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  1. Adding a Managed handler fails...
  2. IIS is serving .asp page as a file to download, not running the script
  3. Outlook Express mail service
  4. page cant be displayed... must have missed something easy
  5. 500 Err if you modify Web.config (WCF service applet)
  6. base64 ico server error asphostportal hosting
  7. how can i get session ID on mobile ?
  8. i need to know about what is browsing
  9. Not able to upload file greater then 200kb getting error 404
  10. IIS7 as MTA
  11. how to filter double url in iis7
  12. IIS Windows Authentication with Multiple Domains
  13. Different behavior of IIS with different application url
  14. Default web site status is stopped
  15. IIS6 Caching for specific file extensions in a folder
  16. Server application error in IIS. Please help me in solving the problem
  17. Slow installation with IIS7 - inetinfo.exe eats up to 100% CPU
  18. Safari browser on iPad does not open URLs with port numbers
  19. http 403.1 error
  20. What is IIS?
  21. Can IIS wake up the system?
  22. Web page parsing/reading issues
  23. IIS7 cannot load start up page?
  24. PHP5 and FastCGI with MS Access Database
  25. How can configure a website on my local drive on my iis manager
  26. IIS metabase problem
  27. The specified module could not be found, Error in IIS 6
  28. IIS Integrated Authentication only working on localhost not from client pc?
  29. I am unable to see HTML Page in http://localhost/test/index.html
  30. IIS Freezes too often.
  31. Error 500 occurs with just merely typing 'localhost'
  32. IIS Configuration: site doesn't resolve without www
  33. How to solve the IIS 7 Configuration.
  34. DataSet Serialization in WCF 4
  35. HTTP 500 Internal Server Error
  36. WSDL.exe not round-trip?
  37. OLE Object documentation?
  38. IIS6 Can access via localhost but cannot access via IP Address
  39. IIS6 Fresh Install, permissions/front page extensions issue
  40. error w3wp.exe 3700 and stooped the app pool
  41. Webservice does not fetch when published on IIS
  42. Convert Byte to String in VB.NET
  43. How to secure IIS6 server File System
  44. The service could not bind instance 1
  45. Can there be multiple Application Pool on the same subnet?
  46. How to setup dns for IIS 6.0 correctly
  47. How to access project via firefox on local IIS server?
  48. How to configure IIS with JBOSS to access jboss apps through IIS
  49. Why is IIS 7 giving runtime error when trying to load http:/site/x.aspx/pp%3f
  50. PHP - 404 file not found UsingPHP in IIS XP Pro.
  51. IIS7 website always opens when going to other sites. How to get rid of this?
  52. FTP account vs Windows account on Windows Server 2003
  53. What is a IP Route Cache Table?
  54. Why do we get windows creditionals request when accessing by domain (
  55. How do I send an MS Word (2002) document file ( 140 MB )as a .txt email attachment
  56. PHP & session doesn't work like it should
  57. Virtual Directory issue?
  58. Unknown Issue - Directory to Database Redirect?
  59. hosting a new webpage for an existing domain
  60. Automation server can't create object
  61. IIS 6.0 not allowing SSL
  62. Need help to decide whether to go for ASP.Net Website or PHP
  63. Perl page with <STDIN> hangs in browser
  64. Smooth Streaming Media fragments?
  65. Hosting website locally
  66. Access denied by ACL on resource
  67. iis error The specified module could not be found.
  68. Application Runs fast on WebServer1 but not WebServer 2
  69. how can i run application in lan.
  70. IIS returns blank page upon form POST
  71. hosting website using IIS.7.0
  72. Time session in asp aplicattion
  73. MultiSite.dll - 501 505 - The request is not supported. ??
  74. error in starting default web site
  75. Cannot find page suddenly
  76. Shouldn't all memory be freed after a page is served?
  77. Setting Up File Handler for IIS 7
  78. blank page displays when navigating to .aspx on the local machine
  79. IIS page not found
  80. Problem in moving a website to production IIS6.0
  81. Have edited web.config but previously existing users now can't login?
  82. SSL Site issue
  83. Host Headers for multiple websites not working
  84. Authorization Issue : Cannot verify access to physical path
  85. Sharepoint central admin pool
  86. ASP Error Code 0246
  87. Website folder accidentally deleted from IIS
  88. DNS websever help
  89. HTTP 500.100 Microsoft Jet database Engine could not open the file.. already..
  90. Outlook Web Access no longer working under SSL. Or at all in fact.
  91. Clear password protection in IIS 6.0
  92. Problem with IIS and database connection
  93. Accessing unmounted priv1.edb file using ESE API (Exchange Server 2003)
  94. MultiThreading is not working in server
  95. Possible? Log file analyzer on a client machine
  96. Limit IIS Binding
  97. redirecting problem
  98. Allow users to access only gmail
  99. Dcpromo Directory Replication Error
  100. Multiple Clients Accessing Server
  101. IIS 5.1, WinXP and ASP.NET 2.0
  102. About Creating SSL certificates IIS 5.1
  103. Looking for a solution: Allowing two seperate networks to communicate data.
  104. Something stucks my server every random few seconds
  105. Error while running webservice in windows 2003 server
  106. Help Needed abt IIS
  107. Server error in "MY" Application
  108. error not redirected to a file
  109. IIS Worker Process stopped working and was closed and unmanaged code...
  110. Python and IIS 7 - "HTTP Error 502.2 - Bad Gateway"
  111. error 403 through web service
  112. Adding a new MIMEType
  113. Windows Authentication: Can't access secure website from server, but can from client
  114. PHP5 on IIS7 in Windows Server '08 - multiple site issues (sic)
  115. Access to website issue - logon prompt
  116. SSL Client certificate
  117. Error Mapping Properties -- URL option missing
  118. Cookie problem in IIS 6.0 as a result of IIS recycling ?
  119. Creating Website on IIS 6.0
  120. "Logging Out" of an IIS Session
  121. run a security patch
  122. Will changing servers affect my email?
  123. Windows Authentication, IIS and ISA
  124. Can't see my website from other computers
  125. Module_set_response_error_status
  126. "submit query" after deployment
  127. What do I need for this Website
  128. HTTP 405 Method Not allowed
  129. Problem with IIS 5.1(ASP.NET and windows XP)
  130. web page destroyed after deployment
  131. when PHPmailer is used mail goes to junk why?
  132. How to enable get/post in IIS7 2.0
  133. Inetinfo 100% cpu - sound familiar?
  134. IIS Site SSL issue
  135. run my php on iis server
  136. grouping the records in a execl using c# in
  137. set Command Timetout property in web.configuration file
  138. Run ocx on IIS
  139. SSL Security Implementation
  140. JSP on IIS
  141. pass credentials to site with Windows Authentication
  142. how to force users of a network browsing on internet to an intranet first
  143. How to redirect URL from without www to www..?
  144. IIS - Application Pool is auto stopped when browse web site
  145. IIS limits to connections
  146. how to avoid multiple web.config???
  147. IIS7 with vista ultimate
  148. IIS installation
  149. IIS ASK username / password
  150. DNS Alias for Web Site
  151. IIS 5.1 - Website hosting problem
  152. What should I do when my IIS gets crashed?
  153. iis not pointing to default website
  154. ASP.NET 'Server Application Unavailable'
  155. Script modification of ISA access rules
  156. smtp configuration
  157. If i increase size Metabase.xml file
  158. IIS logparser output format issue
  159. IIS Authentication Mode
  160. error '8002801d' in IIS
  161. IIS Directory Configuration Button Problem
  162. SSL and Code Sign issue
  163. Force internal traffic to outside of network
  164. iis windbg- symbols
  165. operating system
  166. Inno Setup! how to give user a choose to uninstall program when reinstall
  167. An out there IIS Redirect SEO Question
  168. Cant send mails using CDOSYS
  169. error while executing job on Sql Server Enterprise Manager
  170. Visual Studio.NET Web Development Error - ASP.NET 1.1
  171. IIS with C# Applets - Beginner Looking for a good book
  172. Removing Everyone Account Stops PERL Sync Script
  173. Error in C# saying directory not being configured as an application in IIS
  174. Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {}failed...error: 80040154
  175. IIS trouble
  176. HEEEELP!!!! what is IIS primary password and user?
  177. IIS 6.0 Undelivered Message report
  178. Port 80 already in use
  179. I Can not connect to Oracle 10g XE from ASP perlscript web page on IIS 6
  180. Cs0016
  181. PHP Script not execute but displayed as regular HTML documents
  182. login attacks, logon process: IIS - help
  183. redirection problem with .htaccess
  184. Email List
  185. Cannot add duplicate collection entry
  186. run Two web services on IIS
  187. IIS Configuration Backup
  188. Domain Name
  189. Server Application Error
  190. Accessing dynamic ip address of a system on internet
  191. probleum in installing iis 5.1 on window xp prof
  192. Search Engine in Intranet Web Page - Return Links to PDF
  193. How to host web application on IIS in windows vista( home ).?
  194. MS Access Database Protection Method
  195. SSO and IIS
  196. configuration error while hosting site
  197. w3wp Problem PLEASE HELP!
  198. problem with file permissions
  199. ASP Upload Problems
  200. Huge IIS Logs
  201. setting for opening excel report in client machine
  202. Does Inetpub get affected on upgrade from Windows 2000 to windows 2003?
  203. www.sitename not working but http://sitename is working
  204. IIS 6 Hangs/Crashes
  205. IIS 6.0 - ASP legacy apps and Windows 64 bit
  206. IIS returning 404 Not Found for PHP on Server 2003
  207. change my default page
  208. Accessing WebService
  209. specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP header
  210. Best method for creating a local network web devlopment server
  211. YouTube
  212. Guest Account
  213. Configure mutiple web application using COM services in a same server
  214. IIS6: See all logged in users
  215. Web Server...
  216. split cs-uri-query with logparser
  217. Restriction on IIS
  218. IWA problems
  219. Why is my IIS not working offline i.e. without internet connection
  220. Does IIS need internet to run ???
  221. Only allow anonymous Auth
  222. HTTP 500 Error
  223. Adding a site to trusted websites list
  224. Adding a site to trusted wesites list in IE7 using IIS
  225. IIS Stopped working for all but localhost
  226. Disallow External Websites
  227. How to use IIS Default web site
  228. Error : You are unauthorised to view this page.
  229. IIS : Moving Site Off SPS
  230. .NET 2.0 AppPool Error 80070569
  231. PHP ini file SMTP config is failing me left and right.
  232. IIS Registration problem
  233. Site down software??
  234. Worker Process bombing
  235. Web Service not invoking exe through IIS
  236. New IIS Web Server Problem
  237. https URL for Image in a http page
  238. using Gzip components in iis
  239. URL Encoding Issue
  240. session not initialiazed only when access site throught another pc
  241. IIS on Virtualized Server
  242. WebService Authentication
  243. IIS on a single IP (coexisting with Apache)
  244. IIS 5.1 HOW to avoid user name - password
  245. ISS 5 serving incomplete pages; replying error 404, 500, 404 to images files reques
  246. .NET Caching and App Pools
  247. URGENTT: Login failed for user '(null)'
  248. PHP Code in HTML Page on IIS
  249. session ends at wrong time
  250. IIS 5.0 erase user name - password
  251. Disable IIS7 on Vista
  252. Failed to access IIS metabase.
  253. web service in IIS problem
  254. ASP.NET web hosting problem
  255. IIS Integration with other Application Server
  256. Restarting IIS from command line/script
  257. Add WCF service to IIS 6.0/Windows 2003
  258. IIS on XP Home error
  259. How to restrict browsing the content of a xml file
  260. Vista IIS7 write access denied only with windows authentication
  261. IIS Not Running
  262. SSRS deployment
  263. and
  264. IIS6 And Session Variables
  265. store the log file information into sql server database
  266. IIS 6.0 requring SSL and redirecting when SSL is not enabled.
  267. urgent upload their files to IIS server.
  268. Urgent How To Use Upload Files In Iis Server
  269. IIS Configuration Settings changed automatically?!
  270. The process account used to run ASP.NET must have read access to the IIS metabase
  271. how to configure a multiple application in IIS with component in the same server
  272. how to configure iis6.0 for in XP
  273. Http error 404 not found: unable to access local host on vista home basic
  274. Exchange Server group calendar
  275. IIS Log for Website reports 401 error on GET '/'
  276. bata base no found
  277. HTTP 500 Internal Server Error on http://localhost
  278. "WshShell.Exec error '80070005' " Access is denied.
  279. IIS Too many users error
  280. iis
  281. Memory Dump
  282. Certificate authentication
  283. Unable to created Virtual Directory in iis5.1
  284. Application Pool issue
  285. Content Based On User Logon Informaion.
  286. Web page returns "The page cannot be found" in IIS 5
  287. Web service returns internal server error after few minutes
  288. About SMTP server
  289. Problem when publishing Website in IIS
  290. Any good cache manage tool for .net ?
  291. How do I setup IIS 5.0 with .Net 1.1 and 2.0
  292. Problem in the Displaying a page
  293. iis 6 printing
  294. IIS iFrame Webpage using Server IP
  295. Programmatic Redirect Help
  296. URL decoding on IIS
  297. IIS ASP 0126 (0x80004005)
  298. how to see our html file in local host ?
  299. How to run a php script in iis server?.
  300. executing the administrative program via IIs7
  301. executing the administrative program via IIs7
  302. How to start Web Application automatically afrer IIS is started?
  303. Server does not support ASP. Why not?!?
  304. aspx pages working but not asp
  305. page not found
  306. Logon failure: user account restriction.
  307. windows server 2003 "virtual ip" problem
  308. HTTP 500 - Internal server error Internet Explorer
  309. Permission Denied
  310. Dynamic URL missing in log!
  311. Trouble with IIS settings : Server Application Unavailable (ASP.NET 2.0)
  312. Proplem opening ASP.NET Application
  313. IIS 5.0 Crystal Reports 9.0 - Unable to load report
  314. how to run vb script file via IIS 6.0 without prompting to open/save
  315. P3P policy
  316. permission denied error
  317. IIS as a file storer?
  318. Application to copy files larger that 1gb
  319. Application to sort websites in IIS
  320. Which server is best for hosting multiple domain?
  321. Access web page in wwroot folder
  322. IIS5 Default File with Parameters?
  323. anonymous access problem
  324. How to run web application created in other machine
  325. Error Accessing Web Services
  326. setpassword
  327. Using Https protocol
  328. Insalling PHP
  329. Access Denied error while sending email with CDO
  330. IIS, apache & Oracle HTTP server on a PC..
  331. EnableEventValidation="false"
  332. security/rights
  333. IIS and actionscript/flv/flash
  334. Word size
  335. Security layers in IIS
  336. SMTP configuration
  337. IIS 5.1 & Apache issue.
  338. Site startup performance problems
  339. Restarting IIS with a batch file if x exists
  340. Setting up Secure Socket in IIS for some pages only.
  341. HTTP 403 observed while accessing web service hosted on IIS from UNIX
  342. System reboots when i do an IISRESET
  343. hi
  344. IIS permissions issue with MS Access db
  345. question: http proxy to circumvent applet sandbox
  346. IIS Install issue
  347. IIS Worker process error
  348. Web Server
  349. Http Error 404
  350. Website and Virtual Directory
  351. creating local host
  352. Website Certificate Expiry
  353. HTTP Error 401.1 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
  354. How to disable IIS logging programmatically
  355. Problem with Web authentication in IIS server
  356. Hosting multiple sites on IIS 6 for an intrant
  357. Session destroy is not working on my IIS
  358. Suggested Configuration of Dotnet server
  359. visual has detected that specified web server
  360. Unable to run the website in IIS server
  361. Running IIS 7 over VPN
  362. Object Expected error only occurs when script is in wwwroot
  363. Windows Vista Ultimate - Connecting to an Access DB in IIS 7
  364. precenting perl scripts from being downloadable
  365. not finding DLL file - permissions problem?
  366. windows authentication prompt for every five minutes
  367. WebDAV 'An error has occurred copying some or all of the selected files.'
  368. not connected
  369. Cant get ISS to redirect
  370. integrated windows authentication
  371. IUSR account has the correct read/write permissions
  372. my ip address listed spam (exchange server 2003 problem)
  373. Cannot access website on other computers(clients)
  374. Utility to Create Self signed Certificate and increase the expiry date of certificate
  375. Entering global asa in iis6
  376. IIS problem with different .net versions
  377. beta period expired
  378. Need help with LDAP root/string
  379. access to shared folder through fileSystemObject?
  380. IIS giving a 404 error and instant time out.
  381. how to create Virtual Directory like this in server
  382. IIS: 1088 event: App-Domain could not be created
  383. Posting To IIS 5.1 Getting Error Code 500
  384. ASP Requests
  385. Problem with sessions.
  386. how to resend messages in Queue folder?
  387. need help for iisstart.htm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  388. Restrict certain users from the internet
  389. Isolation modes in IIS 6.0??
  390. Application Pool Not starting !!!
  391. 401.2, Users Behind Proxy Server
  392. SESSION is not working in IIS
  393. Current Anonymous Users
  394. IIS Website stopped work after installing FTP
  395. "The specified module could not be found" error
  396. IIS limit on port 80 websites
  397. Javascript caching issue on IIS6
  398. sending and receiving e-mail via IIS/SMTP
  399. cant view my site in browser!!
  400. How I change the error page to my own error page?
  401. possible to access virtual directory without impersonation?
  402. unable to access virtual directory which is pointed to shared folder on network
  403. Help!! urgent.
  404. Not able to configure IIS 5.1 to send/receive mails on my domain properly
  405. Failed to execute request because the App-Domain could not be created. Error: 0x80070
  406. ASP Page not working in Mozilla Firefox
  407. Understanding the Architecture of IIS 6.0
  408. Understanding the Architecture of IIS 6.0
  409. add aplication in IIS
  410. IIS holding dlls ...
  411. IIS not in my Add/Remove for install (XP Pro SP2)
  412. exec code when IIS starts
  413. Can ASP.NET be run in IIS 5.0 ?
  414. Publishing Website
  415. .Net WCF data contracts inheritance
  416. Cannot debug application through VS.NET 2005
  417. HttpWebRequest - no response
  418. php 4 not working on iis ..need help
  419. php not working on iis
  420. Synchronizing the Two Servers IIS 5.0 error
  421. IIS 5.0 Synchronizing the Two Servers
  422. Upload problem
  423. Trouble sending asp "form" email with local iis smtp
  424. https:// site is not opening
  425. w3wp.exe memory usage
  426. add WCF service to IIS 6.0/Windows 2003
  427. w3wp process 100%....
  428. IIS 5.1 on XP - HTML not displaying
  429. File not found while executing asp file
  430. IIS Website and FTP setup
  431. "Cannot find server or DNS error"
  432. 'Error Code 64: Host not available' - error when trying to access website
  433. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80004005)
  434. IIS Configuration Problem and WCF Service
  435. Detect Mac address of lan to control the http
  436. Granting write access to a file
  437. IIS delays
  438. configuring IIS 6.0 on windows 2003 server
  439. hosting asp and pages at iis server with dot net enviroment
  440. Server Sessions and Novell Systems
  441. Emailserver
  442. Windows XP, IIS 5.1, ASP pages not loading
  443. Possible hijacking help
  444. Default page will not load unless put a double slash at the end
  445. 800A01FB An_exception_occurred:_'xml.URL'
  446. localhost not working
  447. https will not server up pages
  448. VB Scripts not working in Win2003 IIS 6.0 environment
  449. Can not View my word document from localhost
  450. The service did not response to the start or control request in a timely fashion
  451. Urgent! IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003) Security Issue!
  452. Calling unmanaged C dll from C# Web Service
  453. IIS advanced error messages
  454. Iis6
  455. Problem with IIS/IWAM/ASP.NET
  456. I have files on IIS and I'm trying to get a program to access them
  457. iis 6 win2003 std cant run asp scrips
  458. Probaby a permissions problem
  459. WinHTTP failing with .asp pages
  460. connection limit questions for web service on IIS 5.1 / xp
  461. Web Site will 128 bit SSL
  462. Setup Vista business, IIS 7, PHP5.2.3 with fastcgi
  463. SendUsing configuration value is invalid
  464. 404 error when I run test.php
  465. IIS Services
  466. IIS 5.1: Username/Password on localhost not working
  467. How to configure VB.NET application on IIS server?
  468. Urgent help! smtp;501 local user must be authenticated at first.
  469. SSL and IIS with Multiple Sites
  470. Accessing network share - win serv. 2003 - IIS 6
  471. Pages using dropdowns and check boxes stopped taking input
  472. the server was unable to register the administration tool discovery information
  473. IIS Local Setting Problem
  474. How to create an email domain in IIS with outlook express
  475. Help troubleshooting IIS 5.0 on w2k
  476. To hide URL details in the address bar...
  477. Session not working for classic ASP on iis7 and vista(home premium)
  478. ASP & IIS
  479. IIS 5.1 Logging in to local host page
  480. Cannot start Web Site with IIS on Vista. (http://localhost cannot be resolved.)
  481. aspx pages not shown after ASP.NET registration in IIS
  482. Can not view RPT files
  483. IIS and SMTP
  484. Not able to view site on intranet
  485. pages work on 2000 server, not on 2003 server
  486. Hosting Multiple sites from one server.
  487. HTTP 401.2 Unauthorised
  488. HTTP 401.2 - Unauthorized Access
  489. IIS - ASP Permissions?
  490. unable to load ASPX
  491. Help needed for creating/running 1.1 with IIS 7 on vista
  492. Virtual Memory Usage
  493. IIS: back button empties forms (reloads page)
  494. Can we deploy .jsp pages on IIS?
  495. IIS6 Default Website Settings
  496. How to configure IIS for domain web app
  497. troubles troules
  498. Sort Directory
  499. Wierd performance data in IIS 6
  500. IIS6 set password in AD from external webserver via asp
  501. service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion
  502. HTTP Post 500 error
  503. mails are not send to recipents
  504. IIS Server
  505. problemas el control LOGINVIEW,despues de pasar Antivirus
  506. Access to Virtual Directory path using FileSystemObject and Server.MapPath fails
  507. Error. Access is Denied.
  508. IIS's SMTP server: virtual server, changing the outbound FQDN and IP
  509. Basic IIS questions - setting up my own webpage
  510. IIS5.0 on Student Restricted Account
  511. how to restrict web site access from iis
  512. java.lang.OutOfMemoryerror
  513. IIS setup for web servcie
  514. asp local host on xp home
  515. Microsoft SMTP Problem
  516. IIS 5.1 on Windows XP
  517. IIS default web site restore
  518. Parser Error Message: Required permissions cannot be acquired.
  519. Default.aspx is the only page that will display
  520. ASP and IIS dependencies : URGENT Resolution Requested
  521. Intranet
  522. Problem with IIS
  523. Secure Website Slow on Internal network
  524. WebService cant access Postgre database
  525. Accessing a file on remote server from a web server
  526. creat website in iis
  527. problem to run asp file in iis
  528. w3wp.exe problem
  529. Running cgitest.exe in IIS 5.1
  530. IIS 5.1 blowup
  531. IIS 6 - Slow Response Time
  532. IIS server
  533. IIS configure secure
  534. Localhost connection problem
  535. IE& not able to log into website, IE6 can
  536. Iis7 Vista
  537. how can i sort out this
  538. Strange Entry in System Log
  539. How to assign a new domain name for a site located at my PC?
  540. SSL problem
  541. problem with OTRS on windows small business server 2003
  542. Run a Web Service in IIS
  543. getting problem with IIS 5.1 nd IE7
  544. Problem in IIS(5.1) for non admin
  545. I really need help with IIS
  546. Web Server problem
  547. Inno setup
  548. How to config SSL in IIS 5 to secure only one site?
  549. iis log analyzer
  550. IIS SMTP Server not delivering E-mails