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  1. When dose Flexgrid's Textmatrix Property receives the value.
  2. login page
  3. webclient upload file and IIS configuration on XP
  4. visual basic 6 Vista problem
  5. VBScript-Unable to get connected to database
  6. Pastespecial
  7. new line char
  8. TCP Socket Question
  9. How to add a form to tab control
  10. Using caret focus to obtain Third Party Window Control ID?
  11. EXCEL 2007 macro - combo box or dropdown menu coding pls..
  12. VB6 Runrime error Could not Update currently locked
  13. Avoiding piracy
  14. Sum data read from text file
  15. extracting a string from a string
  16. VB6 How to capture a record number
  17. Is this possible?
  18. F1book, how a column can be added
  19. Convert VBScript to DLL
  20. How to add Menus to MDI Form during run time in VB 6.0?
  21. Controls in ListView
  22. Tracing, debugging without Source code?
  23. MSFlexgrid
  24. Form Load does not trigger
  25. Get HTML source:
  26. opening a blank form
  27. How to print sepecific contents of a form
  28. Extract Capitalized Words from Text
  29. Printing again
  30. VB Script - Unable to launch apps
  31. Read data from csv file using VBScript
  32. Help needed with Drag-drop in Visual Basic6
  33. Fast way of Searching & Dispalying thousands of Records
  34. Remove Multiple Selected Item Alternately from a List Box
  35. button focus
  36. Clicking buttons from other sheets (Excel)
  37. Building A File Searching/ Tagging System
  38. Exporting binary images to jpg file
  39. Nasty "With block variable not set" Error
  40. Need to write a script to logoff user fromWindows....
  41. Printing
  42. CurDir returns current directory one folder short
  43. Sending a Email from Access if condition is met
  44. printing all contents form in vb6
  45. Equalent Function of the Capitalised of .NET in VB6.0
  46. VBhide not hiding
  47. Macro ~ Auto move specified receipient to specified Personal Folder
  48. Multiple Value Field
  49. LIBRARY SYSTEM with barcode scanner
  50. Delimiting Data problems in excel
  51. replacing lines
  52. check boxm in vb
  53. adding data from textbox to oracle table
  54. Shortcut
  55. Multiple Table in Crystal Report
  56. correct the datediff function
  57. Access Drop Down menu
  58. Can i change command button fore color
  59. how can i use msaccess database as a multiuser database?
  60. How to make programs that allow plugins
  61. SQL Statement
  62. Unable to locate record. verify that first column of view gird is unique
  63. Mid function understanding
  64. how to convert octal to decimal number?
  65. SQL Queries and Output from Databases
  66. moody DirectSS1
  67. Access & Outlook
  68. Cannot Start your Application, the workgroup information file is missing.....
  69. Launching msoutlook editor on vb2k5
  70. VB and SQLite
  71. Sending Emails Using VB6
  72. TextBox Update inside of a loop (.Net 1.1) / VS 2003
  73. Select & Delete Sheets in Workbook using Wildcard
  74. Form Designer Disappeared
  75. Updating normal and estimated values in recordset
  76. Runtime error : 2147206460 (80043ac4)
  77. VB app running at 50% CPU usage consistently
  78. Automated Application using VB
  79. Deadlock Issues with VB6/ADO/SQL 2005
  80. vbSendMail - Dealing with a possible connection timeout
  81. Ping and IP listed in an MS Access table?
  82. Browse Picture
  83. how time is calculated
  84. Progress bar
  85. Crystal Reports
  86. error regarding Private Sub cmdDelete_Click()
  87. Uses of Kernel32, advapi32 and rundll32
  88. How to diasble system tray icons and clock
  89. conecting access database to visual basic 6 portable
  90. How to convert to visual basic from old qbasic?
  91. vb6 and crystal report 9
  92. how to add scrool bar to a form
  93. problem with treeview and its reference in vb6
  94. Enable disabled toolbarbuttons
  95. Changing MsAcces database password through Visual Basic 6.0 ?
  96. problem with image box
  97. GPS/Routing /Mapping problem
  98. Variable Database Name in Stored Procedures
  99. Objects properties overwriting itself
  100. Please Help with "Select...From" statement
  101. What is the last update for VB6?
  102. How to call dialup networking from VB
  103. Locating a process
  104. Launching VB invokes Installshield
  105. Want to buy VB6 pro
  106. Visual Studio 2008
  107. Lost VB6
  108. Clipboard to Textbox
  109. Changing the Indian Currency to USD Currency
  110. Fetch the list of taskbar icons.....
  111. Detecting Internet Connection >>> URGENT
  112. question about string
  113. Visual Studio .NET Professional 2003
  114. Simple If/Then/else Question
  115. populate combo box from database
  116. System Error : Catastrophic Failure in MS excel
  117. Control video output by a simple vb application
  118. How to create new menu in Intellicad to link up Cad and Microsoft Access using Visual
  119. Max string value
  120. Checking Format VB2005
  121. Help with "From" statement Runtime error-2147217900
  122. Ordering days in a weekly format
  123. installing sql server express with vb app
  124. Address of Top Left Cell
  125. How to Open an attachement , save and view it in VB6
  126. Usb Communication
  127. reading writing XML
  128. Populating on cell based on another cell's criteria.
  129. winsock receive buffer
  130. Auto-Login on a WebBrowser?
  131. how to find the greatest date in a arry
  132. Excel 2000 - application.ImportXML (file over 65000)
  133. Excel VBA problem
  134. ClientID of dynamically added dropdownlists
  135. How to solve this problem
  136. Mapi control - vb6.0
  137. Excel VBA : Loop Sheets that meets the value in the range
  138. Please help (print picbox)?
  139. Getting a File Path
  140. Nice looking Tabs
  141. receive buffer for TCP socket
  142. Urgent : How to calculate next X working day
  143. Putting the computer to sleep and having it automatically wake
  144. Pasting a value to a website's text box automatically
  145. Progress Bar in VBA(Excel)
  146. Creating a operable toolbar in VB
  147. vb6 : Creating messagebox with "Dont show me again" feature
  148. Use VB to login into Avante
  149. how to send messages to multiple systems
  150. InvalidOperationException was unhandled
  151. Update
  152. Macro to Bold Font & Place Border around selected cell.....
  153. Working Days
  154. Sending The Sms
  155. export to excel then merge cells perf issue
  156. Look up excel value in access table and return value
  157. Append specific Data From SQL Server To MS Access Table
  158. Data Report Doubt Please Help
  159. Export to Word file from listview in vb6
  160. How to edit picbox?
  161. 3D games
  162. VB6.0 Vs 2005
  163. Save button using toolbar
  164. I need help on how to deploy my window application with vb6?
  165. Create your own file type
  166. VB connectivity
  167. Variable
  168. Getting the record count
  169. Disabling copy and drag n drop copy process.....
  170. how to set font for grid column header which is being a control of Groupbox control
  171. Tab control
  172. VBA Type Mismatch in Excel
  173. restrict alt+tab and start menu from keyboard while program executing
  174. How to Record hits to website
  175. How to print a RichTextBox or Any thing with a horizontal lines?
  176. View record it gives error
  177. it shows 3265 error number while saving data
  178. make bold in listview control
  179. Adding resource name to a work package in ms project
  180. Auto Resize form elements
  181. VBScript help
  182. what is the 3251 error number in following code, it generated while adding new data?
  183. Media player handling....
  184. Resolution Friendly App.
  185. Custom Page size in Crystal Reports 9
  186. Moving detail Datagrid record pointer pointer with master record pointer
  187. ADODB with Datagrid
  188. Fetching Data from Excell Sheets...
  189. APP as default shell
  190. How to check ES_PASSWROD is in VB 2005
  191. Getting Shortcuts from users desktop
  192. Printing from List View..
  193. i want the solution of this
  194. Heavy interfacing with Excel in VB GUI
  195. winsock
  196. Copy & Paste Word doc sheets into Excel sheet (How to??)
  197. comparing 2 strings of Texts
  198. How to creat Files and folders using VB6.0
  199. How to reduce the time
  200. trouble referencing and reading checkboxes
  201. CD copy protection
  202. Masked textbox textalign
  203. Which Reference Library to be added
  204. Save Template With New Name Off User Defined Entry
  205. Overwriting Byte Arrays from DataGridView
  206. Wav files
  207. Online Database
  208. Send keystrokes to foreground windows
  209. DateDiff function in SQl written in VB
  210. video player!!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. Creating Windows Service using VB6.0
  212. QUICK REPLY PLEASE!!!Crystal Report-sql Server-VB
  213. Getting the value of selected item on the second column
  214. Visual Studio 2008
  215. Listview
  216. Populating of list delayed
  217. Combobox's ListIndex Property
  218. Convert VB6 application to Web based application.
  219. Add to run command
  220. Copy .mdb file in VB
  221. how we extract data from html file
  222. Auto Search in Combo
  223. Auto Search in Combo
  224. VB syntax error
  225. Use concantenated string as variable name
  226. html.ocx
  227. Help with IF statment
  228. Where clause + VB
  229. Check if VB Application is running on network
  230. moving a folder
  231. Detectting windows popups
  232. USB Device Removal Notifications
  233. VBA, send email from Word
  234. SendMessage to Tray Icon
  235. Searching Worksheets in Excel by Name
  236. Help with VB + SQL code
  237. Noob, VB2005, .exe saving
  238. Create Thread API for Windows with VB6
  239. Verify DATE
  240. How to read data from html file using vb6.0
  241. Help! If different software does not work good then that will change several things
  242. In need of a field population to activate a Subform
  243. solve the error
  244. how to restric user to close a form
  245. VB Script
  246. how to remove all item from combo box
  247. can i transfer data from sql server into excel
  248. probleum in connecting with sql server 7.0 from vb6.0
  249. Breakpoint in Excel VBA not breaking
  250. Dde
  251. how to resolve a problem in excel when it opens
  252. Problem calling one SUB from within another.
  253. Complie erroe
  254. How to search a string
  255. Making a table..
  256. Do Events??
  257. Getting available databases
  258. Datagrid with checkboxes in VB 6.0
  259. how to find the delimiter of the system date
  260. VB6 Media player
  261. Pls. Help Datagrid with checkboxes in VB 6.0
  262. I want to learn vb, where do I start?
  263. The probleum in running exe on some computers
  264. Error Handling
  265. how we read special characters like ", " from vb
  266. Is there a way to...
  267. Regserv32
  268. DoCmd Without Access-2003
  269. Using VB interface as OS's Desktop....
  270. Checking Files...
  271. Run-Time error '373':
  272. Checking Internet Connectivity...
  273. Creating .Res files...
  274. VBA Code to copy multiple PDF sheets and paste in Excel
  275. how we create a folder using vb 6.0
  276. need help visual basic 9
  277. Clonning Controls.....
  278. Print and Preview Option in DataReport using VB 6.0
  279. VBA with Outlook - IMAP folder access
  280. Password access to a sheet in excel 2000
  281. how we extract date part from datetime value
  283. What is the maximum characters can be assigned to msflexgrid cell?
  284. Moved to .NET
  285. How to create OLE Objects at run time
  286. Align Center
  287. Using VB6 to control Mobile devices...
  288. Controlling the Monitor or Graphic Cards...
  289. Disabling any Port or Devices....
  290. Setting App as Default Explorer
  291. Listing Open Windows and some Help...
  292. vb6 and crystal report 9
  293. Vb-display access data in vb form
  294. ODBC Script
  295. User initializes variable through VB in a DTS package? Is it possible?
  296. Named Range problem
  297. Script Control Issues
  298. Data Report Page Orientation
  299. Office 2007 Ribbon Control in VB App
  300. Count Unique Values in Report (Access)
  301. VB6 Datareport
  302. Deleting
  303. Remote server
  304. server.mapPath
  305. Enable Mouse Scroll
  306. Open Excel File and Converting to Text File and Close
  307. link tables to print in MsWord
  308. Upload file to web server
  309. Application does'nt work without break point.
  310. Report Writer
  311. Problem Regarding the Print
  312. Controlling website...
  313. DLLs and OCX
  315. If a workbook is closed directly from excel vba and then opened from code within VBA.
  316. Real Player!!!!!!!!
  317. Transparent Form...
  318. Draging Images or Controls...
  319. Path Detection...
  320. Web Security... Denying Downloads...
  321. New Desktop Application.. Suspending tasks!!!
  322. Resizing Images
  323. Explicit Data Typing
  324. apply border to excel sheet from vb coding
  325. How to interact with the java applet
  326. Trying to get Excel Macro to pause will .bat file runs
  327. Convert ASCII to Character in VB6.0 (By Hisham)
  328. search button
  329. Frozen Rows and Columns
  330. ERROR: Object Required
  331. printing a form
  332. searching in swf file
  333. xml to MS Access
  334. Connect to online database
  335. Reference
  336. Changing Languages
  337. Progess ...Message
  338. how we calculate system idle and use time
  339. CheckListBox
  340. DLL During run time
  341. connection of visualbasic 6.0 with oracle
  342. Removing Apart Of String
  343. VB6 Data access error
  344. Is it possible to use Outlook 2003 from Excel 2000 through VBA
  345. HTML Text paste in Excel 2007 programmatically (VB2005)
  346. How to show Upload progress?
  347. probleum in date datatype format in vb
  348. how to use mschart in my program
  349. Should I use VB?
  350. changing drive letter automatically
  351. Open application from email
  352. CSV to DGV to SQL
  353. Problem with Arrays
  354. Composite control default value?
  355. IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005).
  356. vbscript - getElementById ?
  357. Showing a Directory in a Listview
  358. Read Only Text Boxes
  359. Demos.Purchasing.Making Registration Code work only once
  360. Help in crystal report
  361. Problem with loops
  362. Using a "where condition" with DoCmd.OpenForm
  363. VBA - Issues with Dir() and MkDir
  364. Read data from PC port code example: VB6.0
  365. Excel 2000 Date issue when transferring to new workbook
  366. combobox multiple entry
  367. "VB" to "ICAD (a programming language:to interact wid CATIA)" conversion is possible?
  368. How we save a file on a computer which is password protected
  369. "VB" to "ICAD (a programming language:to interact wid CATIA)" conversion is possible?
  370. How to display a current form name
  371. VB6 Code to Play MP3 and DAT
  372. read data from device using vb6.0
  373. What is the limitation for HttpSendRequest to upload file?
  374. how we save a file on network system
  375. Copying Worksheet to another Workbook - ERROR
  376. Creating file duplicate on server
  377. upadate label TimeEnd and labelTime Start
  378. How to create call a Module
  379. code enter key action to shift to right on one excel sheet
  380. read the word document line by line thru visual basic 6.0
  381. How to convert decimal to time?
  382. How to remove an element from an array
  383. Kalman Filter on VB 6
  384. MSFLEXGRID problem
  385. probleum in calculating the time difference
  386. how to quick the time to upload data from excel
  387. Error in Database vb
  388. Using VBS to open a program in XP
  389. how we calculalte the time from a database column
  390. Different Multiple Form
  391. how to set two key as hotkey in VB
  392. strange "overload" error at only 32999
  393. Ok Numeric Question
  394. blinking textbox in vb
  395. DataReport Printing in the DotMatrix
  396. how the HTML file contents read from visual basic
  397. returning rows of mysql
  398. File and Folder Security
  399. Error in Database vb
  400. How to rectify overflow error occured?
  401. how to store the radio buttons checked value in a database (sql)using vb
  402. Problem in DTPicker
  403. How to use function to change textbox color
  404. probleum in searching special character in vb
  405. Hidding My Program From Prcocess VB 2005
  407. is there internal memory for vb6.0
  408. Query Tools
  409. Shut Down Computer in VB6
  410. Excel VBA: ledger, dynamically creating button
  411. Changing the color of text in a textbox? VB6
  412. TIFF to BMP in VB6?
  413. Macro to automatically open a file with a specific extension.
  414. Single Class or Several Small Classes?
  415. Vb.Net2005 Toolstrip Menu Item Problem
  416. VB6.0 and MySql Connection
  417. In Excel 2000, How to remove exteranl reference from link dialogbox...Urgent.
  418. Typing Test
  419. syntax error in query experession
  420. how to update the data while selecting a value from a table
  421. Im making a speed test program
  422. View Word document Read only (from a Viewer?)
  423. How to know excel application has reference link...
  424. Help regarding printing the Text Report
  425. Run Time Error: System Separators
  426. How to convert Binary data to original text?
  427. Where To Write The Connection String
  428. crystal report print-to-printer
  429. Infinite Queue Size
  430. Update a control's text from another class...?
  431. can u help about the code in vb6.0 between 1minute and 2 minute
  432. vb codes for sql update
  433. Whats the difference between a vb6.0 and a
  434. list box problem!!!!!!!!
  435. Read "Product Version" from executeable files
  436. using .NET Control in vb 6.0
  437. Keystroke 13
  438. Take print out in VB
  439. I have 2 questions for my project please help me =)
  440. can we use OCX from internet server?
  441. Problem in adding a column using vb 6.0
  442. how to display the particular user records in datagrid in vb 6.0
  443. Rhino 4.0 3d max scrpting
  444. how to store data from msflexgrid in to database access
  445. How to invoke an STA delegate from an MTA thread? Is marshaling required?
  446. Standalone
  447. back up real time processing?
  448. open a file from an access hyperlink filed
  449. Send self defined Types by Reference
  450. Vlookup in Excel with VB code
  451. Form Size
  452. error in saving the output in excel 97 from vb 6.0
  453. how to remove a white space in vb6.0
  454. probleum in inserting empty records
  455. In excel how to use Timer....
  456. How to retrive the records for parricular User in v.b 6.0
  457. Time Control
  458. How to set textbox size to fit a number of characters and lines
  459. probleum in running group clause query in vb 6.0
  460. how to display data from current time to before current time
  461. Need a little code tweak
  462. Help to write Macro to manipulate charts in workbook!
  463. merging Datasets
  464. COM Concept
  465. Rouge Textbox question
  466. VBA Queries in another DB
  467. how to calculate the date difference without including sunday
  468. How to save
  469. Datareport not showing in v.b 6.0
  470. Coding not working in adodc control : v.b 6.0
  471. How to sequentially insert the records in the access using vb6.0
  472. How to delete all formula in the excel 2000....
  473. How to get records in two table with one same datafield: v.b 6.0
  474. Backup SQL Server Database via Visual Basic Code
  475. Import & Export Database
  477. How can I read all Section names under a given App in the Windows Registry?
  478. API function
  479. Printing a Word Document within an Access Report via a Hyperlink field.
  480. Remote desktop application
  481. Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel Help
  482. PInvokeStackImbalance was detected?
  483. Navigation buttons
  484. Doubt in vb 6.0
  485. Datalist with datagrid in vb .6.6
  486. VB6 and MYSQL Connection
  487. Who is with me???
  488. Publishing a Vb program to CD with Access Database
  489. VB Message Box
  490. how to insert date format into access 2003
  491. MESSAG QUEUE:Creating Message Queue
  492. i had a problem in the date format
  493. Run time error 2147217842(80040e4e) in vb 6.0 form
  494. Need help!
  495. Setup Error
  496. Fetching the List From Internet...
  497. adodc recordset
  498. Run time error 2147217842(80040e4e)
  499. Installation Problem
  500. Installation Problem
  501. Doubt in datacombo in vb 6.0
  502. split dat file
  503. Error Messages
  504. format function
  505. Animated cursors and icons for a form..
  506. VB6 Format(Code For Printing Cash Receipts)
  507. Place a combobox on top of a cell in owc11 spreadsheet
  508. ShowInTaskbar problem
  509. datagridview : clear datagridview
  510. probleum in macro in vb
  511. wha is an INI file
  512. .HitTestInfo Class
  513. area under the curve
  514. VB6 Code For Printing Cash Receipts
  515. Using DSN in VB 6.0 with Crystal Report 10
  516. error in transfering data into excel
  517. VB6 Code For Printing Cash Receipts
  518. track the KEYDOWN event in the cells of OWC spreadsheet
  519. Cell selection box in Excel
  520. problem in executing a query in vb 6.0
  521. Populate combo box items from database
  522. Search a textbox for particular text
  523. getting data
  524. Using the value of comboBox1 to populate comboBox2
  525. error
  526. MS Comm and Modem
  527. keystroke
  528. how to find the system idle time
  529. Need guidence in invoice project in vb 6.0 with sql
  530. cystal report 8.5 and mysql
  531. rich text box
  532. How to create screen saver with VB code when the pc in idle time?
  533. WMI Remotely Scan Network Drives
  534. error
  535. How to publish SQL Server on the Internet.
  536. Textbox = SQL column
  537. VBA C# Integration Over COM
  538. nested gridview
  539. Checking Password
  540. How to declare Multidimensional array in VB
  541. binding pivotchart to sql
  542. vb 6 and my sql
  543. Search in a rich textbox
  544. Convert Range to Activesheet.Cells
  545. Insert a line in Excel using a Macro
  546. AS400 vbscript question
  547. Flickering gifs
  548. Browser Control Scrollbar
  549. Help on Databases in VBA for VB and SQL illiterate
  550. How to connect VB6 to a FoxPro database