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  1. The code to use
  2. opening an .xlsx file gives an error
  3. Copy one record to the same table in MS Access copies only first 5 fields.
  4. OLE Object Field in VB
  5. create wk no, date, day
  6. Multi Users in Visual Basic 6 Programs
  7. Getting variable from url
  8. Go Daddy SQL Server connection test string using VBA inside Excel
  9. save and show multi images in reports
  10. run-time error 3075
  11. Halting one function after calling another
  12. FORM - Cascading Combo Boxes from a linked list in SharePoint
  13. can any one tell how to show the genealogy
  14. Change form and display record from previous form
  15. WshShell.Run paramaters list
  16. Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit
  17. Problems with field validation as part of a BeforeUpdate function
  18. add one hour to column in sql via vb6
  19. Macro needed for MS Excel to change "#VALUE!" text into $0.00 integer
  20. Hide every other row in MS Excel until the end of the document
  21. mask a password
  22. word into array
  23. how to find which dates are lower and get its value one bye one in visual basic
  24. VB ADODB - Query incorrectly returns empty record
  25. OLE object
  26. VBA for MS Excel - Copy, then Paste Loop Until End of Document
  27. Call Scanner in Visual basic 2005
  28. How to highlight a specific line in a datagird? (urgent)
  29. MS Access "run-time Error 2001, You canceled the previous operation"?
  30. How to compare two tables fieldname and then make them to be corresponded
  31. multi listbox control
  32. how to insert multiple rows in excel using vba
  33. How do I Display values of combo box in text box
  34. access 2003 how do I use the difference between a date in the record and today
  35. EXCEL: Highlight duplicate records from different spreadsheets in the same workbook
  36. Running a VBScript .exe with an .inp answer file
  37. how can single user be converted to multi user in access
  38. Returning focus to active application.
  39. Grade Calculator Problem
  40. Syntax error(missing operator) in query expression
  41. vb code to save data from a form in access to a table
  42. How to move a panel using keyboard input?
  43. Avoid using Select method with worksheets in VBA macro. Help please.
  44. Consume webservice with <xs:choice>
  45. Running VB subroutine from a button click...
  46. how to read value of textbox in excell from access vba
  47. how do i link them all?
  48. Text Properties Change based on New Entries
  49. Construct a xls file name and open/activate it
  50. open file work in Deltav program using VB6.3
  51. The control i can use
  52. making a xml valid
  53. Multi-Lingual Chat application
  54. Outlook 2002 to 2003 Issue
  55. VBA Validation Code
  56. Can you give some codes for registration form in visual basic 6.0
  57. Automate closing an Access 2003 database
  58. dealing with array in vb
  59. Even and odd numbers
  60. How to upload a picture to a Data base from vb .06
  61. How To Limit A Record and columns In Each Page Of Crystal Report8.5
  62. How to span datagrid to hold more records
  63. How to search date
  64. How to return a row color based on the value of a cell?
  65. Problem in accessing a funtion in a DLL using VB
  66. Connect the (mdb)database with the vb script consisting of so
  67. Random Numbers and Adding the Random Numbers Generated
  68. problems with populating multiple combobox with data from other combobox
  69. How to register a VB6 DLL or OCX in Vista
  70. Associating content to tabs via Tab Strip Control
  71. how to edit textbox values
  72. registering component
  73. Including a DLL in VB
  74. Count triples
  75. Excel Pivot ability to automatically multiply pivots into new tabs based on field
  76. Visual Basic 6.0 problem find record in datagrid with partial key/string
  77. Help me in writing SQL Query to filter number data
  78. using beforeupdate event to prevent booking betweet start date and end date
  79. How can I identify the specific field causing an SQL data conversion problem
  80. Data type mismatch on recordsource
  81. Integer to Byte Array Conversion
  82. Bug when setting FolderBrowserDialog1.SelectedPath in code
  83. Excel VBA: how to get a file expired after 30 days unless a password is entered
  84. Generating a DLL from Visual Basic 2008 to use with Access 2007
  85. addition off odd numbers and "small numbers" less than number 5
  86. how do i attach visual basic 6.0 with microsoft access
  87. Trying to create a VB program to convert celcius to farenheit. Nothing fancy.
  88. Multiple Criteria in Code
  89. How to extract only interger value from a double value
  90. How to turn caps lock on automatically on starting/loading a worksheet
  91. VBA Access, working with recordset
  92. How to create progress bar?
  93. Query doesn't like objItem.ProductName
  94. VB6 and CutePDF
  95. Access time sheet database.
  96. serial Number in the report
  97. VB Formatting Question for Excel Application
  98. Entry log database from Access to VB
  99. check port status on switch vbscript
  100. edit application
  101. VBA - my recordset isn't filling up
  102. how to store value in an access control?
  103. Docmd.openform will not open my form!
  104. Changing a Label Caption at runtime from a data source
  105. how can i call a private sub using a variable that contains the name of the sub?
  106. Open an Excel file.
  107. data type mismatch duplicates
  108. Need Help in vb6, Please Read?
  109. How to show Info In a Listview
  110. Need help with VBACode
  111. Connecting to an Access (with password) database
  112. Printing using VB 2005
  113. VB6 Application with DB2 sql.
  114. how do I insert a page break at each cost centre and a subtotal using VB
  115. First page footer in Excel VBA
  116. How to Create Logon script to install software.
  117. How to send multiple emails from a access 2007 query
  118. we put 3 picture boxes, if we select 1 picture it show in another picture box
  119. Macro Help
  120. Need help in searching in last record of a file in ms access 03, in vb6?
  121. Find out which directory is shared
  122. VLOOKUP ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=VLOOKUP(RC[-3],C[-2],1,FALSE)"
  123. Find Next function for search with Like operator
  124. Need help with a macro
  125. How do I assign images to buttons?
  126. Using Loop to double check CheckedListBox data
  127. How to set non-editable cell in excel
  128. Missing Graphics Folder in Vb.Net 2003
  129. Fit my .exe to differnet resolutions
  130. results from access into a list box in excel vba
  131. Vb6.0 -excel object library
  132. How to Print The Values of Multiple Checkboxes in VB6
  133. How do i get my program to select the proper delivery based on what the user inputs?
  134. What are the syntax differences between VB6 and VB.NET
  135. How do you save a record in ms access using vb
  136. bugs in seach function
  137. Sorting database and export it to excel in many sheets
  138. Excel 2007 - Listbox "Selected()" property fails
  139. Find cell from textbox input
  140. problem printin from a OO macro written in basic
  141. How to execute a string VBA for Excel
  142. to display an application in taskbar
  143. Problem with path visual basic
  144. How to create filter?
  145. How to create filter?
  146. Calculation based on specific word in a text file using Visual Basic
  147. Unable to read columns in an Excel spreadsheet
  148. how to connect my vb project to microsoft access 2003 database
  149. Creating a overall data summary by VBA
  150. Using VBA how do i ensure that the user cannot close excel via....
  151. Text to colums Macro
  152. Excel VBA
  153. visualbasic6.0
  154. How to create filter?
  155. Accessing elements in the Policy Editor
  156. Check If User Exist In Table Using DLookup
  157. Opening External Drive
  158. Adapting Function StringExistsInFile by killer42
  159. Folders...
  160. Exporting tables from access to text file
  161. how to connect my access database with vb project
  162. How add data fhat are entered by user in a data table
  163. redirecting
  164. How to Read From 2 Seperate Files, and Write Data to 1
  165. how to put your records using ms access 03 table fieldnamed (courses) into combo box?
  166. VB 6 dataset help / database calculation
  167. Print from Word doc. between bookmarks
  168. Excel 2007- Trying to use VBA to ASSIGN values to radio buttons
  169. using for loop
  170. How to pick up the Width and Height from images in a Folder
  171. VB6 and ASCII text files
  172. Replacing Cell Reference in TextBox MS Excel 2007
  173. vba excel
  174. How to display a note in Txtbox2 depending on the result in Txtbox1 in Access report?
  175. Help needed
  176. need help with ms access 03 name table1 and name fieldname "courses"
  177. How can you call a Shared Class Method from a VB6 application?
  178. Set working days to zero if the end date is blank.
  179. TestPartner - how do you set a value in a listview
  180. word to pdf in vb
  181. How do you make a calculated field in a form appear in a table?
  182. Problem with Excel InputBox Method
  183. help needed
  184. This is for Visual basic 5
  185. How to autofill form fields in vb with access db
  186. How do I right a code in utilizing VB for Excel?
  187. vb 6 connection problem with sql 2005
  188. Date Range in an MS Access Form
  189. How to save&retrieve image in sqlserver
  190. Fill Userform From Database
  191. Remove Unselected Items from listbox
  192. creating excel report using visual basic 6
  193. show/hide text box based on another control's data
  194. how to access values in database via combobox
  195. import data from other xls spreadsheets into one spreadsheet
  196. how am i going transfer the value in a listbox to another listbox? in vb6..
  197. How to get a DataGrid that uses a Stored Procedure to initially populate to refresh
  198. I'm looking for a way to create a lookup textbox using VISUAL BASIC 2008
  199. Inserting data into an external program's text box using VB.Net?
  200. I got a college project for VBA and cant seem to get this code to work,help me pls
  201. Access 2007 - Phone Field Compatability with SIP
  202. How to read line #50 in first column as variable 1
  203. is it possible to open a textfile1.txt through the menu strip?
  204. project problem
  205. What is the code to get next record in a text box. I am using data control.
  206. how to enable and disable "LAN"
  207. Select Case Statement with Multiple Expressions
  208. How can I switch between views but remain on the same record ?
  209. extract a record from a Random file
  210. how to change the text box's text into what URL that you're currently at.
  211. Training program for beginner VB programmer
  212. how to use a textbox and hit enter to make it click a button
  213. How to pass a parameter from excel to vb?
  214. Folder path error
  215. Splitting & Comparing 2 Strings
  216. VBA code that adds submenu
  217. postgreSQL query from VB 6. painfully slow
  218. Excel formula to VBA code conversion
  219. Run time error 1004 application-defined or ofject-defined error
  220. sending and receiveing sms throught connected Windows mobile in PC
  221. Need help with programming in Access 2003.
  222. Parse CSV file in VB Script
  223. Get text formatted as heading 1 as document properties
  224. Saving a file by cell value?
  225. Saving a file by code?
  226. Passing Datareport name as a String Variable
  227. Run-time error '3075'
  228. Retrieving web page data with the microsoft winsock control.
  229. I want to copy a directory & all its files to a new directory from within Access 2000
  230. Help With Tab Delimited File-Reading & Rearranging Values
  231. Disable user interaction in a MS Word Macro
  232. VB 6 recordset size in postgreSQL!
  233. delete record
  234. Trouble with VB script
  235. Trying to switch from really long nested IIf statement but having trouble...
  236. Dynamically create gridview with textboxes
  237. datagrid to other datagrid?
  238. how to make a code that can "delete all" records in a table in MS ACCESS DATABASE 03?
  239. Populating dropdown lists in Gridview from Database
  240. Using VBA to automate data transfers
  241. How to create sql server database file from VB6 application
  242. how to connect a database created in sql server 2000
  243. Plz Help!
  244. Incorrect syntax at my strsql coding
  245. Help With Tab Delimited File
  246. MS Access Database Runtime Error 2137
  247. How to make a code using dataenvironment search button?
  248. MS Access, spell check combobox
  249. If Statements
  250. Don't allow text to be entered in a text box
  251. RE: Adding filters to excel report
  252. Excel VBA 2003 : Populate Text on a range in sequence automatically
  253. Access VBA date/time
  254. balloon message for windows 98
  255. How to modify column attributes with ADODX?
  256. how can i insert data to datagrid from text box using visual basic 6.0
  257. loop
  258. Excel Formatting in VB6
  259. how set object using var?
  260. open unknown excel workbook, copy data and paste back in original workbook
  261. Create Stand alone programs for other machines
  262. Visual Basics for Access- How do I add fields to a subform based on txt field
  263. List box selection leading to that selection being removed from the source.
  264. Accessing an Access DB from Outlook via VBA
  265. get workgroup name of local computer
  266. Code needed to Exit sub early depending on criteria.
  267. Odd Numbers
  268. Connecting to MS Access from ArcObject (VBA)
  269. DATAENVIRONMENT designer in visual basic 6? FORMATTING?
  270. Why am I getting a compile error when i try to use the .find method (ADO, Recordset)?
  271. ms Access VBA automation
  272. How to write VBA code to search for a value through a database in Excel
  273. From a form open another form to a particular record
  274. list all ip or computer names on a lan group/workgroup
  275. excel: select 50% randomly of cells
  276. Voltage level into Oscilloscope waveform
  277. How to write a program for a 4 by 4 matrix multiplication
  278. find the number of duplicate values in array
  279. Runtime Error 1004 "Method Range Of Object Global Failed"
  280. dos in vb
  281. Using a Loop
  282. How do I get multiple reports in 1 PDF File
  283. how to give connection from Ms access to Visual basic 6.0
  284. How to change user passwords
  285. Using VB to copy info from one spreadsheet to another
  286. Diificult to find answers to the easy questions
  287. How to communicate with RS232 using VB6
  288. how to open a link in a webpage that has doPostBack
  289. How to properly set a value on a multi-column combobox
  290. Crystal Report how to add more than one recore in single details column
  291. how do i sort in a descending order using perl Sort::External Module
  292. How to add check boxes to a separate list box
  293. reading a text file with spaces
  294. Assigning student subjects in college using dataenvironment in vb6?
  295. How to make an autonumber in my form connect ms access database using dataenvironment
  296. Trying to capture the values being filtered in AutoFilter and reapply in Excel
  297. Copy from RichTextBox1 to RichTextBox2 changes text layout
  298. Using comboboxes in a form works, however when placed in a subform they have errors.
  299. controlling cells via variable
  300. How do I display records in a richtextbox?
  301. application defined error - VBA
  302. How to save simultaneously
  303. Help! In vb6 program?
  304. how can i view the runtime execution of an infinite loop....????
  305. How to add text to a word document from vb6.0 form
  306. How to create Animation in VB6?
  307. Data Report using VB6
  308. OnCOmm event does not trigger.
  309. how to solve "runtime error 13: type mismatch"?
  310. How to join two or more lines of an SQL query
  311. Excel: Populating a range with a formula
  312. Interacting with .csv files in excel vba
  313. Sending xmxl file over http in VB6
  314. Serial Port Timeout
  315. VBScript - wait until file has been uploaded then execute script
  316. increasing argument in the procedure
  317. Deploy cr10 merge modules with vb6 package
  318. how do you get the LCD display off a hp printer and place in a textbox
  319. How do I reference a control, not its default property
  320. How to draw a table using VB6
  321. in vba, convert excel to xml
  322. How to use the SendMessage API!!!
  323. How can i get the index of a string?
  324. VBScript - Link to file on server, open in original state & readwrite mode
  325. i want to generate a matrix of 0's and 1's which is random every time plz hlp...!!
  326. To programme in VB6 using Genetic algorithms for hand written character recognition??
  327. Code to Save a Form before closing
  328. How to close an empty file
  329. problem in deleting data
  330. Program in Visual Basic 6?
  331. Writing special character (eg. !) to excel
  332. error 3021
  333. vb6 adding new records in access misses out some records
  334. Sending email through Excel
  335. dragging an unknown image control
  336. VBScript - Get text inside string & remove text from string
  337. Run time error 2501
  338. I want to Compare 2 excel Sheet s
  339. Updating acess from excel using ADO
  340. Please help!
  341. 2. Describe the operators and constants (Symbols) in Visual Basic .Net.
  342. date formats
  343. What are the method of storing data in looping and array?
  344. covert a number in to Date format YYYYMMDD
  345. How to create a code for buttons"Login"(user and password)?I'm beginner in VB
  346. VB for Changing an ODBC connection to Postgres
  347. Form for add new category
  348. Invalid Column name
  349. Detecting windows processes.
  350. how to update a record in oracle(sql) using frontend as visualbasic6.0
  351. Internete Explorer VB6 OCX control Loading
  352. how to display real time prices of shares of the selected companies
  353. Disable/Enable Controls (Textbox) in SplitContainer
  354. Advice needed on how to upgrade my database
  355. Display Icons on the form
  356. help me plz. i dont have the help files so i cant look this up
  357. Help needed to update the MS ACCESS database using the VB script
  358. Disable network through Visual basic
  359. What is SQL Query?
  360. What does this visual basic code do????(line by line..)
  361. HELP in vb6 connectiion in datagrid(table1) to another table(table2) in access?
  362. HELP in saving all information in a datagrid in vb6?
  363. visual basic 6, error when installing visual studio 6 in window xp
  364. visual basic 6
  365. How can send selected data from a datagrid to another datagrid?
  366. How many (max) Number of tables in VB6 database pl.
  367. Select an item from combo box then display to list box?
  368. Ok, an extreme and humble peon requests unworthy aid in writing code for ShellExecute
  369. want VBto create a database & tables requierd for the project automatically?
  370. How to print chinese characters using WritePrinter API on Zebra Printer
  371. How can I add another sum column here to be placed on another text box?
  372. How can I sum a column in database with a simple code?
  373. Project References
  374. how to trap an error reading CDrom
  375. Recursive folder searching
  376. Assigning varibles by referance
  377. how can i detect installed sqlserver(s) using VB6
  378. Drawing a line on the cursor position
  379. how to embed visual basic project into dll file of operating system
  380. Text only web browser in VB 6.0
  381. Date Comparison in VB 6.0 and Access.. please help meee
  382. This is my first post, Thank u One and all for great Q and A . Please Solve my Q
  383. About comboboxes
  384. string to date conversion..please help..
  385. Needing help with a MS Access Query (Ranking Order)
  386. How do I add one list to another list in Access?
  387. how to insert one up numbering based on another field?
  388. Acess visual Basic
  389. How to find total length of service
  390. If WireBound = True Then Val(WirePrice) = ??
  391. Printing a blank page
  392. How to find date of retirement
  393. Time Format?
  394. Outlook/Access connection help
  395. Copy 1st row only from textbox to email
  396. VB code to Copy a Folder to another Location
  397. True = filter, find, and calculate ?? !!
  398. how to increase the color in a label based on timer
  399. permission denied error during installation
  400. VBScript problem processing txt file with a function.
  401. Migrate DB connection in VB5 Crystal Reports 5 .rpt to reflect change to .mdb
  402. VB is it possible to..
  403. multiple tables one form VB or not ?
  404. Why am I getting "end of statement expected"?
  405. Creating a folder inside a already existing folder
  406. Maths in VB?
  407. install new fonts
  408. MS Access form which has auto entry for the days of a month?
  409. VB6 Advanced Login
  410. Microsoft VBScript compilation error: Expected '
  411. please help an amature
  412. Please tell me about new featute of visual basic 2008?
  413. Cmd Button to Fillter a form in Access
  414. VB - Oracle multiple table connection
  415. Returning an array from a function
  416. how to encrypt using one way and tow ways encryption
  417. Input Box data
  418. From textBox To Listbox
  419. Class not registered
  420. is there a code to be able to add bytes together in visual basic 6.0
  421. VBA in excel
  422. How to place jpg files into an DataReport in VB6 under some condition
  423. SSTab Problem
  424. Is it possible to monitor a file's read and write in vb?
  425. Listbox Strings to word
  426. iSereies Dataqueue read error: CWB4016 cwbDQ_Read code error 6017
  427. I want to upload files from my vb6 program
  428. MSDN collection does not exists in VB 6.0
  429. MacOSX Excel: how to print to pdf through VBA
  430. Command button goes transparent for no reason
  431. From Listbox to Word
  432. HI good day to all... i have a problem on how to connect the 2 tables in a database?
  433. Error when run data source
  434. need help in while wend loop help me plz
  435. can someone help me using nested while wend,in vb6
  436. Monitor System Date Changes
  437. VB6 Msflexgrid to a .dat file
  438. Make a drop down box disappear after option button selected excel 2000
  439. Write a VBA created word doc to a specific location
  440. How to zoom a form in vb6
  441. Delete String
  442. Iterate Checkitems from a CheckedListBox
  443. run server file on client side without sharing
  444. Please advise to the syntax error for this code. I have tried to correct the problem
  445. DataReport with Two Tables
  446. cripple version
  447. Data report in VB6
  448. problem with visual basic and powerpoint
  449. Pop up calendar
  450. Changing font on a Button if button .caption = "xxxxx"
  451. How do i run a vbs script only once?
  452. VB/IE how to execute save as or download from HTTPS
  453. how to covert number to indian format
  454. How to set focus to text box on subform if name of the control if public var.
  455. Add Items to a combobox
  456. Get information from other applications
  457. Hide CMD window when startup login script runs
  458. Help Me ( alert )
  459. updating a database
  460. How can I block a textbox if option box is selected?
  461. Convert visible area of a RichTextBox into an Image object.
  462. Getting Run-time error '9': when trying to open workbook and delete all sheets but 1
  463. How to Save output from a SendKeys command?
  464. ListView Control in Visual Basic 6
  465. Rename sheet name as a value in a cell
  466. Multiple columns in list boxes?
  467. ActiveX component can't create object
  468. Why I am getting Inverted quetion (?)mark?
  469. Using MSCOMM32.OCX in EXCEL 2007īs macro (VB6)
  470. no compile errors but code doesn't work properly
  471. how do I output multiple excel files from one source using vbscript?
  472. How do i Import a stored query defination from one MDB to other?
  473. automating report printing....
  474. Query syntax results date format
  475. when click button i want programmaticaly print reportviewer data,
  476. How to get the Next vb6
  477. How can I code a Fibonacci sequence iteratively
  478. Running application and then waiting for it to close before running a different app
  479. How can i insert a new node after an element which contains specific text?
  480. Login Script: VBS
  481. Powerpoint Combo-boxes
  482. Using XML from VB6
  483. Need a macro for office outlook 2003
  484. Object Variable or With Block Variable Not Set
  485. Raw input / rawinputdevice
  486. Capture video from webcam trough network
  487. Scroll Bar in List Box
  488. How to add frame along with its controls at runtime
  489. Can i make a texting app with vb6
  490. Way to connect a DB to VB6
  491. Mutiple Listbox Scroll
  492. MultiColumn Listbox
  493. Hide Combo box
  494. Generate dynamic report from multiple tables (vb6)
  495. msinet.ocx vista problem ( Activex Control even with register Regsvr with cmd )
  496. Datagridview
  497. Print contents of a frame control in vb 6.0?
  498. Image Processing Problem
  499. help with loop please
  500. Simple question - data format
  501. Excel Import Web Page with Javascript
  502. VB or VB.NET
  503. Convert Time for any Date to UTC
  504. Outlook
  505. vb6 Client Server Application
  506. Compile Error:User defined type not defined
  507. vista ( unexpected error )
  508. Print all files in folder Macro
  509. Reg: Output as repeated input
  510. ADO Recordset Error
  511. authentication using workgroupfile
  512. Equivalent of IntPtr.
  513. Making a DLL?
  514. vbscript problem
  515. how to make 2 exe files in one exe file by code
  516. Halt Execution / Wait for Input Problem.
  517. connect to ip camera
  518. how to use vb6 to write code to read sms from GSM modem
  519. how to send a sms to activate a device
  520. AD query - search AD for valid username w/input box
  521. I want to run a program, while I have the files of it in 2 folders.
  522. How to use Crystal Reports in10.2 in VB6
  523. VB6 Reading Mdb query specific item
  524. Treeview and hashtables
  525. Visual basic in excel: Reg the output sheet
  526. how to do ssh in vbscript
  527. Cannot create Identity field with Jet 4.0 SQL Create Table
  528. How to open a File from password protected shared server through programming
  529. Forms in Access with VB Programing
  530. VBA no errors, but no table is created?? help?
  531. +1 to a number
  532. Key board Buttons
  533. How to remove blank rows in a Excel worksheet?
  534. How to insert rows in all worksheets using VB?
  535. Crystal Report 8.5 Speed Printing
  536. identical exe
  537. auto ComboBox with MSHFlexGrid
  538. Adding Records To A Listview
  539. How to ping System IP using VB?
  540. "ADODC.recordset.find" Method
  541. Looping cell changes
  542. Decimal Ascii values
  543. working with databases..
  544. Putting Just The Month In A Textbox or Day?
  545. Convert Short date to Long date
  546. Error Handling
  547. The Looping Method
  548. Please help me with addition to variable
  549. help me in the division by zero
  550. Sound files stop functioning