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  1. Browser close when screen saver close
  2. Regarding Database-Reply early-Urgent #1
  3. retrieve number from outline numbered in word
  4. MDI form
  5. Arrrrgh - Problems using OpenProcessToken
  6. How to know the User Log off or Shutdown the system
  7. Please help to write macro and locate files using "wildcard" feature!
  8. InputBox function
  9. To Lock The system
  10. Multiple Form Problem in VB
  11. There is no row at position 0
  12. Duplicate Recordset
  13. Displaying in labels
  14. project about library system
  15. Date: Gettin Previous Month
  16. how to read from memory with offsets or Value: Kernel32.dll
  17. help for project
  18. How to connect Crystal Report 8.5 to VB 6
  19. How to add data in access using vb6
  20. View object as TreeView node rather than Text (ex. Radio Button, TextBox, ComboBox)
  21. search a string
  22. (VISTA) Path/File access error
  23. vb code to access database - help reqd.
  24. how to sendkey for 1 processe?
  25. Excel File Doesn't Exist
  26. Why function returns 0?
  27. Key Action
  28. extract character
  29. v.b 6.0 connection with adodc through sqlserver not working
  30. convert ascii to hex form
  31. i need to generate a same serial number for a particular code in a day
  32. Import .gif image in vb6
  33. About Error Handler
  34. Close and Don't save
  35. File.Copy
  36. Labels BorderStyle is not a member of
  37. Save calculations
  38. Trying to make a simple login/registration vb6
  39. Running a exe compiled with VB
  40. Setting different forecolors to different words in a text
  41. Sql Uery In Vb 6.0......
  42. how to set Hot key in VB6
  43. Ways to Optimized Visual Basic Softwares
  44. VB programming problem - help!!
  45. data grid question
  46. problem with VB programming
  47. msflexgrid in vb 6.0
  48. To copy data from excel in to datagrid in vb6.0
  49. Gridview HELP!
  50. Deleting/Removing lines on Text File in VB
  51. print file directly
  52. How to export datagrid data on vb6 to excel
  53. Statements working with ADO data control and results
  54. search a listbox
  55. read/write username/password in txt
  56. figure it out
  57. datagrid : runtime
  58. VBSCRIPT not running from map drive
  59. datagrid@runtime
  60. Run-time error '424' Object required
  61. Database application
  62. Problem in sql connection through adodc control in v.b 6.0
  63. VBScript error
  64. Combobox changes data
  65. how to connect VB with Sybase
  66. SSTab
  67. delay between events...
  68. HID Communication - Product string
  69. crystal report and sub report
  70. newbie Questions:Badly needed Please
  71. How to get set of character from String
  72. recieving Serial data from microcontroller
  73. crystal reports + dataset
  74. Error when calling a JScript function in a .vbs file
  75. data grid @ run time
  76. Time format validation
  77. Need a script to prune folders by date
  78. Catching VB6 events in C#
  79. .sh to .exe | Makefile
  80. Check a string for valid characters
  81. Task Reminder
  82. Free VB tools
  83. I need to have an idea regarding this curiosity I have!
  84. problem in v.b 6.0 Data Project and Sql server connection : very urgent
  85. VB6 Error Installing "unhandled exception" error
  86. vb and crystal report
  87. need one little piece of code to allow me to find duplicate arrays
  88. I want help How I can align rectangles
  89. VB WEBCAM capture Record
  90. New windows open with my browser?
  91. Audio responses to text found in textbox: VB 6.0
  92. Help with my code please!! need it for tommorrow
  93. how can we do this in combobox
  94. Is there a way from protecting a file with a password?
  95. Use Type as Type in Sub/Function
  96. visual basic
  97. Edit a text file automatically and save it.
  98. Help vb6 is not equal to
  99. copying multiple files from 1 folder to another.
  100. VB mini programming language
  101. Err: Too many arguments to 'Public Sub Close()'
  102. how read xml in vb6?
  103. MS Excel 2000 - Possible macro corruption! HELP!!
  104. Data Grid
  105. change to one decimal place
  106. Hai,
  107. Find Query
  108. datagrid
  109. Windows Explorer folder view pane
  110. VB Array Contents to Single String
  111. word document opens in background VB6
  112. Auto Logout or Lock the application.
  113. How can I increment the file name each time a word document is saved
  114. Password Excel Documents (VB)
  115. to set focus to the row i search in Datagrid in VB
  116. SQL server 7.0
  117. exporting files
  118. Combo Box within Word .DOC problem becoming a .DOT
  119. how to generate random password
  120. print to printer using visual basic
  121. Auto generate form
  122. Using Rich Edit 2 DLL with Unicode
  123. how to make text apear in GUI
  124. Validating input from an array
  125. Array not working properly
  126. how to control an alarm using vb
  127. Create Custom Container Control
  128. Newbee needs help
  129. auto login to web application
  130. How to open a picturebox image for editing
  131. Closing Database using a Quit Button
  132. Calculation
  133. vb2005 Mute Speakers
  134. WScript.Shell, with hidden window
  135. data type mismatch in criteria expression and invalid use of null.
  136. Do I use .NET or VB Forum???
  137. codes for Alarm Clock
  138. Run a macro when system gets locked.
  139. Need an Excel Macro
  140. vb6 sql server connectivity
  141. Create pictures for Menu
  142. Accessing PostgreSQL default values from VB6
  143. How do i insert details from Form to database
  144. Someone Help Me In Vb6.0: Sending Numpad Enter Key To Dos Application
  145. Inserting Flash in Visual Basic 2005
  146. Save Picturebox image as icon
  147. Edit image durring runtime?
  148. Webbrowser Fatal Error
  149. How to set cancel option
  150. Assign COUNTIF result a variable
  151. reading .txt with records longer then 1025 characters
  152. WMI and VB
  153. Log analyze freeware
  154. Visual Basic with msaccess
  155. VBA can't find path opening PDF file...error...Need HELP!!!
  156. Universal Distribution Group security
  157. ListView and Opening Items
  158. Conditional Fomatting (>3 conditions)
  159. "Runtime Error-429 ActiveX Component can't create Object". for COM+ Comp. on Win2003
  160. vb
  161. I got a big problem with my values , checkboxes
  162. How to use OLE in excel 2000 for getting or sending to other applications.........
  163. Custom Control with Containers Accessable from outside Control
  164. how to create a calender control with more than one date has to be selelcted
  165. Failed to create the crystal database connector
  166. STORE average speed for every 5 min
  167. Control Open/Save/cancel propmt
  168. Vb6 Include text box string in app.path
  169. loop?
  170. Server/Client Not all connecting after server diconnect
  171. Reminder form again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  172. Listbox (or Combobox) Problem
  173. HttpSendRequest always return false.
  174. Using a command button to open a PDF document, Excel and VBA
  175. data grid help
  176. Error 1904 : .dll files failed to register
  177. Can it is possible to prevnt the user to enter data throught keyboard
  178. Show Dialig boxes with key_press or key_down event
  179. Get Caller's Id (phone number) in .net
  180. code work on Xp but not work on Windows98
  181. how to sum the 2 columns in datetime format
  182. Sending 2 integer to Mscomm1
  183. i dont know how to start this .
  184. vista look for vb6 help
  185. Empty value for numeric variables
  186. Out of memory
  187. VBA and command button in Excel
  188. Screen Flickering
  189. Can I make the first row in a list box blank?
  190. How to get information from one form to another?
  191. print pattern
  192. visual basic Vs. java
  193. Open a form to a specific record, based on a control on another form
  194. Finding database
  195. whats wrong with this code
  196. Help to convert seconds to minutes needed
  197. VB script
  198. Print in vb6
  199. Modify Outlook message form
  200. Plot waterfall graph in vb6?
  201. search a word in html file
  202. stupid question i guess
  203. List Box Array and Sounds
  204. Connection To Sql2005
  205. Calculating time from a date and time.
  206. stop/start sql server 2000 using vb6
  207. Accept values from another VB program over LAN
  208. exit for next loop
  209. help in filesystem object
  210. how do you catch non alphanumeric characters?
  211. How to make it so i dont need to use a command button
  212. Reading SQL data into checkbox
  213. registration form
  214. Keeping Score
  215. Problem deleting record
  216. How to print datareport without previewing first
  217. creating an array at runtime
  218. add combobox in datagrid
  219. Display read only excel worksheet in vb6
  220. linking vb to access databases
  221. How to grab image from an external capture card
  222. XML Parsing
  223. Please answer.. downloading Web file
  224. chosing specific files in a directory
  225. checking for null entry in text box in vba word 2003
  226. create a registration form in vb
  227. VBA w/SQL
  228. Google Reverse Geocoding
  229. Writting SMTP Server Help
  230. how to add cystal reports plugin to vb6
  231. how do u recognize space on textbox
  232. Crystal Reports Formula Question
  233. how to open html in vb6
  234. For Statments
  235. Calling .js file from Visual Basic[Error]
  236. How to send and get more parameter through DDE link........
  237. Print a form
  238. hi
  239. VB6 flexgrid
  240. I want to change DDE link into OLE link in excel.........Urgent
  241. Combining two VB files
  242. form is loaded or not
  243. Excel VBA help needed.
  244. to print the following in message box
  245. How To Convert A Format Of A File
  246. Auto update utility for my Visual Basic program
  247. Windows Forms and Word Automation
  248. picturebox save?
  249. I want converter
  250. Form Keypress events trapped twice ????
  251. how to store random number in database using visual basic 6
  252. Overriding Property in VB
  253. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!
  254. is there other option exists to InternetConnect API?
  255. data grid help
  256. Refresh DATA REPORT
  257. VB6 with database access
  258. Include listview in datareport
  259. Scanning directory of excel files
  260. Opening the calculator
  261. I need help with checkboxes and calculating
  262. opening calendar in vb
  263. One excel application (Excel 2003)...
  264. I need to set the value of a text box on a web page with VB
  265. how to place check box control array in a row wise
  266. how to restrict textbox from accepting chars. it should only accept numerics.
  267. How to add automatic serial number in visual basic data report
  268. show new form that same like old form
  269. reset and start
  270. MSFlexgrid issue using checkboxes and populating labels
  271. Create database connection
  272. When I open an Excel’s workbook there’s a message asking to habilitate a macro or
  273. Executing script to change local admin password
  274. Convert VB6 to VB.Net
  275. simple query
  276. Receive data from CPLD Microcontroller
  277. write quotes to a file
  278. LTrim
  279. SQL form
  280. combo box trouble
  281. Counter problem
  282. What's wrong with this code ?
  283. treeview format problem
  284. Copy cell text into form
  285. Deleting Excess rows of MSFlexGrid
  286. Evaluate a formula given as string
  287. develope registry monitor
  288. How to only get char from string
  289. Checksum CRC Problem
  290. how to check null value for more text boxes
  291. VB6 - count and tally array entries
  292. IF statement never works
  293. Importing multiple workbook in access
  294. Suggest Me the Best Option To Use
  295. prnadmin.dll ignoring the share name???
  296. Data from one table to populate a VB TreeView
  297. looking for a sample to print a report using crystal report
  298. Format problem in excel sheet data retrieval
  299. Combo Box VB code
  300. Datagried
  301. long generating report
  302. Importing PDF into VBA Word APP
  303. listbox problem
  304. Search database with dropdownlist
  305. connection string error
  306. can any one help me regarding school management concept ?
  307. converting vb 6.0 reports to
  308. VB6 Datagrid
  309. Invalid use of Null
  310. how to reset a lable and a button
  311. Email In VB 2005
  312. VB6 IDE - components/references options missing
  313. Exit a known infinite loop
  314. A Icon For A NEw Saved Path Ext
  315. Need to index tasks to verify if they are open/in progress or closed?
  316. List Box
  317. Send XML Document to Axis from VB Code
  318. VB Help with crypto program
  319. There must be a faster way to dup check in Access than this...
  320. Image cropping in Visual Basic
  321. Sorting words
  322. i want to make a backword search in text file
  323. context menu problem vb .net
  324. shaped form control
  325. If...Then
  326. How to Calculate time
  327. Looping through TextBoxes, need help
  328. Opening, copying from, another workbook from VBA Excel macro fails
  329. Comparer fuctioin
  330. label BackColor
  331. correct the code
  332. List Box
  333. ,Can I write file on server using binary access
  334. how to insert record from datagrid to textbox
  335. Addressof
  336. How do i open save dialog for a richtext box?
  337. GetProcAddress Usage
  338. RDO question
  339. Data binding for Radio Buttons in VB.Net 2005
  340. adding to a datagrid
  341. Please!! Help!! (textbox that accept Only Phone Number!)
  342. help loading form2 when form1 is hidden
  343. Audio Balance Control in VB6 (Just 1 speaker out)
  344. If... Then
  345. Inserting new sheets
  346. Image Insertion & Retrieve using Vb.Net2005
  347. Cast from string "" to type 'Long' is not valid.
  348. I renamed excel add in, it is not working....Urgent..Urgent.......
  349. how to include Visual Basic: ActiveX Control Interface Wizard
  350. Not finding Report Designer Menu
  351. Very Bad Insert statement--Pls help
  352. Pls i want your You to help in Using VISUAL BASIC 6.0 AND MS SQL SERVER AS DATABASE
  353. Filtering MSFlexGrid to only display certain entries from file
  354. how to include ocx in vb project
  355. VB6 Help / MSDN
  356. can any one help me with a api ebook
  357. i want to read the data from url of excel
  358. just to know how to connect
  359. reports
  360. how to compile OCX
  361. Can aplication created in Vb 6.0 and Oracle be online using PHP
  362. help me any serious vb expert: sending numpad enter key to dos application
  363. Passing Recordsets
  364. Excel VB to Save Sheet as Filename
  365. Export access data to excell
  366. problem in displaying current date using label
  367. Excel vba
  368. trying to add up selected values in checkboxlist
  369. Migrating Excel 2000 VBA to Excel 2003
  370. Picture box from one panel to an other?
  371. Excel Events Database spreadsheet to Excel Calendar
  372. Need advice on looping through selected rows for printing
  373. is it possible to increase excel sheet name..... Urgent
  374. How to control a web control
  375. help me pls....
  376. Error 'No Current Record' when trying to delete
  377. Problem with SQL Server connection string.
  378. Printing Text To A Picturebox (vs 2003)
  379. Adding No. Units To Crystal Reports
  380. Display images in datareport (VB6)
  381. About Insert Into query using where clause
  382. Reloading/Refreshing MSFlexGrid
  383. checking if the designer is running a control
  384. convert any text file into pdf file
  385. How to disabled system clock ?
  386. Find / replace in a header / footer in an MS word document
  387. Hot to read all cell value from Excel using visual basic
  388. how to make backword search in text
  389. Excel Macro run error
  390. Search open files for string and then copy that row into a new workbook
  391. Forms to act like dialogs
  392. Connect MS Access with Visual Basic 6.0
  393. How do I access a .dbf file?
  394. connecting visual basic with ms access database
  395. sample program of computerized entrance exam
  396. Edit button ?HELP PLEASE
  397. Hotkeys not working
  398. Export from Oracle to excel using VB
  399. picture box in visual basic
  400. Combination algorithm for indefinite string arrays
  401. how to use arrow keys to scroll
  402. How can I create a calculator using form in MS Access???
  403. problem with timer
  404. prime number
  405. Total amount in Data grid Columns
  406. creating a function in a module then call from a form
  407. Multiple Container Box Overlap
  408. splitting a string in parts
  409. Pause not Sleep
  410. How to Search ? HELP PLEASE
  411. Setting Table size in VB
  412. connecting to a scale
  413. Re:
  414. Making main form unclickable during from UI Update
  415. Changing file extension from REF to CSV
  416. Request for excel, visual basic code
  417. Build MP3 Player without WMP OCX
  418. how to print a file seperately
  419. Registry Keys in VB 2005
  420. run time error 9 HELP
  421. How to display the dates selected in the form to a Datareport??
  422. Adding registry entries and copy files on remote machine
  423. type mismatch problem Help!!!!!!!!!
  424. Req Code In Vb 6.0 For Horizontal Bar Attach To Image Thumbnail
  425. ado connection errors
  426. Picture1.hdc returning different value than GetDC(Picture1.hwnd)
  427. how to zoom a image in VB6
  428. Quick help with strings
  429. VB Data Grid
  430. output table not found while inserting data from vb to access
  431. Saving an embedded object to the hard drive
  432. Child form problem!!!
  433. Find sum in a list
  434. code for having a 5sec wait /sleep /pause
  435. Selecting which form to load using command line parameters
  436. VB6 and SQL SERVER 2000
  437. Drawing Oval!
  438. object problem
  440. Print Output
  441. How to dynamically generate the fields in excel report using VB 6.0
  442. Create options
  443. option explicit & option implicit
  444. Saving to files
  445. ADO connection.execute problem
  446. View text file in textbox ,same format as label
  447. Late Binding produces DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND when returned from a function
  448. i need help
  449. VBA Code for a Combo box selection
  450. Count items in a listbox
  451. how to get rid of defInstance?
  452. Finding ProcessID thru Process Name
  453. error in printing the date
  454. Compare 2 database structure
  455. Datagrid
  456. MSFlexGrid Cell Editing
  457. Selected found items in listbox to found cells in excel
  458. Datetime Picker in Datagrid View
  459. Creating Reports
  460. question - vb6 - work with external program(details inside)
  461. how to update OLE?
  462. converting to integer
  463. Copy from recordset method on Filter Recordset
  464. list box click
  465. Html Pages Attachment To Vb
  466. Ensuring a user won't input a string when single is expected...
  467. Audio analysing
  468. Loading Database Slow VB 2005
  469. Combination of textbox and listbox in VB 6
  470. How to paste contents of cell from one excel to other excel..... Urgent
  471. I want to write Mircrosoft certification for VB,VBA( Excel, Word,Access)
  472. error in running the select query with where statement
  473. Strange Problem
  474. copy what sql finds into text box
  475. Addition Of two Numbers
  476. How To Retrieve Images From sql2005
  477. How can i play a .wav held inside an OLE object?
  478. Permissions issue on windows XP
  479. data report
  480. how to read xml file by vb6 code
  481. VB6 Print InLandScape
  482. VB6 Print InLandScape
  483. How do you embed a .wav file?
  484. VB6 access text file on remote machine
  485. [VB6] Getting HTML Strings from a Web Page
  486. f disk withvb2008
  487. help with counter
  488. Do While loop resets?
  489. VB6, The Registry and PDF Printing
  490. Delay Function in VB6
  491. VB6- Using FedEx Web Services
  492. VB example using FedEx Web Services
  493. display range
  494. C:\test.vbs(2, 10) Microsoft VBScript compilation error: Expected end of statement
  495. Toggling VB Code from ASP page
  496. VB6 - Error 91 Object or Block Variable Not Set
  497. how to use a timer control in vb6
  498. combo box...
  499. run time error in my
  500. InternetExplorer control messes with focus
  501. help me anybody:- sending numpad enter key to dos application
  502. excel VBA - search for cell values and place into array
  503. How do multiple select statements
  504. pulling my hair out over this picturebox!!!!
  505. Help - VB Code for excel QTY Sum
  506. Using Replace help please
  507. keeping a tally??
  508. vb6.0 serial communication
  509. how to rename an access table automatically by vb6 code
  510. Accessing database through vb(Urgent Please)
  511. Virtual Terminal Interfacing using RS232
  512. FCFS program
  513. 'run time 440' Automation error
  514. setting current date..
  515. How Can I Create a contact item in specific folder under default folder?
  516. how to fetch the value and index of list box
  517. VB.Net to VB
  518. function error
  519. Listview Item Double Click Event Procedure
  520. how to solve this RUN-TIME ERROR '429'
  521. store random number in array
  522. transfer data from one table into another and then into excel sheet
  523. Passing data parameter in data report VB6
  524. Finding a particular record in a Grid
  525. multi projects in one solution
  526. music finder
  527. how to format number "0000"
  528. Using quotes in a formula
  529. subfolders and fso.GetFolder
  530. Finding position of horizontal scroll bar
  531. Copy to another sheet based on values
  532. Populating a Combo List Not Working
  533. installer class in visual basic
  534. Programmatically set Asp.Net in IIS
  535. The previous picture disappears
  536. Dynamic Variable Array Issue
  537. How to connect microsoft access to visual basic?
  538. Creating a dropdown list box that will call another dropdown list box in access.
  539. Change Access Table Name from Excel VBA
  540. Macro in excell
  541. Connecting VB to SQL Server 2000
  542. Combine/Merge Multiple EXE file (urgent help!)
  543. to add command button or label in status bar
  544. can anybody help me how to use MSFlexGrid in VB?
  545. crystal reports9
  546. text to excel file
  547. create unique number for naming file using VB
  548. Sending mail through VB6
  549. displaying a word document in a web broswer
  550. I need help