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  1. Reformatting Excel Files and sending output to notepad
  2. Pocket PC
  3. how to connect mysql server using vb from client machine
  4. need help with VB 08 Calculator
  5. OLEDB Connection Pooling issue (Oracle9 Client, 10db)
  6. Refer to several tab pages
  7. how to clear data in the Data Combo box at runtime
  8. VB Array to Database?
  9. Display results of worksheetfunction in textbox on userform?
  10. hoe to clear data in the Data Combo box at runtime
  11. vb6 print
  12. Connecting VB and Oracle by writting code
  13. VBA overflow of long data type
  14. VBScript for FTP log on and rename file?
  15. error : unrecognised database format
  16. how to have windows media player on my form?
  17. Reading Windows Captions.
  18. Back and Forward Button
  19. How To: Add a "About Box" on WPF application
  20. Dynamic row count in Word table
  21. Replace Cell Value in formula as loop executes?
  22. How can I count "Enter key" as a String in a WinFrmWordCounter
  23. Drawing in VB
  24. Printing TIF & PDF
  25. Vb Question About Round Value
  26. VFP application NOT vivsible
  27. Access DB - VB
  28. sending sms to mobile with vb6.0 application
  29. Dual Monitor / Dual Display
  30. How to count using distinct
  31. Fastest way to replace blank cells?
  32. Dynamic Print Ranges
  33. about crystal reports
  34. Load event after unload event..
  35. Creating a windows service using vb6
  36. For...Next statement
  37. How to send email from vb6.0 Applications
  38. Overflow error while coding in Excel
  39. Control Arrays
  40. SQL-VB connection
  41. SLIDES/new slide in a powerpoint like software (using VB6)
  42. the value of my textbox in my form2 is from the answer from form1
  43. change data report textbox forecolor
  44. change data report textbox forecolor
  45. Variable values in variable names
  46. Rich Text Box
  47. Button click event (Help me please)
  48. Performance Question working with DataRows
  49. How to stop execution at run time in VB6.0
  50. How execute AT Commands
  51. Generating reports on the fly
  52. Send Email with Attachment Using vb
  53. How to set comboboxes in Google language translation form?
  54. when checking that input is numeric we use a_______
  55. command to start reading a text file after two tab spaces in vb
  56. Batch (BAT) scripting to append to file without new line
  57. Converting Image file into ByteArray VB6
  58. Insert next line command while writing output to a text file in vb
  59. How to edit Access 97 records
  60. Loading database from flat file using
  61. help with moving objects with arrow keys
  62. VB6 Checkbox fill all to true
  63. VB 6.0 com+ automation
  64. changing output text alignment in vb- raw 2 csv
  65. VB6/Blinking Cursor/Textbox/Move Cursor
  66. Lcd
  67. Subscriptions and Demo Versions
  68. Problems with update sql statemnt in vb6
  69. how to trap this?
  70. form level variables
  71. ADO: open session in pl/sql
  72. VB import text file for comparison
  73. Code for Email sending
  74. Uploading and downloading from ftp through vb coding
  75. z-commmand box
  76. Screen resolution
  77. negative #'s and Positive #'s
  78. How to make it use a configuration file?
  79. How to check which record in the datagrid or recordset has been modified ??
  80. Calculate time for loading data from Ms Access into Flex Grid
  81. Microsoft Internet Controls (Inet)
  82. HOw to get system IP in VB6
  83. Need Master vb help
  84. Getting the used Range of a worksheet...
  85. How to make change values exclusive
  86. hash function
  87. exel to power point transfer
  88. Is there an equivalent to ISNA() for #NAME? errors?
  89. VB2008/MS Access problems
  90. Transform HTML into plain text output
  91. Wanted neat / experienced coder :)
  92. Help repositioning listview item
  93. Excel Macro VB to return Column name if any cell has anything but Zero
  94. Picturebox drawing resolution
  95. connect mysql to vb
  96. Converting to Vb6.0
  97. Converting to Vb6.0
  98. loock max lengt in textbox
  99. run a bat file
  100. TIFF To BMP Converter
  101. Trouble In Truncating Number into two Decimal Places
  102. List of options in toolbar
  103. Insert Into query and Error 3073 (Operation must use updateable query)
  104. Script to extract files information from ftp server
  105. Collections vs Arrays
  106. App.Path Problem
  107. Form not unloading..
  108. I Need Help With Changing File Extension!!!!
  109. dynamic hyperlink + auto mouse clicker
  110. Run-time 424 Error Object Required
  111. MsgBox
  112. About Copy the Folder and file
  113. how to search file in system
  114. Capture text from Window or screen
  115. About Datacombo Box @ Vb6.0
  116. HI anybody from Rawalpindi or Islamabad(for Crystal Reports Help)
  117. VB 6 and Access 2003
  118. Adding text files to a treeview
  119. Form-level variable
  120. controling a excel sheet Cell using a visual basic code
  121. how to control the filename generated by PDFCreator using VB6.0
  122. Delete files
  123. Export the Data from MSFlexgrid to the Excel in the MS OpenOffice
  124. Loop & variable
  125. how to insert data into acess from vb2005
  126. Set field name with VBA?
  127. DataReport on a parameterized DataEnvironment
  128. subreport overlapping
  129. How to save datagrid contents to database? HELP! URGENT!
  130. bouble click
  131. Array Controls
  132. convert amount in digits to amount in words
  133. Microsoft office outlook view control
  134. Help
  135. HOW TO: Locate using nested loop the biggest file in ("c:\")
  136. Updating DataSet after a LINQ query
  137. cant fix my Compile error: expected array for VBE excel, need help very new at this??
  138. regarding DTPicker in vb6
  139. Can i call html page from VB form?
  140. Passing query to Data Report at runtime
  141. classic clock
  142. Changing SQL to VB code for use in MSA
  143. Division irregularities
  144. Selecting recordset for DataReport at runtime
  145. Using VB Code, create an Autonumber and then create a primary key on that field...
  146. Connection with FTP Server
  147. Need Message Box on Print
  148. Close An Open Excel Spreadsheet from Access VBA
  149. Linear regression and selecting a range of contiguous cells in a column
  150. Open text file and insert into excel template
  151. option button
  152. About Data Combo Box @ VB6.0
  153. mscorwks.dll
  154. timer control
  155. macro in word
  156. Open a file, read text and display in a listbox
  157. Creating a Client Searching program and need more help then i 1st though
  158. Creating a tiled background
  159. the type "any"
  160. Add up the totals in a Dataveiw and display the over all total in a textbox
  161. Detect file opened by Notepad
  162. Dynamic Print Ranges
  163. macro to link embedded excel sheet to text box in pp
  164. VB6 and Zlib1
  165. Printer showing Spoling status after printing through VB application
  166. VBA -> VB Help
  167. How to connect vb to oracle
  168. Connect to UNIX Server
  169. Pause an object
  170. Autoscroll Datagrid - slideshow effect
  171. How to Send an Arraylist Via Winsock in C#..Net 2.0
  172. progressbar in a project
  173. How to declare an array in textbox.
  174. VBA - Written Text File Is Bigger Than Original??
  175. multiple orders without using any databases
  176. Data Binding and Event-Driven Validation
  177. Excel file
  178. DBF + ODBC + VB2005.... Help :-(
  179. How to insert datas from one table to another using ADO connection
  180. Declaring variables in VB
  181. MSFlex grid
  182. How to get system information
  183. save data from flexgird to pdf
  184. Removing icons from system tray
  185. Diff:Combo&Data COmbo @ VB
  186. Creating our own login in VB
  187. browse all nodes ina datagrid
  188. If else statement
  189. Cannot connect to database using VB 2005 Express
  190. How to Convert Text file to PDF in VB6
  191. contol a cell in Excel spread sheet using VB code
  192. Password System
  193. extract diagram data from word
  194. could not find installabe Isam
  195. vbnewline
  196. filesystemobject.movefolder?
  197. VB4 IDE: "Unexpected Error, quitting"
  198. Adjucent index
  199. Connecting VB and Oracle
  200. Sorting FlexGrid
  201. i want to have a dentist amanagement system in vb 6.0
  202. help regarding open office calc and vb
  203. Print pictures in database using datareport
  204. Controlling external equipment
  205. QUESTION: How to change DayOfWeek to Numerical value?
  206. Deploying Program with DataBase
  207. Capture filename from dialog box
  208. The fastest way to gray a picture .
  209. Find the 80th byte in an image
  210. Creating batch file and Run
  211. how to change the Tab Caption of SSTab at run time in Visual Basic 6.0
  212. Progressbar
  213. embedded object
  214. AdoDc Linking Error With Oracle 8i
  215. Error Activex Component Cannot Create Object
  216. Tracing with TraceSource to Output (Console Window)
  217. VB6 Reading data from Mdb to MS Office web component (excel)
  218. how to remove control array object at run time visual Basic 6.0
  219. how to remove control array object at run time visual Basic 6.0
  220. Help with a quiz program
  221. Copying File
  222. unzip a file using pkunzip with application wriitten in vb
  223. Background Process/Service in MS VB 2006 Express
  224. Randomizing Calculation Variables.
  225. mathmatical signs
  226. About Handles in visual basic 6.0
  227. Lookup field
  228. how can we add a list of data's to datagrid
  229. calculating
  230. Creating sound files
  231. how can i let a user load his own picture
  232. the Workbook_BeforePrint macro
  233. Get Telephone-Number from Active Directory
  234. If Statment Help
  235. help me plz,this about arrays
  236. macros to find a particulur cell in a selection?
  237. embed .exe file in image
  238. why my database only return an empty row
  239. How to Create Compatibility???
  240. Datalist SelectedIndexChange
  241. File selection problem
  242. Beginner in Visual Basic, needs help
  243. problems mapping network drive
  244. Connecting Data Report using Data Source Name
  245. how to create EXE file in VB
  246. Can you attach files to a SendObject?
  247. making folder
  248. Run Time Error 3075
  249. from listbox to textbox
  250. Stepping through a record set
  251. iTextsharp Library in VB6 application
  252. foriegn key
  253. mail merge
  254. how can i make a login dialoge in vb6 using a database file
  255. printing using usb
  256. Want to use computer as telephone
  257. add vista window style to vb
  258. vb
  259. program permanently takes up a liitle of the screen (vb 2005)
  260. How to Add Grid in SSTAb at Runtime VB6.0 ?
  261. Getting data from MySQL using VB
  262. Checkfile exits then append
  263. Creating charts
  264. listview box
  265. Align to POS Printer
  266. My first program in VB
  267. WPF Applications
  268. Problems starting a Timer Programmatically within a BackgroundWorker
  269. how to use a library with VB6 application
  270. how to create multiple users login in vb
  271. Data Sources to Form
  272. VB 6.0 mscomm help
  273. Drag Drop
  274. Parsing from Textbox to Listbox
  275. Can I fit my own dialog box in to frame?
  276. Multithreading for httprequest
  277. problem with math
  278. code to protect excel sheet
  279. Datagrids Grouping
  280. Calling a subroutine in a second database
  281. How to Save a file in Wordpad using VB?
  282. Providing close button in FarPoint TabPro control
  283. Quickly find records in a database using VB6.0
  284. Excel VBA Listbox
  285. How to browse My Network Places in vb
  286. array
  287. String Manipulation
  288. String Manipulation
  289. Transparent activeX
  290. Rename files longer than MAX_PATH using WIN32 API (VBA)
  291. Toolbar For IE
  292. Creating Compatibility
  293. How to add reference to "Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Type Library" in VB6 project
  294. change coulor of a form
  295. Build A Searching App. Like Google
  296. detection of "Save as"
  297. Sort database
  298. datagridview
  299. Visual Basic PortDelete problems in Vista
  300. MSCOMM- multiple cycling
  301. Picture Box Origin Shifting/Refresh problem (VB6)
  302. how to send data to a web page from a VB form using POST
  303. disabling mdimenu while using one chiled form
  304. Missing liberaries
  305. sorting numbers
  306. Connecting Access 2003
  307. LIKE Statements AND Datagrid
  308. Reading Hxs files
  309. Play WAV in VB6 Help
  310. Willdcards in Sheet Name
  311. Error 71-Disk not ready ...Please help
  312. Dynamic counter for use in excel
  313. Sql Statement and datepicker..
  314. Merging two pdf files using VB6
  315. how to get data from a textfile by clicking the button using vb6.0
  316. link to a web page
  317. read and write variables from textfile
  318. How do we connecy an SQL server with VB?
  319. Why do we need ERS normalization?
  320. Problem with ReDim
  321. sql query with txt para
  322. mask control lock
  323. Hide Form, Keep Controls...
  324. Email from access form - HELP!
  325. C#: App. How to have a list as out parameter in c# web service
  326. website client (robot)
  327. Website interaction (webrobot)
  328. SQL LIKE statements
  329. Toolbox - no control for datagrid
  330. Generating Random Password Code
  331. Help with reading multiple files please
  332. How to get a Flash thumbnail
  333. Computer ID
  334. list and label in windows server 2008
  335. not have the unload event in Datareport
  336. Runtime error
  337. Access Report problem
  338. to the moderator.
  339. Add points to an existing xy chart
  340. adding some text to an existing PDF file using VB6
  341. Access run time components
  342. Timing
  343. Is VB 6.0 becoming obsolete??
  344. Removing selected items from combobox
  345. User Group Information
  346. How to link visual basic 6.0 with outlook express
  347. display the unicode characters
  348. disable Save as
  349. How can I count the number of records in a recordset
  350. Copying a file to the clipboard
  351. Capturing an image of a video running in Fullscreen mode
  352. Interrupting and modifying Windows messages
  353. playlist
  354. Accessing Pen drive through VB
  355. Error Accessing the System Registry
  356. Raw mouse input, can't install platform sdk,
  357. Checking Text File is Already Opened
  358. VB6 - How do i get the name of my project
  359. connecting with mdf data sql server
  360. variable declaration
  361. Help for Update a Recordset
  362. acess DLL from VB.NET
  363. Extract number part from a string in VB6
  364. ModBus in VB 2005
  365. remote transactional receive
  366. use command connecting datagrid to database
  367. Making an application the same size in all resolutions
  368. hi every body im new here ,im glad to meet every one here,could u help me
  369. VB 3 Crash under Vista
  370. MsgBox ERROR
  371. New with ADO in vb6 (Problem with .Edit)
  372. New with ADO in vb6
  373. media player change
  374. Track Mouse Movement when the cursor is off screen?
  375. VB 2008: Help instantiating an array of objects
  376. first characters uppercase in textbox
  377. Hallo!
  378. Parameterised queries
  379. Passing variables from C# to vbscript
  380. How to Set the Sort Order and Find the Records
  381. vb script - replace and hex
  382. how to create validator window
  383. How do I get rid of multiple instances of Word
  384. inputting information when there is a foreign key
  385. information already on file problem - Reader.HasRows
  386. Viewing files from sub folders
  387. visual basic 2005 report problem
  388. problem with data environment report
  389. Get Return Value From a Dialog Form
  390. Help Understanding Excel Macro
  391. NTVDM CPU illegal instruction, application won't execute
  392. Empty folders
  393. Programing a keyboard shortcut for Outlook
  394. Reading records from Access 2003.
  395. Server Name
  396. importing 3D
  397. Searching Main Folder and ALL Sub-Folders for File
  398. Writing VB for Excel
  399. Visual Basic versions / Kerberos Support
  400. How to change the row size of flexgrid
  401. How to tell OleDb driver for excel to always read as text?
  402. problem with FTP in visual basic 6
  403. Excel VBA
  404. vba excel project - want to have gui - how?
  405. advancing
  406. Adding .dll files
  407. How can i compile the VB programme?
  408. Adding a form in start up(VB 6.0)
  409. Preventing a form from unloading
  410. Microsoft Excel VBA
  411. Text file to Word document using VB6
  412. VB Express 2008 Publish Application Install Folder
  413. VB Express Epson TM88iii Serial Printing
  414. Access File to Tally 7.2
  415. Change a code
  416. windows media player
  417. Run VB app as a system service?
  418. Datareport Help
  419. Show data from multiple records?
  420. Search database specifics in VB 2005
  421. Change datagrid Column Value
  422. folder protection
  423. Need help - Serial Com
  424. How to create a unique survey number in excel using VBA?
  425. HELP !!! (Capture text between html tags)
  426. VB project backup
  427. .Find loop error
  428. Generating PDF file with header and footer
  429. Working with Excel sheets in Visual Basic 2008
  430. VB6 write to .txt file
  431. Change Code overnight
  432. Tab Controls
  433. getting color of a cell in VB
  434. Hello friends How to convert formated PDF file into MS Access or Excel
  435. Error Handling/Trapping Question
  436. flagging
  437. Send email through outlook but have it return changes
  438. Password
  439. Check box in excel
  440. back to previous form on button click
  441. name of the system???
  442. losing data when writing into a txt file
  443. Save an Array Variable to a file (simple way)
  444. Clicking in a specific position...
  445. multiselect listbox to array
  446. VBA code to save a text file
  447. Adding context menu to Farpoint Tab Pro control
  448. Insertion Prob In Access database
  449. losing data when writing into a txt file
  450. Run time error 3343 : Unrecognized database format \\sunsrv2\GMR\Database\GMR.mdb."
  451. Read .dbf files with VBA
  452. How to program Outlook 2007 task to run automatically
  453. Flags
  454. How can a textbox accept only numbers
  455. Simple VB 2008 Question
  456. Hyperlink window selecting specific folder
  457. Listbox.displayMember
  458. Sending Reminder through VB
  459. input mask in text box
  460. increment
  461. updating a database through a visual basic form
  462. Call on a msgbox from a different object
  463. Vbscript
  464. drive letter
  465. Insert into Excel 2007 using ADO in VBA
  466. Printer Orientation in Samsung Laser Printer
  467. Help
  468. VB6 Data Report Designer - Error: Report width is larger than paper width
  469. Excel & a .JPG file
  470. Printing screen in VB6.0
  471. Hello what is the simple code to retrieve date modified of a file.
  472. Is it possible to use the Trace Formula Tool while the Excel Work Sheet is protected?
  473. Testpartner VBA - passing values between scripts
  474. Change Hyperlink Subaddress in Specified Range
  475. printing as white blocks if Printer.Copies is set
  476. Vb-app: Winsock And Xml
  477. Code to print the data from the excel file
  478. how to read data from Form to txt/doc file
  479. data links
  480. Adobe with VBA
  481. MS access to import specific mails subjects from outlook
  482. Help pls
  483. Finding and Selecting a Column
  484. urgent
  485. VBA - Excel Charting help
  486. Deleting Specific Sheets in Workbook
  487. help
  488. code for printing database on datagrid view
  489. email from VB 6.0
  490. Help for New Project
  491. variable declaration
  492. Getting Datas to MSFlexgrid using VB Code
  493. how to import data from text file(tab delimite) to access table using VB code
  494. Confused here:
  495. encryption
  496. How do I get rid of the carriage control in text box
  497. plot graph real time on vb
  498. Function to convert money value to pure indian type
  499. coding for a table in datagrid view
  500. VBA with Adobe files...
  501. Sort the detail section in CR
  502. Inserting rows when reading off another spreadsheet (kinda)
  503. Crystal Reports Error
  504. Proxy With Webbrowser control
  505. Visual Basic, hiding label when mouse clicked
  506. Sending Range of Excel in Body of Email
  507. Trim
  508. Backup
  509. How I appending a new node to am existing xml file?
  510. Split Help! Help!
  511. Check for removable disk an images ! how
  512. Help please!
  513. Web Browser New Window Problem
  514. Clear my confusion
  515. copy files
  516. How to add Outlook Signature using VB & MAPI
  517. Cause Validation & Auto Redraw properties
  518. Use of OLE..?
  519. Various shaped command buttons
  520. vbg File
  521. Making a beep
  522. Get USB serial number
  523. memo field VFP to VBA with ADO
  524. Pendrive
  525. Preview & print in Dos Mode Using VB 6.0
  526. Saving old and new data in 2 different tables
  527. copy from one DataSetA to DataSetB
  528. Button link problem
  529. inserting to one database from another
  530. Unique Id
  531. Not able to see class in my dll created in C#.NET
  532. Find a particular word and change the color of it (timer)
  533. Getting a PDF File to run from VB6
  534. Vb
  535. Need a skip "inputbox" statement and continue to next lines
  536. Wildcard to locate file in Folder and in Subfolders
  537. how to clear receive buffer in winsock
  538. expert system of diabetes
  539. VBScript - Find the oldest file in a folder
  540. object variable or with block variable not set error
  541. Subform Public Properties/Components
  542. When dose Flexgrid's Textmatrix Property receives the value.
  543. login page
  544. webclient upload file and IIS configuration on XP
  545. visual basic 6 Vista problem
  546. VBScript-Unable to get connected to database
  547. Pastespecial
  548. new line char
  549. TCP Socket Question
  550. How to add a form to tab control