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  1. FreeBSD ports config and makefiles
  2. Which Linux suitable?
  3. TIME SCP command
  4. Unix shell script to extract records from table
  5. I want to make my Xubuntu system faster......
  6. How to find my motherboard related information under Xubuntu?
  7. ls - ltr with Heading
  8. How to safely remove my USB drive from inside linux?
  9. Fedora won't run in GUI Mode
  10. how to change commands in unix?
  11. udev node not found
  12. Cygwin "cannot execute binary file" error
  13. setting sendmail
  14. How to install GRUB/LILO ?
  15. check whether cpan is installed
  16. Find statment
  17. I got a Unique Problem On my server.
  18. Replicating users from one server to other
  19. Output following Command
  20. on grub
  21. Crontab problem
  22. What is difference between Terminal & Consoles in Linux????
  23. Multiple shells in Linux
  24. Google Is Your Friend. Use It.
  25. how to create shell in unix/linux?
  26. is there a way to initialize php in non-.php files?
  27. File size's don't match in terminal vs. file browser window.
  28. Change IP Address
  29. What does "... is run from inetd" mean?
  30. Problem with mailx command while sending text file as attachment
  31. Hp4850 scanner
  32. Changing the Gateway IPs
  33. (Advanced Question) i wanna make a completely new Desktop Environment thingy
  34. Starting Memcache on CentOS - test works, daemon fails
  35. How to know OS is 32bit or 64bit ?
  36. How do i know OS version?
  37. Partitioning with sfdisk
  38. Create a very limited user (access to one folder only)
  39. Space in file name problem
  40. Cant see website in own network
  41. Questions about Samba
  42. Changing many file names at once
  43. How to change my group
  44. Use of $* and $@
  45. Can't Understand the awk this script.and why '/' before $ symbol
  46. Listing Directory Recursively
  47. Linux distro supporting boot from USB drive and also supports VMware player
  48. Identifying ascii and binary files
  49. Which one is most suitable...?
  50. Execute C-shell command from sh shell
  51. Struggling to find an RPM for my version of PHP (Fedora)
  52. Ubuntu and Wifi Trouble
  53. Making a Printer attached to a Linux machine avbailable to a Windows Machine
  54. Upgrade Troubles and Transfer Questions
  55. wireless
  56. How to Set Permission for "nobody" account
  57. What is the differrence between Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu?
  58. Multiple root accounts in linux/unix......
  59. Killing Bash Script Child Processes
  60. Separating fields and values from log files
  61. Shell Script awk problem , please advice
  62. Regarding a project in Linux.....
  63. Passing key strokes and values to programs
  64. how to find the particular string in unix
  65. Run Command Line from PHP in Ubuntu 8.04
  66. Use and implementation of Forward error correction
  67. sleep VS delay
  68. Backup Utility, Tape Backup? Entire System
  69. Freeze after few hours inactive
  70. Can anyone help me with shell script(find a file and email)
  71. looking for code version management application
  72. Using mget in ftp
  73. how can create using shell script and develop the web page
  74. Making CLOCK_TICK_RATE a variable in linux
  75. Getting started with PL/SQL in Unix environment
  76. Need script for connectivity to Unix Machine
  77. CVSReport for SVN?
  78. Problem with openvpn routing
  79. Compare Fields in two Files
  80. Broken Pipe
  81. Importing DNS address assignment
  82. 'set' command gives garbage
  83. problem installing ffmpeg on sun solaris 11
  84. ARM9 based development board for Linux Redhat ?
  85. Need Info On Solaris Servers
  86. public ip and local ip
  87. Red Hat Certified Security Specialist
  88. Getting webpage contents using a script
  89. Need to protect a file
  90. removing ^m char
  91. To answer EVERYONE'S installation questions...
  92. Application Problems
  93. GCC 4.3.1 installtion problem
  94. Mac address with arp -a
  95. How to reduce unwanted space in VMWare
  96. Optical Drive problems
  97. Testing windows code compatibility with linux...
  98. installing linux without network/optical drives
  99. Building linux machine
  100. [Ubuntu] Finding a networking card. (uncertain if there actually is one)
  101. Configure DNS centOS
  102. File too large..
  103. Where's my GRUB?
  104. error using sunstudio compiler on suse linux
  105. scp login
  106. Problem with RedHat server file storage
  107. Executing shell script remotely
  108. corn job
  109. rpm creation
  110. Book to learn Linux terminal
  111. sqlloader shell script
  112. Permissions in over my head and really needing some help
  113. Linux: command to be executed each time the system boots
  114. Wireless woes
  115. debian build
  116. AWK passing output, line by line to variable..
  117. Unix script does not execute correctly
  118. copy directories and files recursively using C shell or bash shell
  119. Cannot telnet to server on port 25 (sendMail, dovecot, firewall?)
  120. Kernel errors when installing ndiswrapper
  121. Why some code is in assembly
  122. Dual boot loading the wrong OS
  123. How Does Branching Work in Git?
  124. Gtk installation
  125. RHEL 4 : how to remove /home automount ?
  126. how to unmount / , /usr partition
  127. using shell script connect another machines run the script result shown in web page
  128. Access FAT32 partitions in linux
  129. Execution of bash script inside a bash script
  130. b o/p is 0,how it will Come?
  131. Linux(debian) on ARM, MTD partition
  132. VNC on HP-UX 10.20
  133. how to concate strings and value
  134. regarding shell scripts and database function.
  135. Using Shell Scripts for Database Operation
  136. Installing RedHat 9 on SATA harddisk
  137. SE Linux
  138. CSV formate file
  139. On file sending
  140. SATA drivers for 80821 (ich7) controller
  141. How to change server where mail is relayed to (Linux)?
  142. shell script to open many terminals from a parent terminal and execute different cmds
  143. Shell Script to List Node Definitions
  144. Build debian Package
  145. GTK installation problem
  146. Problems while reading each lines and performing operations in each line
  147. configuring suse linux for network and internet
  148. Memory Fault
  149. modprobe
  150. Problems with htaccess protection
  151. Unix command to view/edit an image
  152. tar command to backup
  153. automatically append & to all comands in terminal?
  154. emacs question
  155. problem in running shell script from cron
  156. gtkglarea installation problem
  157. Cronjob
  158. Looking for an easy way to add escape charaters to a string in BASH.
  159. proble in running shell script in cron
  160. "repair filesystem" error while booting
  161. grep or a simple script?
  162. using shell script
  163. Code verison in executable file
  164. Bourne Shell Archiving Code
  165. how to setuid scripts
  166. question about about Bourne Shell programming
  167. Video Surveillance System
  168. MP3 Help??
  169. .sh to .exe convert
  170. question about shell script
  171. Unable to connect internet from shell..
  172. New Kid on the blog and Linux too---need help
  173. how to set remote shell environment variable on solaris
  174. c shell scripting
  175. count lines wihtout comments
  176. shell scripts relating removing leading characters
  177. Looking for a USB Pendrive Linux Distro
  178. syntax error near unexpected token `('
  179. syntax error near unexpected token `('
  180. Iocalhost.login
  181. conversion of ddate to seconds
  182. How to solve Zombie and Orphan Process Problems ?
  183. syntax error, unexpected token ... what's causing this???
  184. How to configure unix to connect to internet
  185. warning: unsupported SASL server implementation: cyrus
  186. How to create Zombie ?
  187. how to run linux OS on vista
  188. Fedora 8 bootloader has too many versions of linux
  189. Minimum Skill for a System Admin
  190. gv m 1 info. abot d linux
  191. Creating new sessions using Shell Script
  192. Daily Responsibilities
  193. File Transfer from Windows to Linux environment
  194. pop but no pop3
  195. Automation of su password through shell script
  196. Returned e-mail I didn't send
  197. Date subtraction in Korn shell scripts
  198. how to read .txt file in linux c code
  199. Command to find type of RAM ?
  200. Problem with a Shell Script
  201. binary to readable format
  202. Scripting help...monitoring disk space
  203. I have killed my kicker panel with xkill command.. I am a new bee to linux...
  204. diff command in unix
  205. Open smtps port on centOS linux
  206. grep: outputting search strings
  207. help needed with a script
  208. Abou Anjuta
  209. SITE command for SFTP
  210. Lost with how to start linux
  211. kosmos distributed file system...
  212. Windows authentication from SUSE 10.1? What module can do this?
  213. oninit
  214. replacing comma with newline
  215. Searching in lot of XML
  216. ISP Server
  217. Wifi Manage with BSD / Linux
  218. Need help to learn how to apply patches.
  219. Leap year C shell script
  220. Connecting oracle in Linux
  221. Getting CPU Indexx Error While installing Fedora 6
  222. query
  223. marge line
  224. ANTIVIRUS FOR LINUX_newbie here
  225. set shell script on cron tab
  226. Process and thread
  227. help with date extension file reading
  228. Need help on pipes!
  229. Unable to install linux on hard disk
  230. save the cut result in the other file
  231. Zombi process
  232. help using sed
  233. parsed data in different position
  234. A query
  235. Help with a bash ftp script
  236. iptables : ipt_time : invalid size 16 != 24
  237. How Can I Make Network Server Using Redhat
  238. require source code of reiser4 fs
  239. zombie to exist after the termination of main program..
  240. sed and awk Question
  241. how to access system clock
  242. unix
  243. Running ASP on Apache in Fedora 7
  244. Connecting to multiple oracle databases from unix
  245. Diffrerence between logical & raw reading while copying
  246. how to convert txt file to HTML using shell?
  247. How to replace/substitute a character in a 20GB file without opening it.
  248. mailx problem
  249. error loading operating system
  250. ssh session halted, is it possible to restore to it
  251. Corn Jobs
  252. port perl for arm-linux
  253. partitioning and formating external USB hard drive
  254. Segmentation fault
  255. About GNOME
  256. Configure Postfix from scratch
  257. Wrapper shell script
  258. vi editor eating away at my chars, namely #! in UNIX
  259. c in linux
  260. Help : Unix Add date to a file on every begining of line from other text file
  261. Unix Date Help
  262. Shell script
  263. millisecond resolution timer in linux
  264. tar archiver and file mods
  265. live cd build for debian base
  266. Execute java class from Unix shell script
  267. How To Compile Socket Programs In Linux
  268. problem with username and password
  269. difference between buffering and kernel buffering?
  270. How to delete a directory what ends in " ???
  271. how to make a netconnection in fedora8
  272. Need Help.
  273. parent and child processes
  274. Trouble with excelp() (I'm very new to this)
  275. What is Effective User ID?
  276. problem in User creation
  277. Removing columns of a file using vi Editor
  278. how to inheret permission of parent directory in ubuntu
  279. Script fo counting the files and changing the GID
  280. anyone tell me linux distribution less than 25-30 MB
  281. DYMO Routing Protocol
  282. Possible to use multiple USB 3G modems in one computer?
  283. task bar view
  284. Partitioning Best Practice
  285. cronjob and php problem
  286. removable hardware in openSUSE
  287. Internet doesn't work (using router)
  288. Check if files specified in java -classpath exists or not
  289. Unix command question
  290. Basic Unix Help
  291. problem in compiling lex.yy.c
  292. Gtalk in Linux
  293. i am beginer to linux
  294. Can't run Kubuntu live-cd
  295. Need user input for script
  296. How to Create DHCP, DNS Server, Mail Server
  297. how to insert table using shell
  298. display results in GAMBAS
  299. Free Network and System monitoring tool Urgent
  300. determine if value is set
  301. networking
  302. Commands
  303. How to create local NTP server
  304. what is the use of SIOCIPV6SIFATTR
  305. recompiling php 5. is it realy necessary??
  306. FTP help
  307. Help on this loop
  308. converting to normal file on solaris
  309. strange problem regarding zip/unzip from window to solaris machine
  310. Readin File permissions?
  311. Running C++ file
  312. Server to host for 500 concurrent users' website
  313. bash script
  314. Clarify Me
  315. How to execute a script using ssh
  316. Configure Ubuntu server for access with vncviewer
  317. Locking down /etc/sudoers
  318. Whitelist Internet Filter
  319. problem with executing procedure
  320. pkunzip
  321. Dhclient already running -exiting error?
  322. Listing logged on users
  323. An alternative to this code?
  324. Unix script for permissions
  325. Unix Adding Text to corresponding lines...
  326. Trying out Linux
  327. INIT: ID "x" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
  328. Group Permissions for Files
  329. Postfix server and CDO messages
  330. praveen dimri
  331. configuring proxy settings on a linux server
  332. linux u
  333. linux qu
  334. How to compile 32bit .c .cc On 64bit x86_64 systems?
  335. How to install .pkg file in ubuntu?
  336. append a value to an existing variable?
  337. giving options in shell scripts
  338. How to Install sun app server on fedora 8
  339. How to port dll's in Windows to Linux so's
  340. How to know a executable has finished his task
  341. Postfix and e-mail forwarding
  342. sftp script
  343. Installation of rtlinux
  344. Refresh Linux
  345. Reg Postgres Data Base Server Will Be slow
  346. UNIX Sort question
  347. Debian shutdown and startup hang
  348. Queue Permission in UNIX
  349. Squid Error
  350. deployment of tool in solaris server
  351. hp unix - dynamic linker does not resolve symbols as expected
  352. view file using shell scripting
  353. .htaccess syntax. Please help
  354. the following code goes into infinite loop and does not increment variable i
  355. linux shell programs i need it urgently
  356. Make utility in Unix. Make over different directories
  357. connectivity issue
  358. Increase Partition Size
  359. IO redirection
  360. How to kill a process automatically?
  361. select column from xml file
  362. linux links
  363. Where 'history' is stored in Bash shell
  364. ARM Realview ice problem
  365. Need to learn how to use HP-UX! HELP! SOS!
  366. Problem in using RECORD of Xnee
  367. a couple of scripts
  368. Find error codes values
  369. Linux networked with XP wirelessly
  370. user creation in HP-UX
  371. Getopts: user has logged off part not working... help needed....
  372. Spamd not working
  373. Does OpenSSH work with redhat or linux?
  374. UNIX and file size
  375. find time difference
  376. [RPM] Register library as dependency
  377. XFB file transfer
  378. some script on the server removes my files.
  379. gtkmm installation problem
  380. time script
  381. Please help with AWK
  382. oracle installation on linux enterprise edition 4.0
  383. Replacing Windows with Linux
  384. Need Help in Writing Unix Shell scripts
  385. USB Linux
  386. which GNU/Linux distro to choose?!
  387. GNU sed version 4.1.2 swap text containing /
  388. Help needed to build an RPM?
  389. how to start ftp..
  390. rows and columns, Linux
  391. Exception occured when pthread_exit() is used.
  392. Tags for java classes..
  393. Unable to capture sql output using shell script while running it through browser
  394. Script to find Overlapping Time
  395. Selenium in Linux
  396. Using "prefix" option while Installing RPM package through GUI
  397. Modify date in file with Bash Script
  398. file name
  399. Switch-Case Statement Help
  400. HTTP 403 observed while accessing web service from UNIX
  401. How to start telnet ?
  402. How to disable auto detection of usb device?
  403. TAB command
  404. Modem driver?
  405. Basic unix questions
  406. Web-based file upload -- who grants/denies permissions to whom?
  407. Clients cannot connect to pop server
  408. Linux Sources
  409. GCC 4.1.1 on redhat 4.5
  410. No eth0
  411. Run java class in cron
  412. how to use mailto command from the shell..
  413. Postfix e-mail server on virtual Fedora 7
  414. cron job on GOdaddy
  415. Squid Proxy configuration
  416. Help needed in writing a program for Unix.
  417. Output redirection to vi(ew)
  418. about output redirection
  419. linux
  420. Mail server is all confused
  421. Is there any command in UDB/Linux to List all mount points for a given instance?
  422. sed help
  423. compile php with gd and freetype support for jpgraph
  424. How to delete a file with name starting with '-' character
  425. 554 <domain> Relay access denied for vhcs2 postifx
  426. problem in expr 3+5
  427. Transfer an Array/File from one PC to another PC using ethernet port.
  428. How to set library path for JNI
  429. Password Aging
  430. awk/sed/bash to process multiline output
  431. Problem with searching files with egrep
  432. how to get the same format for date in the ls command in hp UNIX
  433. gdb on AIX with Xlc generated 64 bit executables
  434. Semaphores vs Monitors
  435. Permissions
  436. Array Question
  437. make : error 1254-027
  438. tchar.h equvalent in linux
  439. How to automatically load software when linux starts up.
  440. New to Unix!!!
  441. FreeBSD upgrade to 7.0
  442. Send mail via shell script
  443. running a perl script on startup
  444. how to use two cacerts in java with tomcat server
  445. grub/chainloader issue
  446. performance of linux file systems for data transfer in gbs
  447. command that can use to acess a line from a file in unix
  448. shell script for extracting out the shortest substring from given 1st and last char.
  449. Script error
  450. Automation for the kickoff of jobs
  451. hi guys
  452. [USB boot]Cannot boot DSL from USB key.
  453. FTP problem with file naming unix1-mirror
  454. How to find Directory Existance
  455. steps for installing java in fedora
  456. system affected by virus
  457. How to write a shell script to execute a database query
  458. squid problem: after running it consume 99% of CPU
  459. Let me know the meaning of the script
  460. capture frame from video file
  461. "binary operator expected" message
  462. "too many arguments" message
  463. Unix Re-boot
  464. Shell scripts
  465. fetching data from database after switching the user inside scritp
  466. Help with Gnome/Ubuntu
  467. I Need Your Help; I Am New To Unix!
  468. Trouble with dynamic IP
  469. Error with "make dist clean" and "make clean"
  470. Creating Postfix user
  471. rinning sleep() function in g++
  472. Reading email using shell scripting
  473. forgotten root password
  474. About Fedora Core 5
  475. Red Hat EL AS 4 installation problem
  476. Problems with IPtables
  477. Tab in Make file
  478. X window resizing
  479. Subject to the automated mails
  480. Installing software on fedora 6
  481. grep
  482. lastest stable version of gcc .
  483. Neoware/Unix Print/Font alteration
  484. Parsing In Linux
  485. how to create a core dump file in G++ compiller
  486. Unix command: Display excerpt of rows from line number n to n+10
  487. Problems installing kubuntu
  488. problems in uninstalling linux and installing windows xp
  489. Real time backup of applications in Linux
  490. Unix/Neoware/Linux Print Problem
  491. Disabling auto-backups of text files
  492. difficult upgrading ffmpeg
  493. how to create lan wan
  494. Tab in Make file
  495. where do I get wx-config
  496. What is the use of the kernel?
  497. what is main diffrence b/w RTOS, Linux and Windows
  498. Linux---How to convert mail format from xp to linux and vice versa
  499. converting an image file into binary form using Linux or Unix Script
  500. Need help with sed command
  501. How do you install an exe file in Ubuntu
  502. Urgent:script to send a mail when the file is updated
  503. Age=${1:-"2"} wat does that statement mean...
  504. Conguring two tomcats in a linux OS
  505. Shell Script Error
  506. Why Different Shells?
  507. Shell script to read a list of text/sql files and invoke DB2.
  508. LINUX Networking
  509. UNIX and C
  510. can't run a cron job
  511. Auto Shutdown Server
  512. UNIX - Reading the input to a shell Scrip from a File
  513. MAMP problems - mysqld won't start
  514. Unpack to a specific directory
  515. how to use h/w performance counter tools?
  516. How to debug the exec process in gdb?
  517. SIGSEGV Handling
  518. sql output in UNIX shell
  519. Fedora 7 + Samba + LDAP
  520. how to copy folder in linux thru network
  521. Library functions prototypes
  522. Windows Not Booting with Ubuntu Dual Boot / GRUB
  523. Confusion over fork()
  524. IP Cop VPN Troubles
  525. UNIX code for Iternational Data Encription Algorithm & DFD
  526. trouble
  527. /bin/sh/ tty: can't access tty; job control turned off
  528. (UNIX)Getting error while connecting to database.
  529. Aix Administrator
  530. problems with select ( ) function
  531. How to find drivers for SATA HDD for laptop?
  532. File Version of exe file
  533. Extract the column
  534. ksh - help with getting one output
  535. &2 as function parameter
  536. What this command will do? exec 2>&1
  537. Rsdp
  538. Hostname alias
  539. A Question about C-Shell (didn't know where else to put it)
  540. proxy configer
  541. Why do web sites set up sub domains for individual cities?
  542. How to split a particular word in to individual characters???
  543. Unix Server Installation
  544. How to install reginal languages in LINUX
  545. block user through firewall
  546. start a program after log in
  547. Configuring PHP with GD support
  548. Can't compile kernel-2.6.15-1.54 with gcc 4.1.0
  549. terminal
  550. export last numbers