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  1. when i am using App.OleRequestPendingTimeout i am
  2. Find/next input box with yes/no selection and message box result
  3. how do i fix a run time error 1004
  4. Show time in 1 field
  5. Why will dir() will not connect to my drive
  6. Complie Error: Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
  7. Need fresh perspectives on saving Excel in VB2010
  8. I am getting a error when i use a key word me in module
  9. syntax error(missing operator) in query expression in an UPDATE,WHERE SQL STATEMENT.
  10. Store 00:59:00 time in vb6 and access database
  11. Adodb recordset find problem
  12. Inner Join Ms.Access in vb6
  13. Print Preview Excel Template with VB 2010
  14. how to export table from access database to a new access database
  15. populating dynamic reocrdset
  16. Runtime Error '424' object required
  17. Require to present dataset in the PIVOT table format.
  18. Setting focus to excel and then back to the original app.
  19. How to prevent closing a form Using Closing Button Of a Vb Form
  20. How can I place text on a tool bar?
  21. whenever i am starting visual basic 6 it shows "unexpected error ;quitting" what i do
  22. How to programatically submit a html button from vb?
  23. WPF usercontrol wont work.
  24. How to transmit a binary 0 byte out the serial port.
  25. 'Object Required' error while addine new record using ADODC & MS Acces.
  26. Excel Data Manipulation
  27. How to make an Installing package?
  28. Help with creating tool
  29. Fill a form from excel?
  30. How do I autoCalculate in VB2008 without using a Button
  31. DB Grid where a user can click on and select from a drop down menu (Please assist!!!)
  32. Read and display specific data from text file into listbox using VB 6
  33. How to send an email from Ms Access
  34. How to print caption so currency can show.
  35. How to solve a fetch the previous and last record in oracle using v b6.0 ?
  36. how do i refer to a button using a string
  37. How to grab values from another running program?
  38. How do I use tab to auto fill a textbox?
  39. How to extend the Data Report width to more than it's maximum width which is 12000?
  40. How to design expression in MS Access Table
  41. Either EOF or BOF is true, or the current record has been deleted.
  42. "component TBACTL3.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered.."
  43. what is code of meter to centimeter ,centimeter to meter,kilometer to miles?
  44. How to enable macro in open office 3.2
  45. Control to display pdf file in VB 6.0
  46. how can i get the first log as time in and last log as time out?
  47. How to loop through worksheets and returning rows based on column value
  48. How to print a report (VB6) with landscape
  49. getting sum of a duplicated record using sql
  50. What does "Could not find installable ISAM" mean
  51. how to make a loop in listview?
  52. VB form to fill Excel Template
  53. Focus doesn't Move to Main Form
  54. How to create montly report in excel using sql database in visual basic
  55. Compression code with Modified discrete cosine transform algorithm
  56. what code for seperating date and time in listview and move the time in a column?
  57. USe a module on a form
  58. How to update database remotely
  59. Populate Crystal Report 10 programetically through Visual Basic
  60. Why is this isn't working? I can't make form1 go to form2.
  61. How to create groupings in VB6 Data Report that gets data from a .DBFfile (foxpro)?
  62. What controls are always included in toolbox and standard exe project known as?
  63. How to save information from a TableLayoutPanel for use later in my program?
  64. Access2000: Code to auto open a Report
  65. How to code summary of an acumulated informatiom from a form
  66. I am getting The ConnectionString property has not been initialized.
  67. Programming radio via usb/commport
  68. when i run the functio Shell "C:\Program Files\PDF Suite\PDF Suite.exe" the Acrobats
  69. How to create a windows app using vb6 with backend MS Access for EmpTimesheet Record
  70. How to send Midi notes
  71. How to rewrite exported Excel file from Access query
  72. How to get rid of warning.
  73. How can you read with a VBA Excel Sub a vector from the worksheet?
  74. Two saved image files to BLOB (BLOB to current record, not next record)?
  75. How to pass a criteria to Query from Form/via Button click
  76. form open issue
  77. printing form
  78. how to find records in database using vb6.0
  79. How to get data from an existing query in access using VB5 ?
  80. how an i count the content(as a whole) in a field from database
  81. Access form/subform: On data entry, new record entry will not begin at first tab fiel
  82. VB6 Datareport not showing all records in access table
  83. Is there any inbuilt function to convert a decimal number to integer in vb ?
  84. MS Access stLinkCriteria Between Dates
  85. MS Access Form Filter
  86. how to code for ms access vba to create the report one at a time for each record
  87. How can you expose a subreport value in VBA code
  88. Error 3085 Undefined function 'lstPrintCheckedStaff.Column'' in expression
  89. Specified field could refer to more than one table listed in SQL statement
  90. How do I count subrecords returned from a query?
  91. Excel 2000 Function problem
  92. getting error in line Forms!Form3!DeptID = rs.Fields("DeptID")
  93. How to display table in vba form
  94. can anyone help me speed up my code?
  95. how can you erase a picture box by clicking the mouse at runtime
  96. Access VBA: how to create crosstab table using two queries
  97. How to save data in datagrid as text file in vb6?
  98. I am being prompted to "Enter Parameter Value" when clicking on Cmd Button
  99. Cannot export from CrptWindow, but can from Report Designer?
  100. how I send a e-mail (with attachment) through MS Access code ??
  101. Code for Access Report group page numbers not returning the correct values
  102. vb6 adodc1.recordset.addNew error
  103. How to save the data in seq in the target sheet using Macros in Excel
  104. Variables as table names
  105. In SQL how to determine whether a date falls within boundaries
  106. I want to save whatever I select t in the textbox to a word doc using VB
  107. How can I change the forecolor and backcolor of a listview Header?
  108. I'm looking for a script to processes a ascii variable record
  109. VBA Application
  110. how can i keep a value constant, when it decreases towards 0 over time?
  112. Reserved error 2950
  113. Update data in Excel with VBA
  114. i have to import data from excel workbook 2007(.xlsx) to ms access using code.
  115. Why is the VB6 MSDATGRD linked to an ADODC (Access DB) empty?
  116. How to replace the 4 individual cell selections in a UDF with 2 ranges and complete t
  117. EXE Working in Vista but not in XP?
  118. using .Docmd. and parameter as number of copy,file name,query to access report
  119. Why cant MS Access 2007 give result of =count([text])+Sum([number])
  120. Forcing empty rows to print in access query
  121. Can't get data from database
  122. How to Add and Remove Items from ListBox via Subform
  123. Translating macro from VBA to VBA.NET
  124. How to tranpose parameter query?
  125. How to use the StdDev function - correct syntax
  126. Inserting variables into data fields
  127. Delete all records using ODODC
  128. Convert Folder Names to Text
  129. Printing POS receipt from Excel
  130. Instruction referenced memory Error.
  131. How do I fix the menu strip to the top of the form
  132. Access vba error 2166
  133. i want to insert hyperlinks to table fields from with in a word doc.vb6.sqlserver.
  134. i have a problem about fields of executed query in vba
  135. How to synchronize Axwebbrowser Controls or two form
  136. How can I stretch picture to fit an option botton
  137. DOS Output in VB
  138. Why is my vba sql not returning the correct value for a field?
  139. Access table questions
  140. Code for data capture...
  141. When i open a form in Access 2007, it says File not found.
  142. Can I access Userform variables in a standard module?
  143. Problem calling webservice from VB6
  144. How do you refer to a field or variable name built dynamically in VBA
  145. Conversion from string "ProfileID = " to type 'Double' is not valid on UPDATE line
  146. VBA - send access data to WORD doc using Access FORM
  147. Multiselect Form Filter Syntax Error
  148. What's wrong with my Audit Trail code?
  149. Showing a sql query result
  150. Showing a sql query result
  151. Alert window, when changes are made in userís workbooks
  152. System modal form show problem
  153. i have a grid and i want to hide 2 paricular cols
  154. What's wrong with my DCount Function?
  155. default value
  156. I want to write code to look through a large sheet and pull in certain data.
  157. invalid use of null....using combo box in vb6
  158. flexgrid row gets empty when clicked
  159. using comdlg32.dll in my access 2010 prog how to set default path
  160. Showing Forms in Access Basic Conditional on Field Entry
  161. Yet another VB form to Excel transfer question
  162. Change Event ComboBox
  163. How to avoid paper ejection after printer.enddoc
  164. MS Access Question Loop and delete
  165. Is it possible to set a Pivot Chart axis as hyperlink?
  166. Why does Access mdb spontaneously generate 'mdb1' copy?
  167. Form_Dirty will not fire
  168. Hi I need script to import folder having diff excel sheets into single ora table.
  169. Expression Blend WPF GoToState
  170. Access Search Form Code
  171. VB6 Active-X component can't create object
  172. MSXML.ServerXMLHTTP.3.0. returns error
  173. Module that caculates the difference between times
  174. Why won't Set Value Macro update value of text box on form?
  175. write same data in multiple time in same text file
  176. Add to cart button in ListView
  177. VBA access macro or function
  178. skip lines in reading a text file
  179. browse for a text file and copy the path to a text box
  180. Need Help With duplicates warning Message box
  181. VBA Copy and PasteSpecial puts nothing in destination range but appears to select it
  182. I need a macro for excel 2003
  183. How to change the BackColor of a ToolBar and StatusBar
  184. How is it possible to rewrite this code and make it shorter
  185. Populating a form's text box based on that input in another text box
  186. how do i include sql scripts in a ClickOnce solution deployment
  187. Need help resolving Type Mismatcch on Call
  188. can we use visual basic6.0 in windows 7 os?
  189. how we can connect a form using the "next" command to another form?
  190. Select an entire row in a continuous form
  191. Save a duplicate copy in excel using VBA
  192. vbscript and xcacls
  193. Calling a SQL Server Function From Excel VBA
  194. Check Boxes that Disable Text Fields?
  195. How to replace characters in a listbox fro characters in a control array of textboxes
  196. how to connect database in vb ?
  197. Form data not going to correct date tab
  198. printing a receipt from excel
  199. Handle Ctrl key and Enter Key
  200. a way to get from excel spreedsheet to userform
  201. How do i place a VB control on top of a SWF just like placing a text over image?
  202. How do I make a form in access dirty when a filed is changed programatically?
  203. Error 339 with TABCTL32.OCX, VB6, Vista and Win 7.
  204. using datagrid
  205. VBA shortcut goto procedure
  206. naming sheets and searching for tabbed names.
  207. Calling a file in text format in vb
  208. how can cmd read information in textbox?
  209. Searching for a specific word in a text file using VB6
  210. Hide some modules from junior programmers
  211. How to replace a criteria in AutoFilter by a variable?
  212. Find cell according to date and copy the entire corresponding row
  213. Basic VBA outline for a search function
  214. How would I send information displayed on a page in a multipage? (VB6)
  215. Getting run time error 91 in my program
  216. Can't call COM Add-in from VBA (Excel)
  217. How to connect address in excel to yahoo maps?
  218. How to Create Subform Records Automatically
  219. Exporting multiple queries at once
  220. Cmdbutton to Quit excel/userform/vba?
  221. Get server Date( Not SQL Server Date)
  222. how do you clear a checkbox?
  223. print button in the Crystal report viewer not working
  224. How do I get started with VB? Which books to read?
  225. jumping to another textbox...
  226. how data insert and access in vaspread sheet in vb6
  227. Table insert question
  228. Export excel 2003 formula to access 2007
  229. How to Auto Increment A Text Field/6
  230. Export excel formula to access
  231. How to get around Excels 3 Criteria Limit in Conditional Formatting.
  232. Loop through controls on main form with several sub forms
  233. Auto Answer a Msgbox that appears upon opening file
  234. What happen to the access forum?
  235. How to remove trailing two 0's from a string datatype column
  236. what is definition of frames,combo box,text box in tool buttons
  237. Variable Not Defined -E-Prime program (VB)
  238. I have a program that prints a text file from notepad at the press of a button
  239. How to make only a form visible to users and not the whole data base.
  240. I'm new to vba and need assistance with problem...
  241. How to access VB1 source saved in binary format?
  242. How can this code be modified to eliminate duplicates?
  243. Looking for a freeware that can put numbers in numerical order
  244. Find and replace text di vb6
  245. VB6 Sessions?
  246. Run parameter query using VBA
  247. How can I test if a specific string is in an array (of strings) in VBA?
  248. How do you select which mail box to send from?
  249. Error In Query (Update)
  250. What happened to fillcolor
  251. I am trying to write code to prompt a user then copy and paste.
  252. Clearing contents of en excel sheet from a button in access form
  253. Return Values
  254. Apostrophe or single quote in a text field with rich text format does not take
  255. Would anyone be able to help me with the correlation code for VBA?
  256. Stored Procedure Executes Very Slowly When Run From VB App But Quickly From QA
  257. The following does not trap error 2501 when using terminal services. Why?
  258. COUNTIF 'can't see' a code
  259. Tab and enter key not function in application. Have to use mouse only
  260. Compute and Merge columns in array
  261. Can I attach text values to the MIN results of a pivot in 2003 macro/multival field
  262. Alternate to datepicker in vb6
  263. Exchanging messages between VB and C++ using MFC
  264. How do I make a DB main window hidden after a form is opened.
  265. How to Communicate VB6.0 with PIC
  266. Very strange error (About DATE)
  267. How to close a message box that is called from another procedure
  268. Excel: Paste data from several worksheets into one
  269. Array Merge runs into a "Only user-defined type defined in public..." error
  270. SQL Syntax for Strings in Select Queries
  271. Is there any way to connect to my database(.mdb) without setting up a reference?
  272. Visual Basic code for enabling and disabling text boxes in MS Access?
  273. How do I remove the elements from a public array
  274. Help with OOCALCVB: inserting images
  275. How to clear MSFlexGrid data (Completely)
  276. How to format MSFlexgrid Colum
  277. How to solve error "the specified value type is different to the current value type"
  278. how to open a report in access containing filtered data using two combo boxes on form
  279. how to compare two columns and highlight those names which partially match
  280. Visual Basic and Vbscript
  281. UML automator
  282. Enabling users to post comments and let other view it too.
  283. Extract text from Microsoft word/or PDF file and to be displayed in the UI
  284. Is it possible to insert a record between autonumbered records?
  285. Using a stored variable in an SQL select query
  286. How should I use recordset with conditionals?
  287. Creating an Index in a Table
  288. Can I force an append query in VBA?
  289. how do I get a subform to duplicate the date asked for on the mainform?
  290. how can i link a visualbasic(VB6)form with access dababase?
  291. Nested IF statements not working
  292. Range...Excel how to replicate same code
  293. How can i print dates in crystal reoprt title passed from VB6
  294. capture several items selected from combo box into an array for later save operation
  295. Question regarding datagrids in vb6
  296. how to enable/disable tabpages?
  297. how to find factorial of a given no.and how to find sum of odd and even no.
  298. vba code to claculate a date based on data in a field
  299. Access - create table DAO - but table not found
  300. I cannot seem to get Inet1.OpenURL to work properly anylonger
  301. How to read all text files one by one in a specified folder
  302. What's wrong with my VB code?
  303. Logic statement help
  304. Finding VB3 Standard Edition
  305. Using VBS to copy a folder?
  306. using internet
  307. can anyone help me with a temporary fix
  308. Coding Issue VB, Greater than
  309. Creating a List with Unbound Controls
  310. creating a universal averaging function
  311. Using a For loop on a combobox values
  312. Error printing datareport from VB6 under Windows 7 64bit
  313. setting criteria on automating email with if then else
  314. Adding mutiple records to a table when adding a new record to another table
  315. How to show a promt for any change detected in excel sheet
  316. form submission
  317. Parent Form (based on Query) Write Conflict [Access 2003]
  318. Getting an error when I upgraded to MS Access 2007 on Environ
  319. Got an error
  320. ODBC Coneectivity
  321. connection problem for vb with mssql 2005
  322. How to specify bits/pixel and pixels/metre while saving image in vb6
  323. VBA Macros issue
  324. Size on disk in VB6
  325. upate table from form w/o field
  326. Linking word textbox data to excel spreadsheet
  327. How to display the selected items in combobox with 2 columns?
  328. display values
  329. What wrong in this icon file
  330. access webpage from access 2003
  331. howto clear value of unbound textbox on Ms Access form and return focus
  332. VB Form in MS Word and Italics / Hyperlink
  333. Can I get some ideas on some basic projects I can do for Visual Basic?
  334. IsNull is not working
  335. Get rid of Crystal message in V1
  336. non numeric textbox manipulation
  337. Fetching the url of an external Internet Explorer
  338. vb6 deployment
  339. HTML files to XLS
  340. Use a button only once and reset it.
  341. Check for Last Page Engry *** some one plz help me
  342. Check for Last Page Engry
  343. Is there a way to set all the text on a forms colour from VBA?
  344. How to use use custom settings throughout access
  345. MS Excel Macro: Subscript out of range (Run-time error '9')
  346. VBA Excel Find in 2 Column with Count
  347. How to convert bmp to jpeg in ms excel visual basic
  348. How to programmatically set the database file for Crystal Report
  349. How to make a newly opened DB (opened via VBA) visible
  350. access 2007 combo boxes
  351. How to exclude results from data based on dates
  352. Subform stopped displaying data
  353. How to make an Access login with rights to user information
  354. How to open Access Database from VBA
  355. How to use Access DB through Excel VBA macro?
  356. VBA code to import data from excel to oracle
  357. Differences in record values
  358. VB6 ADO retrieve image file stored in the Access 2007 attachment data type
  359. Conditional formatting with Iserror
  360. writing pixel data to a binary file
  361. MS Access - simple way to password protect and email report?
  362. How to fix position of form built with skincrafter
  363. Read part of a txt file and copy values into excel
  364. How to create password verification for access?
  365. MS ActiveX Data Control Object
  366. linking a form to different forms
  367. How to fix object error when creating border in excel spreadsheet
  368. Updating Oracle with a Unicode string from VB 6
  369. How to load Visual Basic 6 onto my Mac OS X 10.5?
  370. How to pass record count to function
  371. VB macro with internet explorer object runs out of memory
  372. Why am i getting run time error code 424 - Object Required?
  373. How to Auto Generate a Primary Key everytime i print a report page in MS Acces
  374. Subforms in MS Access
  375. add picture in the background of plot area in ms excel using vb macro
  376. Validating the Text field with alphanumeric only
  377. How to get the directoryinfo object from knowing a pathname
  378. Linking combo boxes to tables
  379. writing a time in VBA
  380. Why is VBA Excel not finding checkbox object?
  381. Using user input in a query to select different table
  382. inserting a value of a field depending on the value of another field
  383. sorting a list
  384. SQL that use 3 columns in the same table as input to query
  385. retrieving images from access to vb6
  386. vba - get called form name
  387. Access command button to invoke a trigger in SQL can it be done
  388. crop images in microsoft excel visual basic editor(macro)
  389. VBS script request for multiple UNC path Access
  390. dynamic form that creates boxes based on true\false
  391. How to Not append to a file if a line string is already there?
  392. Logon script whith printer
  393. Retrieve where the app is located
  394. I have to make a software using VB 6.0 in which the web cam should capture the image
  395. How can I..
  396. Making something happen when the mouse clicks over a certain range of points
  397. How to make vba to read and understand characters in other keyboard language
  398. Any idea how to change system KEYBOARD LANGUAGE with vba
  399. Starting a Powerpoint application with a VBA form
  400. How to change query table name at run time in crystal report
  401. How to send an email in groupwise
  402. same form uses different datasets
  403. How to display random word in an array
  404. Cursor and Picture Box
  405. Limit upto Last Page Number
  406. How to take a cell value one excel file to another excel file
  407. Assigning a dynamic array to a fixed array
  408. data report vb6
  409. Display the Already Existed Record value
  410. Display the Already Existed Record value
  411. Check Duplicate & Ask for Re Entry
  412. How to create mutliple hyperlinks in a RTB using VB 6
  413. help with runtime error
  414. how do i get the text of the headings of a word object in vb
  415. SQL Update
  416. how to get each time different number while running application in vb6...
  417. Repete this code for every row
  418. How do I determine the number of round numbers (to be explained below)?
  419. How to delete the tabel by vb6 coding..
  420. How to pick random number without repeating the same number
  421. How to create command button of different shape in visual basic 6 progam
  422. PictureBox And MousePosition
  423. A Button To Select The Next Item In A List Box
  424. In access, I am trying to create an input mask ,i.e., 12/31/2009, or 1/14/2010.
  425. recordset findnew - failing only when form is called rather than basic
  426. project in windows taskbar
  427. Error in Form_Open doesn't allow .mdb to open , solution needed to open VBE and code
  428. Question about forms and check boxes
  429. Strange issue in Crystal Reports
  430. Relate two Combo Boxes
  431. Import a file with periods in the name
  432. OWC10 Scatter Point
  433. Select a word in textbox control in one_click
  434. Multi Col. Listbox in MS Access
  435. How do I write multiple option buttons for multiple inputs
  436. move cursor to its position if non integer value is entered in a textbox
  437. Check for Intranet connection
  438. how do I make a macro in microsoft outlook?
  439. VB6 - Run Project on another Computer
  440. Right Alignment for book antiqua font for windows printing
  441. Modify a script
  442. error sql query in vb6
  443. Split cells in excel using VBA
  444. How to send a not selected value in a list box to string
  445. generating report based on specific input
  446. updating data report
  447. Use input to one field in a form to populate another field on the form
  448. Help with automatically update a text box
  449. Create pivot table using macros
  450. XP manifest file not working in Windows 7
  451. Vb 6 need help
  452. Does Anyone understand this code?
  453. Help! Excel macro to copy values from one worksheet to another
  454. Error 2497 (Report Name argument)
  455. Store picture in User Defined Type (UDT)
  456. AfterUpdate Event Procedure
  457. Invalid Cast Excepton
  458. cannot open sql server
  459. Merge and update data from Excel to PowerPoint
  460. VBA Vlookup inconsistent failure
  461. Newbie; If Statement problem in Access 2007
  462. VBA InputBox Automatic Population
  463. Starting rpc server
  464. multiuser application in vb6.0 with ms access
  465. Using Licensed ActiveX controls in VBA
  466. Dbnetlib sql sere not found
  467. vb6 to
  468. 3021 error trying to update record on linked sql table from within ms access
  469. how do you hide vba code?
  470. How to register this dll
  471. vb6: activate form while hiding
  472. Dbnetlib error
  473. How can I edit this code to use a variable instead of specific cell references?
  474. How convert fixed point to float
  475. Help to simplify excel vba code
  476. Visual Basic 2008 and excel solver
  477. Runtime error "-2147467259(80004005)
  478. Get time from Google site
  479. How to make Record and combo the same
  480. VB Script to Send Multiple Attachments via Email
  481. how to hide the form vb6
  482. run-time error -2147467259(80004005
  483. concatenate a 4 byte into 1 float value
  484. Loop statements
  485. WINWORD.EXE not ends in word 2007 when Embedding word document in OLE UNBOUND CONTROL
  486. vb codes for copying specific range from one excel workbook to other excel workbook
  487. How do you create a link from a vbs message box?
  488. password and linking two forms
  489. Need macro to copy data from one workbook into a second workbook
  490. Have forms B, C and D open in a specific location in relation to A.
  491. How to access c# static method from VB 6?
  492. Loop Problem
  493. MS Word and VB Webservices
  494. Need help searching 2D array in
  495. Error operation is not allowed,when the object is closed
  496. Runtime Error 91 in VB 6
  497. Exporting query to Microsoft Word
  498. Use DATEDIF formula in macros for unfixed cells (Eg, Cells (b, c))
  499. excel vba - ComboBox event handling in class collection problem
  500. Object variable or With block variable not set
  501. Access 2007 Assets copy front end db to new directory Issue
  502. change colour of manifest.exe file
  503. How to show next day vb6
  504. Not open the form if the query count it is filtered on is 0 (-1)
  505. How to correct this one
  506. Hi experts please help me to put a small check through VBA access query.
  507. How to highligh data grid row in vb6
  508. Joins in MS Access
  509. alternative to appactivate in VB Script
  510. How to prevent from different date/time format on different pc
  511. DAO criteria type mismatch error
  512. Execute a VB Code from a string statement
  513. Histogram
  514. For...Next Loop
  515. visual Basic 4 compatible with windows 7
  516. Automate Emailing of an access report
  517. Create Label in Word Macro
  518. asking user for a number in a textbox
  519. Updating a text field from a combo box of another field
  520. Opening MS Word document from a database in VB6
  521. Microsoft engine could not find the object database
  522. Adding Data in a Data Grid
  523. vb6 Shell no longer works on Vista
  524. calculate average using runtime textboxes
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  526. [SOLVED] socket issue, should be easy to fix
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