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  1. Transferring specific data between access and excel
  2. Call function from macro using RunCode
  3. Labels Moving at Run Time
  4. [B]I solved it[B] How Can I Disable the other CheckBoxes When I Checked 4 CheckBoxes
  5. Graphics Programming Advice
  6. sort technique in vb programming
  7. How to Filter Data using DateTimePicker (Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2012)?
  8. How to Automatic Refresh Data in DataGridView (Visual Basic in Visual Studio 2012)?
  9. Macro to insert text box at insertion point
  10. database encryption
  11. Create MSAccess text box with due dates and times
  12. How to continue Auto Numbering on Access Database after taking it off accidently
  13. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error R6034 REAPER
  14. Switch contents of Listbox using Combobox?
  15. cdlCommonDialog3''.cancelerror =" true Method or Data Member not found
  16. how to enable horizontal scroll in listview?are there a conditions for that(size)?
  17. Hey guys. I hope your having an amazing day.
  18. Black fields display on forms using VB6
  19. Combine files into one Excel Sheet using Access VBA
  20. How can I add values to a datasheet subform with a command button on the parent form?
  21. Display excel sheet data in flexgrid in vb6
  22. Syntax error in Access VBA. Trying to change the source property thru VBA
  23. To Capture Application Logoff time details when the application is Killed from Proces
  24. Can I use a data validation choice to choose to 1 of 2 input masks, within one field
  25. Bind multiple tables values in Data Report
  26. How to make your program look for keystrokes in background?
  27. how to populate a combox in datagrid in vb6
  28. Anyway to Alert User if Website is still running?
  29. reading txt file
  30. Help with Check boxes, if and else, doubles
  31. Insertion of data from form to table in access 2007
  32. I am trying to write code using C# to append some data in excel file in the last empt
  33. Automatic Bullets for Textbox with Long Text Data Type
  34. Tried to add onto this code but I'm a useless noob... :(
  35. Revise Code to Append Expanded Numbers Properly
  36. Declare Function RegisterWindowMessage
  37. controlling QWS3270 application using VBA
  38. Compile Error in Mac
  39. more than one value in a combobox with dlookup
  40. Playing AVI files in a picture box from. dll. OCX and other files in Visual Basic 10
  41. Convert the excel file as text file
  42. Multiple Combo Boxes to setup a report
  43. How to upload a file to FTP server without inet?
  44. How to export Data from MSExcel to MSAccess using vb6.0
  45. Reading values from ms access database to determine login access
  46. send query results to word
  47. Updating Update Query from Excel Cell
  48. reference to mdb database in access 2010
  49. how to sperate numbers, letters and special characters
  50. how to display selected value from comboBox into a textBox
  51. Add CC and Signature to Email
  52. Visual Basic 6.0 Data Report how to rotate the print out.
  53. Code to Print Dymo label template with Visual Basic 6
  54. RS232 Simple Program Visual Basic Office 365
  55. read fast txt line by lkine
  56. File renaming using VBScript
  57. Connect, live video, capture image camera hikvision!
  58. How to Set Focuse to a subform control from other subform controls??
  59. cant view the other forms in my project which was complete
  60. Insert image from access to excel
  61. expected array: compile error WHEN I MAKE EXE IT SHOWS ERROR EXPECTED ARRAY IN STR_PV
  62. I would like to increment a String
  63. I need to know what is the problem of my project "object required"
  64. Storing a paragraph(mutiline) in ms-acess 2007
  65. vba to loop thru access table and query each record
  66. Sum of product vba
  67. RowSource for Combobox using max function
  68. Syntax Error for Macro_help needed to find
  69. Filter results on text box based on combo box selection
  70. Extract Specific Text from a Text File to a New File
  71. vb6 report sum function
  72. how to round of invoice total round of decimal invoice total 123.44 need show round
  73. Why does not code for text to speech run correctly even with no errors?
  74. Trying to click a button on one form from another
  75. Adding worksheets to a workbook to be protected from view
  76. How to use Sum in a column data with visual basic 6.0
  77. Only add missing fields to table from another Table?
  78. Macros and Variables in formulas
  79. Product in vba/excel
  80. the biggest and smallest numbers of datagridview
  81. datagridview average calculation
  82. Object Required: 'FSO.GetFolder(...).Size' 800A01A8
  83. How to change system date in VB6.0
  84. what ascii keycode stops program execution in vb6
  85. Vba/macros
  86. adding an attempt onto my password
  87. Percentile Array Functions
  88. How to keep Running total of items in ListBox
  89. Can you take specific text from a textbox and input it into a messagebox?
  90. Can you take specific text from a textbox and input it into a messagebox?
  91. Database record search Visual Basic 2010
  92. Compile Error: Expected END SUB in End Sub
  93. Compile Error: Expected 'END SUB' in 'End Sub'
  94. highlite misspelt words in a richtextbox!How To?
  95. I need to know what is the problem of my project "object required"
  96. Multiplication Table
  97. how to fix [ADODC]: Unknown error. [ADO];
  98. How to display 3 arrays in a single label?
  99. wheel algo
  100. put and get data from web page
  101. Copying text from Word to Excel with VBA
  102. Sub or Function is not defined
  103. Form load / disabled button
  104. space is not shown in rich text box
  105. How to fix Compile Error: With object must be User-Defined Type, Object or Variant
  106. Autofill subform fields from a main form field
  107. Savings tabs on a spreadsheet to individual PDF's. How do I stop when tab name=test?
  108. Staff login/Logout Time recording using 2012 and sql database
  109. OCX not registerable as activeX component
  110. Is the applicationīs tittle the same form tittle or the proyect tittle?
  111. Compare two txtbox vba Access
  112. Whatīs the difference between "read chache data" or "read device data" from a server?
  113. Not sure how to modify the "Detect Idle User Time" code
  114. DirectX8 - Help?
  115. Passing an object from VB6 to C#
  116. How to search subform area on a form
  117. "Run time error '52': Bad file name or number"
  118. How do I stop AutoScroll position from changing?
  119. need help with vba coding for a search by date range querry
  120. MSH Flex grid not highlighting a cell
  121. connection using DSN
  122. highlighting text in textbox not working in vb6
  123. Need a procedure in VBA (ms access)
  124. ParseExact function does not work as expected
  125. Access 2013 User Defined Function call from on click not working same as 2007
  126. VBA Access filter on subform
  127. List View Problem -"Argument out of range exception"
  128. Access Filter not Clearing
  129. how to link data in 2 seperate combo boxes ?
  130. run code to see if a query has results
  131. How do I create a command button in code in VB4
  132. search form
  133. selecting item from combo box and fetching data from database according to selection
  134. How to program separate items in a combobox?
  135. Saving PDF files in SQL Server using VB
  136. How to add a delete button in datalist/datatable?
  137. Making a Command Button in A Userform Copy & Paste Column from One Workbook Into Anot
  138. How to Copy Column From User-Chosen Source Workbook\Worksheet\Column to Active Target
  139. how to display record in textbox on SSTab from vb6
  140. Error 3085: Undefined function in expression
  141. how to create a XML file and insert data to XML file from a Variable
  142. how to Subtract Time in VB 6.0???? please help. this is the last problem to solve my
  143. Student Discount
  144. formatting numbers with percent
  145. I'm using VB 6.0 on windows 8.1 for blob image retrieval from MS access getting error
  146. concatenating strings after update event
  147. How to take a specific line of from a text file and output the line into a listbox
  148. Vba Code to get latest updated record.
  149. IP Shutdown -i
  150. Search Result in Userform 2 from Search button on Userform 1
  151. Question - Captures
  152. VBA macro for removing unwanted paragraph break
  153. Access Multi User – Record Locking
  154. Access VBA Code Password
  155. How to Set the default printer to the selected printer.
  156. A search for a web site I am creating on Weebly
  157. how to use a button handler and move a button in an array
  158. VB Script to Find a Random File's process
  159. Writing a csv file to a List(Of String)
  160. How to define a recordset when using text data
  161. Microsoft Access Query Group Question
  162. Calling a button_click method within another method using it's args
  163. POS Printer Cut 1cm tag
  164. Problems opening an Excel file sent using CDO
  165. Msflexgrid serial number in the col not been updated
  166. label refresh problem in vb6
  167. Programs runs with no errors in code but does not display correctly
  168. Compile Error: Expected End Sub
  169. How to extract icon from given process name ?
  170. What am I doing Wrong?
  171. PrintDocument and MorePages
  172. Getting Timezone GMT offset for other locales
  173. using CommonDialog to select diffrent database ??
  174. Private Sub Toolbar1_ButtonClick(ByVal Button As MSComctlLib.Button error
  175. How to convert image file to byte and save to .mdb?
  176. Sum(iif in access
  177. Update Query
  178. Really big numbers
  179. VB6 check/stop application running on the network pc's
  180. Attachmate Reflection 3270 terminal: Looking for numeric values of terminal keys
  181. Starting SQL Server 2012 services in Visual Basic 2013
  182. Delete duplicate file path from database if i include i wnt child node to delete
  183. Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker) selected items order
  184. Convert Bitmap To Jpeg ?
  185. count click /w message box reminder
  186. How do i fix "Compile Error: Expected End Sub"
  187. How to get part of a macro to perform itself once?
  188. Lodging management system
  189. Regarding Coninuous print
  190. CDO message - filename not appearing in message if run vbs from server
  191. Cannot use the backspace in the AutoCompletion-VB.NET
  192. How do you add Scintilla in VB 2010?
  193. how to deal with run-time error 424 object required in VB6.
  194. Sum units between time stamps
  195. Find duplicate record and pass its values to the boxes for update
  196. If, Then, Else multi outputs to one label or textbox?
  197. Using a data of a field of a table in a field of another table.
  198. Access double click on record to open form but from two tables
  199. How to read values from View State through Excel VBA?
  200. Getting RowIndex based on the multiple selected cells on a DataGridGiew
  201. find a first digit of number with output
  202. Code to use VbKeyF2 followed by VbKeyF9 followed by enter
  203. Operation is not allowed when the object is open
  204. I got many product size in my database how to put it in combo box?
  205. Iam getting syntax error when use sub under IF, please assist
  206. How to make a timetable system in vb 6.0
  207. How to read the data from a web page during prerendercomplete
  208. Rename a table name in oracle with the help of vb 6.0
  209. printing Access report without seeing report first
  210. Need a 3x3 and a 4x4 grid code
  211. validate start date is not greater then end date
  212. how to retreive data from database within list box in vb without using data control
  213. how to open more than one table in a form
  214. Shipping program
  215. Setting a SOAP message in VB 6.0
  216. change color of certain text of textbox
  217. Need to Pass multiple results from query back into one memo cell
  218. On webUI, it is unable to click second button after first click in VBA?
  219. Give me expected query name after executed
  220. VBA Excel
  221. Using a class in another project
  222. if statements
  223. Cleaning objects in Tabs inside a TabStrip inside a MultiPage
  224. How add data to excel without overwrite the data or the design in it
  225. 4*4 Board Game
  226. how reference in visual basic
  227. Compile error: Expected End Sub
  228. Re: Emailing payslips
  229. visual basic system that uses access a school grading system
  230. Switch from batch file to VBscript
  231. Need code help to update activesheet in .xls
  232. Method Refresh of object IAdodc failed
  233. Communicating with USB port - VB6
  234. About combo box suppose i have 2 combo of state and cities so if i select one state t
  235. sub string out of range error 9
  236. Can the microsoft winsock component be used in VB5
  237. Opening an excel file in an existing excel + copying formats
  238. sending a "Book Mark This" link in outlook that will create the book mark
  239. Where is it limiting the length of column A?
  240. Public member 'Value' on type 'String' not found
  241. How do I create an installation package for a VB6 program to run on Windows 8.1?
  242. RunTime error 91 : object variable or with block variable not set
  243. VB Script to add taskbar icons not working
  244. converting a access file to visual basic
  245. Help in Cursor Waiting in VBScripting
  246. VLOOKUP IN EXCEL using a script written on notepad
  247. combining serial input and manual input to a database
  248. someone help me to solve this vba
  249. How to debug access 'enter parameter'
  250. Data type error in SQL query (Excel VBA)
  251. code to. select best eight
  252. Please help,savefiledialog?
  253. PLEASE HELP....savefiledialog????
  254. The Dateadd function problem?????
  255. DataGrid's ReadOnly property seems to remain "on" regardless
  256. Vb6 ole object tool facility in
  257. A problem in vb2010 please help ...
  258. Textbox validation
  259. How print setup for printing a data report?
  260. vb truncate text
  261. how to fit the image in image control with out stretch=true using gdi in vb6
  262. How to truncate text.
  263. I want to print a form in paper size width 11.5" and Length 8". How can I Page setup?
  264. can not be search in data search command.
  265. add a word doc to a ms access OLE field in a table using a VB form
  266. How to insert multiple option button which is on a frame into oracle database?
  267. I am Using Combobox to link to other forms
  268. Creat field in access for long text in vb6
  269. Function to control all form controls
  270. ORA-06550: line 1, column 7: PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to
  271. How to set formula in Foxpro to filter policy in certain file. Need Urgently. Tq
  272. how to call bmp image for keypress event
  273. argument are of the wrong type are out of acceptable range , are in conflict with
  274. ADODB.Recordset returns with incorrect data??
  275. how to control listbox items with timer in vb 10 ?
  276. Generating random line from TXT without repeating
  277. Invalid Path
  278. VB6 - Getting street address from Lat and Long
  279. Transfer image from vb6 to matlab
  280. how to get value from textbox in vb6 to *.rtf files
  281. latest textfile to be displayed in listbox VB6
  282. Text becomes invisible
  283. Invalid Pattern String
  284. I need to make command button result multiple clicks
  285. Web page resolution in vbscript
  286. ADODC Error
  287. Need VB code for excel to pupulate specific date ranges
  288. how to use file copier tool in vb 6.0
  289. MDI form
  290. Drawing Objects Cut Off Help
  291. Call function/program thats written in a different language
  292. Calculating speed using distance/time problem
  293. printing pdf files in in directory/folder using access/vb
  294. How to publish a setup with the database
  295. get header-detail and include summarized in detail [vb6 & DataReport]
  296. Exporting Excel cells to Access using VBA
  297. compatibility of formula one grid control to .net
  298. How to set auto login id & pasword in excel visual
  299. How do I retrieve my project from a compiled version of my application?
  300. How do I rotate a label control in vb6?
  301. How can i develop vb6 application with Product Key or allowing oly some systems
  302. How can i Calculate Transactions from DB
  303. Custom date format
  304. How can i add Access Database file into Package and Deployment
  305. Windows Script Host: You can't carry out this action at the present time (800A09B6)
  306. Copy files (old kind) from folders in sequence and paste into one word document
  307. vb6 Code stuck
  308. How can I sort records in a sub-subform?
  309. Command button caption wont display
  310. Change Default Report Paper Size
  311. Delete entire row in excel if column A is empty
  312. How to concatenate strings in vba
  313. Remove random strings from file name that begin with @ and end at .ext
  314. how to generate non repeating num randomly? im using vb 6
  315. how to use desktop app in more than one PC at a time????
  316. How to use one database more than one pc at a time???
  317. Compile Error : Method or data member not found
  318. Printing Problem
  319. Count Characters on a Textbox (but while typing).
  320. How to delete all the records in a specific field using VBA
  321. Limit users input to textbox
  322. How to print with olivetti pr4 sl slip printer
  323. How do I...Connecting to a Microsoft JET 4.0 database (.mdb) over a LAN network
  324. creating a capslock
  325. on lost focus txtCity is flickering, txtState is flickering and program freeze's
  326. Adding New Data in Access using VB 6.0
  327. accept numbers after certain characters
  328. Connection Between access table and VB6 when database is password protected
  329. Arrays manipulation
  330. Multiple Excel docs opened but i need only one of them closed
  331. using unique id data field to be stored into a field in a subform
  332. How can I do this?
  333. How can I put the image as icon in form?
  334. How can I create the "Save" option in Studio 2008)?
  335. How to open the Page Setup dialog in
  336. Softwares Sales Program
  337. Excel 2010 - Disable Min / Max
  338. How to do the selected text bold,italic,change the color etc?
  339. Search Engine issues and how ti get multiple answers in combo box
  340. how i can read data in vb6 with mysql
  341. Active Directory "pwdLastSet" Value issue
  342. How do you force a user to enter the correct date while comparing 2 date fields
  343. want to replace vb application
  344. How can I extract specific data from a file?
  345. How to print image and Text using StarDoc, EndDoc
  346. Weekday function
  347. Double click not
  348. The VB6's INT function has a strange behavior
  349. Color of Radio Button
  350. ADODC Control
  351. compiler error:expected end sub
  352. what would be the best solution for this code
  353. How to create a module in excel through VB6 programing
  354. How to calculate cell data in DataGridView VB
  355. Help on learning Visual Basic
  356. IIS 8.0 Error (Web publishing)
  357. How to open visual basic 2010 deployed web page?
  358. Make Vb Wait A Few Secs Before Next Command
  359. How can I have Excel record file names from a folder and count the rows within?
  360. Macro to Insert Multiple Images to Multiple Sheet of an Excel Workbook
  361. Can I change a Window Title by clicking?
  362. Multiple Actions in one button vb
  363. If condition without operator's Else
  364. How do I click on this button
  365. Searching for date/time in access table
  366. Updating Labels
  367. Compile Error Expected End Sub excel 2007 command button and code not working togeth
  368. Getting Type mismatch: '[string: ""]'
  369. count year to year between two dates
  370. How can i Display random texts every 3secs?
  371. how can i have a list view with a data control and a command button that can search n
  372. How do I print an external xls with a command button in Excel?
  373. How to save as a file by using DoCommand
  374. value from text box to datareport
  375. ACCESS 2003 - Creating a report that grows
  376. convert any vedio to flv extention
  377. In Outlook, create a VBA Script for sending email
  378. .frm file opens under Modulesfolder in project explorer
  379. How to plot stairstep like graph in VBA
  380. Genetic Algorithm for Bin Packing problem
  381. Need a help to export data in Form to excel sheet to save them in that..
  382. SQL GROUP BY techniques
  383. Need to insert a line and copy the data from a range in the line above it in excel
  384. VBA to Import Tab Delimited txt file and Reorder the Fields in the table
  385. Code for color change theming using code for vb6
  386. How can i compare current date with the date stored in sql server Table in VB?
  387. ACCESS - Delay update of subforms until Masterform Opens
  388. Dimensions in fullscreen mode
  389. Combo Box
  390. How to hide a menu completely?
  391. How to automate Microsoft Excel from Visual Basic
  392. run time error:5 invalid procedure call
  393. I have the code that is calling a function named Get_Reg that is givin an Object Requ
  394. On error handling
  395. Print a long datagridview
  396. Copy Date stamp folder from one location to another
  397. language translator
  398. Conversion from string "LLL" to type 'Integer' is not valid.
  399. For Loop Not Catching All Sheets
  400. Error to Open PDF File from VB6, It has just Disappeared and Needs to start the progr
  401. I'm created Two Project & want to show Project1 forms in Project2.
  402. Manipulating Javascript in IE from VBA
  403. how to upload the data from the msaccess database by using ado controller
  404. Not able to display all record in email
  405. code to run only once and never again
  406. Inserting images dynamically in crystal viewer using vb6 and ms access
  407. Pass form2 button click "date time" to a text box on form 1 that is within a user con
  408. Can't copy VB 2008 project design form to external drive
  409. Duplicated Records in Unbound Textboxes
  410. I am trying to create a combination password-like system making pictures appear
  411. Getting an error saying syntax error (missing operator) in query expression
  412. Problem in retrieving RTF data stored in DB as varbinary(max).
  413. Lottery analysis - Counting the quantity and size of "blocks" of "hits" in a 7x7 Grid
  414. How do I add numbers into a static array to a running total? This is for VB 6.0
  415. Problem with "get" command
  416. Is there a way to stop the scrollintoview from scrolling back to top of document afte
  417. VBS script required to remove " from .ttx file
  418. Filtering data on Crystal Reports
  419. Refrence a workbook by custom path
  420. Add a context menu to the Windows Explorer
  421. drag and drop between two labels control (caption property)
  422. How to disable a Text Box in ms access when other text box valu="Yes"
  423. problems please solved datareport
  424. Document not saved when using VBA in Excel 2010
  425. Word 2007 VBA - Me.Control has different value to FormName.Control
  426. How to get the text in a statusStrip box?
  427. how can I get my script to hold the correct info from the input box
  428. Sort Listbox with second column vbTab
  429. Updating ActiveX controls licences
  430. pass internal outlook field name as variable
  431. How do I move items between a databound box and another?
  432. Scrollbar that moves in 0.25 increments
  433. file transfer from one pc to another pc
  434. how can I create a vbscript to check for capital letter in names
  435. how to replace text in listbox to textbox
  436. Display Image in array from the folder
  437. Setting DBEngine.Workspaces(0) error
  438. How do you make a dockable toolbar in Visual Studio?
  439. How to insert or update picture in db2 using vb6
  440. How do I create a search that will bring up IE and search based what I type in?
  441. check box validation in vb 6.0 to be checked always(permenant for future works)
  442. Gettitn the color name.
  443. Close a previously opened separate workbook
  444. update access table to alphabetical order
  445. creating textbox using commands
  446. do loops. very confusing
  447. Using Adodc control to subtract Queries Result
  448. How to display selected value in datagrid vb 6.
  449. need to get lines from textfile with string count >
  450. Automatic DataGridView "refresh"?
  451. I need help on my recipe code
  452. Direct x8 for vb6.0
  453. Trying to Create a Folder Browser Dialog in my Macro
  454. how to receive data from visual basic 6 to pic microcontroller using serial port
  455. sql join queries on combining datas from mutiple tables into single row in vb6
  456. Code for Read/Write operation from Excel thru VB
  457. Disabling buttons
  458. Is i possible to replace letter in visual basic?
  459. How to load multiple User forms
  460. How To Make VB 6 Press A Key After X Seconds
  461. Variable declared as Public is not appearing in all modules
  462. Troubling with checkboxes. Code for limiting Checkboxes Checked
  463. saving images after editing,that time saving only last edited images in winform appli
  464. after converting Bitmap back to MemoryStream not saving proper image
  465. Class Variable Will Not Initialise
  466. Ms Flexgrid vb6
  467. Code for Last Modified Stamp for an Excel Spreadsheet
  468. How to Duplicate Record with Lookup Fields
  469. Keyboard Language Property
  470. How to output text in textbox in different lines
  471. Ms Access 2007 Customize the Height of Ribbon
  472. Copying files and folders/create folders at destination if needed/overwrite at destin
  473. I have a combobox and a listbox. combobox data is populated from database table.When
  474. This line of code stopped working and I don't know why?
  475. Matching The Value Of User Input To Picturebox Value In An Array VB6
  476. Trying to get this macro to work...
  477. store image into access database error
  478. locate a record in listview
  479. V.b.6.0 runtime error 5 invalid procedure call or argument
  480. comparing textbox for traffic lights emulation
  481. How can i choose an option from the combo box and make it appear in the checked list
  482. exit a loop with key press
  483. Locate textbox.text in listview
  484. How to backup and restore database in Visual Basic Express 2010?
  485. VB6.0 & MSacces2007: Unicode Fonts Printing
  486. New sheet name - in excel/VB
  487. multi combo box linking how to do in vb6
  488. Cod to access to an https url with user and password login in pop-up screen
  489. Using loop in text box
  490. VB5 Optimization Compiler Errors
  491. Polynommial calculator
  492. daily time record system (DTR) codes for log-out already have log-in
  493. Ms Access reverse data automatically??
  494. Accessing the real, current time whilst a database is open.
  495. Catching Caller ID Phone Number
  496. Append/Delete
  497. Browes to camera attached to control panel
  498. Page reload
  499. Using Winsock in vb6 facilities with more than one network card
  500. Need to add an option box yes/ no to a macro, how?
  501. call fortran executable from visual basic
  502. arguments are of wrong type are out of acceptable range or are in conflict with one a
  503. Merge two 1d arrays into one 2d array
  504. Using a third party DLL from MS Access 2010
  505. Run Mulitple Browser in same time using (Application.OnTime TimeToRun,
  506. Problem with .Formula = in Excel VBA
  507. JMAIL- Multiple Recipient, Can the recipients be added in a sinlge line with comma se
  508. Using Excel VBA - problems in passing a global variable
  509. Finding a specific number among a range of numbers
  510. I cant create a new file only works with a created file and can't write in the excell
  511. vba code for taking an MS Access attachment pdfs save locally
  512. How to create toll bar in word 2007
  513. rst.update not working
  515. how to convert an VB proj to exe file
  516. How to save word doc in text file in any location
  517. Look for specific folder in all existing subfolders in main directory
  518. run excel macro using vbscript
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