
  60. Opened Ports
  61. sort the given elements using shell
  62. Modified date
  63. message queue's and pipes
  64. preemptive kernel vs non-preemptive kernel
  65. looping problem in unix
  66. Help with my Modem Device...
  67. LINUX Modules
  68. Squeeze text from lines without sed
  69. Expect scripting
  70. command
  71. LINUX Modules
  72. headings
  73. how could i extract or view all users in a group....
  74. /etc/htttpd/conf/httpd.conf configuration
  75. /etc/mail/ configuration
  76. If then expressions with integers
  77. changing fedora core 5 computer name
  78. Reinstalling Windows XP on a Computer with Linux Only
  79. Set terminal settings for a plotter printer - stty
  80. Any Errors visible?
  81. how to delete my file from the directory
  82. Converting windows .cmd files to UNIX
  83. Enterprise Wide Deployment
  84. To know abt MaraDNS is secure or not, Configuration Details help
  85. To know abt MaraDNS is secure or not, Configuration Details help
  86. start sybase from bash script in /etc/rc3.d
  87. Need help with a simple variable export script in Red Hat
  88. what is socket file
  89. Linux Guidlines
  90. Linux Guidlines
  91. Need Help from linux experts on selecting the right servers for my organization
  92. shell: how to get the date before the current date ?
  93. Problem for picking & manipulating particular line from /PROC/DISKSTAS
  94. Which is the most used and popular UNIX system
  95. What is the command do I need to write?
  96. Checking User permissions in UNIX
  97. Help with script to change text within a file
  98. Device Driver Problem: PPP->DeviceDriver->RFCOMM
  99. Viso-like applilcation for Linux
  100. Problem using SSH from a script.
  101. Can anyone help me in writing following Unix shell script
  102. Problem using FTP in a unix shell script
  103. inserting UNIX variable values into oracle database
  104. Help on awk scripting!!
  105. Mysql under cygwin
  106. checking validity of a device.
  107. Calling the DB2 load utility using unix script
  108. IOT - Abort trap (Core Dumped) error in IBM AIX 5.3
  109. test with "$integer"
  110. Cron Job Not Working
  111. transferring from linux to unix
  112. Problem with automake
  113. Read Write UNIX to Windows
  114. tipc.h in RHEL 2.6.9-22
  115. Basic Bash Help?
  116. Bash Shell Error
  117. How to make a Linux Box...
  118. how to call/execute CDO and IDL in shell ( bash ) ?
  119. run awk script by pressing return twice
  120. rename the files
  121. Help : glibc detected *** ./a.out: free(): invalid next size (normal): 0x099da890
  122. use of gzip compression library in kernel module
  123. Dual-Boot Help
  124. Assembly listing from g++
  125. A question on threading in Linux
  126. Combining two FLV flies using ffmpeg
  127. Request for AIX screenshots
  128. whats the cause for this error "./a.out: Exec format error. Wrong Architecture."
  129. delete directories
  130. Linux installation
  131. Linux installation
  132. Can't connect using X-manager
  133. Unix Scripts
  134. when will cd * work?
  135. gen unix q
  136. general unix question
  137. Regarding Multithreading Client Socket Failure
  138. apt-get update - error
  139. CD/DVD writers in Linux
  140. change the text color in excel using unix
  141. Custom PID checking for process
  142. how to suppress username@hostname displaying after logging in linux
  143. how can a normal user behave as root
  144. Permissions to allow write & read - but not delete?
  145. Playing games on Linux
  146. libmtp error
  147. DNS setup
  148. help oin writing bash program
  149. to know the version
  150. Conditional commands-Unix
  151. A file created in UNIX unwantedly
  152. Multiple Pipes (shell scripting)
  153. Need Help with Bash Script
  154. rescue problem
  155. need a command to display file with name and date
  156. Is it possible to retrieve data from IDMS through Rexx?
  157. CHMOD- Permissions
  158. Makefile
  159. Inserting a newline every x characters in a file.
  160. good grahical user interface debugger on linux
  161. command prompt/console
  162. BOURNE SHELL -Evaluating a file list
  163. hwclock not working...
  164. problem with resue mode
  165. can you change your terminal colors when ssh'ing automatically?
  166. automatic startup shell script
  167. parent and child processes in command substitution
  168. apt-get error
  169. mount vfat on sdb1 ??
  170. File Not found Error
  171. Shell wild card characters
  172. Embedded Linux filename length???
  173. kernel with ALSA built-in, causes kernel panic
  174. linux questions
  175. Howto install jboss
  176. Installing Samhain 2.3.5 in Ubuntu 7.04
  177. system image list
  178. Setting Time/Date in linux??
  179. Easiest way to parse text from xml file (sed, awk, shell?)
  180. This sure ain't HTML.
  181. Reading registries
  182. Sound in RedHat using i-915 motherboard
  183. Unknown MySQL server host 'รยจ'
  184. Valgrind is preventing the crash in my program
  185. Metacity error: The file format is invalid
  186. Linux Kernel Programming Book
  187. Need help - Tune JVM to use Max Memory on Linux
  188. Problems updating PHP on Fedora 4 using yum.
  189. Bash Command Question... Need help!
  190. How to Bring down RPC Server
  191. how to insert one row to oracle table through unix
  192. Getting the configure arguments for an app compiled from source
  193. Xmanager not working on AIX
  194. Embedded Linux
  195. how to find the cpu utilisation ratio in linux
  196. One Basic Question:Can a file have links accross filesystems?
  197. add a string in the middle of a file
  198. Windows to Unix communication
  199. search for occurrences
  200. How to retrieve from oracle data through unix shell script
  201. Why are installation prefixes all over the place?
  202. grep end of line
  203. Aumix question
  204. nanosecond delay using arm linux c complier
  205. Nmap Problem
  206. OpenSuse 10.2 Installation error
  207. ksh to get a csv one line file
  208. Is it possible to run website developed in .net on linux servers?
  209. Help in parsing the CSV file
  210. Name or service not known
  211. Validate date in mm/dd/yy format
  212. i need a shell script
  213. like sh command wht r the commands to run shell scripting??
  214. scripts execute while in /bin, but not anywhere else
  215. Moving Files Based on Date
  216. How to get a specific word in a file?
  217. I have makefile gmake question
  218. Getting conditionals to work in a gmake makefile
  219. Find memory leaks using the unix commands within a script ???
  220. Installation
  221. Newline and tab characters in Linux
  222. delimited text file behaves differently in Linux than windows
  223. Dual Processor Allocation
  224. Very new to bash scripts, how do i parse a file?
  225. Linux Operating System Brands
  226. How to update linux kernel
  227. Photoshop for Ubuntu
  228. File Processing
  229. linux command
  230. dropping tables inside a shell script
  231. pls answer me
  232. Bash
  233. mysql cron job restart thingy
  234. Scripting help
  235. access to another server
  236. Shell script programming
  237. what is diff between diff kernal version in linux?
  238. Very Basic question -- help -- at my wit's end!
  239. Reading from a file as well taking input from the user
  240. important about linux
  241. Really Stupid question here..
  242. I need help
  243. Need to get pid of a process and have to store the pid in a variable
  244. TCP server program in C or c++ to handle multiple clients
  245. Install perl on arm-linux..
  246. undefined reference to std::cout
  247. Best Linux Antivirus
  248. Problem wtih awk
  249. Complete NOOB need help
  250. run windows exe from unix.
  251. Exp-00002
  252. Dual Booting Ubuntu
  253. accessing DB2 database through UNIX shell scripts
  254. Questions regarding Bash Scripting.
  255. Ubuntu
  256. Exp-00002
  257. case: Too many arguments.
  258. Device driver
  259. Who can solve this bash :script?
  260. How to monitor a file if it continuously being updated??
  261. String splitting in a ksh script
  262. csh script -> compose string ..Stupid question
  263. Please help me on..passing a variable from a file using unix to a php file..
  264. Executing a cronjob at n minutes after the hour
  265. Java Xml Validation
  266. stamp date on md5sum
  267. how to resize drive
  268. search for an occurence of two text in a list of files
  269. Need to pass Unix variable to oracle query and return value back to shell script
  270. C shell workaround for lack of subroutines/functions
  271. Running a Java Swing on a remote box is very slow.
  272. path of a file
  273. Set Environment Variable DISPLAY
  274. what is source, . (dot command):??
  275. C shells
  276. how to connect to oracle from unix and get the error code in unix
  277. Help on Bash Scripting
  278. Help me.I completed my coures in unix n i need a unix n database Based project
  279. gnuplot
  280. Random word
  281. Extract email addresses from big file.
  282. How to get the CPU utilzation in Linux through c code?
  283. getting segfault error in my linux box
  284. Connecting To Oracle Database From Unix(script)
  285. Renaming a file and append it with a date
  286. Changing my password in unix..
  287. bash shell scripting
  288. I am a fresher in unix and im looking job in unix.
  289. age
  290. ECHO in SOLARIS.
  291. linux certification
  292. problem installing packages of python 2.5 in Ubuntu 6.0
  293. Books on commands in linux/unix
  294. Graphics programming in Linux
  295. what is application support in unix
  296. sprintf behaviour on Redhat linux.
  297. how to activate mouse in graphical mode
  298. communicating with another uside aside from the "wall" and "write" command
  299. Script that searches for text file
  300. initial credentials problem
  301. Help about DNS
  302. Getting ASP files to run on UNIX
  303. Shell script not processing if statement properly
  304. rpm packaging
  305. CSH Help!
  306. docs of awk and sed
  307. Help Using AWK or any other idea that can make this easy:
  308. Script
  309. checking the iplanet version installed
  310. Configuring vpn
  311. shell script to create an output file of a "df -m" command with ";" seperators
  312. Video Graphics Card Problems in Linux
  313. Need help in creating tunneling in AIX
  314. How to connect to Windows from Unix
  315. use of script to connect to database
  316. shell scripting question
  317. What is the use of KERNALRELEASE
  318. time/timezone setting
  319. bios password
  320. linux
  321. in linux permissions
  322. problem in accessing mail...
  323. How we get last created folder in one folder
  324. how to use a shell script as a linux command
  325. terminal
  326. /proc/meminfo
  327. Rpc - C
  328. Localhost Login Problem
  329. syntax error near unexpected token `('
  330. can any one explain about thread in linux?
  331. Windows partition mountig problem......In fedora-6
  332. how to change default directory when install software using YaST in Linux
  333. USB button press detection
  334. Streaming server and its cost
  335. Another Unix Question
  336. Rational purify on Solaris
  337. Purify error on solaris
  338. UNIX Questions
  339. jhalfs problem
  340. X,Y Coordinates:
  341. i want to learn linux
  342. copy files to windows using samba
  343. What is meant by 'regular file'?
  344. how to setup Linux OS on Server..?
  345. install -load cannot execute error
  346. etc/passwd edition
  347. dot sh ( .sh) to convert to a executable file
  348. vb class and cron job
  349. How to add notes at the end of shell script
  350. file status question
  351. Kill an Established Connection
  352. grep
  353. About RPC function
  354. finding parallel port address
  355. not working
  356. Simultanous processes in shell script
  357. Installation failure of jwsdp-2.0
  358. Software Problem
  359. What UNIX does for an organization?
  360. Certification
  361. i just installed mandrave 2006 . where to start to learn thx
  362. how to get ubuntu and install redhat or ubuntu easier to install
  363. help with identifying a border router
  364. Unix installation and basics
  365. can't write to a directory inside 'htdocs'
  366. Calling an Expect command from a Perl script
  367. cant ping telnet
  368. perl code for adding updating and deleting user in linux
  369. quit command
  370. Linux Security: ssh keygen
  371. shell scripting
  372. commands
  373. shell
  374. script
  375. No file acces using a script
  376. wireless or lan
  377. Help Required: To run the attached UNIX script
  378. How do I add an additional gid for a perticular user
  379. Wireless with Linux and .fw files
  380. Samba in linux
  381. Linux and Windows on the same machine
  382. Is linux a server or client OS?
  383. How to use C#.Net 2.0
  384. about the configuration file in php
  385. How to copy Symbolic link from linux to Windows
  386. looking for a general pointer.
  387. Newbie - find with compress & move commands
  388. NPTL in ubuntu
  389. Log of login and files access on fedora
  390. How to know AGE of a file
  391. GD Font Freetype2 Problem: Where are the fonts kept?
  392. Can any one explain me about Soft link n Hard Link in Linux
  393. puppy linux
  394. What is Zim linux server?
  395. how to access /var/spool/mail/* as user apache
  396. Shell Script to Dump all Domain Zone Records?
  397. Grub boot loader removal
  398. Program terminated with signal 10
  399. usb stick on SunOS
  400. /etc directory
  401. Looking for a guide to learn UNIX commands
  402. How to return value from Count(*) in oracle -shell script
  403. How do you input lsnrctl in a shell script to set the password?
  404. reverse DNS entry
  405. Windows accessing Unix/Linux !
  406. Memory Used - in Solaris using C programming
  407. creating crontab
  408. Creating LOG file in unix
  409. Raid controller configuration
  410. Raid controller problem
  411. Can we assign a variable for a commad
  412. Translation of <Ctrl+D>
  413. Linux Localization
  414. help needed to establish connection to the Internet on openSUSE
  415. How can I develop my website?
  416. How to SORT a large XML file?
  417. sql procedure/ DB2 UNIX Script
  418. How to run DotNet on Linux ?
  419. Help me with awk command in Unix please
  420. saslauthd trouples
  421. how to develop ....
  422. Installation problem of Netcat in Linux ?
  423. Ready for Linux
  424. Creating a .gz for a directory
  425. A little help with file searching and text processing
  426. New to Linux...2 questions.
  427. Unable run a server.....
  428. CVS confusions ?
  429. Difference between SSH and RSH ?
  430. finding file type
  431. Installing GD2 with PHP on linux
  432. How a client will connect to multiple servers through UDP Socket (Linux 2.4) + timer
  433. Why 08, 09 cannot be used as 8 ,9?
  434. How to automate LinCVS ?
  435. Mail Server
  436. setting up php sessions on a remote Linux/Uniux server
  437. backup files from fedora to red hat
  438. Software Version
  439. egrep issues
  440. Debian dpkg problem
  441. What is wrong with my shell script ?
  442. SSH Question
  443. What is required for BSD setup?
  444. Web server thoughts
  445. Nautilus FTP connection .
  446. TEXT file filtering... using shellscripting!!!
  447. Want to learn Linux
  448. how to copy hidden files
  449. How to use chgrp and chown for a directory ?
  450. Custom gnome-terminal
  451. How to mount Windows partition in Debian Linux ?
  452. format (command) syntax...
  453. Linux Fedora Core 6
  454. Install Linux RedHat 9.0 On SATA hard Drive
  455. Package to view HTML files in Debian?
  456. Does Java work on a Linux server?
  457. Directory problem
  458. difference between telnet and ssh
  459. Open Source
  460. Which is fast FTP or SSH ?
  461. recovering lost system files in linux.
  462. open64 and dragon tool
  463. fork() help...beginner!!!
  464. Problem using mpich2
  465. communication between unix machine and windows
  466. How to send data to the RFID printer?
  467. plz help with gawk find and remove
  468. Dovecot IMAP server help CentOS
  469. Configuring DNS in a perfect way using fully qualified domain name
  470. Need help with modprobe: Can't open dependencies file
  471. Change the password automatically at first login
  472. rm command
  473. Find files in Linux
  474. SAN, iSCSI.
  475. Graphics With Gcc
  476. Kernel Compilation
  477. Decimal Value
  478. ls -l ???
  479. dhcp(server and client)
  480. depmod command in linux
  481. Easy to use FreeBSD desktop
  482. I face a process handling problem
  483. extracting a date from a text file using sed
  484. Open system call
  485. connect server hp-ux with DB2 using odbc
  486. kernel functions
  487. semaphores
  488. Problem creating PDF on linux m/c
  489. wireless card on averatec 7100 with mint ubuntu
  490. printer queues in linux
  491. the user and the manager network on linux network
  492. the user and the manager network
  493. Controling the printer queues in linux
  494. halp plz
  495. Threads
  496. unix performance monitoring script
  497. Packages Removed, Installed and Upgrade case
  498. Using sed to strip hex x80 through xFF
  499. What Is Tsdn ?
  500. Graphics With Gcc
  501. internet connection
  502. Compiling & running C programs on Red hat 9.0
  503. logging into oracle user from user other than root
  504. Tkinter Installation Help
  505. permission script
  506. Setting Apache Virtual Host
  507. How to remotely execute a system command on a remote shell
  508. How to disbable screen saver and power management
  509. Beginner on Linux needs help with installing Qt...please help
  510. (standard_in) 1: parse error
  511. unix operating system diagram
  512. unix operating system diagram
  513. volatile variable in writing driver
  514. Hiding app window
  515. To run c program in linux
  516. log4cpp make error extra ';' in Manipulator.hh
  517. Project using kdevelop
  518. Upgrading Kernel
  519. Saving `test` results in a variable
  520. cannot execute binary file
  521. cannot run c compiled programs
  522. data migration from MAINFRAMES OS\390 DB2 to AIX UDB
  523. Getting errors when installing DB2 8.2 on AIX5L
  524. Automating the BIOS boot order
  525. fork( ) function
  526. Programming the BIOS boot order
  527. need for a installation guide.
  528. move_uploaded_file fails to work in Linux PHP
  529. VB MSAccess to Linux MySQL
  530. SSH question, Please help
  531. linux login delay
  532. graphics in GCC compiler
  533. error in socket programming
  534. commands...
  535. Linux or UNIX
  536. new to unix
  537. new to unix
  538. cron jobs
  539. beginner at unix need help!
  540. Help for the Unix Task.This is simple but i need help...Please help me....
  541. I have a couple of questions on Linux please help me
  542. How to send mail to yahoo id from linux?
  543. Question based on connecting and extracting data from oracle data base?
  544. no XDR file created using rpcgen in linux...
  545. problem in downloading of JRE.
  546. how to zip a folder in linux
  547. link for Books
  548. source code for both echo and exit command in c language
  549. Apache python integration
  550. parallel port programing in C/C++ (Linux platform)